7 Best Coffee Storage Containers: Keep Your Coffee Fresh for Longer

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Last Updated on January 15, 2021

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Key Features

  • 64 fluid ounce capacity
  • Holds up to 1.4 pounds of coffee
  • Stainless steel construction
  • One-way CO2 gas vent valve
  • Silicone rubber seal lid
  • Equipped with a numerical day and month tracker on top of lid
  • Includes a stainless steel coffee spoon with integrated storage
  • 1-year full warranty, lifetime limited warranty

beans inside a glass

When it comes to keeping your coffee fresh, take it from the experts at the National Coffee Association:

“Your beans’ greatest enemies are air, moisture, heat, and light.”

And what’s the best way to keep these problematic factors away from your coffee beans? By using coffee storage containers, of course!

By storing your coffee beans in an opaque, airtight container at room temperature, you’ll extend their shelf life — and their best flavor — by weeks or even months. If you’re truly interested in drinking high-quality coffee any day of the week, finding the right storage container is absolutely essential.

As dedicated coffee enthusiasts ourselves, we’ve taken plenty of time over the years to consider exactly how we want to store our fresh coffee. In today’s article, we’ll be sharing the fruits of those labors with you in this comprehensive guide to the best coffee storage containers available today.

Whether you’re a coffee pro or just getting into the craft of brewing a great cup, our recommendations will help guide you to the best coffee storage solutions for your needs and budget.

Read on to find out more!

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Top 7 Best Coffee Storage Containers Reviews

1. Best Overall - Sailnovo Stainless Steel Airtight Coffee Canister

Sailnovo Stainless Steel Airtight Canister
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  • 64 fluid ounce capacity
  • Holds up to 1.4 pounds of coffee
  • Stainless steel construction
  • One-way CO2 gas vent valve
  • Silicone rubber seal lid
  • Equipped with a numerical day and month tracker on top of lid
  • Includes a stainless steel coffee spoon with integrated storage
  • 1-year full warranty, lifetime limited warranty

Combining a robust storage capacity, durable construction, and excellent airtight seal in one package, the Sailnovo Stainless Steel Airtight Coffee Canister was already in our good graces. But as we started to examine and test it further, it became clear that this excellent performance was only the beginning.

Starting from the top, you’ll see an integrated date tracker that’s perfect for remembering exactly when you last added or removed coffee, ensuring that you’ll always know how fresh your cup is. Add to that a CO2 gas vent valve, and you can easily use this canister to store freshly roasted beans as they mellow to peak flavor in about a week.

A built-in convenient measuring spoon acts as a nice added bonus, but perhaps more impressive is the Sailnovo’s 1-year full warranty, and limited lifetime warranty.

In short, it’s a nearly perfect solution for coffee storage that won’t break the bank and is protected by a long-term guarantee of quality. For all of the reasons listed above, we give it our absolute highest recommendation for a coffee storage canister.


Large storage capacity can hold up to 3 standard bags of coffee
Integrated day and month tracker lets you know exactly how fresh your coffee is
Silicone rubber seal and CO2 vent keep your coffee as fresh as possible
Made of durable and rust-resistant stainless steel
Comes with a coffee portioning spoon for easy access


Opaque material doesn’t let you see how much coffee you have left

2. Runner Up - Veken Airtight Stainless Steel Coffee Canister

Veken Canister
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  • Available in black, gray, or silver finishes
  • 22 ounce coffee storage capacity
  • Integrated day and month trackers on lid
  • BPA-free silicone rubber seal
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Comes with a free measuring scoop
  • One-way CO2 valve

Remarkably similar to our top choice coffee storage container, yet coming in at a much smaller size, the Veken Airtight Stainless Steel Coffee Canister may be the best choice for gourmet coffee and single origin beans. Because you’ll be buying smaller packs of craft roasted beans more frequently, the smaller size of this storage container becomes a benefit rather than a detriment.

Other than its size, nearly everything about the Veken is identically useful to our top pick — from the integrated day and month tracker on the lid, to its durable stainless steel construction, to the CO2 valve and included measuring spoon. Overall, it’s the coffee canister of choice for anyone who’s particular about the quality of their coffee beans from source to cup.


Similar design as our top pick, but in a smaller size
Made of durable and rust-resistant stainless steel
Silicone rubber seal keeps the storage container airtight
Integrated date tracker makes it easy to keep your coffee super fresh


Not dishwasher safe
On the expensive side

3. Best Value - Tightpac America Coffeevac Vacuum Sealed Coffee Container

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  • Available in 18 colors
  • Options for custom graphic printing
  • Patented system creates a vacuum seal
  • FDA approved food grade plastic construction
  • Airtight, moisture free, and recyclable
  • 16 ounce coffee storage capacity

Maybe you’ve yet to jump into the deep end of roasting, brewing, and storing high-end and single origin coffees. If so, all this talk of keeping beans perfectly hidden away from sunlight and air and CO2 may seem a little bit overkill. Where can you look if you’d just like a simple, inexpensive solution to storing your coffee?

Tightpac America’s Coffeevac offers an excellent combination of utility and value at an incredibly low price. And if colors and designs are your thing, you can have one custom-made with 18 colors and your choice of logos, too.

It may not have the perfect airtight seals and all the bells and whistles of more elaborate (and expensive) containers, but if you’re looking for a budget-priced pick that’s great for storing the beans or grounds for your daily brew, choose the Coffeevac.


Very affordable, with many options for customization
Easy access with the patented no-pump airtight sealing system
2-way valve allows for CO2 release
Great for everyday use


Only creates a partial vacuum seal
Not for long-term airtight storage

4. Premium Choice - Hamilton Beach 2 Way Brewer Coffee Maker

Planetary Design
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  • Available in seven colors and two sizes
  • Patented plunger lid removes and locks out air and humidity
  • Two-way valve allows for CO2 release
  • Holds 16 ounces of coffee
  • Stainless steel construction and BPA-free plastic handle
  • Hand wash only

From the outside, Planetary Design’s Airscape storage container appears remarkably simple. Made of flat, polished, and durable stainless steel, with a black handled lid, it’s an unobtrusive way to store your coffee that looks great in any kitchen. Add in the seven colors it’s available in and two sizes to choose from, and you have plenty of customization options to suit your kitchen decor.

Behind that elegant facade, however, the Airscape utilizes a proprietary system to completely remove any air in the canister after every use. This goes one step further than the airtight seals of most coffee canisters we’ve reviewed, and gives Planetary Design’s coffee storage container a leg up on the competition.

This functionality makes it a bit pricier than many other options on our list, but if you’re looking for the absolute best in coffee freshness extension, it’s the best product for the job.


Creates a fully airtight seal and removes oxygen from the container when closed
Made of durable and long-lasting stainless steel
Perfect size for holding one standard bag of coffee
Available in a variety of colors to suit your kitchen decor


Not dishwasher safe

5. Best Large Capacity Container - OXO Good Grips Airtight Coffee POP Container

OXO 1195400 Good Grips Airtight
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  • 1.5 quart coffee storage capacity
  • Specially designed BPA-free plastic blocks 99% of UV rays
  • Push-button airtight seal with silicone gasket
  • Corners shaped for easy pouring
  • Modular stacking design
  • Stainless steel lid

If you’re not familiar with OXO’s Good Grips line, do yourself a favor and pop over to their website. It’s a remarkably well-designed and affordable line of kitchen products that’s made specifically to be comfortable and ergonomically efficient, leading to better times and less strain with every kitchen project.

The Good Grips Airtight Coffee POP Container weighs in as the largest coffee storage container of any in our list, with a massive 1.5 quart storage capacity. For anyone who buys their coffee beans in bulk, the OXO should be your first choice for a storage solution.

A push-button mechanism seals out air from this BPA-free plastic container, and the tinted plastic is certified to block 99% of UV rays. Overall, it’s a reasonably priced option for a large storage solution that may not be much to look at, but has tremendous functionality.


Reasonably priced for a larger storage option
Tinted see-through material lets you know how much coffee you have left
Special plastic construction is durable and blocks light from entering
Seals airtight at the push of a button
Molded corners make it easy to pour out coffee beans
Handsome design with stainless steel lids


Hand wash only

6. Best for Ground Coffee - Prepworks by Progressive Coffee ProKeeper

Progressive International Large ProKeeper
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  • Made of BPA-free, UV-blocking plastic
  • Holds 1.5 quarts of coffee
  • Silicone seal for airtight storage
  • Comes with a measuring spoon
  • Snap-lock lid

Simple, inexpensive, and with an extra-large storage capacity, the Prepworks by Progressive Coffee ProKeeper lacks many of the features of higher-grade coffee containers in our reviews, but has enough going for it to be a great option for storing ground coffee.

With a 1.5-quart capacity that rivals our largest container on this list, the Coffee ProKeeper is plenty big enough for fitting whole containers of brand-name ground coffee. It’s made of a UV-block, BPA-free plastic, and equipped with a silicone seal and snap-lock lid for nearly airtight storage.


Very inexpensive for a large storage container
Simple airtight seal makes for easy access
Wide mouth makes it easy to add and remove coffee
Tinted plastic construction limits UV light exposure


Seal isn’t perfectly designed for airtight storage
Not a very attractive option

7. Best Ceramic Coffee Storage Container - Jamie Oliver Small Ceramic Kitchen Container Food Storage Jar with Wooden Lid

Jamie Oliver Food Jar with Wooden Lid
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  • 8 ounce coffee storage capacity
  • Ceramic construction
  • Acacia wood lid with a silicone seal
  • Stackable, modular design
  • 25-year satisfaction guarantee

Small but exceptionally handsome, the Jamie Oliver Small Storage Jar with Wooden Lid may well be the best-looking coffee storage container of any that we have tested and examined. Made entirely from heavyweight ceramic with a durable hardwood lid, it’s only made to store half a pound of coffee at a time — perfect for the occasional coffee drinker, but not ideal for everyday drinkers.

The acacia wood lid is equipped with a silicone seal for airtight storage, and you won’t have to worry about light or heat thanks to its cool and solid ceramic construction. A stackable and modular design makes it easy to buy and store multiples of this jar, which you may end up wanting after seeing how good just one looks in your kitchen!

Lastly, this storage container from Jamie Oliver comes with the longest guarantee of any that we’ve seen — a whopping 25 years satisfaction guaranteed. We recommend it for anyone who’s looking for a small, beautiful addition to their coffee counter.


Attractive ceramic construction looks great in any kitchen
Naturally durable acacia wood lid is equipped with a silicone gasket for airtight sealing
Stackable design saves space in your kitchen
Unbeatable 25 year guarantee


Quite small

Final Verdict

Sailnovo Stainless Steel Airtight Canister
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With their durable stainless steel construction, nearly perfect airtight seal, and integrated calendar function, Sailnovo’s Stainless Steel Airtight Coffee Canisters are easily our top recommendation. They may be a bit pricier than many other coffee storage options, but given their amazing reliability and thoughtful design features, they’re far from being overpriced. We thoroughly recommend them for use in any home.

If money is tight but you’re still willing to invest in a way to keep your coffee fresher for longer, the Tightpac America Coffeevac Vacuum Sealed Coffee Container is a fine alternative to our top pick. While it doesn’t create as effective of an airtight seal as our top pick, this budget-priced option still serves as a useful way to start taking better care of your coffee.

How to Choose the Best Coffee Storage Container?

Are you sold on the idea of a coffee storage container, but still wondering how to tell a great one from a dud? If so, read through the following topics; they’re what we use to judge each coffee storage container that’s found in this review.

What to Look for In A Coffee Storage Container?

As per the National Coffee Association’s advice, you’ll need to find a coffee storage container that prevents your coffee beans from contacting air, moisture, heat, and light. 

This means that your coffee storage container should be airtight and opaque, and that you should always store your coffee container in a cool, dry, and dark place in your home.

There’s one other factor, however, that deserves your consideration: CO2 release. For up to two weeks after coffee is roasted, it will release carbon dioxide gas — the same compound that gives soda its bubbly characteristics. Because of this, you’ll need to make sure that your coffee storage container has a valve for releasing pressure without losing its airtight seal.

Types of Coffee Storage Containers

Four materials are used to make coffee storage containers, with the first two being much more common than the last two:

  • Stainless steel is the premier material for food storage containers, as it is rust-resistant, inexpensive, durable, and will not impart any “off” flavors to whatever is stored inside.
  • Plastic is often a more affordable alternative to stainless steel, as it has many of the same features but can be lacking in good looks.
  • Ceramic was the storage option of choice for hundreds of years before the invention of steel and plastic, and is still a worthwhile option to consider today. These storage containers will usually be more expensive, but have a charming rustic appeal that can’t be beat.
  • Glass is the least common way to store coffee, and for good reason: It’s too prone to letting light in that will degrade the coffee’s quality. If you find a glass coffee storage container, make sure that it’s tinted enough to prevent sunlight contaminating your beans.