The Best Electric Smoker for the Money

In A Rush? Here’s Our Top Choice:

Best Digital Electric Smoker: Masterbuilt Electric Digital Smoker with Front Controller


For those looking for a solid feature set and digital controls, Masterbuilt’s 20078715 Electric Digital Smoker brings cooks a fully insulated design with plenty of room to cook.


There’s nothing quite like a good smoked cut of meat.

Whether it’s a perfectly done brisket or fresh filet of salmon, there’s something about that smoky flavor.

But smoking isn’t easy.

You need charcoal and wood and lots of time.


The good news is: electric smokers have made smoking a whole lot easier.

Before you balk at an electric appliance producing flavors anywhere near what a charcoal smoker could achieve, just remember that electric smokers have come a long way. Many of them are now putting out smoked flavor that rivals more traditional methods.

If you’re thinking about picking up a smoker, keep reading for deep dive into how to pick the right electric unit and some of the best options available.

Best Electric Smoker Reviews

How to Choose the Best Electric Smoker for Your Needs

If you’ve never owned an electric smoker, finding the right model can be half the battle.

There’s a lot to choose from. From price to features, smokers come in all shapes and sizes–whether you just want a basic, inexpensive model or really want to go all out.

Who are Electric Smokers For?

Controlling the Temperature

Pick the Right Size

Ability to Add Wood Chips or Charcoal

Your Budget

Ease of Use and Maintenance


The Best Electric Smokers by Purpose

What do you plan to use your smoker for?

That’s the most important question, right?

Whether you want a highly portable unit or the biggest electric smoker you can find, finding the right smoker for your needs is the most important part. Let’s take a closer look at the best electric smokers for every purpose.

Best Small Electric Smoker: Smokehouse Products Little Chief Front Load


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If portability is your goal or space is at a premium, you’re in luck. There are still electric smokers small enough to meet your size and smoking requirements.

One the best choices out there for a small electric smoker is the Smokehouse Products Little Chief Front Load Smoker.

The Little Chief is just 24 inches tall and a little under 12 inches wide. That makes it one of the smallest electric smokers on the market.

With a 250-watt heating element and four burners, it heats nicely at its single heat setting of 165 degrees. While 165 degrees is an optimal temperature for smoking most meats and foods, the lack of adjustability could be an issue for some buyers.

Smokehouse Products does claim the Little Chief can smoke up to 25 pounds of meat, which is pretty impressive given the size of this smoker.

Smokehouse Products Little Chief Specifications:

  • Just 24 inches tall and 11.5 inches wide
  • Weighs only 12 pounds, so is highly portable
  • Four chrome plated grills slide easily in and out and are dishwasher safe
  • Includes pan for flavoring elements like woodchips
  • 250-watt heating element operates at a steady 165 degrees


Best Digital Electric Smoker: Masterbuilt 20078715 Electric Digital


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If you’re looking for something with a little more processing power, a digital electric smoker provides cooks with a lot more features than the traditional smoker.

With a robust set of features and controls, the Masterbuilt 20078715 Electric Digital Smoker is one of the best choices out there for shoppers looking for digital smoker.

Available in 30 or 40-inch sizes, this Masterbuilt smoker allows users to control the temperature of the smoker on a digital control panel, right on top the unit. Temperature can be moved from 100 degrees, right up to 275.

Users can also monitor the internal temperature of the meats they’re smoking. This ensures a perfect smoke every time with sensitive meats like brisket. This Masterbuilt smoker also incorporates a side loading wood chip container, making it easy to refresh or add wood while smoking.

Masterbuilt Electric Digital Smoker Specifications:

  • Available in 30 or 40-inch sizes
  • Integrated digital control panel makes temperature adjustment and monitoring a snap
  • Lined interior helps keep temperatures even and consistent
  • Holds up to 80 pounds of meaticon-info
  • 800-watt heating element provides plenty of power icon-info
  • Four chrome cooking racks are durable and easy to clean


Best Insulated Electric Smoker: Dyna-Glo DGU732BDE-D 30″ Digital

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For those who want to really hold in the heat and keep the temperatures consistent while smoking, an insulated smoker helps provide a controlled cooking area.

The Dyna-Glo DGU732BDE-D 30″ Digital Electric Smoker is an insulated electric smoker with a lot of great features. With double wall insulation construction, it really holds the heat—and smoke—in.

With this smoker, users get a digital thermostat with a push button control panel. A meat thermometer is also built right in to aid with closely monitoring your work.

This Dyna-Glo is 30 inches tall and has over 700 square inches of cooking space within the unit. Wood chips and flavoring elements can be quickly and safely accessed through an integrated panel on the side of the unit, allowing you to keep heat and smoke in.

Dyna-Glo Digital Electric Smoker Specifications:

  • 30 inches tall
  • Over 700 square inches of cooking space inside unit
  • Simple push button controls
  • Built in meat thermometer for accurate cooking
  • Side access panel for wood chip loading


Best Electric Smoker for Beginners: Char-Broil Analog


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While digital electric smokers provide some really great features, they’re also a bit more complex to work with. And a bit more expensive. For beginners or first-time users, it’s often easier to stick with something a little more simple.

If you’re buying your first electric smoker, the Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker is simple and easy to use while still providing plenty of power and features.

This Char-Broil has 1000-watt heating element, 544 square inches of cooking space, and double wall construction. All of these give cooks plenty of power of and space for most items.

Chrome plated cooking grates make cleaning easy. And a removable water tray, grease cup, and wood chip tray allow cooks to quickly make adjustments.

Temperature is controlled externally with an analog dial and can be monitored by the temperature gauge mounted on the door.

Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker Specifications:

  •  544 inches of cooking space  icon-info
  • Simple, analog controls  icon-info
  • Removable wood chip tray  icon-info
  • Double wall, insulated construction  icon-info
  • Dual exhaust ports for proper air flow


Best Electric Smoker for Home Use: Char-Broil Deluxe Digital


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If you’re looking for the best electric smoker to use right at home with your family, the Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker gives you everything you need to get smoking today.

With an insulated glass door that allows you to easily see what you’re cooking, the Char-Broil Deluxe is loaded with features to help you make the most of your time and food. Temperature inside the unit is easily controlled with a digital control module and meat temperatures can be monitored too with the integrated meat thermometer.

This smoker has over 700 cubic inches of cooking space and four adjustable racks. Double wall insulation keeps heat inside and consistent.

A box for wood chips is also included along with a catch tray for grease.

Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker Specifications:

  • Large 725 cubic inch capacity  icon-info
  • Insulated glass door for easy monitoring of food  icon-info
  • Double wall insulation helps keep temperatures consistent  icon-info
  • Removable wood chip and grease trays  icon-info
  • Digital LED control panel makes monitoring food a snap


Best Electric Smoker for Commercial Use: Bradley BTDS108P Digital 6-Rack


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If your cooking needs extend beyond the average family gathering, you may need a smoker made for more serious or commercial use.

The Bradley BTDS108P Digital 6-Rack Smoker is a large, heavy duty smoker made to cook for a crowd. With six racks and nearly 800 square inches of cooking space this electric smoker can slowly cook meats and other foods for up to eight hours.

This Bradley smoker has fully digital controls, allowing cooks to adjust temperatures up to 280 degrees. Double wall insulation helps keep temperatures consistent.

This smoker also features a system that feeds wood bisquettes into the smoker at set intervals. This provides for consistent smoke production throughout the cooking process. While other units allow the use of wood chips, The Bradley’s consistent feed of wood to the smoker really helps create an authentically smoked flavor.

Bradley Digital 6-Rack Smoker Specifications:

  • Large 780 square inch capacity and six cooking racks  icon-info
  • Unique wood supply method of consistent smoke  icon-info
  • Fully insulated design  icon-info
  • Simple to use digital control panel  icon-info
  • Oven feature for other types of cooking


Best Portable Electric Smoker: Bradley BTDS108P Digital 6-Rack


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If you want to take your smoker on the go, you need something compact and easy to maneuver.

While most electric smokers don’t exactly scream portable, the Smokin-It Model #1 Electric Smoker is a surprisingly portable model. With a compact shape and the addition of heavy duty caster wheels, this smoker can be moved quite easily.

The Smokin-It Model #1 is made completely of 18-gauge 201 stainless steel, making it a surprisingly tough little unit. The included three-inch rubber caster wheels make the smoker easy to move.

The 400-watt heating element allows for temperatures ranging from 100 to 250 degrees. Three removable, stainless steel cooking racks provide flexibility and plenty of space for most meals.

Smokin-It Model #1 Electric Smoker Specifications:

  • Powerful 400-watt heating elements with adjustability from 100 to 250 degrees  icon-info
  • Made completely of 18-gauge stainless steel  icon-info
  • Included caster wheels make it easy to move  icon-info
  • Holds up to 22 pounds of meat  icon-info
  • Built in box for wood chips

grilling on elec


Best Electric Smoker Brands

 Masterbuilt 20077615 Digital Electric Smoker Reviews:


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Masterbuilt has been making smokers and outdoor cooking equipment for over 40 years. They’re a family company based in the US.

While Masterbuilt makes a number of other outdoor cookers, they’re best known for their smokers. From propane, to charcoal, to electric Masterbuilt makes all styles of smokers.

One of their best electric smokers is the Masterbuilt 20077615 Digital Electric Smoker. This smoker is one of the best choices out there for shoppers looking for digital smoker.

With an 800-watt heating element and over 700 square inches of cooking space, this smoker can handle even the largest of gatherings. This Masterbuilt can monitor the internal temperature of meat and can even be controlled remotely with the included controller.

Food can also be monitored through the insulated glass door.

Though it’s not the most inexpensive unit, you get what you pay for with this Masterbuilt smoker.


Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker Reviews


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Bradley Smoker is an innovative manufacturer focusing solely on electric smokers. These smokers make use of an innovative design that feeds small discs of wood into a smoke generator, automatically producing a consistent aromatic smoke.

One of Bradley Smoker’s most popular products is their Digital 4-Rack Smoker. This unit gives cooks plenty of room to cook with four removable cooking grates.

Temperatures can be regulated from 100 to 280 degrees with a digital control panel. The interior temperature of meat can also be monitored with the included thermostat.

The interior of this Bradley Smoker is 100% stainless steel and completely insulated for optimal heat regulation. Users can also operate this unique smoker as an oven with the built-in oven burner.

Though Bradley Smoker’s do cost a bit more, their wood feeding, and smoke production system is truly unique among electric smokers.


Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker Reviews


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Char-Broil has been making grills and smokers for over 60 years. From charcoal grills, to electric smokers and more, Char-Broil makes just about everything you could want for grilling and smoking.

One of Char-Broils best electric smokers is the Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker. This smoker packs a lot of features into a relatively inexpensive package.

This fully insulated smoker gives cooks a glass door to view their work through and an integrated meat thermometer to monitor progress and get the meat out of the smoker at the right time.

Inside, you’ll find four removable cooking grates and over 700 square inches of space. A box for wood chips is also included, making it easy to infuse real smoke into your cooking.


Smoke Hollow 30162E 30-Inch Electric Smoker Reviews


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As the name implies, Smoke Hollow is a maker of smokers of all kinds. Not limiting themselves to the electric smoker market, Smoke Hollow also makes charcoal and gas units.

One if their best electric smokers is the Smoke Hollow 30162E 30-Inch Electric Smoker. This unit, while still relatively compact, can handle all but the largest of gatherings.

With an interior height of 30 inches, this smoker includes three removable cooking grates. Temperature is controlled by an external knob and can be monitored with the built-in thermostat. Solid steel construction ensures that this unit will last for years to come.

A wood chip box and water pan are also included. Plus, a drip pan is located below the unit.

For the price, it’s hard to go wrong with this dead simple electric smoker.


The Best Electric Smokers for Every Budget

dollarimageIt all comes down to price.

Budget is often the most important concern when it comes to making a purchase.

Here’s a look at the best electric smokers for every budget.

Under $100: Masterbuilt Portable Electric Smoker


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For under $100, it’s hard to go wrong with the Masterbuilt Portable Electric Smoker.

At just 24 inches wide and tall, this is one of the smallest smokers you’ll find. The legs even fold up for easy transport.

For those on a budget, or who just want something simple, the Masterbuilt Portable Electric Smoker provides a great compact option.


Under $200: Masterbuilt 20071117 30″ Digital Electric Smoker


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A perennial best seller at the sub $200 mark is the Masterbuilt 20071117 30″ Digital Electric Smoker. And it’s easy to see why.

Masterbuilt brings digital controls to this unit, allowing cooks to quickly adjust cooking temperatures. A fully insulated interior with four cooking racks makes it easy to cook for a crowd at a consistent temperature.


Under $300: Masterbuilt 20072115 Bluetooth Smart Digital Electric Smoker


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For those with a budget under $300, a Masterbuilt smoker is again one of the best choices.

The Masterbuilt 20072115 Bluetooth Smart Digital Electric Smoker gives cooks the power of a digital electric smoker plus Bluetooth connectivity so you can control your smoker right from your smartphone.

And with an 800-watt heating element and 700 plus square inches of cooking space, there’s plenty of power and space for your next cookout.


Under $500: Bradley BTDS108P Digital 6-Rack Smoker


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If you want to keep your smoker purchase under $500, it’s hard to go wrong with the Bradley BTDS108P Digital 6-Rack Smoker.

This Bradley Smoker is built to last with double wall, stainless steel construction and a unique wood feeding system that provides a consistent stream of smoke to your food.

Check out the Best Electric Smoker Under $1000 here.

The Best Electric Smoker for Your Money


Masterbuilt 20078715 Electric Digital Smoker (Check Price on

Picking just one is never easy.

And in a market with so many great choices, it can be even more difficult to narrow your decision down to a single product.

But, if you want a solid performer packed with great features, it’s hard to go wrong with the Masterbuilt 20078715 Electric Digital Smoker. This smoker gives you digital controls and plenty of cooking space. Plus, an easy to use wood chip feeding system and an integrated meat thermometer.

If you want to keep it simple Masterbuilt’s Portable Electric Smoker is also a great choice for a smaller, inexpensive unit.

For those looking for something truly innovative, Bradley Smoker’s products are worth a look.