9 Best Fire Pit Accessories Reviewed for 2020

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    Nights spent around a fire with friends are some of the best times summer has to offer. There’s nothing quite like being in the presence of those crackling flames, chatting and letting the time pass by.

    Fire pits are an amazing place for people to gather. Why not make yours somewhere that you always want to spend time?

    One of the best ways to make your patio the place to be this summer is to outfit it with the best fire pit accessories around. Great accessories will really enhance the versatility, safety, and enjoyment of your fire pit.

    That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the 9 best accessories for your fire pit this year! After carefully examining and reviewing dozens of products, we’re confident that these 9 accessories will make your fire pit the perfect gathering spot for summer evenings.

    So when you’re ready to outfit your patio with the best of everything, read on to find out more!

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    Top 9 Best Fir Pit Accessories Review

    1. The Best Fire Pit Lid – American Fyre Designs Cosmopolitan French Barrel Oak Cover

    Choosing a well-designed lid for your fire pit should be your first priority for an accessory. By protecting your burner from wind, rain, and animals, you’ll ensure a longer life and better performance for your outdoor fires.

    When you’re looking for a fire pit lid, the first thing you’ll want to consider is how big and what shape you need to get to fit your fire pit. For instance, the American Fyre Designs Cosmopolitan (that we’ve linked to above) is a square lid that’s designed to fit a specific fire pit. To find the right size for your particular fire pit, simply measure its dimensions and use those to search within the link above.

    After determining the size that you’ll need, it’s worth considering what sort of material you’d like your lid to be made of. While a metal lid might provide the most durable coverage, they’re often not as heavy as wooden options — and therefore more prone to blow off in a high wind. That’s why we prefer the heavier, more attractive wooden lids.

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    2. The Best Fire Pit Cover – The Outdoor GreatRoom Company 42-Inch Polyester Cover

    After a lid, the next best accessory you can buy to extend the life and usefulness of your fire pit is a fire pit cover. Sure, your fire pit might be okay staying out in the rain once or twice — but after a whole season of inclement weather, it’s going to start showing damage if you don’t protect it.

    Like before, you’ll need to determine what size and shape of cover is best suited for your fire pit. The Outdoor GreatRoom Company cover in the link above is specifically designed for the most common size and shape of fire pit: A circular fire pit that’s around 30 inches in diameter.

    Made of durable, waterproofed polyester, this cover from the Outdoor GreatRoom Company performs fantastically at an unexpectedly low price. It’s our go-to choice for complete protection from the elements.

    Learn more about fire pit covers in our complete list of reviews.

    3. The Best Fire Pit Wind Guard – Blazing Beats Dancing Flame Fire Table Glass Wind Guard

    Anyone who’s spent time around a campfire knows that even a gentle breeze can turn your pleasant evening into a game of trying to find the Goldilocks level of heat around your fire. When wind starts pushing around a gas fire pit’s flames, you’ll have areas that aren’t getting any heat at all — and opposite spaces that are uncomfortably warm.

    Luckily, you can avoid all of this with a fire pit wind guard. Once you know the size and shape of your fire pit, look for one like the Blazing Beats glass wind guard listed above; it’s a perfect combination of being easy to set up while not distracting from your fire-viewing experience.

    It’s worth mentioning that while we originally bought our wind guard to prevent any unwanted flare-ups in bad weather, it’s been a huge boon for keeping us from knocking wine and beer into our fire pit. Now, we can use the entire ledge of our pit for plates and glasses without fear of an accident.

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    4. The Best Fire Pit Spark Screen – Good Directions Full Moon Party 26-Inch Fire Pit Spark Screen

    If you’ve opted for a natural log fire in your fire pit, there’s no better accessory to complement it than a fire pit spark screen. The best of them will keep you safe without obscuring your view of the fire, truly combining the best of both worlds!

    Lightweight and portable, they’re an essential tool in keeping your freshly burning wood from cracking, popping, and sparking onto you or your guests’ skin and clothing. Consider pairing them with a fireplace poker as well, so you can safely lift and maneuver them even while they’re hot.

    The only downside of a spark screen for your fire pit? Some of the cheaper models will really obscure your view of the fire, making it a much less enjoyable experience.

    That’s why we love the Good Directions spark screen — its decorative design is beautiful enough to look at on its own, but it also leaves plenty of space for watching you fire from a safe place.

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    5. The Best Fire Pit Starters – Looftlighter Charcoal Electric Lighter & Firestarter

    There’s nothing more disappointing than getting yourself set up for a relaxing evening by the fire — and then being unable to get your fire started! Lighter fluid and gas can fix this, sure… But they’ll always produce an unpleasant aroma.

    That’s why we always include a fire pit starter in our arsenal of fire pit accessories. These powerful, lightweight lighters are specially designed to start your fires quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re lighting charcoal or natural wood, a firestarter like the Looftlighter will make your job so much easier.

    Plus, electric lighters like the Looftlighter can pull double duty: They’re just as useful for your BBQ grill as they are for a fire pit. Since we bought our first dedicated firestarter, we’ve been much more excited to grill and sit by the fire every night during the summer.

    There are plenty of firestarter options out there — read our complete list of reviews for fire pit starters to see which one is right for you!

    6. The Best Fire Pit Tools – Solo Stove 2-Piece Stainless Steel Fire Pit Tool Set

    A few simple tools will make every night around the fire pit more enjoyable. A fireplace poker and a log grabber are our two must-haves for moving and rearranging fires while they’re burning.

    Solo Stove offers both of these incredibly useful tools in one reasonably priced package. Made of exceptionally durable 304 stainless steel, they’re completely resistant to rust and won’t bend or break even with repeated heavy use. The integrated hooks are a nice bonus, too — making them easy to store when not in use.

    If you’ve never used these tools before, you’ll be amazed at how much easier they make it to tend a roaring fire. The poker is your main tool, letting you open up pockets of heat to keep the fire going, while the log grabber lets you add new logs to the fire from a safe distance.

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    7. The Best Log Rack – Dagan Industries 6-Piece Black Log Rack With Carrier And Tools

    Anyone with a natural wood fire pit would do well to invest in a place to safely store their wood off of the ground. If you’re going to do the work of chopping and carrying wood, don’t you also want to make sure it’s in good shape when you’re ready to use it?

    That’s exactly what the Dagan Industries log rack can do for you. What’s more, it comes with a removable log carrier to make transportation simple and easy!

    To add to all of that, this log rack set also includes a poker, shovel, broom, and tongs. Really, it’s an all-in-one accessory set for your fire pit. And at such an affordable price, it’s easily our top choice for a log rack for your fire pit.

    If you’d like to see more different styles of log racks, check out our complete list of reviews for them.

    8. The Best Fire Pit Decor – Enhance A Fire Northwest Log Set

    There’s no doubt that gas burner fire pits are a convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy fires in the comfort of your backyard. But do you ever feel like something might be… Missing?

    Don’t get us wrong — we love our gas fire pit. But a big part of the reason that we use it so often is because of how we’ve decorated it.

    The Enhance A Fire Northwest Log Set is specially designed to bring an authentic log burning feel to even the most sleekly designed gas fire pits. Eight ceramic log look-alikes have been hand-detailed to give a lifelike appearance and texture to your fire pit.

    Capable of withstanding heats up to 1,650 degrees Fahrenheit, they’re an attractive and long-lasting addition to your fire pit decor. Try one in your backyard, and see how long it takes your friends to realize that it’s not real wood!

    There are plenty more options for fire pit decor, though. Check out our list of reviews for them to get great ideas for what would look best in your fire pit.

    9. The Best Fire Pit Tank Enclosure – Real Flame Ledgestone Gray Propane Tank Cover

    Creating an ambience with your fire pit is the easy part. What about extending that same feeling to the areas around your fire?

    For gas burner fire pits, finding an appropriate place for your propane tank might be the hardest part of decorating. Bulky, oddly-shaped, and essential for your fire, a propane tank can be a real eyesore.

    That’s why we love tank enclosures like the Real Flame propane tank cover. Designed to look like a stone pillar, it’s attractive enough to be used as a piece of furniture on its own. But combine that with its ability to store away your propane tank (and even a few tools), and it becomes a truly impressive piece of equipment.

    Plus, tank covers like this can easily double as a side table for food and drinks. Your guests will never know what you’re hiding in there!

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    How many of these accessories did you already have on your fire pit shopping list? From lids to easy starting options and ambient decor, there’s something on our list for everyone and every fire pit.

    Thank you for reading today. We hope you’ll go away with tons of great ideas for exactly how you want to spend your time outdoors this summer. Good luck with all of your evenings spent around your newly accessorized fire pit!