9 Best Fire Pit Stones Evaluated and Reviewed

    Last Updated on August 29, 2020



    Key Features

      Safe and durable marble can withstand extreme heat

    Great price for 5 pounds of natural stone

    Classic white color provides excellent contrast to dark fire pits

    Beautiful reflectivity from fire

    fire pit stones

    Summer evenings are fast approaching, and you know what that means: It’s almost backyard fire pit season!

     While we love the authenticity of building your own fire, there are undeniable benefits to choosing an electric, propane, or natural gas fireplace for your backyard. But have you ever felt like there’s something missing when you gather around an artificially powered fire pit?

    That something missing is ambience — and it’s easily remedied by putting just a little more effort into decorating and designing your fire pit experience.

    In our experience, the most cost-effective and convenient option to give your gas fire pit more character is with natural stones. If you’ve never used them before, you’ll be absolutely amazed at how much atmosphere they bring to a standard gas fire pit.

    So when you’re ready to up your fire pit game, read through this guide to the best fire pit stones. We examined and reviewed dozens of fire pit stones to decide on our 9 top picks, and are confident that anyone can find an excellent stone for their patio fire pit.

    Let’s get started!

    Here are the best fire pit stones you can buy:

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    Top 9 Best Fire Pit Stones Reviews

    1. Best OverallEnhance A Fire White Marble Stones


    Safe and durable marble can withstand extreme heat
    Great price for 5 pounds of natural stone
    Classic white color provides excellent contrast to dark fire pits
    Beautiful reflectivity from fire


    White marble can stain over time


      • 5 lb bag
      • Natural marble
      • Heat resistant
      • Mildly reflective
      • Great heat retention

    There’s something so reassuring about a classically-styled accessory that comes at a great price — and these white marble stones from Enhance a Fire definitely fit the bill.

    The naturally heat-resistant marble is mildly reflective, giving off sparkles of light as they’re bathed in fire. What’s more, their ability to absorb heat makes them safer because of no danger of cracking. Add this to their natural ability to hold and radiate heat, and they’re a natural choice for any fire pit.

    Available in a 5 pound bag at a great price, they’re our #1 pick because of their combination of utility, value, and beauty. Highly recommended for fire pits of all shapes and sizes.

    2. Best Classic LookEnhance A Fire Small Urban Rocks


    Volcanic stone gives a great natural feel to your fireplace
    Reasonably priced
    Absorbs heat, helping to distribute it evenly and safely


    Black stones can leave ashy residue when handled


      • Comes in a 5 pound bag
      • Natural lava rocks
      • Black color
      • Distributes flames and heat evenly

    Natural lava rocks — like these from Enhance A Fire — are a natural choice for vented fireplaces, electric fireplaces, outdoor fireplaces, and fire pits. Humble and unobtrusive, they help to complement your other fireside decorations rather than command attention. Available in 5-pound bags of either small or large rocks, you can choose which best fits the rest of your patio decor.

    Harvested from the cooling of magma that’s erupted from near the Earth’s core, lava rock is also known as “volcanic rock”. Because it’s already been through the intense heat and pressure of a volcano, there’s absolutely no worry that these stones will crack or pop in your fire pit — making them a safe and useful addition to any fire.

    3. Premium ChoiceEnhance A Fire Panama Stones


    Amazingly realistic beach stone look
    Super durable ceramic construction
    Gives off a warm glow when placed in fire


    Only available in 1-pound bags


      • 1 pound bag
      • Speckled finish
      • Smooth edges
      • Can withstand temperatures of up to 1,650F
      • Will glow under direct heat

    At first glance, you might be tempted to think that these premium-quality Panama stones from Enhance a Fire were plucked directly from the shores of a distant beach. In fact, they’re hand-crafted from an extremely dense ceramic material — and then coated in heat-resistant paint for enhanced realism and texture.

    Able to endure temperatures of up to 1,650 degrees Fahrenheit, the Panama stones from Enhance A Fire are as safe as they are attractive. Placed under direct heat, they’ll give off a warm glow that will surely be the focus of any fireside party.

    This “jewelry for your gas fire” comes at a premium price, but really can’t be beat for its aesthetic value!

    4. Best ValuePeterson Real Fyre Lava-Fyre Volcanic Stone


    Great heat retention
    Very durable


    Difficult to clean


      • 3 pound bag
      • Natural volcanic stone
      • Comes in a mix of sizes

    If you love the look of volcanic stones, but want a little bit more color variety than the all-black options available today, these lava rocks from Peterson Real Fyre will be right up your alley. Each 3-pound bag comes with a wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes of volcanic rock, making them an easy-to-use filler for your fireplace or fire pit.

    The outstanding heat retention of volcanic rock is due to its origin within the Earth’s crust, where it has already been under extreme pressure and heat. In your gas fireplace or fire pit, this quality helps it to naturally absorb and radiate heat — cutting down on how much gas you’ll need to use to warm your patio.

    5. Best Bulk OptionAmerican Fyre Designs Greige Gray Fire Pit Creekstones


    Fantastic price for a bulk option
    Puts the fire itself as the center of attention
    Large enough to fill even the largest of fire pits
    Refractory ceramic construction is durable and safe


    Only available in one color: grey
    Smooth and untextured rocks aren’t much to look at


      • 20 pound bag
      • Approximately 140 pieces
      • Specially formulated to eliminate cracking or popping when heated
      • Crafted from refractory ceramic
      • Can also be used in vented fireplaces

    When you have an extra large fire pit or outdoor gas fireplace, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to spend your entire patio budget on decorative stones. While beautifully colored and textured rocks can certainly add a lot of charm to a fire, there’s a certain value in letting the fire be the center of attention, too.

    That’s where this fire stone from American Fyre Designs comes in. The 20-pound bags of smooth grey stones are as unassuming as they are utilitarian, and make a fantastic base for adding any other decorations to your fire. With around 140 pieces per bag, these creekstones can give a base to fires of any size.

    Specially constructed from refractory ceramic material — the same kind used to make super durable fire logs — these stones will completely resist cracking and popping, even under the most intense of flames.

    6. Largest StonesPeterson Real Fyre Decorative Terracotta River Rock Fyre Stones


    Largest fire pit stones around
    Give a uniquely Southwestern feel
    Covers nearly 200 square inches of fire pit space


    Stones are fairly heavy and difficult to move
    Quite expensive


      • Includes 10 terracotta colored stones
      • Large enough to cover 200 square inches of space
      • Designed to not crack or pop when used with fire
      • Intended for use with vented gas burners

    What sort of theme does your patio have? If you’ve longed to incorporate the style of adobe that’s popular in New Mexico, these fire pit stones from Peterson Real Fyre may spark your interest. The large terracotta stones can give a decidedly Southwestern feel to any backyard fire pit.

    The 10 large clay stones can cover nearly four square feet of space — more than enough for even the largest of fire pits or fireplaces. Specially made not to crack or pop when heated, they’re an excellent option for absorbing and reflecting heat from your fireplace, making cold nights that much more enjoyable.

    7. Best Variety PackWhite Mountain Hearth By Empire Decorative Fire Rocks


    Excellent variety of colors, shapes, and sizes
    Adds interesting accents to any fireplace or fire pit
    Heat-resistant and always safe to use


    Costly when compared to how much coverage you get


      • Approximately 30 pieces
      • Covers approximately one square foot
      • Specially formulated to not crack or pop when heated
      • Wide variety of colors

    While we enjoy the focused effect that having fire stones all of one color can give, there’s a second option that’s just as attractive: Mixing and matching different colors and textures, to create a more distinctive overall look and feel. With these fire rocks from Empire Decorative, the hard work of finding appropriate rocks for the job has already been done for you.

    30 stones in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors create a delicately textured and patterned look for your fire pit. Specially selected not to crack or pop under extreme heat, the White Mountain Hearth stones are a safe and attractive option for decorating your fireside evenings. As an all-in-one fire stone package, they’re also a little bit more expensive than single-colored packages.

    8. Best Color ContrastEnhance A Fire Vermont Quarry Mixed Stones


    Subdued but attractive blend of colors
    Provide a warm glow when heated
    Long-lasting ceramic construction
    Handmade details




      • 1 pound bag
      • Smoothed over to resemble river rocks
      • Black, white, and speckled colors
      • Ceramic Construction
      • Will glow under direct heat
      • Can withstand temperatures of up to 1650F

    Enhance A Fire is well-known for their approach to decorating fireside and hearths. Describing their products as jewelry for your fire, they’re obsessed with bringing the biggest “wow factor” to homes and hearths around the nation.

    Their Vermont Quarry Stones are no exception, either! The black, white, grey, and speckled stones are hand-burnished to resemble genuine river rocks, and make truly convincing replicas. Their ceramic construction is lighter and more durable though — and even glows under direct heat.

    Capable of enduring temperatures up to 1,650 degrees Fahrenheit, these stones are safe and made to last. While they’re more expensive than comparably sized options, their beauty and durability help them stand out from the crowd.

    9. Most UniqueEnhance A Fire Chalcedony Bloodstone Mixed Stones


    Striking color contrast stands out beautifully
    Excellent heat resistance due to ceramic construction
    Glow when put under direct heat




      • 1 pound bag
      • Ceramic construction
      • Will glow under direct heat
      • Capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 1650F
      • Combination of Beach Fire, Conservatory, and Panama colored stones

    A high definition texture and outstanding color contrast make these Chalcedony Bloodstone mixed fire stones from Enhance A Fire really pop! Not for the faint of heart, they’re a bold design statement that’s sure to draw compliments from everyone around your fire.

    Made of resilient refractory ceramic, these stones will easily withstand any temperature you can subject them to without cracking, popping, or breaking. What’s more, they’ll even give off a warm glow when put into direct heat! The 1-pound bags are more expensive than many of their competitors, but well worth it for the combination of beauty and extreme heat resistance.

    Final Verdict

    White Marble StonesCheck Price on BBQGuys

    Check Price on Amazon


    With their classic, refined look and exceptionally reasonable cost, the Enhance A Fire White Marble Stones are our #1 pick as the best fire pit stones for the money. By providing a clear contrast to the dark metallic colors of most fire pits, they add a wonderful complement to any fireside experience.

    For exceptionally large fire pits, though, there’s no other stone on our list that can beat the American Fyre Designs Greige Gray Fire Pit Creekstones on value for the cost. The 20 pound bag comes out to be the best possible price for decorating your patio fire pit.

    Thank you for reading our reviews of the best fire stones available on the market today! Which of the fire pit stones we reviewed today is your favorite? No matter which you choose, we wish you the best of luck as you decorate for summertime get-togethers.

    How to Choose the Best Fire Pit Stones

    We know what you’re thinking: Why can’t I just grab some rocks off the ground for my fire pit?

    Besides the fact that those rocks might not be the most attractive, they could also be downright dangerous to use in a fire pit. It’s true: Not every stone can withstand the direct heat of a fire pit!

    Save yourself time and trouble by reviewing the four categories we consider when choosing fire pit stones:


    A rock’s a rock, right? Wrong! At least when it comes to fire pits.

    Like fire logs you should always look for stones made specifically for fire pits. They’ll be capable of withstanding the direct heat of even the most roaring fire, and won’t dangerously pop or crack even while cooling down.

    Natural stones like marble and lava stone are up to the task, but we’re also quite happy with ceramic look-alikes that can withstand even higher temperatures. Choose the right sort of stone, and you’ll even get to see them glow when fully heated!


    Individual stone size is more than just an aesthetic difference. 

    Larger stones will take longer to heat up, but retain and radiate that heat longer — even after your fireplace is turned off. They’re great for keeping you warmer on cold nights, but take a very long time to cool down enough for safe handling.

    Smaller stones heat up quickly and cool down quickly. This means that you won’t get as much residual heat off of them after your fireplace is turned off, but they’ll also cool down quickly enough to move and handle.


    There’s a fire pit stone to match whatever color scheme you have in mind for your patio.

    If you’re more of a fan of natural tones, black, white, and terracotta stones make unobtrusive additions to your fire pit.

    For brighter colors, look especially towards semi-precious stones like chalcedony, or their synthetically composed counterparts.


    Because you’re likely to be using anywhere from 3-6 pounds of stones to cover an average-sized fire pit, finding stones at a reasonable cost is absolutely essential. Keep in mind that rare or colorful stones will be somewhat more expensive, and are often mixed with more affordable stones to create a speckled effect.

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