7 Best Flame Tamers of 2020 – Top Rated & Reviewed

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    Key Features

    Durable and lasts for years

    Easy to install

    Helps produce great flavor

    Ceramic produces incredibly even heat

    grill needing a heat shield

    Flame tamers are the barrier between cooking grids and burners on gas grills. They help the chef control and evenly distribute heat across the cooking area, keep flare-ups to a minimum, and cook slowly and at very low temperatures if desired. They also help protect the grill’s burners from damaging drips and spills of sauces and marinades.

    By catching and converting the extra drips of sauces, marinade, and fat into smoke, flame tamers help your food take on extra flavor. Usually made from metal or ceramic, each flame tamer has its own pros and cons. Flame tamers help make your entire culinary experience far more enjoyable, from cooking to eating to cleaning.

    However, it can be difficult to determine what flame tamers are right for your individual needs. This guide can help you learn about the factors that make a great flame tamer so you can make the best possible selection.

    After all, it’s important to be able to grill at your best. It helps you enjoy healthy food and host incredible backyard gatherings. That’s why the Lion Professional Series Italian Ceramic Flame Tamer is the best choice: It helps you perfect your at-home culinary experience.

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    TOP 7 Best Flame Tamers Review

    1. Best Overall – Lion Professional Series Italian Ceramic Flame Tamer


    Durable and lasts for years
    Easy to install
    Helps produce great flavor
    Ceramic produces incredibly even heat


    Not as easy to clean as a metal flame tamer
    Not the cheapest option available


      • 6.84” W x 17.64” L x 1.68” H
      • Weighs 4 lbs.
      • White ceramic tray with steel frame and base
      • Not adjustable

    If high-quality grilling and a top-notch culinary experience are what you’re seeking, look no further. The ceramic construction of this professional flame tamer distributes heat evenly across its entire surface for a superior cooking experience. As this flame tamer covers 40% more surface area than a standard flame tamer, the result is more space for you to grill more food with greater control.

    Beneath the ceramic exterior, the tray features a 16-gauge, stainless steel frame. This helps to make the tray more durable, long-lasting, and somewhat quicker to heat. The 40-inch grills require 5 individual trays while 32-inch grills require 4 trays. The white Italian ceramic also lends a sleek, sophisticated appearance to your grill, setting it apart from more traditional steel flame tamer designs.

    Lion Premium Grills also warrants their ceramic flame tamers for up to one year, which helps to ensure customer satisfaction. Built for compatibility with gas grills and smokers, the Professional Series Italian Ceramic Flame Tamer is easy-to-install and can be moved from smoker to grill and vice versa without hassle. Reduce flare-ups and protect your burners from damage due to dripping sauces or marinades. Your favorite cut of meat is about to get even tastier.

    2. Best Runner Up – Weber 7621 Porcelain-Enameled Flame Tamer for Genesis 300 Series Gas Grills


    Very durable
    Easy to clean
    Easy to install
    Helps produce great flavor
    Porcelain coating for even, effective heat distribution


    Only compatible with Genesis 300 series grills
    Not the cheapest option available


      • 2.3” W x 17.6” L x 2.2” H
      • Weighs 4 lbs.
      • 5 total flame tamers
      • Black porcelain-enameled steel
      • Not adjustable

    With porcelain-coated steel, this Weber 7621 Flame Tamer helps to balance the best of ceramic and metal flame tamers. The steel provides a sturdy, durable, easy to clean base while the porcelain coat distributes heat evenly and absorbs drippings for a more powerful, flavorful smoking effect. It also helps to reduce wear-and-tear on the burner tubes.

    Given its superior construction, this product can last through years of heavy use–some users say 15 years or more–and still look great. Easy to install and remove, it allows for easy maintenance. The only limiting factor is that these flavor bars are only made to fit the popular Genesis 300 series.

    Weber also makes similar porcelain-coated steel flame tamers for other grill series. An example is the Weber 7636 Porcelain-Enameled Flame Tamer Flavorizer Bar for Spirit 300 Gas Grill Series. Like the flame tamer for the Genesis 300 Series, the Weber 7636 also comes in a pack of 5. Weber also offers 5-pack, porcelain-coated flame tamer options for the Genesis E Series grill, the Spirit 200 series, and the Spirit 500 series, which is also compatible with the Spirit 2-burner and Genesis Silver A gas grills.

    3. Best Budget – SHINESTAR Grill Flame Tamers


    Very affordable
    Includes 4 flame tamers
    Easy to clean
    Sturdy and long-lasting
    Multi-functional; compatible with a wide variety of grills


    Does not distribute heat as evenly as a ceramic flame tamer


      • Compatible with Kitchen Aid Model: 720-0830A
      • Compatible with Grill Master Models: 720-0697, 720-0737
      • Compatible with Members Mark Model: 720-030F
      • Compatible with most 720 Nexgrill Models
      • Each flame tamer has dimensions of 14 9/16” L x 3 ⅜” W

    This budget-friendly flame tamer option is compatible with many grill models. It features sturdy steel construction which is coated with a porcelain outer layer for superior, flavorful smoking.

    SHINESTAR’s grill flame tamers arrive in packs of 4, which can be moved between a variety of grills. This makes them an extremely cost-effective, long-term flame tamer investment.

    Perfectly angled to catch drips of grease, sauce, or marinade, the ever so slightly porous porcelain coating helps to catch each drop, protecting your grill’s burners from damage. This helps your grill burners last longer, which saves you time, hassle, and money in the long term. The porcelain coating also helps to control the rate at which the steel beneath distributes heat to the food above.

    Given their steel construction, these flame tamers are also easy to clean and maintain, which helps to keep them looking brand-new for longer. Its black finish provides a subtle, understated touch to your grill set-up. Perfect for individuals who are relatively new to grilling but still want to protect their grill burners and enjoy fantastic-tasting results.

    4. Best All-Steel – Universal BBQ Grill Flame Tamer for Bull BBQ Grill Models


    Includes space for wood chips for extra smokiness
    Fits both front-to-back and side-to-side burners
    Equipped with grease guards
    Expands from 12” to 26” long


    Does not distribute heat as evenly as ceramic or porcelain-coated options
    The steel used is not as thick as some other options on this list


      • Weighs 4.29 lbs.
      • Set of 4 adjustable flame tamers
      • Telescoping, stainless steel design
      • Manufactured by Char-Broil
      • Easy installation

    This lightweight, adjustable, stainless steel set of 4 flame tamers is perfect for grill owners who want a multi-functional, affordable grill tamer option. It can even fit some smokers. Each individual flame tamer or flavor bar is constructed from 3 separate pieces of steel in a sliding, telescope-style design which allows it to expand from 12” to 26” long.

    Compatible with both front-to-back and side-to-side burner alignment, each flame tamer is 4” wide and provides excellent burner coverage with adjustable grease guards. This enables the flame tamer to catch and vaporize any drips or sauces that fall its way, which gives your food a warm, smoky flavor instead of leading to burner damage. Each flame tamer also features space to hold wood chips–just in case you want to increase the smokiness of your grilling.

    But this flame tamer doesn’t just help fight flare-ups. It is also incredibly easy to clean, given its stainless steel construction. Despite its expandable design, the metal used is still durable and high-quality. Perfect for individuals who want easy cleaning and adjustability without paying an arm and a leg.

    5. Best for Blaze Grills – Blaze Stainless Steel Flame Tamer for Blaze, Blaze LTE, and Blaze LTE2 Gas Grills


    Extremely affordable
    Easy to install
    Wood chip compatible


    Only compatible with Blaze Grills


      • Compatible with Blaze, Blaze LTE & LTE2 gas grills
      • Not compatible with Blaze Professional gas grills
      • 16” long x 6.75” wide
      • Grid-style design

    Built specially for Blaze, Blaze LTE, and Blaze LTE2 grills, this stylish steel flame tamer features full-width construction and arrives at your door ready to install into your grill. Crafted from stainless steel, it combines durability and easy cleaning with lightweight construction. Unlike many burner-width flame tamers, its full-width construction helps provide your grill burners with excellent protection from drips and sauce spills.

    In addition, its grid-style build helps to control flare-ups and distribute heat in a more controlled manner while also allowing space for wood chips, if desired. If used with wood chips, the grid-style build also helps to keep air and heat circulating efficiently and evenly. For grill aficionados who want a rich, smoky taste to their meat without having to spend large sums of money on ceramic flavor bars, this is an excellent option.

    One final benefit of the full-width, grid-style design is that it’s exceptionally easy to clean with a firm brush. Soak in warm, soapy water after a long grilling session and scrub with a brush.

    The stainless steel is much less porous than ceramic or porcelain-coated options, washes easily, and retains its shine for years if properly maintained. Entertain in style with this affordable, durable flame tamer. It arrives complete with easy-t0-follow instructions.

    6. Best Briquette – RCS Briquette Tray W/ Briquettes For Premier Series Gas Grills


    16 total ceramic briquettes
    Durable, stainless steel frame
    Excellent heat distribution
    Easy cleaning and easy installation
    Produces wonderful, smoky flavor


    Not the cheapest option on the list
    Only compatible with Premier Series gas grills


      • 7” W x 16” L x 1.25” H
      • Stainless steel
      • Compatible with Premier Series gas grills
      • Compatible with 26, 32, and 40-inch Premier Series grill models

    Designed for use with Premier Series gas grills, this RCS flame tamer features a durable, stainless steel tray and ceramic briquettes. The ceramic briquettes help to provide a controlled, even flow of heat to the food you’re grilling.

    Given ceramic is more porous than steel, the briquettes also readily absorb drips or splashes of sauce or marinade. As the briquettes heat up, they then gradually re-release the sauce or marinade back into the air in the form of flavored smoke, making for a tastier meal for you and your guests.

    However, unlike pure ceramic flame tamer options, the briquettes are removable and easier to scrub and clean thoroughly between uses. The steel frame is also very easy to clean. This easy cleaning helps contribute to the flame tamer’s overall longevity. It also makes it easier for you to keep your grill set-up looking new and well-maintained.

    With 16 total briquettes, you can experience an even distribution of heat and smoky flavor for improved, masterful grilling. Perfect for steak, chicken, and seafood grill recipes, as well as grilling your favorite vegetables. Friends and guests can envy your new grilling secret as you fine-tune your favorite recipes.

    7. Best Adjustable – Outspark Universal Replacement Heavy-Duty Adjustable Flame Tamer


    Durable for many grilling sessions
    Adjustable length
    Easy to install
    Helps to produce great flavor
    Porcelain coating for even, effective heat distribution


    The angle of the flame tamer is not as steep as some other options
    Porcelain coating is good but not quite as durable as that of the more expensive options


      • Length adjusts from 11.75” to 21”
      • Available in packs of 3, 4, and 5 flame tamers
      • Can be used with side to side or front to back burners
      • Black porcelain steel
      • M5 bolts and wing nuts included

    The Outspark Flame Tamer combines affordability with superior construction. Given its adjustable design, it can also be transferred between grills, making it an even more affordable option if you’re considering switching grills in the future. It can extend from between 11.75 and 21 inches long and is 3.75 inches wide.

    Its porcelain-coated steel design combines the best of pure metal construction and pure porcelain or ceramic flame tamer design. On one hand, the thick, heavy-duty steel brings durability and easy cleaning. On the other, the porcelain coat helps to more evenly distribute heat throughout the body of the flame tamer, helping the chef improve control while grilling.

    This flame tamer is built to help prevent flare-ups while cooking and to keep sauces and spills away from your grill burners. At 3.34 lbs., each flame tamer is perfectly weighted. The result is a user-friendly, easy to install flame tamer that helps protect your grill and makes your taste buds happy.

    Final Verdict: Best Flame Tamer for Your Money

    Lion Professional SeriesCheck Price on BBQGuys

    Check Price on Amazon


    The Lion Professional Series Italian Ceramic Flame Tamer offers passionate chefs and grill aficionados with a new standard for even heat distribution and optimal flavor. With its ceramic rod and steel frame construction, it keeps flare-ups at bay and controls the grill’s heat for more even cooking results. It also provides full-width coverage of your grill’s burners, which protects them from spills while turning any drips into flavorful smoke.

    A 16-gauge stainless steel tray provides a sturdy and easy-to-clean base for the ceramic rods. This helps the ceramic heat up slightly more quickly than it would otherwise. The combination of white Italian ceramic and stainless steel also helps create a professional, sophisticated appearance.

    Select 4 trays for 32-inch grills and 5 trays for 40-inch grills. Because Lion Premium Grills is committed to customer satisfaction, they also warranty their flame tamers for up to one year. Get grilling this summer and create meals you and your family love.

    How to Choose the Best Flame Tamer

    When you need to fix your BBQ grill, you can start doing so by getting a good flame tamer. When you’re searching for the right flame tamer for you, there are several things to keep in mind: compatibility, cost, and material.


    Ensure your flame tamer is compatible with your grill. Some flame tamers are only compatible with a select few series or even just one grill series. Several of these come in multiple versions for different grill series, so double-check to ensure you have the correct flame tamer and size of flame tamer in your cart at check-out.


    If you want the top-of-the-line flame tamer, it costs more than some of the other options lower on the list. However, consider the cost of the flame tamer relative to how long you expect your grill to last. If your grill is new, it may be wise to invest in a higher-end flame tamer.

    Material: Ceramic

    Ceramic and steel comprise the main materials for flame tamers. Ceramic is far superior to steel at evenly distributing heat across the grill. This results in more even, easily controlled, predictable cooking, which gives you better food.

    Ceramic is also more porous than steel and porcelain, which means it absorbs more sauce or marinade that drips down between the grill racks. This helps produce more smoke, keeps more of the drips away from your grill burners, and helps make your food tastier.

    However, given its porous nature, ceramic is also more difficult to clean than steel or porcelain-coated steel. Many ceramic flame tamers are full-width, meaning they cover the entire grill for increased burner protection and flavor.

    Material: Steel

    Steel is more durable, more affordable, and easier to clean than ceramic. It catches drips and produces sauce-infused smoke, but not to the same extent as ceramic does. Steel also does not distribute heat as evenly as ceramic.

    Some steel flame tamers help compensate for this with a porcelain coating over the steel. This results in more even heat distribution. The porcelain coating also results in a smokier taste, given that it is more porous than pure steel.

    Many steel flame tamers are angled pieces of metal made to fit directly over the burner. While it does not provide the same protection or flavor as a full-width flame tamer, it does help save on cost and makes for easy installation.