The 7 Best Butcher Blocks & Wood Cutting Boards For Your Kitchen in 2021

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Last Updated on January 9, 2021
John Boos R03 Maple Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board
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Our Top Choice...

Key Features

  • Comes in 3 sizes and 3 types of wood
  • Heavyweight, sustainably sourced and long-lasting
  • Perfect for commercial or personal use
  • Is Edge Grain and reversible
  • Has integrated handle grips
  • Made from sustainably sourced, solid Northern Hard Rock Maple

Our pick for the best butcher block is a versatile option that is a perfect fit for every kitchen and chef. The John Boos reversible butcher block is a well made product that does double duty for your kitchen.

A slice of meat in top of chopping board

There is just something about a butcher block that can make your home kitchen feel like it’s just a bit more professional. Butcher blocks have been used to cut meat and as a cutting board for thousands of years. They are reliable, sturdy and better for your knives.

Adding a butcher block to your kitchen can be an easy way to get rid of those plastic cutting boards that have taken over the world. When they first hit the market, plastic cutting boards seemed like an easy way to add longevity and simple maintenance to daily meal prep. They were even sold as a safer option than wood.

However, time has shown that the tried and true wood butcher block is a much better option for any kitchen. And if you’re a grill master, a butcher block is a must have in your arsenal of tools.

Here’s the thing about wood butcher blocks. First, while certainly not the most important feature, but nonetheless a consideration, a wood butcher block looks cool. They kind of add a bit of swagger to your kitchen. Second, they are better for your knives. Third, they really do last a long time. And, finally, they can be big. Really big. Some people like to install large sized butcher blocks on their kitchen islands, or in their countertops. You won’t see these larger options in plastic cutting boards.

So when it comes to buying a butcher block, how do you know which is best for your needs? We took on this question, and spent some time testing and reading about some of the most popular butcher blocks on the market, today. From our research, we’ve come up with this list of seven great options. Our list has a little something for every kitchen and budget. And, to make your decision-making process even easier, we put together a handy buying guide to help you narrow the choices to the one that fits your needs best.

The John Boos Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board is our top pick Butcher Block for a few reasons. We like the sturdiness of this butcher block. It is made from high quality wood, and is end-grain cut to protect your knives. It has good care instructions and we really like the way this butcher block held its finish even after being washed a number of times.

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  Top 7 Best Butcher Blocks (2021 Reviews)

1. Best Overall – John Boos Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board

John Boos R03 Maple Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board
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Easy to use, reversible and easy to clean
Very thick and durable
Comes in 3 sizes
Also comes in Cherry, Walnut or Maple with juice groove


Only 1 year guarantee
Not dishwasher safe


  • Type: Edge Grain Reversible
  • Materials: Maple
  • Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 1.5 inches 
  • Weight: 12 pounds

When it comes to butcher blocks, we would normally land on an end grain board being our favorite, but honestly we couldn’t find a reason not to love the John Boos reversible butcher block. It is the perfect size, not too thick and comes in a few different wood options. We love that it is reversible, with both sides being flat, so that you can cut meat on one side and then flip it over to chop vegetables. Both ends have a cut in hand-hold which makes maneuvering this board simple.

We like the 20X15” size, because we found that it was the most versatile for our needs. However this board does come in smaller and larger options, which is a nice benefit. For the price, you really can’t beat the John Boos reversible butcher block.

Wrapping up

When it comes to picking the best butcher block, our favorite the John Boos reversible butcher block is an easy winner. It is durable, made from quality wood and comes in a range of sizes and wood types. There really is the perfect butcher block for everyone, when you select the John Boos reversible cutting board.

2. Runner Up – Home Hero Large Wood Cutting Board with Handle

Home Hero Large Wood Cutting Board
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It’s reversible with a handle
Deep grooves to collect juices
Naturally antibacterial
Includes a cheese knife, a 2 stage knife sharpener & wooden brush


No warranty
Not as hard of wood


  • Type: Charcuterie board
  • Materials: Acacia
  • Dimensions: 17.7 x 3.94 x 13.7 inches 
  • Weight: 8.73 pounds

Our runner up butcher block is a nice set from Home Hero. This cutting board is another versatile edge grain gut butcher block that is perfect for meats but works just great for veggies and other foods as well. 

The Home Hero reversible cutting board is made from sustainable and durable Acacia wood. This block is plenty big for large cuts of meat but is also small enough to be used as a charcuterie board. We like that this board has deep grooves on one side to catch juices from meats and a handy divot on the other for holding crackers. The Home Hero butcher block is really an all-in-one option.

We also really like that this board comes with a cleaning brush, cheese knife and knife sharpener.

3. Best Budget – Greener Chef Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board

Greener Chef Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board
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Double sided and extra large
Food grade, Organic and Naturally Antimicrobial/Bacterial
Lifetime replacement
Excellent value for the price


A little thin


  • Type: Steam Compressed
  • Materials: Bamboo
  • Dimensions: 18 x 12.5 x 0.7 inches 
  • Weight: 2.8 pounds

Just because a butcher block is considered a budget option, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s cheap. Our pick for the best budget butcher block is the Greener Chef bamboo butcher block. This attractive and lightweight butcher block is not only budget friendly but is also Earth friendly.

We really like bamboo as a material for butcher blocks because it is both sustainable and strong. This butcher block held up well to repeated use, and though technically considered to be edge grain cut, this board is gentle on knives and we found that it didn’t dull our knives even when cutting a lot.

This is an attractive looking butcher board and can be reversible if necessary.

4. Best Reversible – Sonder Los Angeles Large Multipurpose Acacia Wood Cutting Board

Sonder Los Angeles Large Reversible Multipurpose Thick Acacia Wood Cutting Board
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Easy to carry handles
Made of Eco Friendly and certified acacia wood
Has deep juice grooves
Reversible, multipurpose and versatile


Color may vary


  • Type: Multipurpose 
  • Materials: Acacia
  • Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 1.5 inches
  • Weight: 6.27 pounds 

The Sonder Los Angeles reversible butcher block is our pick for the best reversible option. This edge grain cut, acacia butcher block is made for kitchen tasks, but can also be a handy board for entertaining. 

Use this block for carving meats, and let the juices collect in the channel. Or, flip the block over and fill the groove with crackers or bread and use it for the perfect serving plate for meats, cheeses, and fruit. This board is made from acacia wood which is a more sustainable wood option, so you’ll feel good about picking this butcher block.

5. Best Handmade – AZRHOM Walnut Extra Thick Butcher Block

AzrHom Wood Cutting Board Large Walnut
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Has built-in inner handle grips and juice groove
Seasoned & finished with organic food-grade oil and beeswax
100% money back guarantee
Multiple sizes to choose from


Requires more upkeep
Color may vary


  • Type: Handmade Edge Grain Reversible
  • Materials: Walnut
  • Dimensions: 17 x 11 x 0.9 inches
  • Weight: 4.94 pounds

Some chefs like to work with a larger size butcher block. Larger butcher blocks can be more stable on the counter and give you more space for working with larger cuts of meat. Our pick for the best handmade butcher block is one of these larger blocks.

The Azrohom extra large butcher block is hand made from American Walnut. The board features a channel around the edge to capture juices. We liked the cut in handles on each end that give you just a bit more support when you’re carrying the butcher block.

Do keep in mind that when you select a hardwood butcher block, there is added care and maintenance to ensure a long life for the block. Do be aware of the care instructions for these kinds of butcher blocks to ensure that you do what is necessary to increase the lifespan of your butcher block.

6. Best End Grain – Catskill Craftsmen Super Slab with Finger Grooves

Catskill Craftsmen Super Slab with Finger Grooves
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Finger slots for easier carrying
Very beautiful color and pattern
Great heft to it
End grains prevents knives dulling


It’s heavy for some
Not as durable


  • Type: End Grain
  • Materials: Mixed HardWood
  • Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 3 inches 
  • Weight: 24 pounds

This beautiful end grain butcher block from Catskill isn’t called the Super Slab for no reason. We love the size and the bulk of this butcher block. When sitting on our counter this block feels like it’s made for doing work. At 20-inches square and 3-inches thick, this butcher block is more than enough space to handle most cuts of meat, including large briskets and ribs.

We do love the cut in finger grooves for added support. We do wish however that this butcher block had a channel for catching juices. However, this is a great butcher block and we love how gentle it is on our knives.

7. Best Value – SoulFino Bamboo Butcher Block

SoulFino Bamboo
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Easy to keep clean
Nice and thick but not as heavy
Extra deep grooves, handles and reversible
100% lifetime guarantee


Requires more upkeep


  • Type: Edge Grain
  • Materials: Bamboo
  • Dimensions: 17 x 13 x 1.5 inches 
  • Weight: 8.03 pounds

Our final butcher block is the Soulfino reversible bamboo butcher block. This nicely proportioned butcher block is large enough for carving larger cuts of meat, but thanks to bamboo construction, it doesn’t weigh as much as similar sized blocks made from other woods.

The Soulfino reversible butcher block has a channel for catching juice on both sides of the board. The bamboo is strong and durable, but still easy on knife blades. We like the cut in finger grooves, and we find that this butcher block is as attractive as it is functional.

Final Verdict

John Boos R03 Maple Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board
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When it comes to butcher blocks, our pick for the best is the John Boos Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board. This was a really nice block for the price. We found that it was the right size for most kitchen tasks, and wasn’t so large that it was cumbersome to move around. It was also relatively budget friendly, but made from quality materials so it should last you a long time.

A butcher block is a great cooking gear for any kitchen. It gives you a long lasting, and attractive tool for cutting meats and chopping veggies. These kitchen tools will last you a long time, and will quickly become a prized addition to your home’s kitchen.

How to Choose the Best Butcher Block

If you’re in the market for a butcher block there are some things that you will want to consider in your decision making process. We’ve put together this buying guide with product features that we found to be the most useful in deciding between the many butcher blocks on the market today.


When it comes to butcher blocks, there are two basic types that you will consider. There is a significant difference between the two types of butcher block and you need to know their pros and cons, before you buy. These two different types of butcher blocks are distinguished by the way the wood is cut and how the board is assembled.

  • End grain – End grain butcher blocks are those that are made from wood that has been cut diagonally across the wood grain. They are easy to recognize by their distinctive “checkerboard” pattern. The advantage to end grain butcher blocks is that they are gentle on knives, and the way that the wood is cut makes these boards last longer. The one thing that is a downside to considering an end grain butcher block is the price. You will pay more for one of these butcher blocks, but if cared for correctly, they will last you for years and years.
  • Edge grain – Edge grain butcher blocks are a more budget version of the butcher block. Edge grain blocks are cut with the grain of the wood. This gives them that traditional “wood grain” look. However, they don’t have the same durability and longevity that end grain butcher blocks have. We would actually consider end grain butcher blocks more like cutting boards than a butcher block.


When it comes to the type of wood used in making a butcher block, you want to consider products that are made from high quality, hard woods. Harder woods have smaller pore sizes, which harbors less bacteria and moisture. This increases the life of your butcher block, and allows it to be safely used for a variety of different foods, including raw meat.

The best butcher blocks are made from maple, walnut or teak. You may also want to consider acacia or bamboo. These woods are more environmentally sustainable and both have natural properties that make them water resistant, which will increase their longevity and safety as well.


Butcher blocks come in a wide range of sizes. Which you choose really depends on how you’re planning on using the block.

If you’re the family grill master, and your favorite thing is smoking up a full rack of ribs or a complete brisket, you’ll want to have a larger size butcher block, that allows you to work the whole cut of meat, without it hanging from the end of the block. 

On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re cooking for just one or two people, and you are just looking for a better quality place to cut meats, and chop veggies, a smaller, more portable butcher block is your pick.

Our only suggestion is that you do consider the thickness of the butcher block. Thicker blocks do give you more room for error, and are longer lasting. For best results, especially if you’re going to be using your block to cut meat, look for options that are no less than 1.5 inches thick.


Butcher blocks don’t come with a ton of extra features. However there are some things that you can look for in some options. We do think that the best added feature is a channel for catching juices. This is really handy when you’re cutting cooked meats, and don’t want juices to end up all over your counter. It isn’t a standard feature of butcher blocks, but it really adds to the convenience.

Other features that we’ve seen and are handy include small drawers for holding knives, kitchen twine and other utensils, hooks for hanging, metal posts for holding meat in place, and slots or grooves for supporting your knife.

Ease of clean

To be realistic, no butcher block is super easy to clean. They do have some maintenance requirements that you should consider if you are wanting to make the investment. First, they aren’t dishwasher safe, so all butcher blocks should be hand washed. Second, you don’t want to use a ton of detergent on your block. This can dry the wood and leave a soapy residue that can pass to your foods. Finally, if you want your investment to last a long time, you will need to treat your butcher block with oil. This will help it retain moisture and prevent cracking. This is especially important if you live in a dryer, arid climate.


Most ramen bowl sets come with their own chopsticks and soup spoons. We think that you get the best value if you pick a set with these accessories. We also found that some sets came with chopstick rests. Other than these basic options, most ramen bowls do not come with many other accessories. One thing we did find handy were ramen bowls that were made with notched lips for holding chopsticks. This made moving hot bowls of soup from the kitchen to the table easier.