The 5 Best Fish Grilling Baskets – The Hottest Rated & Reviewed

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Last Updated on January 15, 2021

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Key Features

  • Flexible grid holds food gently but securely
  • Oversized basket expands to hold large pieces of food
  • Hinged at the top and has a lockable base to keep food secure while grilling
  • Rosewood handle provides stay-cool grip for safety and makes it easier to turn, move or transport basket

Cooking Yellow Tail

Fish is complicated, at least when it comes to grilling. It has a tendency to fall apart when cooking (particularly when it’s a fillet), losing valuable and delicious fish to the fire below the grates. There are several ways to get around this, such as using a grill mats, plank, or lining your grill with tinfoil in a pinch. However, all of these share one major flaw: your fish no longer gets kissed by the open flame, and loses those delicious char lines a lot of the time that makes grilled food so beautiful and gives it its unique texture and flavor.

The solution: use a grill basket, and specifically one made for fish like these below.

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1. Outset Expandable Flex Grill Basket with Rosewood Handle

Outset QC73
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  • Materials: stainless steel (body), rosewood (handle)
  • Grid dimensions: 23” x 16”
  • Overall dimensions: 16.25” x .5” x 23.5”
  • Total weight: 2 lbs.

This is an excellent fish grilling basket with a handle. It has a flexible grid that can keep things snug, and properly cradles both thick and thin foods.

This makes it great for both vegetables and fish, not smashing either, and maximizing contact with the grid on both sides to make sure the food cooks evenly and gets a nice char without overcooking.

Unlike flatter options we’ll cover below, the beautiful rosewood handle on this one ensures that you’ll have an easy time flipping it over without burning your hands or needing to grab a pair of heat resistant gloves.

The size of the basket itself is also excellent, significantly larger than most of the others here, wide and easily able to cook even large fish with ease, or multiple smaller ones, including “fish steaks” like salmon or tuna.

It even comes in at a great price, which is more than I can say for a few of the smaller ones I’ve found.


Well made and sturdy stainless steel construction
Flexible grid for easy cooking
Beautiful rosewood handle provides an easy avenue for flipping
Cooks evenly and produces nice grill lines
Easy to use to cook just about anything
Fits most mid sized to large grills
Great price


Handle might make this model a bit more awkward to clean, and ensures it’s not dishwasher safe

2. Qualitech Folding Barbeque Grilling Basket with Removable Handle

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  • Materials: stainless steel (body), wood (handle)
  • Grid dimensions: 13.7” x 8.7”
  • Dimensions: 13.5” x 8.5” x .78”
  • Total weight: 2.49 lbs.

This is a nice, interesting one in the same style as our winner. You get a decent handle, easy to use to turn the grilling basket whenever you need to. The handle is also removable, so if you don’t have enough room for it or don’t need it for whatever reason (or even just want to pack it away a bit smaller), it can come off and be set aside.

But that’s not the interesting part: it’s the sectioned grill basket. It has three distinct sections for three different foods. This is great for making sure juices don’t mix if you don’t want them too, and makes it easier to cook multiple different things at the same time; just put one in a section, let it grill for a bit, and then add stuff to other sections that might cook faster. Highly convenient, and lets you get around the issue of your foods sliding around all over the place.

This is, however, also a slight issue. It means it’s much more difficult to cook a single large fish. If you have aspirations of cooking an entire sea bass or something in a single grill basket, this isn’t it. But for cooking a couple of smaller fish cuts (a few cod fillets, for example) and some vegetables to go with? It’s absolutely perfect.


Removable handle provides a convenient flipping ability and enables this to be a dishwasher safe grilling basket
Sturdy stainless steel grid cooks well
Fairly thick cooking surface allows for the cooking of thicker foods
Locking grid body
Three 4.5 inch wide cooking sections provide convenient and easy cooking power
Good price


Sectioned construction makes it difficult to cook larger fish

3. Weber Original Large Stainless Steel Fish Basket

Weber 6471
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  • Material: stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 18” x 2.3” x 10.5”
  • Total weight: .028 ounces

This is a pretty great flat style fish basket. It gives you a good wide area to cook fish in, enough for either a large fish or several small ones. It’s large enough to fit a whole red snapper (head on) comfortably.

The sturdy stainless steel construction is welcome, and makes it easy to clean. The shape is designed to fit most grills, being designed for a specific Weber gas grill type, but comfortable enough on any decently sized (18 inch or large) charcoal grill.

It’s flexible and clamps tight, but I like how thin and flexible the wires are here. It means that in addition to fish this one is right at home cooking vegetables; it isn’t going to contract and squish all the juices out of them once they start softening.

As simple grilling baskets go, Weber Fish Basket is hard to beat; I just wish it was a little cheaper.


Good size for grilling
Fits most medium and large sized grills
Fits large fish, or multiple small fish
Sturdy stainless steel construction
Flexible wire cradles more delicate foods


A bit expensive for a fishing grill basket

4. Char-broil Non-stick Grill Basket

Char-Broil Non-Stick
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  • Material: stainless steel, PTFE non stick coating
  • Dimensions: 11” x 10” x 2.3”
  • Total weight: 1.25 lbs.

This is a more rigid flat one, and doesn’t hold things as snugly as some other options. Instead, it gives you plenty of open space, so you can put thicker and more unwieldy foods in it, from thick cuts of “fish steaks” to whole zucchini and squash to go with them.

The nonstick design is welcome, and makes it a lot easier to cook a variety of foods. It’s almost insane how messy and sticky fish can be, not to mention grilled vegetables, so having something that’s not only dishwasher safe but will easily come clean is great.

Unfortunately, the nonstick coating is fairly cheap. It’s not terrible, but it’s a standard PTFE coating that will chip and flake off over time. Mind, that’s less of a problem than for a skillet, since there’s less chance of you scraping this with a spatula or something, but it’s something to watch out for.

On top of that, while cheap, Char-broil grill basket is also quite small, which might make it hard to put in larger fish, though should do just fine with a few smaller ones.


Thick cage design allows for the easy cooking of large foods
Cheap price
Nonstick coating makes this basket easy to clean
Locking cage keeps foods locked in tight


A bit small compared to some others

5. Outset 5” x 26” Fish Grill Basket with Rosewood Handle

Outset QC70
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  • Materials: stainless steel (body), rosewood (handle)
  • Grid dimensions: 5” x 26”
  • Overall dimensions: 5.75” x .5” x 26”
  • Total weight: 1 lb.

Much like our winner, this is a rosewood handled fish grilling basket. However, unlike our winner this one…leaves much to be desired. It’s small, for one thing.  This is a bit of an issue for a fish grilling basket.

It’s big enough for one, maybe two small fish. If that’s all you need it for, it’s fine. Especially if you have a small grill. However, the price difference between this and our winner is so small it’s hard to justify getting this under a lot of situations.

Still, it’s an exceptionally well made grill basket in every other regard. While not flexible, it has a pretty good depth so you can fit fairly thick foods in here with ease. The materials are solid, stainless steel on the grid for easy cooking, and the rosewood handle provides an easy and convenient flipping apparatus, while looking quite nice if you’re the type that likes to hang and display their cooking implements.

If you don’t mind the size limitations, and the fact that it doesn’t cradle food as tightly as some of the flexible options on this list, this is a good cheap one to pick up.


Excellent materials; sturdy stainless steel construction
Nice looking rosewood handle also provides perfect flipping ability
Good price
Thick grid allows for easy cooking of larger foods


A bit small compared to our winner, which isn’t much more in price

Final Verdict

Outset QC73
Check Price on BBQGuys

All of these are the best options I could find. While the larger Outset model with the rosewood handle is my favorite, it’s not the only good option here. However, it combines a lot of the best features of most of the others, and it comes in at a great price, so it’s difficult to wholeheartedly recommend any of the others over it. It simply does the exact same things the rest do but better in many cases, save when you need a smaller option or want one without a handle.

The Qualitech option is a close second however, so long as you don’t mind its inability to cook larger fish. It’s unique sectioned design is quite handy, and gives you a lot of variety in how it can be used.

How to Choose the Perfect One

Grilling baskets have a few basic and important accessories for barbecue and grill, that can be mixed and matched by different kinds to make some slightly different variants.

However, overall, one grilling basket is as good as another in terms of performance so long as it meets basic thresholds for construction.

In short, a fish grill basket should be made largely of stainless steel. The grid needs to be a durable material like steel to truly work properly, and while a material like cast iron would theoretically work, it’s a lot harder to make thin grids out of it. By a similar token, lighter metals like aluminum are too flimsy to really stand the test of time, and you want something that can stand up to some abuse.

As an added bonus, stainless steel is dishwasher safe, making for easy cleanup.

There are two basic shapes for a fish grilling basket, or perhaps more accurately two different handle designs. It can either be completely flat, with two small handles on either side (also made of steel, of course) or have a protruding rear handle.

Usually, the latter is preferable, particularly if the handle is removable. A rear handle not only looks nicer (often being made of aesthetically pleasing woods), it makes it much easier to flip the fish grilling basket over when needed, so you can more easily provide a consistent char and even cook.

In terms of basket, there are also two basic styles: a thick and somewhat “open” cage, and a flexible grid.

The more open cages are perfect for cooking thicker foods. Rather than just fish, they’re also much better at cooking thick vegetables like whole zucchinis, corn cobs, or bell peppers. However, more slender foods might be a little more uncomfortable to cook, falling short distances when flipped.

These kinds of cages also tend to be a bit smaller than the other kind, so it’s harder to cook larger fish.

The flexible kind can also cook thicker food, though may be a bit more unwieldy. However, where they really excel is cooking scallops and other similar fish foods. Larger fish not only fit better on their (on average) larger cooking grids but fit more snugly. This means when you flip them, they stay still and are easier to cook evenly and well.

Finally, in terms of price, you want to look for something that costs no more than about $30. Even the best shouldn’t cost more than that, as overall a fish grilling basket is a fairly cheap cooking implement, even if it is an invaluable tool for the grilled fish connoisseur.