The Best Cast Iron Griddles for the Delicious Meals

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Last Updated on January 15, 2021

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Key Features

  • Material: cast iron (total)
  • Total cooking surface area: 144 square inches
  • Type: square skillet style griddle
  • Dimensions: 12” x 12” x .75”
  • Total weight: 7.33 lbs.

Cooking a Salmons

The griddle is one of the most versatile pieces of cookware you could ever own. Similarly, cast iron is one of the bets, if not THE best, cooking materials known to man. SO when the two combine, you know you’ve got something special.

Able to convert a grill or even open flame into a convenient stovetop, the cast iron griddle is the best friend of avid campers or people who just plain like cooking with fire, but don’t want to have to give up cooking some of their favorite foods, which may not play nice with perfectly spaced grill grates.

So let’s take a look at some of the best features to look for in a cast iron griddle, and a list of my favorite ones on the market, shall we?

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Top 7 Best Cast Iron Griddles (2021 Reviews)

1. Lodge Pro Logic 12 inch Square Cast Iron Griddle

Lodge Pro Logic 12 inch Square
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  • Material: cast iron (total)
  • Total cooking surface area: 144 square inches
  • Type: square skillet style griddle
  • Dimensions: 12” x 12” x .75”
  • Total weight: 7.33 lbs.

Another great option from Lodge that provides a significantly different idea than the rest of the options here.

This square griddle is compact, and reminiscent of your standard skillet as opposed to the full sized almost conversion level rectangular griddles that can take up your whole grill.

This mighty little griddle still brings the performance though, with a comfortable curved handle at the back for minor adjustments, and one of the best designed loops I’ve seen on a piece of cast iron cookware at the front. A lot of cast iron stuff tends to forget that hands get pretty big when you stick them in oven mitts, making the loops cramped and awkward to get a proper finger hold in; not so here, with a slightly more slender loop that offers a more open and easy grip.

In terms of sheer cooking space, despite its relatively compact size it matches or exceeds a lot of the units here. The square construction lets it double stack the cooking area, giving you 144 square inches to work with.

This is the perfect cast iron griddle because it can be used not only on a grill, but comfortably fits on most large stovetops and in ovens as well. It is a truly versatile piece of cookware that sets the standard for the rest of this list.


Well made and sturdy cast iron construction
Thicker than average for better heat retention
Comfortable handle and loop for easy maneuvering
Versatile; usable on pretty much any cooking surface
Great price for the quality


Square construction may make it difficult to cook longer foods in certain circumstances, since you have 12 inches to work with instead of the ~16 inch average

2. Lodge Double Play Cast Iron Grill and Griddle

Lodge Double Play
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  • Material: cast iron (total)
  • Total cooking surface area: 141.5 square inches
  • Type: rectangular reversible griddle
  • Dimensions: 9.5” x .5” x 16.75”
  • Total weight: 8 lbs.

This is a great cast iron griddle you can throw on most decently sized grills. It’s thick and sturdy, like most Lodge cast iron cookware tends to be, and has that nice reversible siding we like to see when possible, which gives you the ability to use perfectly as both a standard grill pan or flat griddle.

The 141 square inch cooking capacity is a great breakpoint; small enough it can fit on most decently sized rectangular grills, and large enough to cook most meals on without too much finagling required.

The main drawback of course is that “rectangular grill” caveat. This griddle doesn’t fit on standard round camp grills or anything, so if you want something compatible with grills like that, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

But the quality inherent in this griddle, from its sturdy construction, convenience (it comes pre-seasoned), well made handles for moving, and reversible nature makes it well worth picking up for anyone who can make use of it.


Sturdy and well made cast iron
Pre-seasoned for ease of use
Convenient handles
Reversible; usable as a grill pan or griddle
Good price
Fairly lightweight and compact for cast iron
Great grilling area


Shape isn’t conducive for use on round grills

3. Weber Porcelain Enameled Cast Iron Barbeque Griddle

Weber 6558 Porcelain
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  • Material: cast iron (total), porcelain coating
  • Total cooking surface area: 96 square inches
  • Type: fitted griddle
  • Dimensions: 8.6” x 12.6” x .5”
  • Total weight: 5 lbs.

This is a bit of a tough one to gauge.

On one hand, it’s a very well made little griddle. It’s thick and sturdy, and clearly has a lot of thought put into its design. The raised lips are just high enough to keep food from sliding off, but low enough it doesn’t impede your grill’s closing. 

The material is great, a sturdy cast iron with a porcelain coating. This gives it a lot of fun properties, primarily being naturally nonstick, and therefore easier to clean; there should rarely (if ever) need to be a time you should have to re-season this griddle.

The shaping though, is where things get dicey. This was specifically made for Weber Q1000 portable grills. It’s a great grill, and one I’ve highly recommended before, but it IS a specific grill, lowering the utility of this griddle top a bit.

It will fit on other grills, mind you, but not as perfectly, and likely won’t clip on, leaving it free to potentially slide around.

This is a wholehearted recommendation if you have a Weber Q1000, but a more tentative one if you don’t.


Lightweight and compact
Very well made in terms of shape and design
Decent enough price
Sturdy materials
Porcelain coating makes this griddle easier to maintain and clean


Suboptimal for use with any grill but the Weber Q1000 portable grill

4. Calphalon Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Grill and Griddle Combo

Calphalon 1873980 Pre-Seasoned
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  • Material: cast iron (total)
  • Total cooking surface area: 216 square inches
  • Type: reversible rectangular griddle
  • Dimensions: 12” x .75” x 18”
  • Total weight: 10.63 lbs.

This is a big, thick cast iron griddle that is very well made in a lot of ways.

In Particular, the handles are great. Thick and sturdy, but nevertheless providing an easy handhold to carry when you need to mitt up after a grilling session. It’s thick, providing it with excellent heat retention (at the cost of a bit of extra preheating time) and durable enough to stand the test of time with fairly little effort.

However, that thickness and durability comes at a cost. This griddle is a bit of a brick, especially given its larger than average size. It weighs a fair bit more than the average griddle, and could be unwieldy to move around, especially when laden with other foods. A roughly 4 lbs. difference in weight between a similar griddle might not seem like much initially, but when you load it up with sausages, vegetables, maybe a pork roast to sear or some such, the weight adds up, and it can be difficult to carry 20+ lbs. of weight away from your body with clumsy oven mitts on.


Thick and sturdy construction
Excellent heat retention, though relatively slow heat up time
Extra large and thick handles make this easy to pick up
Reversible for extra versatility
Over large size gives you a ton of grilling space


Very heavy compared to other options
A bit expensive

5. Cajun Classic 28 inch Reversible Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle

Cajun Classic 28 inch Reversible
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  • Material: cast iron (total)
  • Total cooking surface area: 350 square inches
  • Type: reversible rectangular griddle
  • Dimensions: 28.5” x 14” x 1”
  • Total weight: 30 lbs.

If you want to measure quality in terms of sheer size, this is by far the best griddle on this list. As far as everything else goes, it’s pretty good too.

The cast iron construction is sturdy and thick, with a perfectly sized lip around the perimeter to keep things from sliding off. It’s a full inch thick, giving it great heat retention (this is the kind of griddle you can easily cook some things on after taking it off the fire) at the cost of it taking about twice as long on average to heat up for quick cooking things like pancakes.

The issues come as natural consequences of its massive size, in a way. It’s expensive for one, about double what most here cost. It has about double the cooking area of the average griddle here (a bit more than double, actually) at the cost of weighing over 4 times as much, and the loops on each side are thick and cramped to compensate, making this griddle even more unwieldy to maneuver around.

Cajun reversible griddle is also probably too large for a lot of grills and ovens, presenting its own issues.

If none of these drawbacks bother you, by all means enjoy its huge cooking area. Just make sure to think about whether you need all that cooking space first.


Extremely thick construction, great for heat retention
Enormous cooking area
Reversible for extra versatility


Relatively expensive
Extremely heavy and hard to move
Awkward handle loops
May be too big for many grills

6. Lodge Round Pre-Seasoned 8.38 inch Cast Iron Griddle

Lodge Round Pre-Seasoned
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  • Material: cast iron (total)
  • Total cooking surface area: 55 square inches
  • Type: round skillet style griddle
  • Dimensions: 12.94” x 9.56” x 1.06”

This is the perfect stovetop griddle. While it lacks the immense size of some, and doesn’t possess the same versatility as a reversible model, it makes up for that in simply being highly usable.

This griddle works on pretty much any stove. It’s small and easy to move around one handed, and is great on induction stoves so long as you’re careful not to scratch or crack them.

While fairly small, it gets the job done with 55 square inches of cooking area; about the size of a medium sized skillet.

Lodge shallow round griddle is not the best out there, but sometimes all you want is something usable and convenient, which this gives you in spades. Plus, it’s pretty cheap, which is always nice.


Small and maneuverable
Usable on any standard stovetop, including induction stovetops
Lightweight and compact, fits in most cabinets
Extremely affordable
Versatile and usable on grills and in the oven as well


Quite small, so you can’t cook huge meals on it

7. Cuisinart 10 inch Cast Iron Griddle Pan

Cuisinart CCP-1000
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  • Material: cast iron (total)
  • Total cooking surface area: 78.5 square inches
  • Type: round baking and griddle pan
  • Dimensions: 10” diameter

Our last griddle for today is more like a baking pan made of cast iron, which gives it a ton of unique properties over the usual flatter griddles here.

While it can be used in much the same manner with little difficulty, the major benefit of this pan is its use in making baked goods or grilling on outdoor trips and such, when you might have access to nothing more than an open flame. It’s perfect for baking corn breads and monkey bread or even pizza, while still being serviceable as a standard dinner pan for cooking sausages and eggs and whatnot.

Even when not out of the home, it makes a great baking pan, and is in many ways a superior alternative to a cast iron skillet when cooking many meals at home.

Unless you need a massive amount of cooking space, I’d consider getting this one; Cuisinart Cast Iron Griddle Pan provides a lot of utility for a fairly low cost, and works with basically any grill or stove.


Low cost
Usable as a baking pan and can easily be removed from the oven
Good handle loops for easy gripping


Round and may be cumbersome for larger and longer foods

Final Verdict

Lodge Pro Logic 12 inch Square
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I like all of these to different degrees, though some of the rectangular reversible models are fairly same-y, they all offer a bit of something to differentiate them. The other options are significantly easier to differentiate, with a whole ton of varying utility between the different shapes, sizes, and styles.

Depending on your needs, preferences, and the size of your various cooktops, I could be comfortable recommending any of these, or even several of them in combination.

How Do I Choose the Perfect One?

A cast iron griddle should be made of cast iron, that much is obvious. In terms of raw material, one piece of cast iron is identical to another, in terms of basic properties and care.

One of the unique things about cast iron is that it must be prepped for use before the first time someone uses it to actually cook anything. This is a process known as “seasoning”, which involves coating the raw metal with some kind of oil (shortening is a common choice) that’s oaks into the pores, and creates a nonstick layer to cook on.

Properly seasoned cast iron is one of the most forgiving cooking materials known to man, but it can be a pain to do it right. For that reason, a huge draw for any cast iron you buy in the store is making sure it’s pre-seasoned.

From there, you want to be careful to maintain that seasoning. If you don’t, things will stick to the surface and make it that much harder to clean, the process of such a vigorous cleaning will in turn require you to re-season the cast iron; it’s a real chore. So, make sure to take good care of your cast iron, and wash immediately on use.

While the material remains much the same, changing some things about the shape and size of a piece of cast iron cookware can change a lot about the properties from piece to piece. One of the biggest things here is the thickness. Most of the griddles on this list are about a half an inch thick. This is thick enough to retain sturdiness across a fairly large cooking area, while keeping the griddle fairly lightweight and easy to move around.

Increasing the thickness has some benefits, and some drawbacks. A thicker cast iron griddle will heat up much, much more slowly, but once properly preheated will retain that heat longer. This is great for cooking things like pancakes or eggs on your griddle without burning them, as you can maintain the optimal cooking temperature for longer even after you take the griddle off the heat.

However, this adds weight, and extra weight can make the griddle unwieldy. This is especially a problem if you intend to use the griddle as a platter, or take it off the heat while it’s laden at all.

If your griddle has good handles, this problem can be mitigated somewhat, though not entirely. Cast iron cookware trends toward thick, tight loops that leave little room for your hands, especially when they’re in oven mitts; look for a griddle with “oversized” loops to offset this.

Finally, be clear that you know what kind of shape you need for your griddle. Are you using it mostly on a grill or fire, or do you intend to use it indoors on a stove or in the oven? The answer to that changes whether you might want a  large rectangular griddle, or a smaller skillet style one, which may be smaller but is usable on any cooktop you’d care to name.

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