7 Best Floor Mops of 2020 For Sparkling Floors

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    Key Features

     4 hours charge time

     Microfiber bristles buff floors to a shine  

      Adjustable handle

      Spinning, rotating heads pick up a lot of dirt

      Uninterrupted cleaning with li-ion battery

    cleaning a brown wood

    Gone are the antiquated soggy messes from yesteryear; 21st-century mops are state-of-the-art and come with a ton of thoughtful design add-ons. Not only can you pick between spray and sponge, swivel, or robot, you can focus your cleaning methods on the medium of your flooring, saving you time by making cleaning more efficient

    Dust mops help with small dry messes like pet hair or dust bunnies. Sponge and wet mops, usually with some kind of compression or wringing mechanism, are ideal for sticky or wet messes, like spilled liquid. Spray mops handily eject a squirt of cleaning materials onto the floor ahead, and robot mops are straight out of the future, zooming around your space and mopping as you relax.

    Many dread the chore of mopping, although it’s one of the best ways to keep our spaces tidy and our atmosphere clean of germs and pathogens like mold. Automation like rotating heads doubles the power of the cleaning fluid, picking up debris and dust from different types of floors.

    Move from one room to the next with ease. The Gladwell Cordless Rechargeable Mop has no unsightly cords to trip you up and one charge can span your whole house.

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    1. Best Overall – Gladwell Cordless Rechargeable Electric Mop


     Easy to assemble
     Mop heads are machine washable
     Works on all surfaces


     Have to detach mop heads to soak in cleaning solution
     No illustrations in manual


      • 4 hours charge time
      • Microfiber bristles buff floors to a shine
      • Adjustable handle
      • Spinning, rotating heads pick up a lot of dirt
      • Uninterrupted cleaning with li-ion battery

    It takes very little energy to clean floors with this rechargeable powerhouse of a mop. Just charge it up for 4 hours and it’s ready to tackle the biggest messes of your home. With its two spinning heads, which are made of microfiber and can be thrown in the washing machine, it picks up the dirt that your broom left behind

    No messy, sloppy buckets or cords to trip over; this convenient, versatile mop does all the work for you. The handle has 180-degree rotation so you can mop in every nook and cranny in your home without hurting or straining your wrist. 

    The cordless mop’s li-ion battery carries you through your whole house on just a four-hour charge so you don’t have to stop and recharge halfway through your job. 

    Microfiber bristles pick up all kinds of dirt, even sticky spills, and buff floors to an elegant shine

    An adjustable handle makes this a perfect mop for training kids to do chores, and it’s lightweight so it won’t get too heavy. It comes with a manual and is easy to assemble. With rechargeable batteries and machine-washable mop heads, it’s better for the environment as well. 

    This mop is ideal for all surfaces, so you don’t have to change your cleaning apparatus as you move through your home. From the bathroom to the tiled mudroom to the wood floor dining room, this mop can clean it all. Let Gladwell Cordless Rechargeable Electric mop do the work for you and your floors, whatever the surface, can shine.

    2. Runner up – O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop


     Triangular mop head fits anywhere
     360-degree rotation for ease-of-use
     Safe for all floor surfaces
     Telescopic handle
     Machine-washable mop head


     Excessive sunlight warps the shape
     Telescoping handle can malfunction


      • Bucket has built-in wringer
      • Foot pedal controls how much moisture is absorbed
      • Microfiber mop head
      • Has a splash guard to deter splash and spray

    With a built-in splash guard to protect from unwanted, slippery messes, this mop is great for both dry and wet mopping. You can adjust the amount of liquid the mop head holds with the foot pedal; spin a couple of times for the mop head to be damp enough for the hardest jobs, or spin it completely dry with only a little moisture for a quick mop.

    The mop head, when in use, lays down almost completely flat so the mop can clean under furniture and in hard-to-reach areas. The mop head is made of dust-attracting microfibers to pick up every last piece of dust or pet hair. Best of all, the mop head is detachable and can be thrown in the washing machine. Although the manufacturer suggests replacing it every 3-6 months, replacements are not pricey.

    The triangular mop head fits into the most hard-to-reach places so you can mop your corners with ease. The handle can accommodate tall users as it telescopes from 33 to 51 inches. A great variation on the traditional mop, this mop is safe for all surfaces and can help keep your house and floors sparkling.

    3. Best Budget – Swiffer WetJet Mop Starter Kit


     Ready to clean minutes out of the package
     Safe for pets
     Very affordable
     Parts are easy to replace


     Not safe on unfinished floors
     Not great for large messes


      • No bucket makes this super convenient
      • Safe on finished wood floors
      • Two types of pads for light mopping or bigger messes
      • All-in-one system
      • Cleaning solution breaks up dirt

    If you are looking for a cleaning tool that won’t take up a lot of space in your storage area, is affordable with easy-to-replace parts, and has an all-in-one system for versatility, look no further

    This mop system comes with 1 mop, 5 pads, 1 bottle of cleaning solution, and batteries. Able to work in mere minutes, the Swiffer WetJet is easy to put together and use. Once the batteries are installed, one push of the button and you’re cleaning. 

    This easy cleaning tool squirts a solution onto the floor, breaking up the dirt, and the absorbent pad soaks it up. Pads are disposable, so there’s no gross mop head to deal with after you finish. Simply place in the garbage and replace the pad before the next use. 

    Great for most floorings except unfinished wood, the Swiffer WetJet lets you clean quickly, which is a boon when company is walking up the front path when you spot a spill. 

    The mop head isn’t robust enough to deal with larger messes, but for day-to-day cleaning and to keep your home’s floors looking and smelling great, this is an ideal mop kit.

    4. Best Steam Mop – Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System


     Easy to get up and running
     Only takes minutes to heat up
     Max setting extremely powerful 
     No chemical residue left behind
     Double-sided microfiber pads


     Steam may not last long enough to do all floors in large homes
     May leak


      • 3 different steam settings
      • Water tank has 220-milliliter capacity 
      • Direct steam channeling for focused cleaning
      • Kills 99.9% of common household bacteria
      • Touch-free technology

    This mop is a genuine workhorse that can handle whatever mess you put in front of it. Since it sterilizes with steam cleaning instead of using harsh chemicals, the Shark Genius is a great tool for households with pets and kids or people with allergies, as it uses steam to get rid of any allergens. It also kills almost all common household bacteria, keeping your family safe and healthy.

    The Shark Genius has three different settings, with the most powerful setting easily steaming away caked-on grime and gunk. Reviewers marveled at the Shark’s ability to break up long-hardened stains on their floors.

    Great for all floor types, the 220-milliliter tank lasts throughout the whole house, so you don’t have to stop halfway through to refill. The mop heads are made of microfiber to pick up all the dirt and are reversible, doubling the amount of cleaning space per pad.

    For a clean that you can rely on, this steaming mop is a wonderful way to get rid of long-standing stains, germs, bacteria, and pathogens. With no chemicals and touch-free technology throughout the cleaning process, this mop keeps your floors gleaming.

    5. Best Robot Mop – iRobot Braava 380t


     Fast and reliable with Turbo Charge cradle
     Works with multiple types of cleaning cloths
     Edge design to get into corners and around edges
     Comes with everything you need, including batteries


     Battery is unreliable
     Northstar Navigation Cube may not work


      • No work for you
      • Triple pass mopping system
      • Both sweeps and mops
      • Great for hardwood, tile, or stone
      • IAdapt 2.0 Navigation system lets it know where it’s already mopped

    The best thing about this mopping system is that there is little-to-no work involved. Once you have set up the iRobot Braava, all you need to do is set it loose and it will clean any tile, hardwood, or stone floors in your home.

    With an iAdapt navigation system, this robot mop knows where it’s already been so it doesn’t mop the same area twice. However, the pro-mopping system allows for triple-pass cleaning which handles caked-on stains and grime.

    Choose between damp mop mode or dry sweep to fit the conditions of your floors. At 3.1 inches, it can fit under most furniture and along baseboards. It is quiet while it works so it won’t disturb your day-to-day routines as it cleans the floors.

    It is versatile in that it can use a variety of cleaning cloths, including Swiffer pads, and comes with a reusable dry sweeping cloth and a reusable damp sweeping cloth. For someone who abhors housework, this robot mopping system does the work for you so you can get on with more important things.

    6. Best Sponge Mop – Casabella Painted Steel Original Mop


     Replacement mop head sponges are easy to get
     Lifetime guarantee
     Great for small storage spaces
     Not too heavy


      No bucket


      • Sturdy steel pole is rust-resistant and built to last
      • Heavy-duty lever for optimal water wringing
      • Great for tight edges and corners
      • 10-inch cellulose sponge is extra absorbent

    The original workhorse, this sponge mop was made to last a lifetime. With a sturdy steel handle that looks great and is super-functional, this mop can clean up the toughest messes. The lever used to wring out water is heavy-duty so that you can wring out all the excess water and use it again and again. 

    With its 10-inch cellulose sponge head, it gets into tight corners and under furniture with ease. It’s extra absorbent, which makes even the wettest messes disappear. The cellulose mop head is incredibly durable; when it does wear out, the mop heads are easy to find in stores and are a cinch to replace. 

    The classic design of this mop makes it tough on stains but easy on your arms. It’s simple to figure out, and the heavy-duty construction of the lever makes sure that you wring every last drop of dirty water out of the sponge, so you know you’re not simply pushing the dirt around your floors. When you’re done mopping, you can fully wring out the sponge mop head without a lot of effort so you know it isn’t collecting bacteria in your storage space. 

    Simple yet effective, casabella mop cleans well and will last a lifetime, the manufacturer guarantees it.

    7. Best Environmentally-Friendly Mop – E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop


     Just needs water to work
     Microfiber head cloths collect more dust and grime
     Sustainable and safe for family and pets


      Handle may not stay extended
     Mop head can flip, scratching floor


      • No chemicals
      • Made from durable, lightweight aluminum
      • Two different head cloths to choose from
      • Extendable handle

    With an extendable handle and made from lightweight material, this mop is easy-to-use and effective without using harmful chemicals that can make you, your family, or your household pets ill. 

    With microfiber cleaning head cloths, each square centimeter of the cleaning surfaces contains tens of thousands of microfibers that lift away dirt and grime. You can choose between two mop heads to specialize your cleaning. Best of all for the environment, these mop heads go right in the washing machine, saving resources.

    The most marked feature of this product is that it uses water to clean with an E-cloth, which is specifically designed to be extra absorbent and versatile when used with water. This means that you’re not leaving chemical residue all over your floors, and the microfiber technology means you’re wicking the dirt away from the surfaces, ensuring a clean floor.

    This mop kills 99.9% of all common household bacteria and pathogens and does so in a non-toxic and environmentally friendly manner that is safe for kids and pets. If you want a mop that does an effective job while not poisoning your environment, this may be the cleaning solution for which you have been looking.

    Final Verdict


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    When you’re looking for a new mop, you need to consider different aspects of the products available, along with the size and needs of your home.

    You may have more need of a wet mop than a dry mop, or perhaps you fancy one that requires no effort on your part whatsoever, like a robot mop. Versatility, storage space concerns, and toxicity levels all come into play when you’re evaluating what mop is best for you.

    The Gladwell Cordless Rechargeable Mop uses rechargeable li-ion batteries to clean your whole house; simply charge it for four hours and it’s ready to take on the biggest messes. With dual rotating heads and microfiber bristles, this mop can break apart caked-on messes and destroy any kind of stain or mess you put in front of it. 

    With machine washable mop heads and rechargeable batteries, this mop not only is cord-free and tough on dirt; it is also sustainable.

    How to Choose the Floor Mop

    The ideal mop is one that works best for you, your house, and your lifestyle and habits. Certain mops that may suit a pet-free and childfree house can be set up easily for multiple light cleanings, whereas a hard-worn house is better serviced by a deep-cleaning unit.  

    Additionally, if you have forced hot air ductwork, you may find dust and dirt are a constant challenge around your baseboards.

    There are a few components you should consider when in the market for a new mop, namely: Wet vs. dry, wringing mechanism, maintenance, size, and toxicity to humans, pets, and plants. 

    Wet vs. Dry

    Think about what kinds of floors you’ll be mopping to focus on whether you want a dry or wet mop, or both.

    Dry mops are an excellent defense against mounds of pet hair or dust bunnies building up in the corners of your rooms. Wet mops help keep your floors sparkling and smelling fresh. Certain flatheaded mops, usually made of microfiber, can be used in dual capacities

    Wringing Mechanism

    One of the key components to getting a clean floor with a mop is the amount of moisture the mophead can retain. There are different mechanisms to help you achieve the perfect amount of moisture to clean, but not oversaturate, your floors. 

    Some have press-down plunger mechanisms, while others twist to wring out water into a bucket. Consider the ease with which you can deploy the wringing mechanism in the mop you choose.


    Once you’ve used the mop to clean your floors, how do you clean the mop? Think about the non-active maintenance of the mop. Are the mop heads machine-washable and therefore better for the environment? 

    Mop heads that you can pop into the washing machine or that are disposable after every use are much cleaner than a mop head that is rinsed in your kitchen sink. And then, of course, you have to clean the sink.


    If you live in a compact space and don’t have a lot of storage, you may want to steer away from mop-and-bucket packages

    Consider the size of the handle and if the person who will be primarily using the mop can easily maneuver it. Some mops have retractable handles for adjustable heights. 


    There are mops that require little-to-no cleaning solution in case you have a relative or family member who is highly allergic to cleaning products. 

    If your household contains free-roaming pets or crawling children, you may also want a mop that uses gentler or more natural solutions.