The Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerators of 2021

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    Last Updated on January 9, 2021
    Haier HRQ16N3BGS

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    Bottom freezer refrigerators are an interesting design, giving the easy access to the fridge portion that a side by side refrigerator provides without the often cramped feeling nature that one of those gives off. You can have the best of both worlds in a certain way, though bottom freezer refrigerators aren’t without their own drawbacks.

    Let’s take a look at those, as well as what makes one good, and then some of the best bottom freezer refrigerators currently on the market.


    Here are the best bottom freezer refrigerators you can buy:

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      9 Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerators (2021 Reviews)


    • Materials: stainless steel (exterior), tempered glass (shelves), plastic (trim).
    • Capacity: 16 cu. ft.
    • Dimensions: 32.75” x 71” x 26.5”
    • Total weight: 300 lbs.
    • Power: 240 v.

    This is pretty much the perfect refrigerator. While not the biggest on the market by a long shot, it gets the job done, and is great for small to medium sized households.

    The French Door design gives it a lot of extra space up top, with two sets of shelves on the inside of the doors, as well as the standard adjustable shelves you like to find on this kind of fridge. It lets you rearrange and swap everything around for your own perfect usability needs. 

    The bottom freezer is a real shining point on this one, with a similar two door design to the top. Inside are four drawers for properly organizing all of your frozen foods, and two top shelves for flatter storage, ice trays, and the like.

    It makes for a very compact, easily organizable package that fits into pretty much any home, with a muted appearance that blends into most decorative styles, and it all comes in at a more than reasonable price. If you don’t need a whole ton of storage space, you can’t do better than this refrigerator.


    Counter depth design keeps this fridge well out of the way
    Trim, sleek design and muted colors look good almost anywhere.
    Great construction
    Excellent performance
    Easy to organize in both upper and lower segments
    4 door design aids access to both freezer and refrigerator segments


    It’s a little on the smaller side compared to some refrigerators


    • Materials: fingerprint resistant steel (exterior), glass (shelving), plastic (trim).
    • Capacity: 22.5 cu. ft. (16 cu. ft. refrigerator, 6.5 cu. ft. freezer)
    • Dimensions: 35.8” x 28.7” x 69.9”
    • Total weight: 284 lbs.

    A sharp contrast to our winner, this model represents the high end, super feature heavy variety of refrigerator. This model comes in at almost 30% bigger than the Haier model above, and also makes excellent use of its space with independently adjustable shelving and two door racks.

    The freezer is also quite good, with a two tiered design and a pair of drawers inside each drawer. It makes it way easier to organize things than the average bottom freezer, and they pull out smoothly.

    This fridge also comes with a wide variety of nice extra features. The surface is fingerprint resistant and looks as good as new even after long stretches of time with heavy use. Maintenance of appearance is very easy. The temperature is easily adjustable, and it comes included with an alarm that goes off if the fridge is left open, making it easy to save energy (and money) if you have forgetful people in your household who are prone to leaving the fridge open. The fridge is “frost free”, maintaining your food in both sections without subjecting it to freezer burn, or having your more delicate refrigerator foods freeze over on the bottom shelf.

    Rounding things out is a 2 year warranty, helping take the sting out of the fairly high price point this fridge has.


    Extremely user friendly
    Fingerprint resistant and easy to clean
    Lots of advanced features like a fridge alarm for ease of use and money saving potential
    Lots of interior space


    Very high price point

    3. Best 4 Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator - Lycan French 4-door Refrigerator


    • Materials: stainless steel (exterior), glass (shelves), plastic (trim and handles).
    • Capacity: 15.3 cu. ft. (9.9 cu. ft. refrigerator. 5.4 cu. ft. freezer.)
    • Dimensions: 30.9” x 28.2” x 71.2”
    • Total weight: 232 lbs.

    A similar model to our winner (though a different brand), this shares a lot of the same praise I heaped on Haier’s excellent refrigerator. This one is a bit different though. The freezer underneath is no larger, but does have two more drawers in place of the shelves. This is neither better nor worse I think, just a matter of preference on which design you like better (a pair of small shelves versus a pair of extra drawers).

    The door design is identical, two sets of French doors that open up easily and show the interior. The interior is the source of one small difference: you get about a cubic foot less of space overall between the two parts. It may not sound like much, but when the fridge is already fairly small, every little bit counts for eking more space from each shelf.

    The digital controls are good on this one, as is the construction and everything else performance related. Overall this is a top notch fridge for about the same price as our winner, so it comes down almost entirely to preference. The only reason this isn’t the runner up option is I thought the above model represented a much different kind of fridge and is equally good, just in different ways.


    Easy to use digital controls
    Great 4 door design makes it easy to access the fridge and freezer sections alike
    Good use of interior space
    6 convenient drawers in the bottom freezer for maximum organizational potential
    Good price


    Fairly small capacity

    4. Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Shelves - SMAD Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator


    • Materials: stainless steel (exterior), glass (shelves), plastic (trim)
    • Capacity: 20.7 cu. ft. (14.7 cu. ft. refrigerator, 5 cu. ft. freezer)
    • Dimensions: 35.9” x 30.8” x 69.9”
    • Total weight: 294 lbs.

    This represents another large, pricey refrigerator, but it’s a very good one. It looks nice, with a chromed exterior that fits well in a lot of modern kitchens, though its shininess is likely to be out of place in more colorful or rustic looking kitchen aesthetics.

    The interior is huge, with amazing use of space. Not only are the shelves large and wide, with independently adjustable sides, it also has a sliding half shelf on the right side which can retract or be pulled out for maximum versatility. It makes creating room for tall or oversized items easy, and the shelf can often be used as well in a partially retracted state to hold items while a wide or slim but tall item is taking up space.

    The freezer drawers are multi-tiered and relatively easy to organize, and quite spacious. While not as good as something like our winner or the Lycan, it’s still quite good by bottom freezer standards.


    Extremely easy to organize design
    Spacious shelves
    Retractable side shelf
    Individually adjustable shelving
    High capacity freezer section


    High price point

    5. Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Ice Maker - Frigidaire 36 inch Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator


    • Materials: stainless steel (exterior), tempered glass (shelving), plastic (trim).
    • Capacity: 22.5 cu. ft.
    • Dimensions: 30.9” x 35.6” x 69.4”
    • Total weight: 365 lbs.

    The main interesting thing about this refrigerator is the ice maker. A lot of bottom freezer fridges have an ice maker built into the bottom freezer, as part of a separate drawer (if they have one at all). This one has a more standard top ice maker with a water filtration system.

    It takes up a bit of space in the refrigerator portion, but that’s fine, as this is a pretty spacious fridge to begin with. It still ends up bigger than our winner by a fair margin, and it similarly has a very adjustable interior due to its French Door design.

    The counter depth sizing makes this fit well into most kitchens, and saves space as well, so you get the best benefits of both its larger size and space saving qualities.

    For the price, it’s hard to do better as a fridge, but its bottom freezer is merely mediocre. It’s spacious, but hard to organize like a lot of these simpler bottom freezers are, since it’s essentially just a single compartment bucket that pulls out of the bottom of your fridge.


    Very pleasant look; “smiles” at the user
    Counter depth design helps cut down on space
    Spacious, easily organizable interior
    Great price
    Included top mounted ice maker and water filtration system is easy to use and convenient


    Mediocre freezer section

    6. Best Budget Refrigerator - Haier 15 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator


    • Material: stainless steel
    • Capacity: 15 cubic feet
    • Design: French doors, bottom freezer (two drawers).
    • Dimensions: 26.5” x 28.” X 71”
    • Total weight: 201 lbs.

    While the company is the same as our winner, the design is quite different. This is a bit more of a standard bottom freezer refrigerator design, albeit a good one. The temperatures can be adjusted within one degree increments via the convenient digital display on the front, and the interior is well laid out, if even less spacious than our winner.

    The bottom freezer is well made and separated into two drawers that pull out nicely for a clear view of their contents. It’s still simplistic, but it’s quite a bit better than a lot of bottom freezers on the market that have cumbersome half-step designs or just force you to dump everything into one big bucket.

    This isn’t the best refrigerator around, but it’s quite good, and comes in at a very low price comparatively to most, making it a great budget option for apartments and similarly space constrained conditions. Give it a look if it fits what you need.


    Very slim and compact counter depth design
    Good use of interior space
    Good freezer arrangement
    Easy to use digital temperature controls
    Great budget pricing


    Fairly small capacity

    7. Best Compact Bottom Freezer Refrigerator - Summit Appliance 12.8 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator


    • Materials: stainless steel (exterior), glass (shelves), plastic (trim and door interior)
    • Capacity: 12.8 cu. ft.
    • Dimensions: 79.25” x 23.63” x 25.25”
    • Total weight: 210 lbs.

    Speaking of compact refrigerators, this downright tiny bottom freezer refrigerator is great for anybody with severe space restrictions they need to deal with. It’s tall but slender, fitting easily into any kitchen. It looks quite nice as well, with a minimalistic stainless steel design.

    Performance is good, of course, and the digital controls are easy to use and control both the fridge and freezer sections. The bottom freezer is even quite nice here, with a left side opening door that opens onto some drawers for easy and organized storage.

    As a compact fridge you can do a lot worse. While it’s small, it’s easy to maximize the amount of usable space with this fridge and squeeze a lot out of it, though obviously not nearly as much as even something relatively small like our winner. It’s a bit expensive (a bit more than the 16 cu. ft. Haier), but it’s not out of whack for a fridge of this quality, and more than a reasonable choice if you actually need something this small.


    Extremely slim and compact design makes this fridge fit anywhere
    Makes good use of space to maximize storage potential
    Good temperature control panel
    Decent price for what it is
    Great door on the bottom freezer allows easy access


    Exceptionally small storage capacity

    8. Best High Capacity Bottom Freezer Refrigerator - GE French Door Refrigerator


    • Materials: stainless steel (exterior), glass (shelves), plastic (trim and door interior).
    • Capacity: 26.7 cu. ft.
    • Dimensions: 35.9” x 35.8” x 69.9”
    • Total weight: 343 lbs.

    This GE refrigerator has one main selling point, but it’s a pretty good one: it has a huge capacity (at a pretty reasonable price). Not only that, but on top of its huge size it has some of the best shelves on the market. Each side’s shelves have individually adjustable heights, with an included retractable shelf on the top right side.

    This gives this fridge by far the largest amount of usable space among the refrigerators we’ve looked at today. Everything about the fridge portion is designed to pack in the most amount of stuff (no matter how awkwardly sized) as possible.

    I wish the same could be said of the freezer portion, which is large, but a bit awkward to use. It has a two tiered design where the bottom pulls out and there’s a top bucket shelf above the main area which holds the ice maker and has a bit of storage space on its own.

    This is the perfect high capacity fridge for someone who likes to keep a lot of various fresh foods around for cooking, smoothies, juicing, and the like. It even comes in at a fairly reasonable price for something this huge.


    Large capacity
    Reasonable price
    Good adjustable shelves
    Good use of space


    Less than stellar bottom freezer section

    9. Best Bottom Freezer Apartment Refrigerator - Danby 9.2 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator


    • Materials: spotless steel (exterior), plastic (interior)
    • Capacity: 9.2 cu. ft.
    • Total weight: 125.7 lbs.

    Ending us off is this ultra compact (for a full sized fridge) refrigerator. While the Summit model above is a great slim alternative for people with space constraints, it is quite tall, and may still be too large for some peoples’ living needs.

    This doesn’t have that issue, being small enough to fit into any apartment and even a fair few dorm rooms, providing a significant amount of storage space for such a small fridge. You get a few shelves inside the fridge compartment, and a pair of side by side crisper drawers, as well as quite a good bit of door storage, including a can holder that can hold up to a half dozen cans at once, within easy reach.

    The freezer is also quite wide and spacious for a small ridge, which gives you a decent amount of space to work with if you stack things properly.

    This Danby model is not a refrigerator I’d recommend for everybody. While well made and sturdy, with a few nice features (it’s fingerprint resistant and easy to keep clean, surprisingly) and a very low price point, it’s simply too small for me to recommend for anybody that has the space for a larger refrigerator. In the long run, the extra storage space is likely to save you more money than this half priced, half sized refrigerator will.


    Ultra compact design is perfect for apartments and other significantly space restricted places
    Very low price
    Good use of space for a fridge of this size
    Easy to use swing out doors


    Very low overall capacity makes this difficult to recommend for most people

    Final Verdict

    Haier HRQ16N3BGS

    There are a lot of designs for bottom freezer refrigerators; they’re becoming a lot more common than top freezers these days. Of these, my favorites have always been the ones that have actual doors into the freezer section rather than the pull out drawers. For that reason, the Haier and Lycan models are my favorites by far.

    However, the drawer variety has a lot of good representatives as well, and the Thor Kitchen model that comes in as our runner up is the best version of that: two drawers, independently usable, and that pull out far enough for easy access to everything in the bottom.

    I stand by those three as my absolute favorites, but everything here has a niche you might want to buy it for, whether that niche is just “has a lot of capacity” or something more specialized. Hopefully this list is varied enough to give you a lot of viable choices to pick from.

    What Do I Look for in a Bottom Freezer Refrigerator?

    The first thing you should note is the upsides and downsides of a bottom freezer refrigerator to decide whether you want one at all.

    A bottom freezer refrigerator is often spacious inside the refrigerator portion; quite wide and often possessing French doors for even more space. This means that a bottom freezer refrigerator is going to on average have a lot of refrigerator storage space.

    Perhaps paradoxically, this means the primary feature we’re talking about (the bottom freezer itself) is most often the weak link.  They are often small and cramped, and prone to being on average worse than top freezers or side freezers. Their lack of capacity and easy organization on average makes them in need of a lot of quality of life improvements from the manufacturer before I’d say they’re any good. Thankfully, the units on this list meet that basic level at least.

    As for the actual features to look for, there are of course the obvious ones: materials, capacity, and performance to consider, just like all refrigerators.

    Stainless steel is the only real choice for exterior construction, and fingerprint resistant steel is an even better choice. Inside should be hard plastic or tempered glass for the shelves. The less plastic the better, but all refrigerators contain at least some.

    Your own capacity needs will vary, but to be considered a full sized fridge I’d say an absolute minimum capacity would be 13 cu. ft.; anything smaller would be a compact fridge of some variety. Scaling up from there is entirely based on preference.

    Performance is a good catchall for any quality of life features. Every fridge and freezer makes things cold, but how does this refrigerator make your life easier? Is it easily adjustable in temperature or interior shape? Does it have any nice extras like an alarm or warranty? These are factors worth considering.

    The freezer is the last thing to look at: it needs to be easy to organize inside. Any freezer that is just a big bucket to dump frozen foods into is poorly made. The freezer should include baskets or shelves for use to make things easy.

    Finally, price. You’re looking at, on average, between $1400 and $2000, with some high end models going even higher. Remember that refrigerators are appliances, and are made to last, so that price point isn’t as scary as it might initially appear.

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