Best Electric Smoker Recipes

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    Last Updated on April 6, 2020


    Using an electric smoker is completely unlike using a standard wood or gas smoker because these models are so much easier to use.

    Instead of standing nearby and constantly checking the temperature and shoveling more wood chips inside or adjusting a propane tank, you can set a few buttons, leave for a day at work and know that your meat will still come out tasting great. Another great benefit is that these smokers will still work with all your favorite wood chips.

    No matter how much you look forward to experimenting with that smoker, you might feel a little nervous too. You might worry that the meat will come out dry or tasteless.

    With the best electric smoker recipe book, you can get some help creating recipes that all dinner guests will love. Not only can you use those recipes as-is, but you can also get inspiration from those recipes and come up with ideas of your own.

    We didn’t just find a recipe book to recommend though. We also tracked down the best electric smokers for making brisket and sausage to help you more easily start smoking at home.

    We got you the complete list of bbq books on this post.

    Smoke It Like a Texas Pit Master

    texas image

    There are dozens of recipe books and cookbooks that teach you how to use an electric smoker for making different dishes, and you’ll even find e-books that you can download to your tablet or phone and keep right beside you as you smoke.

    Our top choice for the best electric smoker recipe book is “Smoke It Like a Pit Master With Your Electric Smoker: Recipes and Techniques for Easy and Delicious BBQ” by Wendy O’Neal. O’Neal launched her own cooking blog in 2009 and picked up a number of awards and readers before deciding to write this book, which has some great reviews online.

    Available in both a paperback format and as an e-book for Kindle devices, this book comes packed with techniques that will benefit new smokers and help experienced smokers make amazing dishes. Her tips will help you choose the right type of wood chips, load your smoker properly and decide what temperature to use. She even covers the basics of picking a new smoker based on features like size and shape.

    Though there are lots of other cookbooks on using an electric smoker, this is one of the only that comes with full-color photos. O’Neal included 70 different photos of some of the dishes she made. Those pictures give you a good idea of how your own dishes should come out.

    We also like this book because of the recipes inside. You’ll find main dishes like baby back ribs served with a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce and chicken fajitas with a spicy citrus sauce. O’Neal’s book also features unique recipes for appetizers and other dishes, including potato skins, baked beans and pastrami made right in your smoker.

    Best Electric Smoker for Brisket

    Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker


    Many people shopping for a smoker want one large enough for making beef brisket, and we like the Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker for this task. Brisket can come from either veal or beef, but it always comes from the chest of the animal. As this cut of meat is often longer than other cuts, you need a smoker like this one from Bradley that can accommodate that meat.

    This smoker combines both digital and electronic components to make smoking easier.

    The four cooking racks inside are completely adjustable and let you make brisket while also cooking other dishes, and you can actually remove one or more of those racks when you need to smoke something larger. At 17-inches wide, it can accommodate multiple pieces of brisket without requiring that you slice that brisket into smaller pieces.

    A digital control box, which also acts like the smoke box, lets you increase the temperature up to 320 degrees Fahrenheit and has a timer function that automatically turns off the smoker when it hits that time limit. You can use those digital controls to set the amount of smoke that you want too.

    When you add wood pellets to the smoke box, it automatically moves those pellets through the inside to produce more or less smoke based on your settings.

    Some of the other features that make this the best electric smoker for brisket include coated racks and a drip pan. As brisket is a tough cut of meat, you need to use a marinade or rub to break down the fibers, and that coating keeps rubs and marinades from sticking to the racks.

    The drip pan catches the fats and juices running off the brisket to prevent fires.

    If you are interested, here we have the complete list of Bradley smokers.

    Best Electric Smoker for Sausage

    Masterbuilt 20075315 Front Controller Smoker


    The best electric smoker for sausage is the Masterbuilt 20075315 Front Controller Smoker with Viewing Window and RF Remote Control.

    At 40-inches long and with four adjustable racks inside, this is the ultimate smoker for making smaller sausages like hot dogs and larger sausages like kielbasa. It’s also the right size for cooking side dishes or for smoking veggies like onions and peppers for serving with those sausages.

    One ingredient found in most types of sausages is fat, which keeps those sausages moist during the cooking and smoking process. With this Masterbuilt smoker, you won’t worry about that fat sticking to the racks because of a special coating that makes cleaning each rack easy.

    A drip pan in the bottom also catches any fat that comes off those sausages, and as this is a front access pan, you can remove it and clean it to keep catching grease while smoking without worrying about the pan overfilling.

    With its front viewing window, you can now watch the sausages smoke and see when to take them out by appearance alone, and an internal light lets you check on those meats while smoking at night.

    Though you can use the digital control on the smoker to change the temperature, set the timer or change the smoke level, you can also use the included remote control to access all those settings. This remote has an extensive range that helps you quickly turn the smoker on, add some more smoke and increase or decrease the temperature from dozens of feet away.

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