The Best Electric Griddles – Top Picks For 2020

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    Key Features

     Materials: cast aluminum (grill body).

      Total cooking area: 254 square inches.

      Power: 120 volts, 1500 watts.

      Dimensions: 15.18” x 19” x 1.87”

      Total weight: 6.51 lbs.

    Shrimp and tomatos

    At first glance, an electric griddle might seem like a superfluous bit of kitchen machinery; a one-off gadget akin to a banana slicer or slapping chopper device. What do they do that a good hot skillet doesn’t?

    And the answer is…nothing. Well, sort of. Convenience is sometimes its own reward, and having a device that you can pinpoint adjust the temperature to your liking is great, instead of having to guess how hot your stove needs to be to cook a perfect pancake in your favorite nonstick skillet.

    That’s the main advantage of all electric griddles, but what we’re worried about today is what sets them apart: what makes a good electric griddle?

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    Top 7 Best Electric Griddles (2020 Reviews)

    1. Presto 19 inch Electric Tilt N Fold Griddle


     Easy to use
     Heats up fast and cools down quickly
     Folds up small for easy storage
     Good overall design
     Decent price point


      Small grease trap hole


      • Materials: cast aluminum (grill body)
      • Total cooking area: 254 square inches
      • Power: 120 volts, 1500 watts
      • Dimensions: 15.18” x 19” x 1.87”
      • Total weight: 6.51 lbs.

    This is a nice one, with a lot of thought put into the design. While it retains the skeletal construction a lot of these electric griddles share, there’s a bit more thought put into the way you’re meant to use and store it.

    The power source and knob being moved to the back instead of the side makes it easier to store away with it attached, and the folding legs likewise make it more compact so they easily fit inside a standard 18 inch cabinet.

    Besides the convenient packing away features, everything else is pretty good too. It has a sturdy cast iron griddle body, with a sizable 254 square inches of cooking space to work with; bigger than some full sized grills. The aluminum construction combined with the 1500 watts of power means it heats up blazing fast, and it cools off almost as swiftly, making the perfect cooking implement for something like pancakes, which can otherwise be troublesome.

    The only thing I don’t really like is the grease trap. The hole leading to is a bit too slender, and I think could benefit from being widened up a bit. Oil is viscous, and can easily flow over such a small hole if you’re not careful.

    2. Black + Decker Family Sized Electric Griddle with Warming Tray


     Excellent click in the thermostat
     Nonstick surface
     Small warming tray underneath the main body
     Easy to use
     Heats up fast


      No particular standout or excellent features


      • Materials: presumed cast aluminum (grill body), nonstick coating
      • Total cooking area: 200 square inches
      • Dimensions: 13” x 22” x 3”
      • Total weight: 4.96 lbs.

    This is a nicer, sleeker looking version of a lot of the other electric griddles on this list. It combines a lot of the features I like in all of those, but unfortunately all are slightly worse. Still, having a great all rounder griddle isn’t such a bad thing, if all you want is a taste of what kind of different features you can gather in a single griddle. Unless you specifically need a better version of one of those features, this might be the best overall griddle around.

    It has a warming tray, like one of the others we’ve talked about, though it’s quite small. It’s enough to hold a few strips of bacon or maybe some very small pancakes, but little else. The cooking area of the griddle is pretty middle of the road, but it’s good. 200 square inches is a lot to work with for cooking most meals.

    The hole that leads to the drip tray is the perfect size, and the drip tray is easy to remove, empty, and then put back.

    I like the temperature knob on this one. It has a very comfortable grip, making it easy to remove and slot back in, and it has a full temperature range which is always nice.

    For the price, you can do a lot worse.

    3. Oster DiamondForce Nonstick Electric Griddle with Warming Tray


     Top of the line nonstick coating is durable and resistant to wear
     Good price for the quality
     Durable materials
     Heats up well
     Included warming rack keeps fast cooling foods like pancakes ready to eat while the rest are cooking


      A bit long and awkward to store


      • Materials: cast aluminum (grill body), Oster Diamond Force nonstick coating
      • Total cooking area: 200 square inches
      • Dimensions: 10” x 20”

    This is a nice one, with a handy feature you don’t see on a lot of these electric griddles. The warming rack underneath the main cooking area is great for pancakes, as you can see, but also a ton of other things when you’re worried about food getting cold while you’re cooking things that require your full attention, like sausage patties.

    The other basic features of this electric griddle aren’t too bad either. You’ve got a solid 200 inches worth of primary cooking area to go with the warming tray (it’s about half that), and the grease trap, located at the back due to the placement of the cooking tray is easy to remove and drain, with a good sized hole for the oil to flow into.

    The nonstick surface is also significantly better than the average nonstick coating, being extra durable and more scratch resistant than the usual. This significantly increases the life of your griddle, and while it does come in at a relatively low price that would make it not too much of a burden to replace after a year or two, it’s also nice to have a reliable piece of equipment.

    4. Yescom Stainless Steel Countertop Commercial Electric Griddle


     High performance
     Very durable materials
     Huge temperature range
     Can be used as a primary cooking surface for home or commercial applications
     Easy to use
     Easy to empty grease trap


      Expensive and likely overkill in terms of power for most people


      • Materials: 430 stainless steel (frame), cast iron (griddle plate)
      • Total cooking area: roughly 212 square inches
      • Power: 110 volts, 1500 watts
      • Dimensions: 17.69” x 14.19” x 9.81”
      • Temperature range: 122 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit (50 to 300 degrees Celsius)
      • Total weight: 36 lbs

    If you want an electric griddle with unparalleled power, this will do it for you. The only commercial model on this list, in many ways its out performance of the other options here is assured. 

    While it retains the same 1500 watts of power that is standard among these electric griddles, the other components of its construction set it a cut above. The stainless steel construction is sturdy and built to last, though may not be as easy to clean if you’re not careful. The steel and cast iron construction does also mean it heats up a bit slower, but does have one other major advantage: it can reach much higher temperatures.

    You can set this electric griddle to upwards of 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is perfect for searing meat if you want to use it that way.

    The issue here is price. It costs about 3 times what the other griddles on this list do, and the performance it provides is frankly overkill for most people. If you plan to use this griddle as one of your primary means of cooking, then it’s a perfect buy. Otherwise, you may want to give it a pass and go for a cheaper option that will get the job done about the same.

    5. Presto Cool-Touch Electric Griddle with Warming Rack


     Square shape provides extra room and more efficient use of space
     Easy to pack away into a cabinet
     Nonstick and easy to clean
     Included warming rack and spatter guard


      Annoying power cable


      • Materials: presumed cast aluminum (grill body), nonstick coating
      • Total cooking area: 210 square inches
      • Dimensions: 19.25” x 16.31” x 3”
      • Total weight: 6.24 lbs.

    This is another nice griddle with a warming rack, with a few other nice features about it.

    The square shape is nice, and allows for much more efficient use of space on your griddle, particularly for cooking foods that run a bit taller than they do wide, like slices of bread. The square shape also makes it a bit easier to store in a cabinet without having to set it on its end or catty corner to fit in smaller cabinet spaces.

    You get a slightly larger than average cooking space out of the deal as well, 210 square inches to work with that lets you eke out that tiny bit of extra space for another sausage or something to make things go a bit quicker.

    What I’m not a fan of is the power cord on this one. It’s small and slender where it connects with the main area of the griddle and can be annoying to pull out.

    Other than that, though, everything is good and especially the warming rack. It’s really more of a cover on the griddle itself, but it gets the job done and it’s easier to take off and clean than similar options. Plus, it doubles as a splatter guard if you tilt it up: perfect for bacon.

    6. Secura Smokeless Indoor Grill and Electric Griddle


     Versatile and usable as a grill or griddle
     Great power output
     Good drain tray
     Glass lid protects from splatters without hiding food from view


      A bit small compared to other options


      • Materials: cast iron (grill and griddle plate), glass (lid)
      • Total cooking area: 180 square inches
      • Dimensions: 22.5” x 5.25” x 15.5”
      • Total weight: 13.6 lbs.

    Power and versatility come together in this model, which works both as an indoor electric grill and an electric griddle.

    In my opinion, indoor electric grills are not the greatest at being grills. They’re not terrible, but even by electric grill standards (which, while usable and efficient, lose a lot of flavor over a charcoal or wood fired grill) they lack a bit of pizzazz.

    But what they do make is excellent griddles, as the reversible cooking plate on this attests to. 1800 watts of power makes the cast iron heating plate heat up pretty fast, and it sizzles nicely when in use. You get a  full temperature range to work with, and the glass lid lets you monitor the food cooking underneath while being completely safe from splatters and pops.

    The only issue is price, coming in at about twice as much as the average. Still, Secura electric reversible griddle could be argued that you’re also getting double the functionality, so it’s quite fair.

    7. Dash Express Electric Round Griddle


     Fairly low price
     Lightweight and compact; stores easily pretty much anywhere
     Perfect for smaller apartments or dorms
     Good performance for the size and price


      Probably too small for many peoples’ ideal use


      • Total cooking area: 50 square inches
      • Dimensions: 10” x 8” x 4”
      • Total weight: 3.2 lbs.

    This is a nice little griddle, with an emphasis on the “little” part. You get about 50 square inches of cooking space here. While that may not sound like a lot if you’re trying to cook breakfast for multiple people, it’s perfect as a little personal griddle if you just need something to sizzle some eggs or a single quesadilla some time.

    Being quite small, dash griddle also comes in at a very small price, so you don’t have to feel like you’re getting cheated for buying something “fun sized”. Obviously, if you NEED a larger griddle, getting a bigger one will be better, but if you don, then consider just grabbing something like this that works well, cooks what you need it to, and washes up easy.

    Final Verdict

    Presto 07073

    Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Walmart

    Choosing a best was surprisingly hard this time around, though ultimately I settled on the Presto Tilt N Fold option, as it provides the best quality in terms of features I personally value the most: size and compactness, tempered by price. You get a great amount of cooking space while not sacrificing ability to store it easily in a cabinet, and it comes at a great price.

    The rest of the options on this list fall short of those two main features, but do make up for it in other ways, so they might be options you prefer for one reason or another. Just pick your favorite feature and go from there.

    How to Choose the Perfect One

    Electric griddles, at a base level, are all fairly alike. They run on electricity, they’re usually rectangular, flat, and nonstick for easy use, with a drip tray beneath.

    Even in terms of specifics, there are some things that are easy to predict. Almost all electric griddles are 1500 watts, for example.

    However, it’s the little touches that set them apart. What materials they choose to use for the griddle plate, or whether they have nice little extras.

    In terms of those materials, electric griddles come in only two real types, at least in terms of the griddle plate itself: cast aluminum, and cast iron.

    Of the two, in most ways cast iron is the superior if you’re talking sheer ability to cook a mean meal. Cast iron is an excellent material for cooking, being naturally nonstick, with great heat retention.

    However, most electric griddles choose to go the cast aluminum route, and not just because it’s cheaper. Cast iron is a very slow to heat material, and when the main selling point of your device is convenience, that can be a big drawback. 

    Cast aluminum griddle plates (fitted with some kind of nonstick coating or surface) heat up lightning fast, usually in well under a minute, and cool off just as quickly. This means you can slap the power cable in, heat it up fast, cook your food, give it a wipe, unplug it, and put it back in the cabinet in the span of 15 minutes or less, depending on what you’re cooking.

    Also depending on what you’re cooking, you’ll want to figure out how much griddle space you actually need. If you live alone and just want to cook a couple of eggs or a quesadilla or something, a tiny 50 square inch round griddle might be your best friend. On average, you’ll be looking at a 200 square inch model as the standard, with the biggest capping out at well under 300 square inches, since any larger than that and you have issues fitting the griddle under your cabinet for storage.

    As for extras, the biggest to look out for is a warming tray. These are different in design and functionality for every griddle brand, but they all share the same basic idea of keeping your food warm while you cook everything else. This is great for pancakes and bacon, or other foods that cook quickly but need to be cooked in batches.

    Keep in mind as well your preferred price point. Most will cost you around $0 to 50, but more expensive commercial models do exist, so be sure you need that kind of performance before you shell out $200.