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    Last Updated on April 20, 2020


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    When it comes to outdoor smokers, one of the top names in the business is Bradley. Sometimes called Bradley Smoker, this company makes a number of smokers that let you cook and smoke all your favorite meats at home. Some models are even suitable for professional applications.

    As we launched our search for the top Bradley smoker, we looked at factors like capacity, ease of use and heat settings. Our search led to us picking the Bradley Smoker BS916 Digital Bluetooth Compatible Smart Smoker as the best smoker from the company. This model has a touchscreen and connects to any Bluetooth device to give you control over temperature and all your other settings while away from home. 

    Top 6 Bradley Smokers Reviews


    Though Bradley makes a number of great smokers and grills, none of the models we found can come close to the performance of the BS916. This model comes with an attached smoking box that holds your wood chips, and that box features a touchscreen display on the front. You can add your wood chips and walk away without worrying about overcooking your food because the smoker will automatically add those chips as needed.

    The touchscreen display is super easy to use because it features a brightly lit screen and bold colors that let you keep an eye on all its settings. This display lets you select the cooking time, and once that time passes, the smoker will automatically turn itself off. You can also automatically set the temperature of the smoker and decide on how much smoke you want added to your meats.

    This Smart Smoker comes with a Bluetooth connection feature that will work with any type of devices, including phones and tablets that run an Android or Apple operating system. You can use your phone to check on those settings, make adjustments to the settings and learn when your meat is ready to come out. This makes it even easier to smoke meat at home.

    With a stainless-steel interior and a door made from commercial-grade silicone, this model is suitable for both amateur and professional cooks. Integrated probes placed inside the smoker do a great job of regulating the temperature of the meat and of letting you know when that meat is done. Those probes also work with other dishes and ingredients that you want to smoke.

    Also included are two heating elements that produce the necessary amount of smoke and heat. The standard heating element regulates the temperature inside to ensure that you cook meats all the way through and that those meats are safe to eat. The second element works with your wood chips to produce just the right amount of smoke.


    Save time and space with this model from Bradley Smoker, which functions as both a grill and a smoker. Made from stainless steel, it has a clean and professional look that will become the focal point of any outdoor kitchen. You can make dozens of dishes inside the grill and on the attached burners.

    A long stainless-steel bar on the front of the grill remains cold to the touch, even after hours of cooking, to help you safely lift that lid to check on your food. It also features stainless-steel knobs on the front that help you easily adjust the temperature and turn specific burners on and off. Vents along the side do an amazing job of regulating the heat and temperature.

    When you open the lid, you’ll find five dedicated burners inside. Each of those burners can accommodate both smaller and larger pots. The knobs on the front of the grill correspond to a specific burner.

    This model comes with an easy ignition system that works with the propane tank that you add. You simply push down on the ignition button and turn it to make the grill come on automatically. This helps you cook and prepare dishes much faster.

    The rotisserie set that comes with this grill lets you add a rotating rotisserie component to the grill. You can then use the pole that extends from the side of the grill to carefully turn that meat for even cooking. Bradley made that accessory from chrome to ensure it lasts for years of use.

    When using this model as a smoker, you can simply put your meats on the top of the grill ranks and close the lid. A temperature dial on the front shows you the exact temperature inside, and you can adjust the heat as needed. The rotisserie accessory helps you smoke turkey, chicken and larger cuts of meat.

    Bradley Digital 6-Rack

    When cooking and prepping dishes for a crowd, you need a smoker that can accommodate more meat, which is why you might like this Bradley Digital 6-Rack Smoker. The six cooking racks inside can accommodate all your dishes and meats. You can also use those racks at different times based on how long each dish needs to smoke for inside.

    One of the top features of this model is that it can handle cold smoking. Cold smoking is a process that lets you infuse flavor into meats and seafood without using traditional hot smoke. This Bradley model can run for up to eight hours and infuse your dishes with a good amount of cold smoke.

    A digital interface on the front side of the smoker gives you access to all the settings that you need. Three clearly marked buttons on either side of this interface let you turn the oven or the smoker on and adjust the temperature of each component or both components. It then shows you the internal temperature of the smoker and how much time is left.

    Separate burners inside can function as either an oven burner or a smoke burner. The smoke burner is what heats up the wood chips to produce smoke and infuse your ingredients. Its oven burner increases the overall temperature inside the oven to make sure that your ingredients cook fully.

    Bradley used stainless-steel parts and components throughout the interior, which makes clean up a lot easier. You can remove even the most stuck on of sauces and fat or grease in minutes. The smoke won’t stick to those stainless-steel surfaces either.

    The interior provides you with up to 780 square inches of cooking space, which is more cooking space than you’ll find on similar models. Its stainless-steel racks also come out for convenient cleaning, but you can also remove those racks to make way for larger cuts of meat. Bradley also added insulation to keep the heat and smoke from getting out.

    4. Bradley Smoker Original Smoker


    Though Bradley makes a number of smokers today, it started out with just one smoker. The Original Smoker mimics the look of that first design. With its classic look and simple controls, this is a great smoker for those just starting out and those who want a smoker they’ll only use a few times a year.

    This model has a similar design to some of the other Bradley smokers, including a large smoking box and a control box on the side. This control part has a long tube that can hold all your wood chips. As the wood chips drown from this tube, the chips move inside the box, which heats up the wood and forces the smoke produced into the smoker.

    While the Original Smoker doesn’t come with digital controls, it does come with convenient knobs on the front. One knob functions like a switch and lets you turn the smoker on and off with a touch of a button. The temperature control knob lets you select between a low, medium or high temperature setting and ensures that the smoker maintains the heat inside.

    Its minimum temperature setting is similar to room temperature and is great for cold smoking. You can turn the knob up to a maximum of 250 degrees Fahrenheit, which will infuse more smoke into your dishes and help those dishes cook through faster. Those temperature settings let you use this model as either an oven or a slow cooker as well as a smoker.

    An insulated chamber inside this smoker does a great job of locking in the heat and keeping the heat and smoke from escaping, which makes it suitable for using on both hot and cold days. The stainless-steel parts inside clean easily and retain the heat for even cooking. You can remove any of the four included racks to make room for your dishes inside.


    Jim Beam fans can now show their love of that alcohol as they cook with this Bradley Smoker Jim Beam 4-Rack Food Smoker. It comes with all the top features that you expect from Bradley, including stainless-steel parts, a digital display and dependable insulation inside. This smoker also comes with a white finish that highlights the Jim Beam logo on the front.

    The digital display on the side comes with simple push buttons that let you press one button to turn the smoker on and off, adjust the oven or use the smoker. That display will act as a timer to count down the minutes left in the smoking or cooking process. It also helps you keep an eye on those settings when cooking in the daytime or at night.

    Similar to the 6-rack model, this model comes with four stainless-steel racks that fit inside. You can use all four racks when making food for a group, or you can remove those racks and increase the amount of space available for larger cuts. The stainless steel cleans quickly and doesn’t retain as much grease or fat as aluminum racks or those made from cast iron do.

    On the top of the box that holds the digital display is a feeder tube that holds most of the wood that you need. Based on the smoke settings that you selected, this box will pull those wood chips down, apply enough heat that the chips produce smoke and then send that smoke into the smoking area.

    This Jim Beam model will work as either a smoker or an oven for cooking dishes at a low heat. Using the oven setting also ensues that the temperature inside the smoker rises high enough that it will cook all the meats, seafood and other dishes inside all the way through.


    For a gas grill that also doubles as a smoker, you can’t go wrong with this model from Bradley. The BG40404SS combines everything you love about outdoor cooking with everything you love about smoking. It features a stainless-steel design that ensures even cooking at both higher and lower temperatures.

    Lifting the lid will show you all the cooking space inside. It features more than 490 square inches of primary cooking space, which refers to the space right on top of the grill. You also get more than 200 square inches of secondary cooking space, which includes the separate burners on each side.

    You also get a small removable grate that sits closer to the top of the lid. This rack can hold dishes that you want to keep hot but you already cooked until party guests arrive. That grate comes out to give you more space for smoking.

    Though this model might look like a standard grill, it also works well as a smoker. You can adjust the temperature to produce the exact amount of heat you want, add some wood chips inside and keep an eye on the temperature via the temperature dial on the front. As long as you keep the lid shut, you can see the temperature and know that the grill will smoke your meat.

    The four separate burners included with this model sit on opposite sides of the grill. Bradley made these burner from cast iron, which does a better job of regulating heat. You can use all four burners at the same time for cooking side dishes, or you can use just one burner.

    Its electronic ignition makes turning on the grill a snap and reduces the risk that you might injure yourself. The only reason we ranked this model so low is because it is not a dedicated smoker.

    Final Verdict


    Bluetooth compatibility is just one reason we picked the BS916 Digital Bluetooth Compatible Smoker as our top smoker from Bradley. This model comes with a durable smoker and has a touchscreen control on the side. That control lets you select how much smoke you want added to your food, how long you want it smoked and the temperature that it cooks at inside the smoker.

    The Smart Smoker works as both a grill and a smoker because of the two heating elements inside. One heating element controls and regulates the general heat or amount of temperature inside the smoker, but the second element controls the amount of smoke produced. These two elements ensure that your foods come out perfectly smoked and cooked all the way through.

    Bradley also includes two probes that regulate and keep track of the food’s internal temperature. You’ll always know when your meats and other foods are done and ready to come out.

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