7 Best Flatware and Silverware Sets [REVIEWED]

    Last Updated on September 1, 2020


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    Place settingHave you recently thought about the flatware that you have in your kitchen drawer? Probably not. For most of us, the utensils we use to eat with are the last thing on our mind. As a matter of fact, it’s also probably the last thing you want to spend your hard earned money on. 

    So what’s in your drawer? Are you using a mix of random forks, knives and spoons, from years gone by? Maybe you’re still using the set your parents handed down when you got your first place, or maybe you’ve just got that standard, inexpensive starter set of utensils we all had once upon a time. 

    Whatever the case may be, it’s time you upgraded to something more sophisticated.

    Even day to day, you deserve to use a nice looking and quality made set of flatware. Don’t worry a nice set of flatware doesn’t have to be expensive. A nice set of flatware will transform your simple dinner table to something more elegant and sophisticated.

    Of course, we know, there are a ton of flatware sets to choose from. It can be a daunting task to pick one for your kitchen. That’s why we’ve done the research, and we’ve tried out a bunch of flatware sets. 

    In this review, we’ll give you our favorite 7 sets that will easily fit any kitchen and any price range. We’ll even give you a guide of features that you should consider when you are shopping for flatware.

    Our favorite flatware set is the Brightown 45 piece Flatware Set. It is simple, yet elegant and it allows you to use this set daily with casual meals, or pair these with a more formal set of dinnerware for a dinner party or holiday meal.

    Our Best Choice: Brightown 45 piece Flatware SetBrightown Flatware Set

    It features a elegant, yet simple design that is attractive enough for a formal table, but not so fancy that you can’t use it every day. The mirror polish of this flatware set is made to last, so you’ll never have to polish this flatware.

    Here are the best flatware and cutlery sets you can buy:

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      Top 7 Best Flatware & Silverware Sets Reviews

    1. Best Overall - Brightown Flatware Set


    Size: 45-Piece
    Number of Sets: 
    Material: 18/0 stainless steel 
    Total Weight: 6 pounds 

    Our favorite flatware set is the Brightown 45-piece set. This ergonomically designed set is just the right size and weight for just about every hand. You’ll not have to worry about bending delicate flatware with this set, they are sturdy and durable. This set comes with 8 place settings each with a dinner fork, salad fork, teaspoon, dinner spoon and knife. 

    The set also includes a serving fork, two serving spoons, a sugar spoon and one butter knife. It really has everything that you’ll need to entertain or just have a nice looking table.

    This set is made to be durable, made from 18/0 stainless steel, this flatware set won’t break, bend or tarnish under heat. The sturdy design of this flatware set also means that you can feel comfortable using this set for things like hard butter or even cutting tough meats. The thick handles are also easy for most people to hold. Even your kids will use this set comfortably.

    One of the things we like the best about this set is that it not only is sturdy, but it looks great as well. This Brightown flatware set is perfect for any occasion, and it looks great with any dinnerware.

    We also really like that despite the elegant design and attractive looks of this flatware set, it is easy to care for. The stainless steel construction of these utensils mean that they are dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to spend extra time washing them by hand. 

    What’s nice about this set is washing them in the dishwasher won’t dull the finish, so you’ll have a great looking flatware set for years to come.


    • Simple yet elegant design
    • Perfectly balanced weight
    • Excellent return policy
    • Set also comes in 65 piece


    • Spoons are a bit small
    • Made in China

    Wrapping up

    If your table needs an upgrade, the first place to start is with new flatware. Our pick, the Brightown 45 piece Flatware Set, will be a perfect, versatile addition to your kitchen.


    Size: 20 Piece 
    Number of Sets: 
    Material: Titanium Gold Plated Stainless Steel 
    Total Weight: 2 pounds 

    If you’re looking for something different for your table, or if you’re looking for something special for your holiday entertaining, then we’d recommend this gold flatware set from Berglander. This titanium gold plated, stainless steel flatware set will add an extra bit of flash to your dinner table.

    The 20-piece flatware set includes 4 place settings, each with a dinner fork, dinner knife, dinner spoon, dessert fork and teaspoon. This flatware set is constructed of durable 18/0 stainless steel. They are strong and won’t bend. They are rust resistant and designed to be comfortable in your hand. The narrow handles are comfortable for even tiny hands to hold.

    The finish on this flatware set is a high quality, titanium gold that is vacuum plated so it won’t easily scratch or tarnish. And despite the gold finish of this flatware set, it is dishwasher safe for easy clean-up. If you don’t love the gold, Berglander also makes this design in black, black-gold, black-silver and rose.

    The Berglander set is made with classic lines, so it coordinates easily with your formal china, for an elegant meal. Or pair it with simple white plates for a funky but sophisticated casual table. Despite the looks, this set is also quite affordable, so that’s an added bonus for this flatware set.


    • Timeless classic design
    • Heat-resistant, durable construction won't bend
    • Strong Anti-Rust finish
    • Elegant design appropriate for formal events


    • They need to be wiped down after dishwasher
    • Only comes in 20 piece


    Size: 20-Piece 
    Number of Sets: 
    Material: Stainless Steel 
    Total Weight: 2 pounds 

    If you’re ready to upgrade your table but don’t want to spend a ton of money, then we recommend the AmazonBasics stainless steel flatware set. 

    This flatware set is the perfect combination of good looks and affordability. The simple, classic design of this flatware set will coordinate well with any table. It’s perfect for entertaining, or for your everyday dinner table.

    This 20 piece set from AmazonBasics includes four place settings, each with a knife, salad fork, dinner fork, soup spoon and teaspoon. The set does not come with any serving utensils, but for a simple, affordable set this one has everything you need to feed your hungry family. 

    If you need to add pieces to this set for entertaining large groups or if you want serving utensils, you can add up to 65 additional pieces.

    The stainless steel construction of this set means that you’ll have years of use, without having to worry about rusting. This flatware set is strong and can easily handle the rigors of daily use. The set is also dishwasher safe for quick and easy clean-up.


    • This set can be added to up to 65 pieces
    • Value priced
    • Dishwasher safe, rust-resistant construction
    • Sets are available in 8 styles


    • One year warranty
    • It could rust over time


    Size: 65-Piece 
    Number of Sets: 12 
    Material: 18/10 stainless steel 
    Total Weight: 10 pounds 

    If you’re in the market for a larger set of flatware for entertaining then check out the Lenox French Perle flatware set. This set is large enough to entertain 12 people, with elegance and style.

    Made from 18/10 stainless steel, this set features a teardrop shaped handle accented with delicate beading, for an added touch of elegance. This set has 65 pieces and is perfect for entertaining or rounding out your formal dining table. 

    The set features 12 place settings each with a dinner fork, salad fork, soup spoon, teaspoon, and knife. The set also included coordinating serving pieces.

    Lenox has been long known for its high quality flatware and dinnerware. If you are looking for a formal set of dinnerware to complement this flatware, check out the coordinating French Perle dinnerware collection.

    And while this set is quite elegant, and we like the idea of using it on a formal table, the durable and sturdy construction also make it a perfect set for your everyday table. If you like the idea of something more elegant or decorative to go on your daily table, the French Perle set from Lenox is both simple and elegant, and is great for daily use.


    • The decorated elegant look
    • 10 other styles to choose from
    • Set is dishwasher safe and tarnish resistant
    • Set is backed with a breakage replacement program


    • On the high end price wise
    • Not as rust proof


    Size: 20-piece 
    Number of Sets: 
    Material: Stainless Steel Copper 
    Total Weight: 2.5 pounds 

    If you want to make a statement at your next dinner party, a surprising set of copper colored flatware will do the trick. This copper colored flatware set from Lianyu is elegant and stylish, and will make an impression with even your most particular of guests.

    The cooper color of this flatware is vacuum plasma coated, over stainless steel. The set is beautiful to look at but is also made to last. You’ll not have to worry about the color chipping or fading, and the stainless steel core means that this set is also strong and won’t bend or break. 

    Stainless steel construction also means that this flatware set, if cared for properly won’t rust, but can also withstand hot foods.

    The 20-piece set has place settings for four people, each including a dinner fork, soup spoon, salad fork, teaspoon and dinner knife. The set does not include serving utensils.

    This set does come in attractive packaging so it is perfect for giving as a gift. Our only complaint about this set is that it doesn’t come with serving utensils, and finding matching serving pieces can be a challenge.


    • The classic bright copper mirror finish
    • Properly weighted to provide a good balanced grip
    • Durable and healthy for your everyday use
    • Set comes in 4 other colors


    • Once washed, wipe down to prevent smudges


    Size: 30-Piece 
    Number of Sets: 
    Material: Stainless Steel 
    Total Weight: 3.5 pounds 

    You don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a beautiful looking dinner table. This simple yet attractive flatware set from Lianyu, is our pick for the best value flatware set. 

    The simple design of this flatware set will match effortlessly with both traditional and modern dinnerware. If you like entertaining and want a set of flatware that will complement your formal dinnerware, this set will also work for you.

    The attractive mirror finish is thanks to the stainless steel construction. You’ll never have to polish this flatware set to keep it looking great. Looks aside, this set is durable and strong so you’ll not have to worry about it bending or tarnishing. This set easily stands up to hot foods and liquids without damaging the mirror finish.

    The 30-piece set has place settings for six people. However it can easily be expanded with up to 60 additional pieces. This ability to expand the set for entertaining large groups is one of our favorite features of this set, and really makes it a great value for any household.


    • Rust-resistant, sturdy and durable
    • Value priced for complete set
    • Simple mirror polish and modern flatware set
    • Set can be added to up to 60 pieces


    • Some spoons and forks are smaller than average
    • No weight number marked


    Size: 65-Piece 
    Number of Sets: 12 
    Material: 18/0 Stainless Steel 
    Total Weight: 11.7 pounds 

    Mikasa is a name frequently associated with high quality products for your dining table. If you are ready to invest in a more high-end set of flatware, or if you want to complement a set of formal china dinnerware, we recommend the Mikasa Bravo flatware set.

    This 65-piece flatware set has a flawlessly, elegant design that will easily match traditional dinnerware or a modern and sophisticated dining set. The simple teardrop shape and the mirror finish make the Bravo flatware set a winning option for any kitchen.

    Made from 18/10 stainless steel, this flatware set never has to be polished, but yet maintains the beautiful shiny finish. Care and maintenance of this set is simple. The whole set can be rinsed and washed in the dishwasher, so you don’t have to stress about cleaning up after your meal.


    • Beautiful contemporary design
    • Is dishwasher safe and never needs to be polished
    • Comes with everything for a large family
    • Durable heavy-gauge 18/10 stainless steel construction


    • Price varies widely
    • Only a limited lifetime warranty

    Final Verdict


    Our pick for the best flatware set gives you the right combination of durability, versatility and great looks. The Brightown 45 piece Flatware Set will fit well on any table and can easily go from daily meals to entertaining.

    Your flatware should complement your table. Whether it’s just simple and fits with your casual, daily dishes or you’ve decided on something more elegant for entertaining, your flatware should be anything but flat. 

    A new set of flatware will transform your table from the handed down look of your college student days to a sophisticated kitchen of an adult. 

    Remember though, when you’re shopping for new flatware, make quality and durability a priority. Some sets may look great, but if they’re made from substandard materials, they won’t last long. Pick a set that you’ll enjoy using, and putting on your table for years to come.

    How to Choose the Best Flatware Set

    OK, so you don’t get overwhelmed with the mass of options on the market, we’ve put together a list of features that you’ll want to consider when you’re shopping for a new set of flatware. Of course, this is a basic list and there might be other factors that you’ll consider, but we think this is a good place to start.


    What is your style? Do you like modern, sophisticated and elegant, traditional or just plain and simple? Maybe you want a flatware set to match your dinnerware. There are a variety of styles out there to choose from, so really your options are limited only by what you prefer.


    When it comes to selecting flatware, you’ll notice that packaging and descriptions will have some numbers like, 18/10, 18/0, 18/8 or 13/0. These numbers refer to the composition of the stainless steel of your flatware. For everyday flatware, you really want to use stainless steel. It’s durable, and easy to care for. The first number in this fraction is the percentage of chromium, the second number is the percent of nickel. The more nickel, the better quality, more durable the set will be.

    Our recommendation is to select a flatware set with the 18/10 material combination. This is going to be the most durable, and heavy-duty of the options. Don’t worry it will still look great, but it will be able to withstand the dishwasher, and a tough steak without a problem.

    If you want to go fancy, you can still buy sets of flatware made of silver or silver plated. These are expensive, and frankly not terribly durable. They are also a ton of work. They can’t go in the dishwasher, and if not used frequently, you’ll have to polish them.

    Number of place settings

    Think about how many people you are regularly going to feed. If it’s just you and your spouse, you might want to invest in a smaller set of flatware, maybe a setting of 4 or 6. However, if you entertain frequently you might want to invest in a large flatware set that has enough settings for 12 or more people.


    You’ll notice when you’re shopping that the handles of many flatware sets come with designs. Some have floral patterns, some look like they’ve been hammered, some sets are plain, but have uniquely shaped handles. Select a design that matches your dishes, and think about how the handles might feel in your hand. Simple sets of flatware will go with just about any dinnerware set or occasion. If you’re on a budget, you might want to consider a simple set that provides more versatility.

    Ease of use

    There are a couple of things that make a flatware set easy to use. First consider how they feel in your hand. Are they comfortable to hold or is the handle too thick or thin for your hands? Do they have a weird shape that makes handling them awkward? Can your kids manage them? This is really important when you’re selecting a flatware set.

    Also, you probably want to make sure that your set can be washed in the dishwasher. Because there’s nothing that makes a great meal more disappointing than when you have to hand wash your flatware.