9 Best Fire Logs for Your Outdoor Fire Pit — Reviews and Tips 2020

    Last Updated on September 9, 2020



    Key Features

      Superb detailing for authentic appearance

    Durable cement construction reinforced with steel

    Comes with everything but the fire pit itself

    1-year warranty protects your investment

    fire pit logs in a rack

    Everybody loves gathering around a backyard fire — but there’s no denying that building a fire can be a messy, time-consuming process. And once you’re done, there’s still more cleanup because of the ash.

    Wouldn’t it be great to have a way to enjoy the warmth and beauty of a patio fire pit without putting in all the effort? That dream can be a reality, if you can find the best fire logs for your outdoor fire pit.

    And in today’s article, we’re bringing you the product of days spent researching and examining the fire logs available on the market today. After careful consideration, we’ve chosen the 9 best fire logs for your backyard — each one being a perfect fit for a certain patio situation.

    So when you’re ready to learn how to bring authentic fireside feelings to your backyard, read on to find out more…

    Here is the list of the best fire logs to buy

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    TOP 9 Best Fire Logs Review

    1. Best Overall – Grand Canyon Arizona Weathered Oak Fire Pit Kit


    Superb detailing for authentic appearance
    Durable cement construction reinforced with steel
    Comes with everything but the fire pit itself
    1-year warranty protects your investment


    Cement construction is heavy and challenging to move
    Fairly long setup time


      • Cast logs from a real oak tree
      • Includes logs, burner, 10 pounds of lava rock, 16-inch flex line, fittings and key valve
      • Made of cement refractory material reinforced with steel fibers
      • 1-year warranty

    While the comprehensive nature of this fire pit kit is what immediately drew our attention to it, the attention to detail put into this product from Grand Canyon was the deciding factor in making it our #1 choice. No other fire log in our review looks or feels quite so close to authentic wood.

    The secret to this realistic look and feel is in the manufacturing process: Every Grand Canyon oak fire pit log is modeled after a real, 40-year old oak tree that was struck down by lightning in Arizona. After taking delicate castings of this original tree in ceramic, duplicates are made out of a refractory cement. Artisans then add details by hand to complete the one-of-a-kind pieces.

    What’s more, these logs are reinforced with steel fibers for maximum durability and longevity. Complete with a burner, logs, lava rock for decoration, and all of the installation gear you’ll need, the Grand Canyon Arizona fire pit kit is a fantastic product at a reasonable price.

    2. Best Value – Firegear Beach Fire 8-Piece Fire Pit Log Set


    Logs are hand-detailed to resemble natural bark
    8 logs make for versatile stacking and rearranging options
    Refractory ceramic construction is lightweight yet durable
    Excellent price


    Smaller 14” logs may not look great in every fireplace
    Beachside theme may not fit with every patio design


      • Includes 8 logs
      • Made of refractory ceramic material
      • Natural bark details
      • Fits minimum opening size of 14 inches
      • Logs are 14” wide

    Designed to perfectly mimic a beachside fire, this 8-piece fire log set from Firegear does an admirable job of making realistic decoration available at a great price. We love it for its ability to give you a lifelike fire experience, without the difficulty that comes with chopping wood.

    Eight included logs give you plenty of versatility for how to stack and arrange your fire pit. And with each log being only 14 inches wide, they’re lighter and easier to set up than many other options we reviewed. Made of a refractory ceramic, they provide excellent durability along with significant heat retention to warm you on cold nights.

    Overall, if you’re looking for a budget-priced fire log option that still has excellent details and versatility, the Firegear Beach Fire set is the way to go.

    3. Premium Choice – Firegear Sedona 19-Piece Fire Pit Log Set


    Largest set of fire logs available
    Stacks taller than any other set
    Ceramic construction is durable and safe under extreme temperatures
    Hand-detailed pieces are exceptionally lifelike


    Heavy logs can be challenging to set up


      • Comes with 19 individual logs
      • Made of refractory ceramic material
      • Can stack 32 inches high
      • Designed for a minimum fire pit diameter of 25 inches
      • Logs are 25 inches wide
      • Total weight 200 pounds

    Big fire pits and fireplaces call for larger logs — and the Firegear Sedona delivers! Boasting 19 hand-detailed pieces and weighing nearly 200 pounds, it’s the largest set of fire logs available today. It’s more expensive than many of the other fire logs we reviewed, but still comes in as a valuable option for furnishing a larger space.

    The 25-inch oak look-alike logs are made of a refractory ceramic material, making them durable and attractive. This construction also allows them to retain and radiate a lot of heat — making them both safer and more energy-efficient. Stacking up to 32 inches high, they’re an impressive feat of fireside engineering that’s sure to impress your guests.

    4. Best Natural Look – Hargrove Wilderness Split Fire Pit Logs


    Incredibly true to life, natural look
    Durable construction and 1-year warranty protect your investment
    Easy to set up and move around


    Only 4 pieces means fewer arrangement options
    Somewhat on the expensive side


      • Comes with 4 individual logs
      • Design mimics freshly split wood
      • Refractory ceramic construction
      • 1-year warranty

    What’s one of the best possible compliments you can give a manufactured fire log? That it looks just like the real thing. If no one told you, you might just think that these fire pit logs from Hargrove Wilderness had just been split — they look that realistic!

    The amount of texturing and attention to detail on these refractory ceramic logs is downright amazing. Not too light nor too heavy, the 20 inch logs are quite easy to set up in any fire pit or fireplace. For the price, though, we do wish that there were more logs to customize your design with.

    5. Most Versatile – Peterson Outdoor Campfyre Fire Pit Logs And Wood Chips


    17 piece set allows for many different fire pit setups
    15-inch logs are a convenient size for moving and rearranging
    Made of heavy-duty ceramic material
    Great option for fire pits of all sizes and shapes


    Logs aren’t as detailed as our top picks
    Appearance is not quite as “lifelike”


      • Comes with 11 individual logs
      • Includes 6 wood chips
      • 15 inch log width
      • Refractory ceramic construction

    Depending on what size and shape your fire pit or fireplace is, finding fire logs for it that both fit and look great can be a real challenge. If that’s the case, we recommend taking a look at this product from Peterson Outdoor: The Campfyre Logs and Wood Chips are a great combination of enough pieces to customize with and a size that’s friendly for almost any fire pit.

    Eleven logs and six oversized wood chips make for great versatility in your firepit setup. The refractory ceramic material does a great job of radiating heat while providing long-lasting performance and appearance. All in all, this set of 15-inch logs gives you a whole lot of decorating options at a great price.

    6. Most Unique – Rasmussen Driftwood Fire Pit Logs


    Pre-made design is made for 360 degree viewing
    Excellent fit for circular burners
    Unique, realistic beachside wood look


    Lacks customization options
    Doesn’t work well with anything but circular burners


      • Designed for viewing from all angles
      • Includes 7 total logs
      • Recommended for use with circular burners
      • Made of refractory ceramic
      • Logs are 12 inches wide

    When you think of building your own fire, what sort of logs do you imagine? Only people who grew up by the ocean are likely to think of the unique style of wood exemplified by this set from Rasmussen. Designed to exactly mimic the washed-out colors and textures of natural driftwood, it’s a unique option for decorating your backyard fire pit.

    With 7 refractory ceramic logs arranged in a full circle, the Rasmussen Driftwood series is made to provide excellent warmth and aesthetics for circular burners. While it doesn’t offer the customization options of other fire logs in our reviews, this can be a convenient way to set up a fireplace with minimum hassle and effort. If you love the look of it, we’re sure you’ll enjoy its performance, too.

    7. Best Beach Style – Peterson Outdoor Campfyre Beachwood Fire Pit Logs And Volcanic Stone


    Logs make a great replica of a beachside fire
    25 pounds of volcanic stones add an elegant final touch
    Easy to set up and readily customizable


    Requires significant setup time


      • Includes 7 logs
      • Made of refractory ceramic material
      • Comes with 25 pounds of volcanic stones
      • Logs are 15 inches wide
      • Designed to look like a beach fire

    As another option for the “beachside” theme, this set from Peterson Outdoor Campfyre ups the ante by including volcanic stones and a variety of log designs. While not quite an all-in-one set — you’ll still need to provide the fire pit and burner — it’s a convenient option for furnishing your patio with beach house flair.

    Seven 15-inch wide logs make up the core of the Beachwood set, allowing for versatility and customization in your fire pit design. With 25 pounds of volcanic stones included as well, you’ll be able to set up your fire pit to whatever aesthetic you desire. Overall, this kit from Peterson Outdoor Campfyre is great for people who want a seaside design at a reasonable price.

    8. Firegear Spit Fire 18-Piece Fire Pit Log Set


    18 logs means ample options for customization and refinement
    Fits fire pits 19 inches wide and up
    Lightweight yet durable construction makes logs easy to rearrange
    Rich details give it a lifelike appearance


    On the expensive side
    Doesn’t come with any extras; just the logs


      • Comes with 18 logs
      • Minimum suggested fire pit opening is 19 inches
      • Made from refractory ceramic
      • Logs are 19 inches wide
      • Total weight 52 pounds

    Looking for a large, customizable fire log set that can be stacked inside even a smaller fire pit? If you’re a big fan of teepee-style bonfires, the Firegear Spit Fire 18-piece set may be just right for you. Requiring only a 19 inch opening to set up a roaring replica fire, it’s a unique option for stacking your fire pit high.

    Refractory ceramic construction helps to keep the weight of these intricately detailed logs to a minimum. This means that, unlike competitors who use cement for their logs, this 18-piece set is easy to move and rearrange at a moment’s notice. Add that to its richly detailed, convincing natural log look, and it’s a fantastic choice for fire pits of all sizes.

    The only downside? We wish it were a little bit less expensive, or came with more accessories and decorations. As it stands, the price is a little steep compared to other products we reviewed.

    In connection with fire pit accessories, we have a review for it in this post.

    9. Rasmussen Bark/Split Fire Pit Logs


    Comes pre-assembled, saving time and effort
    Attractive viewing from all angles
    Faithful reproduction of fresh-cut wood look


    Only made for circular burners
    Does not fit fire pits under 24 inches in diameter


      • Includes 7 logs
      • Designed for all-around viewing
      • Intended for circular fire pits
      • Refractory ceramic construction
      • Logs are 20 inches wide

    Last but not least in our review, the Rasmussen Split Log set offers a great “middle of the road” option for anyone wanting a minimalist look in their fire pit. Coming pre-assembled and designed specifically for circular fire pits, it may not be the right choice for everyone — but if its signature look appeals to you, you’ll love its price and features.

    Seven logs come arranged for 360-degree viewing, making this set from Rasmussen the darling of any fire pit with a circular burner. Refractory ceramic logs have been detailed to look exactly as if they were freshly cut, but are a sturdy and reliable option that’s much easier to move and rearrange. You’ll need to measure your fire pit before deciding on this one, though — it’s made for fire pits 24 inches in diameter and up.

    Final Verdict

    Arizona Weathered OakCheck Price on BBQGuys

    Check Price on Amazon

    For a truly all-in-one solution to your fire pit needs, no other product could beat out the Grand Canyon Arizona Weathered Oak Fire Pit Kit. With everything you need to get started right away, it’s already a fantastic value — but once you see the immaculate hand detailing, you’ll know why it easily takes our #1 pick.

    When you already have a fire pit and are looking for a budget-friendly log option, though, Firegear Beach Fire 8-Piece Fire Pit Log Set should be your go-to. At a fraction of the cost of any other product we reviewed, it brings a lot of charm and elegance at bottom-dollar prices.

    After looking through these reviews, which fire log do you think would look best in your backyard? Thanks for reading today, and we hope you’ll have many a cozy night by your patio fire pit this summer!

    How to Choose the Best Fire Logs

    You’ll need to take the following three factors into account when choosing the best fire log for your backyard:


    Attention to detail may be the most critical factor in whether your fire log reminds you of a soothing, natural fire… Or sticks out in an unpleasant way.

    We look specifically for logs that are modeled after real wood, with the best options having been cast in molds made from natural logs. After that, hand-detailing by experienced craftsmen should add the finishing touches to make the logs completely believable.


    One of the unexpected advantages that fire logs confer is their ability to hold in warmth. This property lets them continue to radiate heat even if your gas fireplace is on a low setting — making them a perfect way to save money while staying warm, safe and comfortable.

    Cement and ceramic are the two most popular options for fire logs to be made out of, and have very similar characteristics. Look particularly for logs that have been reinforced with steel fibers, as these are much more durable and less prone to breakage

    We also have the best firewood racks for storage and maintenance.


    Gas fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes — and thankfully, so do fire logs! With most fire log kits coming with several pieces, you can customize them to fit your outdoor fireplace to some extent. Either way, make sure to take measurements for whatever space you’d like to display your fire logs in, and then compare them to the manufacturer’s recommended sizing.

    Using fire pit stones is another way to design your fire pit. See our complete list here.