The Best Gas Grills Under $500

    Last Updated on July 18, 2020


    Whether the days are warm or cold, long or short, it’s always a great time to grill.

    There’s just something about food cooked over an open flame that seems to warm the heart and bring people together.

    We’ve taken a long, hard look at the best grills available right now and have narrowed our list down to three of the best grills available for less than $500. Keep reading for a closer look at our choices and why they might be a good fit for your next cookout.

    In A Rush? Check Out the Weber Spirit E310 Grill

    • Three stainless steel burners put out 32,000 BTU-per-hour
    • 424 -square inch of cooking area and 105 -square inch for warming
    • Electronic Crossover ignition system

    The Weber Spirit E310 Grill is the grill to get if you’re looking to spend less than $500.

    The Spirit E310 has plenty of space to grill for your family or a crowd. It cranks up quick thanks to an electronic ignition system. And can imbue your next creation with just the right grilling flavors thanks to Weber’s Flavorizer bars.

    3 Best Grills for Under $500 Reviews


    If you really want a serious grill, that can cook for a crowd, the Weber Spirit E310 Grill is a great option.

    With over 400 square inches of cooking spaces and another 105 square inches for warming, the Spirit E310 has enough space to cook for a large group or just a few friends. Porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates make clean up easy and provide long term durability.

    An electronic ignition system can start all three burners quickly and easily. 32,000 BTUs provide plenty of power for cooking a variety of dishes.

    This grill has been built with air and heat circulation in mind. The shape of the grill’s interior combined with a set of well placed vents come together to optimize air flow when cooking at both high and low temperatures and direct or indirect cooking.

    Weber has also built in a series of Flavorizer bars to help infuse flavor into foods as they’re cooked.


    • 424 square inches of cooking space and an additional 105 square inches for warming
    • 32,000 BTUs of power
    • Electronic ignition system
    • plug
      Built-in Flavorizer bars


    • check
      Plenty of space to cook for a crowd
    • check
      Flavorizer system adds flavor to foods
    • check
      Propane tank conceals in cabinet below grill
    • check
      Durable, easy to clean stainless exterior


    • Price may be a bit high for some buyers


    For those that really want to get back to the roots of grilling, a well built charcoal grill that’s capable of both indirect and direct cooking is the way to go. Nothing flavors a good steak or set of ribs like slow burning charcoal.

    The PK Grill The Original Smoker provides the great flavor in a simple package with plenty of space. Made of hand poured, heavy cast aluminum this grill is capable of holding temperatures both high and low for long periods of time—something that’s vital to getting your next cookout just right.

    With around 300 square inches of cooking space, The Original Smoker has plenty of space for a smaller gathers or families. Four adjustable vents allow for lots of ventilation and adjustability while cooking.


    • 310 square inches of cooking space
    • Made from heavy cast aluminum for maximum durability and heat retention
    • Tried-and-true design that has endured since the 1950s
    • Large side shelf for storage and food prep


    • check
      Very durable design
    • check
      Retains heat very well
    • check
      Simple design looks great and is easy to maintain


    • May be too simple for some users


    Can’t decide between propane and charcoal?

    Each has its own set of benefits. While propane takes no time at all to fire up and start grilling, charcoal can add flavor that simply can’t be matched.

    The Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal/LP Gas/Smoker Combo gives you the best of both worlds. On the left is a classic offset smoker that can cook up your favorite barbeque dishes low and slow, plus do some searing in the firebox.

    While on the right, you’ll find a propane grill that can quickly cook up a few hamburgers or chicken breasts for your family. To really make things interesting, this grill also has a side burner to help keep things warm or make a side dish or two.

    Collectively, this grill has over 1000 square inches of cooking space. The propane grill has three 12,000 BTU burners that can provide lots of heat for searing meats. The firebox on the charcoal has 310 square inches of cooking space for direct charcoal grilling.

    Like all Oklahoma Joe’s grills and smokers, this unit is made of thick, durable steel, promising many years of service.


    • 1,060 square inches of total cooking space
    • Heavy-duty, all steel build
    • 36,000 total BTUs of grilling power on propane grill


    • Can use both propane and charcoal
    • Durable, long lasting build quality
    • Lots of ventilation in the offset smoker


    • Grill is very big overall and may be hard for some to store
    • Having both propane and charcoal could be confusing for some users

    Final Verdict: The Best Grill Under $500

    For less than $500, it’s hard to go wrong with the Weber Spirit E310 Grill. The Weber Spirit has plenty of space and power with over 400 square inches of room and 32,000 BTUs of power between three burners.


    For most users, propane is just easier to use and with the Spirit E310’s electronic start and Flavorizer bars, this grill is very simple to start and add those grilling flavors many love. This grill is also well built and promises years of grilling service back by Weber’s trusted name.


    If you’re in the market for a grill and don’t want to spend more than $500, be sure to check out the Weber Spirit E310 Grill.