Top 7 Best Fondue Sets Reviews: Prettiest for your Pennies

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Last Updated on January 9, 2021
Swissmar Lausanne 11 Piece Copper
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Key Features

  • 3-in-1 fondue set
  • Ceramic bowl for melted cheese and chocolate
  • Copper-plated stainless-steel for excellent heat conduction
  • Spatter guard protects you from hot oil splatter
  • Recipe cards are included to help inspire your culinary genius

yellow pot and breads

Fondue has been a way to prepare food for centuries, but it wasn’t until the 1800s that it became the fun, social dining experience that it is today. The melted cheese, hot oil, and tempered chocolate bring people together around a pot and open flame where it’s easy to share good food, wine, and memories.

This specialized food preparation got its start in the peasant kitchens of the Swiss Mountains as a way to reuse discarded pieces of bread. Today, we celebrate this communal tradition thanks to the Swiss Cheese Union, who popularized the fare in the 1930s. Switzerland recognized fondue as their national dish, and the rest is history.

From intimate, romantic dinners at upscale restaurants to fun social home entertaining, fondue is a terrific meal that encourages community and bonding. It requires minimal preparation but leaves lasting impressions on friends and family.

If you’ve never tried fondue, you’ll love everything that it has to offer. From the cheesy appetizers to dipped chocolate desserts, these fondue sets will keep you revisiting this quaint, country tradition for years.

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The 7 Best Fondue Sets for 2021

1. Swissmar Lausanne 11 Piece Copper Fondue Set

Swissmar Lausanne 11 Piece Copper
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Product Specifications:

  • 8.5” x 8.5” x 9.25”
  • Weighs 6.16 lbs.
  • 1.9-quart pot

For your most communal dinners with intimate friends and family, Swissmar has created this gorgeous copper-plated stainless steel beauty that will be the envy of all fondue lovers. You can create memories of fun times in your kitchen, dining room, or living room while ensuring your guests go home with full bellies.

This 3-in-1 fondue set gives you the ability to host an entire 3-course meal from one pot. Use the high-walled ceramic insert to cook up your favorite tomato basil gouda cheese appetizers, then remove it quickly for cleaning while cooking up your main entrée of chicken, beef, or other meat. After your main course, put the insert back in with some delicious spicy Mexican chocolate-covered graham crackers or marshmallows. 

You’ll love the heaviness and sturdiness of each fork. They are comfortable in your hand and well-balanced, so grabbing chunks of meat, bread, and fruit is easy.

The spatter guard makes keeping oil in your pot easy, so clean up is a cinch. Handwash your copper-coated fondue pot and guard to keep it sparkling, while the ceramic insert and all 6 forks are dishwasher-safe. The rechard should just need to be wiped clean with a damp rag to clean up any stray drips.


3-in-1 fondue set
Ceramic bowl for melted cheese and chocolate
Copper-plated stainless-steel for excellent heat conduction
Spatter guard protects you from hot oil splatter
Recipe cards are included to help inspire your culinary genius


Not electric powered
Higher price point

2. Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric Fondue Maker

Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric
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Product Specifications:

  • 1,000 watts of power 
  • 10.5” x 7” x 6.12”
  • Weighs 1 lb.
  • Limited 3-year warranty
  • BPA-free

The electrical capabilities of modern-day cookware are utilized quite well with this electric fondue maker. Melt delicious blends of chocolate or cheese in its 3-quart capacity pot while carefully monitoring the temperature inside the pot with the temperature probe. You’ll never have to worry about burning your favorit

This larger stainless steel pot comfortably serves a dinner party of 8 with ease. The indented fork ring offers a savvy support solution for your cooking utensils while they sit in hot oil or boiling water. The interior of the pot is well crafted from non-stick materials, so cleanup is easy. There’s no stubborn melted cheese or crusty chocolate to scrape off after your dinner party is over.

The brushed stainless steel of the pot, mirrored base, and handles gives this model a delightful contemporary feel, making it the perfect purchase for any kitchen or dining room, no matter the decor or color scheme. 

Invite your best friends over for a night in with wine and cheese. Movies and charades are optional, but you’ll have a great time gabbing over delicious deep-fried tempura.


Electric pot takes the guesswork out of fondue temperature
Stainless steel pot for heat conduction and retention
Dishwasher safe
Fork ring for nestling 8 forks during the cooking process
3-quart pot capacity


Can only cook one fondue type at a time
Electric pot may need an extension cord

3. Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Fondue Pot

Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic
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Product Specifications:

  • 3.5” x 5.5” x 8.7”
  • Weighs 3.54 lbs.
  • Cord length: 30″
  • 1,000 watts of power

The DuraCeramic coating conducts and retains heat well, and it’s durable, too. This coating is resistant to flaking and peeling, ensuring a clean, smooth non-stick surface for years to come. Thanks to this non-stick technology, clean up is as easy as a bit of soap, water, and a rag to wipe it out.

Thanks to the DuraCeramic coating, dinners can be leaner and healthier since you won’t need oil to prep the pot. Your ingredients can all go directly into the pot, turn it on, and the pot does all the work that your stove usually has to help out with.

The versatility of the Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Fondue Pot can’t be beaten. If you’re planning on expanding your fondue pot usage past just the typical melted cheeses and chocolates that most fondue lovers crave, this pot might be your best option. Use this pot and its handy temperature controls to cook up your favorite Asian hot pot dishes or use it during dinner parties to keep dips like spinach and artichoke or buffalo chicken warm all evening long.


Cooks up to 30% faster than other non-stick coatings
Retains heat better than other models
PFOA- and PTFE-free
Coating will not flake or peel over time
Removable, adjustable temperature control for convenient operation


Cannot be used on any stove burner for precooking purposes
Manufacturer recommends limiting cooking oils to vegetable oil

4. Cuisinart CFO-1000 Lazy Susan Electric Fondue Maker

Cuisinart CFO-1000 Lazy Susan Electric
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Product Specifications:

  • 12.75” x 17.1” x 9.9″
  • Weighs 9.5 lbs.
  • Holds 3 quarts of food
  • Built-in 1,000-watt heating element

When faced with a larger dinner party, the Cuisinart Lazy Susan Fondue Maker measures up to the job quite nicely. The color-coding of each fork helps guests remember which fork belongs to them when multiple forks are cooking delicious meats in the pot at the same time. Additional sauces, chunks of prepared veggies, or small morsels of seafood can be kept in the revolving dishes that give this fondue pot its name.

The adjustable temperature gauge helps you begin to experiment with melting cheese blends quickly. Turn it up a few notches to get your oil simmering, and suddenly you’ll be ready to cook up delicious, bite-sized pieces of sirloin steak or marinated chicken. 

If veggies are more your thing, that’s easy in this pot. Mushrooms, green peppers, potatoes, and crisp apples are even more delicious when covered with cheese and chocolate.

Cleanup is still super easy, even with all the moving parts. Every piece of stainless steel is dishwasher-safe, so feel free to have fun without worrying about difficult cleanup later. Your guests will want to come back again and again to sample your favorite cuisines.


Lazy Susan feature makes serving multiple people a breeze
Stainless steel forks are all color-coded
Glass lid helps retain heat and keep oil spatter at bay
Everything is dishwasher safe
Includes recipe booklet to get you started


Electrical cord is only 2 feet long
Additional pots are not available for sale

5. Rival FD300D 3-Quart Fondue Pot

Rival FD300D 3-Quart
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Product Specifications:

  • 6.1” x 13.2” x 9.5”
  • Weighs 3.1 pounds
  • 8″ diameter
  • Black cool-touch handles

No matter if you’re preparing fondue for yourself or for a group of guests, you’ll never have to worry about refilling a sterno again with this excellent electric fondue pot from Rival. 

The small dimensions of this pot make it perfect for both appetizers and desserts, leaving larger pots to do the heavy lifting of preparing the main course. This little steel pot is a great add on to any buffet spread or to feature in living rooms where guests may be congregating to watch football or hockey. Also, because this is a durable fondue pot, it can be an accessory for outdoor grilling parties.

Its cool-touch handles make it easy to transport the entire model around your home without being concerned about burning yourself or your guests. Even children’s parties can be brightened up with fluffy marshmallows, fresh strawberries, and crunchy graham crackers dipped into gooey melted chocolate with the help of this fun, portable fondue pot.

The electric burner, 8 serving forks, and steel pot are all included in this great set. From cold winter nights in your living room to lighter fare on your patio’s deck, this fondue set was made to create full bellies and lasting memories.


Electric pot means not having to fuss with sternos
Enough forks available for a party of 8
Non-stick cooking surface
3 quarts of cooking space
Steel material is great for even distribution of heat


Shorter electric cord limits placement
Additional pots not available for individual purchase

6. Swissmar Montreux 9 Piece Electric Fondue Set

Swissmar Montreux 9 Piece Electric
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Product Specifications:

  • 14” x 9.6” x 6.5”
  • Weighs 5.59 lbs.
  • Powerful 1,000-watt heating element
  • 120V / 60 Hz

The Swiss tradition comes alive with Swissmar’s eye for design and elegance. This beautiful 9-piece fondue set is made of stainless steel with a finish so bright it could be chrome. It will leave your friends and family feeling not just full by the end of their meal but also dazzled and delighted.

This delectable little fondue pot is great for chocolates, cheeses, and a main course of beef, fish, or chicken. It’s fun and elegant, just waiting to be the centerpiece of any dinner party.

Melt your cheese on the stove and transfer it to this beautiful pot or melt it in the pot, turning the electric thermostat up and then back down again to keep your appetizers and entrées warm through the evening.

Fondue is all about cooking with your guests instead of for your guests. They will love picking out their favorite colored fork to use for an evening of dipped hunks of bread, fruit, sweets, and even cheese. Your dinner parties filled with wine and fun can have even more memories built into them with this gorgeous fondue pot.


Removable temperature control is adjustable
Adjustable thermostat is UL-certified
Flameless heat source for fast, easy, fun
Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup


Handles on the rechard, not on the pot itself
Moving it when it’s hot may be a bit tricky.

7. Nostalgia FPS200 6-Cup Stainless Steel Electric Fondue Pot

Nostalgia FPS200 6-Cup Stainless Steel Electric
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Product Specifications:

  • Weighs 2.5 lbs.
  • 7.75” x 10.5” x 6.75”
  • 1.5-quart capacity
  • 1,000 watts of power

The beginner fondue lover will love this inexpensive stainless steel pot from Nostalgia. Learn all the best recipes to share with friends and family before investing in a more expensive pot that goes heavy on elegance and design.

This straight forward, 6-cup electric fondue pot has all the creature comforts that anyone could ask for. Stylish and fun, your guests can enjoy hors d’oeuvres of cheese and bread, entrees of chicken and fish, and decadent melted chocolate-covered fruits. Creatively cook morsels of meat in communal ways using a variety of broths and oils. 

You will love this unit’s adjustable temperature control, color-coded skewer forks, cool-touch handles, and durability. The 6-cup capacity keeps your fondue dinner parties lively. Plug this electric pot into a living room outlet, so your guests can stay comfortable as the evening progresses, but never doubt that your melted cheese stays warm.

Experiment with new recipes from fun Mediterranean dishes to spicier Asian cuisine. An assortment of breads and meats are exciting and tantalizing, even if you’re just cooking for yourself.


Inexpensive price point is great for beginners
Bluelight dial makes temperature control simple
6-cup capacity serves more than just 6-8 guests
Cool-touch handles make transportation easy
Color-coded forks make keeping track of your food simple


Very short power cord means you’ll need an extension
Additional pots needed between appetizer, main, and dessert courses.

Final Verdict

Swissmar Lausanne 11 Piece Copper
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Similar to raclette grills, using a fondue pot to encourage community is an elegant way to create lasting fun and food memories. If you’re used to having delightful evenings of fun with friends, adding a fondue pot into the mix can brighten everyone’s spirits. Maybe you’ve never tried fondue, or you’ve enjoyed raclette in the past and want to bring a taste of authentic Swiss cuisine into your home.

No matter your reasons for wanting a fondue pot, the Swissmar Lausanne 11 Piece Copper Fondue Set can tempt your tastebuds. You’ll love the unique color and style of this gorgeous fondue set. This set is much more portable than other models because it works with a sterno as its heat source, meaning you can easily put it anywhere from your kitchen to your coffee table.

Get ready for a memorable night of delicious treats with a great fondue set. 

What Should I Look For?

Pot Materials 

Different fondue sets have different uses. The main part of any fondue set is the pot. The caquelon can be made of various materials like stainless steel, clay, or ceramic. The stand the pot sits on is called a rechard and uses a tea light, sterno canister, or electricity as fuel to heat the pot.

Fuel Source

When selecting your pot and fuel source, you should consider what you’re planning on cooking. For a more versatile fondue experience, look for a large pot that has a non-stick coating so you can use it in multiple ways. 

If you’re confident in your ability to cook over an open flame with little temperature control, don’t feel the need to limit yourself to electricity. If you’re planning on dedicating your pot to a specific type of fondue, like dessert, tea lights and porcelain might be perfect.

Best Fondue Sets Based on Ingredients

  • Cheese: Cheese fondue pots are usually made of clay. They are flat on the bottom with a wide mouth that allows for multiple people dipping into it easily. These pots work best with electricity or sternos because tea lights don’t generate enough heat to keep the cheese from solidifying after it’s been melted.
  • Broth: These metal pots are typically made of stainless steel, cast iron, or copper. They’re built with high heat in mind so you can boil water or simmer oil at high temperatures without having to be concerned that it will break.
  • Chocolate: Chocolate fondue pots require low temperatures so they can be made from plenty of different materials like earthenware, ceramic, or tempered glass.

Types of Pots

  • Metal Pots: Best for high-temperature cooking, metal pots are primarily for your main meal. They can be used to deep fry batters and are great for Asian hot pot cuisine. If you’re looking for a versatile pot that can do it all, this is a great option.
  • Ceramic Pots: These pots are best for cooking at low temperatures. They can wipe clean easily, so they’re great for melting cheese and chocolate.
  • Electric Pots: Electric pots are the easiest pots to use because they are either standalone electric pots or fondue pots that you’ll need to heat on an electric cooktop. Since they’re typically made of metal, they’re great for boiling water and heating oil. They usually have a non-stick surface, which is perfect for tempering chocolate or melting cheese. Since all you have to do is plug them in and select your temperature, they’re great for beginners.