Top 7 Best Indoor Grills For Easy Cooking

    Last Updated on August 15, 2020

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    Key Features

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      Extremely versatile (5-in-1 functionality)
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      Adjustable temperature selector knobs
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      Equipped with a grease tray
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      Removable non-stick plates
    • Indicator lights for easy monitoring and enhanced safety

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    Barbeque weekends are NO LONGER a preserve for homesteaders. You can NOW enjoy the fun of outdoor barbeques with family and friends, from the comfort of your city apartment!

    With the emergence of indoor grills, your barbeques do not have to stop. These indoor appliances cook mouth-watering meals that have the taste and flavor of chops and steaks seared by an outdoor grill. Moreover, they have highly advanced features, which are specifically designed to help you achieve the ultimate barbequing experience.

    After hours of searing and grilling, we have finally found the top 7 best indoor grills you should consider for your home. Our top pick is the Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler, thanks to its versatility and ease of use.


    Here are the best electric indoor grills you can buy:

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    7+ Best Indoor Grills and Griddles

    1. Our Best Overall Choice - Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler

    We cannot talk about the best indoor grills without mentioning the Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler. If you are a firm believer in buying multi-purpose appliances for your kitchen, then this grill by Cuisinart should top your shopping list this year.

    The grill essentially works as a full grill and griddle, half grill and griddle, contact grill and a Panini press. It is highly popular with foodies, given that it can cook a wide range of delicacies seamlessly.

    What we loved the most about this grill/griddle is that it features a Panini-style handle that you can use to adjust the grill depending on the thickness of the food. This means you can use it to grill any type of food without worrying about it getting burnt.

    What is even more exciting is that you can control the heat by adjusting the temperatures accordingly.

    Moreover, if you loathe washing the dishes like most of us, you don’t have to fret about cleaning this 5-in-1 griddler. After all, the grill features removable non-stick plates, and an integrated tray that are both dishwasher-friendly.

    The best part is that this grill by Cuisinart comes with gourmet recipes that you can use to learn how to prepare some of your favorite grilled delicacies. With all these at your disposal, how much more can you ask for?


    Multi-purpose functionality
    Multi-purpose functionality
    Free gourmet recipes


    Not ideal for very thick steak and foods

    2. Runner Up - T-Fal GC702 OptiGrill

    Are you having a hard time grilling thick chunks of meat and burger patties on your current indoor grill? Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade.

    The T-Fal GC702 is an electric indoor grill designed for thicker cuts of meat that regular grills cannot handle. The unit is extremely versatile, and it tells you whether your chops ought to be rare, medium or well done, depending on the thickness of the cuts.

    Moreover, this indoor grill has an automatic cooking sensor that detects the thickness and number of food items on the grill plate, for high-precision cooking.

    It also features six different cooking programs for sandwich, burgers, poultry, red meat, fish and pork. Whether you want to grill your chops for a sandwich or a burger, all you have to do is to press on the multi-colored dial located on the lid to select your preferred choice.

    Well, that’s not all….

    What is more exciting is that a recipe book is included in the package. You can use the book to prepare and cook delicious meals like a professional chef!

    You also don’t have to monitor your food every few minutes. The T-Fal GC-702 indoor grill comes equipped with indicator lights that display the progress of the cooking process. The griller will also beep once your food is ready.

    As far as cleaning is concerned, the grill comes with removable non-stick grill plates that are durable and very easy to clean. You can hand-wash the plates or dump them in your dishwasher.

    Looking for burger press? Check out our list of the best in the market today.


    Large cooking space measuring 100 square inches
    Automatic thickness measures
    Equipped with six cooking programs


    Can only cook 4 servings at a time

    If you’ve ever wondered why some grills are rectangular while others are circular, then the MaxiMatic EMG-980 Elite Gourmet indoor grill is here to give you an answer.

    Well, a circular grill is able to retain and distribute heat more evenly compared to other types of grills. The MaxiMatic EMG-980 indoor grill has a circular design and it features a circular heating element, for fast and fair heat distribution.

    Moreover, this indoor grill comes with FIVE adjustable temperature controls up to 450 degrees, for the perfect cooking experience. The fact that it has a non-stick grill plate means that you will never have to contend with your food sticking on the grill ever again.

    Despite the heat, this grill is extremely safe. The cool-touch base and handles go a long way to prevent nasty burns and scalds.

    Interestingly, you do not have to worry about gaining unnecessary weight from eating grilled, greasy foods. The grill has a drip tray that collects all the fatty liquids and juices from your food, ensuring that you always enjoy healthy, low-fat meals with every barbeque.

    When it comes to cleaning your grill, well, it has never been easier. All parts of the electric grill, including the nonstick plate and drip tray, are easily removable, for fast cleanups.


    All parts are detachable for easy cleaning
    Cool-touch safety base and handles
    Extremely affordable and it comes with a 1-year warranty


    Relatively small

    Have you ever imagined how great it would be if you could grill your chops perfectly without having to open the lid every few minutes?

     Well, the Delonghi BG24 does exactly that! As its name suggests, this unit is the ideal indoor grill for barbeque enthusiasts who love to cook their meals to perfection.

    The grill features a tempered glass lid and an embedded grill plate that keep all the meaty flavors and juices within, while distributing heat throughout the grill – for the perfect cooking results.

    But that’s not all…

    This indoor grill by Delonghi has one of the largest cooking surfaces. This makes it ideal for use when hosting family get-together barbeques and large parties. Furthermore, the grill has the capacity to reach up to 450-degrees, thanks to its easily adjustable thermostat.

    If you are worried about the extreme heat when heating, allow us to dispel your fears. The Delonghi BG24 indoor grill features an indicator that shows when the unit is heating up, and it comes with cool-touch handles that prevent your fingers from burns.

    Interestingly, you do not have to worry about clean-ups after your barbeque party. This grill has a non-stick plate and tray that are very easy to clean. You just need to wipe the surface with a damp cloth to clean it. How great is that?


    Removable non-stick plate and tray for easy cleaning
    Tempered glass lid keeps food hot
    Distributed heat evenly


    Takes time to preheat

    5. Best for Searing - Hamilton Beach 25361 Indoor Grill

    Hamilton Beach 25361 is a grill that brings the outdoor barbeque experience indoors. This electric searing grill is not only simple and easy to use, but also highly efficient as far as cooking tasty food that has the flavor of an outdoor barbecue.

    As if that is not enough, the grill is capable of searing foods at temperatures of up to 450 degrees. You can easily raise or lower the heat accordingly using the adjustable dial that comes with the grill.

    But wait, there’s more…

     This indoor barbeque appliance has a preheat light and a power button light that indicates when the grill has reached the ideal temperature for grilling your favorite meals. You no longer have to guess!

    Moreover, you can use the viewing window to keep an eye on your food without necessarily having to lift the hood. The hood, on the other hand, retains heat, flavors and juices inside the cooking space, thus ensuring that your chops remain as tasty as ever.

    Cleaning the Hamilton Beach grill has never been easier. Like all grills on this list, this unit is dishwasher-friendly, and comes with a removable, non-stick cook plate and a detachable drip tray.


    Adjustable temperature dials
    Viewing window and hood
    Searing capability


    You have to soak the cooking grid to clean the non-stick plate efficiently

    6. Best Value for Money - George Foreman GRP1060B Indoor Grill

    The George Foreman GRP1060B is an indoor grill designed for those who would love to barbeque, but still keep an eye on their weight.

    The grill features a fat-removing sloped surface that is capable of dripping up to 42 percent of fat from your steaks and chops, for delicious fat-free meals.

    What is even more amazing is that the unit has one of the fastest heating times. It can reach up to 400 degrees in less than 4 minutes!

    The grill also comes with upgraded heating elements that not only distribute heat evenly, but also preheat the grill 35 percent faster, thereby cooking meals in about 10 minutes. This translates to more meals in less time.

    In addition, this George Foreman grill has a very large cooking surface that measures 60 square inches. With this, you can cook up to 4 servings at a time, and remain with sufficient space for veggies and side dishes.

    Another noticeable feature is that the grill has removable plates that are dishwasher-friendly, for easy cleanups. Furthermore, the non-stick grill plate features a double coating that is three times as durable as previous models.

    So, if you are searching for an indoor contact grill that offers true value for your money, then look no further than the George Foreman GRP1060B Indoor Grill.


    Fat-removing sloped surface
    Fast heating times
    Dishwasher safe removable plates


    Does not have temperature controls

    7. Best for Large Families - Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle

    The Presto 07061 is a basic electric griddle designed to make your indoor barbeques to be just as fun as the outdoor experience. This tabletop grill features a large non-stick cooking surface that is adequate to prepare meals for the entire family.

    Moreover, the grill heats up fast, and it comes with automatic temperature controls that help maintain the desired heat until your food is ready. These upgraded heating elements coupled with the large cooking surface go a long way to save on time and increase the cooking accuracy.

    The fact that the griddle does not have a lid, could be a bother to some people, but this is also a blessing in disguise. Without the lid, you can monitor the progress of your cooking as you take in the appetizing aromas emanating from your meal.

    Interestingly, cooking does not stop in the kitchen. This electric grill has two removable handles that you can use to carry it to the table for onsite cooking. With this, you can keep your food warm and serve your meals directly from the grill onto your plate.

    Furthermore, the removable handles along with the slid out tray makes it extremely easy to clean the grill after cooking. You can also immerse the grill in water or a dishwasher for thorough cleaning.

    In terms of durability, this grill features a heavy cast aluminum base that does not warp, and it can withstand knocks and accidental drops.

    More on the best electric griddles here.


    Automatic temperature control
    Non-stick plate with removable handles
    Slide-out drip tray


    The grill does not have a lid

    Final Verdict

    Cuisinart GR-4N

    Do you want to know what our top pick is? We bet you do!

     After testing all these top-rated, high-quality indoor grills, we did not hesitate to go for the Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler as the best indoor grill.

    Besides its sleek design, this indoor grill stands out from the rest, simply because it can serve more than FIVE functions in the kitchen – It can work as a full grill, half grill, contact grill, searing grill, and a Panini press.

    Moreover, the grill comes equipped with adjustable temperature controls, for the perfect cooking experience. It is also very easy to clean, thanks to its removable, non-stick plates, and an integrated tray that are both dishwasher-friendly.

    In a nutshell, here the reasons you should pick this indoor grill:

    • Extremely versatile (5-in-1 functionality)
    • Adjustable temperature selector knobs
    • Equipped with a grease tray
    • Removable non-stick plates
    • Indicator lights for easy monitoring and enhanced safety

    Considering all these amazing features, how much more can you ask for! Go ahead and place your order for endless barbeques every weekend.

    How to Choose the Best Indoor Grill

    With so many options of electric grills to choose from, selecting the most ideal indoor grill can be a tough nut to crack. Thankfully, we are here to help. Below are a few points that you should consider when buying an indoor grill for your home.

    Size of the grill

    The size of the grill matters if you have a large family. Most indoor grills have a cooking plate that measures 60 to 200 sq. inches. This is sufficient for grilling food for a family of four.

    However, if you are hosting a party, or have a larger family, you may have to grill your food in batches.

    Temperature Control

    Go for a grill that has a temperature control feature. This will help you achieve the ideal heat required to grill different types of food. 

    Heat distribution

    When shopping for an indoor grill, make sure it is capable of retaining and distributing heat evenly, for high-precision cooking. This will ensure that your food cooks to perfection.

    Grill safety

    While barbeques can be fun, indoor grills may pose a serious safety concern if not handled correctly.

    You should, therefore, choose a grill that has safety handles and automatic shut-off switches to prevent burns and accidental fires. The grill should also contain status indicators (beeps and lights) that show when the unit is heating up, or when it is ready for use.

    Non-stick plates

    Most indoor grills come with non-stick plates. These plates ensure that you will never have to contend with your food sticking on the grill every time you cook.

    Detachable parts

    A grill that has detachable parts is easier to clean and maintain. You can dismantle the grill and wash it in a dishwasher before assembling the parts again.

    Grease tray

    Grilling normally releases plenty of fluids and fats from your food. However, consuming these fats could be dangerous to your health. With this in mind, you are advised to buy an indoor grill that has a grease tray, where the excess fats from grilled food collect.