7 Best Air Tight Containers for Kitchen Storage

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    Key Features

    Medium size makes it suitable for use in any kitchen

    Stylish design looks great in any room

    Perfectly airtight seal thanks to a silicon gasket

    View the contents of your jar through the glass bottom, without having to open it

    Easy to clean, just wipe it down and let air dry

    shelf of jar

    With more people cooking and eating at home every day now, you may have noticed just how easy it is to let food spoil without even meaning to. From cookies to crackers and cereals, it’s common to overestimate how long you can leave a bag open before the food inside starts to diminish in quality.

    If you’ve noticed this problem in your kitchen, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s a tried and true kitchen solution that’s perfect for times like these: Air tight containers!

    A natural choice for anyone looking to save money and make sure they’re only eating the highest quality food available, air tight containers have become many a home cook’s best friend.

    In this buyer’s guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about air tight containers for all your kitchen storage needs. So before you let another batch of food go stale, let’s get started on our review of the 7 best air tight container options available today.

    Here is the list of the best airtight food containers to buy

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    Top 7 Best Air Tight Containers Review

    1. Best Overall – Cuisinox Air Tight Kitchen Canister


    Medium size makes it suitable for use in any kitchen
    Stylish design looks great in any room
    Perfectly airtight seal thanks to a silicon gasket
    View the contents of your jar through the glass bottom, without having to open it
    Easy to clean, just wipe it down and let air dry


    Glass bottom makes it vulnerable if dropped
    On the expensive side


      • 1.15 quart storage capacity
      • Stainless steel top, glass bottom
      • Airtight lid lined with silicon rubber
      • Measures 9” H x 4.5” W x 4.5” D
      • Weighs 1.5 pounds

    One look at the Cuisinox Air Tight Kitchen Canister will let you know that it’s not just stylish — it’s incredibly functional, too. Perfectly suited for use as both a decorative piece and a large capacity storage container, its polished metal top leads into a see-through glass bottom that lets you peek inside without opening the canister and exposing your food to the air.

    A tall, narrow design helps this airtight container save space on your countertop while still allowing for a generous storage capacity. Easy to clean, all it requires is a quick wipe-down and leaving it out to air dry; the material is naturally antibacterial and will prevent the growth of mold or mildew.

    In short, this airtight kitchen canister from Cuisinox is pricey but not overpriced — and a beautiful option to liven up the design of any kitchen while maximizing your storage space.

    2. Best Value – Komax Biokips Extra Large Food Storage Container


    Huge storage capacity at a very reasonable price
    Can be stacked with other products from the same manufacturer
    BPA-free plastic is strong and food safe
    Easy-carry handle
    Locking lid makes it completely airtight and watertight


    Plain plastic construction isn’t much to look at
    Large size requires a large pantry shelf to use it


      • 388 ounce storage capacity
      • Freezer safe
      • Nestable
      • 100% airtight seal with locking edges
      • Integrated top handle
      • BPA-free plastic construction
      • Measures 13.8 x 10 x 7.3 inches
      • Weighs 1.20 pounds

    With an absolutely huge storage capacity and an equally small price, the Komax Biokips Food Storage Container may be the most economical option available for storing large amounts of dried goods. If you’ve been looking for a container that’s perfect for flour, sugar, or other staples, it would be hard to go wrong with this oversized airtight plastic container.

    The hard plastic construction of this air tight container from Komax Biokips is also completely BPA-free, meaning it won’t leach any harmful chemicals into your foods while they’re being stored. It’s honestly not much to look at, but if you value function over form it’s almost impossible to beat for sheer storage capacity.

    3. Premium Choice – Le Creuset Metallics Kitchen Canister


    Comes in a huge range of colors and sizes to fit your kitchen
    Stylish and elegant design looks great anywhere
    Fully airtight and waterproof thanks to a silicone gasket seal
    Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
    Non-stick interior makes it easy to get food in and out


    On the expensive side
    Stoneware construction can chip or break if handled carelessly


      • Available in 10 colors and 5 sizes
      • Freezer Safe
      • Beechwood lid
      • Silicone gaskets
      • Enamel finish
      • Made of dense stoneware
      • Nonstick glazed interior
      • Dishwasher safe

    Well known for their colorfully enameled kitchenware, Le Creuset is a top choice of professional chefs, interior designers, and home cooking enthusiasts around the world. It should come as no surprise, then, that their airtight kitchen canister features the same dashing good looks and thoughtful design of the rest of their kitchen equipment.

    Available in a huge range of colors and sizes, the Le Creuset Metallics Kitchen Canister is the most customizable option of any air tight container that we tested — though its price may be prohibitive for some buyers. Made of dense stoneware and coated with a nonstick enamel interior and exterior, it’s a luxury storage container that’s equal parts decoration and utility.

    4. Best Plastic Airtight Container – Ziploc Twist ‘N Loc Air-Tight Round Plastic Food Storage Container


    See-through plastic design makes it easy to identify your stored items
    Easy twist-on lid creates an airtight seal with almost no effort
    Dishwashers safe for easy cleanup
    Tall and narrow design is perfect for saving countertop space


    Somewhat expensive for a plastic container
    Lid can become difficult to screw in after long use


      • 32 oz storage capacity
      • BPA-free plastic construction
      • Twist-on lid creates an airtight seal
      • Dishwasher safe
      • Measures 5 x 2 x 8 inches
      • Weighs 4.8 ounces

    Featuring an extra-large storage capacity with a remarkably small countertop footprint, the Ziploc “Twist ‘N Loc” airtight container uses a twisting plastic lid to create its airtight seal. Completely see-through, it’s a quick and convenient option for storing grains, cereals, or cookies in a way that makes them easy to identify. The highlight of this product is you can even store soups in them, which if you ever place inside your bag, you’ll be confident that it will not spill.

    For the price, It’s just a bit on the expensive side for what feels like a fairly flexible plastic — one that might be prone to damage over time.

    Still, for anyone that needs maximum storage in minimum counter space, there’s no better option than this container from Ziploc

    5. Best Airtight Glass Container – Bormioli Rocco Tight Canning Jar


    Ideal solution for canning, pickling, and preserving
    Large mouth lid makes it easy to store and remove foods
    Locking metal lid with airtight rubber gaskets
    Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup


    Fairly Expensive
    Prone to damage from rough handling


      • 2L storage capacity, and also available in 1-4L capacity
      • All glass body
      • Silicon rubber gasket on lid
      • Measures 5.6 x 5 x 10.5 inches
      • 2.4 pounds
      • Dishwasher safe

    All glass containers are the vessel of choice for any sort of liquid that you’d like to store in an airtight environment. The Bormioli Rocco Air Tight Canning Jar is a perfect option for anyone looking to pickle, can, or preserve vegetables and fruits during the height of their harvest season, and can also be used as a handsome alternative for storing grains and dried goods.

    The all glass body, metal sealing clasp, and silicon rubber gasket all make the Bormioli Rocco is a reliable and long-lasting airtight storage option. Add in a large mouth for easy access and a completely dishwasher safe design for easy cleanup, and it makes this air tight glass container a great option for almost any kitchen.

    6. Best Eco-Friendly Airtight Container – FURINNO Bamboo Tight Canister Storage Jars


    Unique and attractive bamboo housing
    1-year warranty guarantees your satisfaction with its durability and construction
    Bamboo construction makes it naturally antibacterial
    Easy to use clamp-down airtight seal


    On the expensive side
    Not dishwasher safe


      • 41.5 ounce storage capacity
      • Naturally antibacterial bamboo construction
      • Made from ethically harvested bamboo
      • 1-year warranty
      • Measures 8.85″ H x 4.52″ W x 4.52″ D
      • Weighs 1.4 pounds

    Harnessing the naturally antibacterial properties of bamboo, the FURINNO Bamboo Tight Canister Storage Jars are a curiously attractive option to add an elegant touch to your kitchen decor. Crafted from eco-friendly, sustainably harvested bamboo, this option from FURINNO is as good for your storage needs as it is for the planet.

    While somewhat expensive given its moderate 41.5-ounce storage capacity, the Bamboo canister is certainly meant more as decoration than storage. That said, it also comes with a generous 1-year warranty — protecting your investment longer than any other similarly priced product we tested.

    7. Best Airtight Cereal Container – Home Basics Air Tight Easy Pour Countertop Plastic Cereal Dispenser


    Very durable plastic construction is built to last
    Storage and dispensing is easy thanks to the spring-loaded pouring mechanism
    Crumb collection tray and dishwasher safe design make cleanup a breeze


    Quite heavy and takes up a lot of counter space
    Best suited for cereal, not as useful for storing other dry goods


      • 34 ounce storage capacity
      • Twist-on lid
      • Dishwasher safe
      • Spring-loaded food dispensing mechanism
      • Made of shatter-resistant plastic with silicone seals
      • Built-in crumb collection tray
      • Measures 15” H x 8” W x 8” D
      • Weighs 4 pounds

    Quick: What’s the number one dry good that gets thrown out in homes? That’s right — cereal. It’s so easy to push a cereal box to the back of your cupboards — forgetting about it long enough that when you finally do pour yourself a bowl, it tastes more of cardboard than of grains.

    You can avoid that entirely while also making it easy for your kids to pour their own cereal with the Home Basics Air Tight Easy Pour Countertop Plastic Cereal Dispenser. Its 34-ounce storage capacity is just enough for two boxes of most cereals, and a spring-loaded dispensing mechanism keeps it airtight while allowing for easy access.

    In short, the container is a very specific solution to a very specific problem. If you’ve ever found yourself throwing out a box of cereal, we strongly recommend getting one of these for your kitchen countertop!

    Final Verdict: The Best Air Tight Container for the Money

    CuisinoxCheck Price on Amazon

    Perfectly suited for display and use in nearly any kitchen, the Cuisinox Air Tight Kitchen Canister is a fine choice for storing everything from grains to spices to cookies and chips. Combining the best of metal’s durability and easy cleaning with a see-through glass bottom, it’s a well-designed storage container that’s built to last.

    For maximum storage on a small budget, the Komax Biokips Food Storage Container is an excellent alternative to our top pick. Nearly 8 quarts of storage capacity and a hard-plastic construction make it a large and long-lasting choice for storing large quantities of any food in your home.

    How to Choose the Best Air Tight Container

    Are you new to the whole idea of using an air tight container in your kitchen? Understanding the following topics will help you to be better able to choose the perfect air tight container for your needs. These are the tips you’ll want to read.

    What Should You Keep In An Air Tight Container?

    Airtight containers are a perfect option both for keeping bulk dried foods and perishable dry foods at their peak quality for as long as possible. This means that rice and beans are perfect candidates, but so are your children’s cereals and any snack foods that you might want to keep around the house.

    Avoid placing wet or moist foods in your airtight containers; they’ll grow mold or mildew if left too long.

    What to Look for In An Air Tight Container

    Any airtight container is only as useful as its ability to keep your food fresh and easily accessible. That’s why we look for the following five qualities in every air tight container we review:

    • How big of a container do you need? Try to choose a container that very closely matches how much food you need to store in it; this will keep air inside the container to a minimum, and keep your foods fresher for longer.
    • Seal. How does the container seal? Snap locks make the safest seal, but can be difficult to operate. Lids with rubber or silicone gaskets are simple to operate, but may stop being airtight over time.
    • Visibility. Every time you open your airtight container, the food inside will be a little less fresh than before. That’s why we always choose see-through airtight containers; you can know at a glance whether you have the right container, rather than having to open it to find out.
    • Durability. Glass containers are attractive and easy to clean, but can be prone to breaking if they’re not thick enough or properly tempered. Even plastic containers can be prone to shattering if they’re not heavy-duty. In short, look for thick and hardened containers that are built to last.
    • Cleaning. If the container is extremely difficult to clean, you’ll run the risk of harboring bacteria every time you refill it. Look for containers that are easy to clean — or better yet, dishwasher safe.

    Types of Air Tight Containers

    While air tight containers come in all shapes and sizes, the biggest difference that you’ll notice from one to the next has to do with the material that they’re made out of.

    Metal containers are extremely durable and easy to clean, but often much more expensive than similarly sized glass or plastic options. They also have the downside of not letting you see what’s inside without having to open the canister.

    Glass containers are an attractive option that’s easy to clean and resists staining or developing odors, that also has the benefit of allowing you to view the contents at a glance. They’re quite fragile, however, and prone to breaking if roughly handled.

    Plastic containers are the least stylish option available, but offer great storage capacity and durability at very reasonable prices. Some plastics may absorb odors, but harder and less porous materials do not.