9 Best Induction Cooktops To Buy in 2020 For Your Kitchen

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    Key Features

      Loaded with Safety features

    PotSense automatically recognizes pans

    Home Connect Wi-Fi enabled

    It has 17 power levels

    The SpeedBoost function

    FlexInduction cooking zone combines 2 zones into 1

    using an induction cooktop

    The induction cooktop. It’s the fancier cousin of the glass range top. An electric cooking surface that is attractive, easy to clean and super safe. Many chefs and parents are ditching their old gas or electric cook tops because the induction cooktop is a time saver and is highly efficient and cooks evenly.

    There are some things you should know about induction cooktops before you buy. This information will allow you to better understand the reasons induction cooktops are great, and a couple of reasons they aren’t so great.

    First, induction cooktops are really fast. Because they use an electromagnetic field to create heat, you’ll find that these cooktops get hot and cook foods quicker than other cooktops. This is a great time saver, but if you’re new to using an induction cooktop, you’ll need to keep an eye on your foods, until you’re comfortable with how it works.

    Second, while these cooktops do get hot, they are much safer than other cooktops. These cooktops pass heat through magnetic cookware, so when the pot or pan is removed from the cooktop, the top will cool, but initially it will be hot. Parents like the induction cooktop because without a pan on the burner, the surface is cool, which is safer if you’ve got kids in the house.

    Third, you do need to know that you can’t cook with just any old pan or pot on an induction cooktop. You will need magnetic cookware which will help create the electromagnetic field necessary for an induction cooktop to work. If you’re not ready to invest in a new set of cookware, this might not be the right pick for you.

    Finally, that induction cooktop and its electromagnetic field will mess with digital thermometers. If you are using an electric oven thermometer or digital meat thermometer, you’ll need to switch to an analog version for reliable results.

    With all of that said, an induction cooktop is a versatile option for your kitchen. One of the nice things about induction cooktops is that they come with a variety of options and in a range of sizes. They are a great option for small kitchens and many people like induction cooktops in their RV or camper.

    You can even find single burner induction cooktops that are perfect for keeping dishes warm while entertaining. They are a safe, and reliable way to warm foods on a buffet without having a hot surface to worry about.

    But, if you’re looking for an induction cooktop, you’ve probably realized that there are a number of options on the market today. There are so many options out there that it can be challenging to find the right one for your particular needs.

    Realizing this, we decided to do our own research and create a list of the nine best induction cooktops on the market today. We tested, and cooked, and boiled water, we even spilled sticky stuff and let stuff get cooked on the cooktop, all so we could find the best induction cooktops. We even read tons of user reviews to help us make our list.

    We then put together a buyer’s guide to help you make the best choice for your kitchen or cooking needs

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    Top 9 Best Induction Cooktops Reviews

    1. Best Overall – Bosch Benchmark Induction Cooktop with Home Connect


    The Wi-Fi enabled control
    Versatile heating options
    Has a hot surface warning light
    Safety features including Childlock


    Controls can be sensitive at first
    Short warranty


      • Size: 36-Inch
      • Number of Heating Elements: 5
      • Materials: Glass
      • Watts: Up to 3,700 Watts each

    The Bosch Benchmark induction cooktop features five burners under a glass surface. The electromagnetic induction operation of this cooktop allows you to cook foods quicker and have a safer kitchen. We think that one of the best features of this cooktop is the SpeedBoost feature that allows you to heat foods quicker than you would normally. Also the Bosch Benchmark features the ability to link two elements for cooking in larger pots and pans.

    This cooktop has some features that we think set it apart from other induction cooktops. We really love the childlock feature that protects the cooktop from being turned on accidentally. And the Wi-Fi connectivity of this cooktop is an awesome way to keep control of your cooktop, if you have to step away from the kitchen.

    Bosch has long been known to produce high quality kitchen appliances. This one is no different. It is a great combination of functionality and convenience that we loved.

    Wrapping up

    Our pick for the best induction cooktop, the Bosch Benchmark is an awesome product that is both easy to use and attractive in your kitchen. For the price, you really cannot find a better induction cooktop for your home.

    2. Runner up – GE Induction Cooktop


    Sleek looking easy to clean surface
    Very quick heating
    Easy to use controls with a timer and child lock
    Has a hot surface warning light


    Wi-Fi wireless feature not great
    Some burners can randomly turn off


      • Size: 30-Inch
      • Number of Heating Elements: 4
      • Materials: Ceramic and Glass
      • Watts: 10,500 total watts

    Our runner up for the best induction cooktop is the 30” induction cooktop from GE. This cooktop features four electromagnetic induction elements, with an easy to clean glass top. This is another attractive cooktop, and we like the four multi-sized elements that allow you to perfectly fit a range of pan types on the burners.

    This cooktop features a cook timer that will automatically turn off a burner when the set time is up. This saved us from over cooking foods, which we found to be a great feature. We also really liked the hot surface warning light, so you don’t accidentally touch our set objects on the cooktop before its cooled.

    This cooktop is more affordably priced. This cooktop came in second, because we missed having a fifth burner. While this is a great cooktop, five burners would have been nice.

    3. Best Budget – Empava Induction Cooktop


    Great value at a budget price
    Versatile 9 heat level settings
    Easy to use controls with a timer
    Has a hot surface warning light


    Not as easy to keep clean
    Short warranty


      • Size: 30-Inch
      • Number of Heating Elements: 4
      • Materials: Ceramic and tempered glass
      • Watts: 8,000 watts total

    Coming in at just around $500, our pick for the best budget induction cooktop is the Empava 4 element built-in cooktop. For the money, we couldn’t ask for a better option. This cooktop heated up quickly and then nine heat settings were perfect for a variety of foods. This cooktop was easy to clean after boil overs and we didn’t even have too much problem getting up foods that got cooked on.

    One of the cool features of this cooktop is that burners heat to the size of your pot. Even if you set a small pot on the largest burner, it will only heat enough of the burner for the small pot. This cooktop also has a hot surface indicator which we liked for added safety and convenience.

    4. Best Variable Heat – Ancona Induction Cooktop


    Distinctive easy-to-use touch controls
    9 Cooking heat levels
    Quickly reaches high temperatures
    Has a timer (auto-delay shut-off) function


    NO hot surface warning light


      • Size: 36-Inch
      • Number of Heating Elements: 5
      • Materials: Black glass ceramic with metal body
      • Watts: 18,700

    This attractive five burner option from Acona is our pick for the best variable heat induction cooktop. Of the cooktops we reviewed we found that this one had the best temperature control options. This cooktop has variable heat settings and a timer feature that will automatically shut off, or start a burner after the set time.

    We did like the five burners on this cooktop that gave nice versatility for a variety of pot sizes. This cook top like others also features a child lock feature for added safety. However, this cooktop doesn’t have a hot surface warning light, which we think is an important safety feature for induction cooktops.

    5. Best to Keep Clean – Frigidaire Gallery Electric Built-in Induction Stove


    Great value to price ratio
    The auto-sizing pan detection feature
    Good even heat distribution
    Easy to clean off


    Controls can be sensitive at first
    Short warranty


      • Size: 36-Inch
      • Number of Heating Elements: 5
      • Materials: Black Vitroceramic Glass
      • Watts: 1800-3800 watts each

    All the cooktops that we have on this list are the best out of all other products sold in the market, thus the Frigidaire FGIC3066TB is no exception. This electric cooktop has the feature to auto adjust the size of the heat based on the size of the pan. It’s auto adjusting pan detection feature is great because you can use pans with varying sizes.

    From its brand, the cooktop is durable. The surface uses vitroceramic glass that will protect it from scratches or cracks resulting from constant contact with pots and pans. It’s designed to be user-friendly that If you’ve used an induction cooktop before, then you’ll feel right at home when using this Frigidaire product.

    6. Best Value – Summit Appliance Built-In Induction Cooktop and Cookware Set


    Smooth classy cooktop
    Easy to use touch controls
    10 power levels
    Complimentary 7-piece cooktop set is included


    Not as powerful
    Short warranty


      • Size: 31-Inch
      • Number of Heating Elements: 4
      • Materials: Smooth Schott Ceran ceramic surface and glass
      • Watts: 6,200 total watts

    If you are new to using an induction cooktop, one of the things you’ll need to invest in is a set of pots that will work with the electromagnet cook surface. Our pick for the best value cooktop is the Summit 4-burner induction cooktop with cookware.

    We liked the attractive styling of this cooktop. It was also relatively efficient at cooking the foods we threw at it. However, we did find that this cooktop is a bit slower to heat up than others. The cookware set was OK. We didn’t find it to be the best quality cookware, but when it came to getting started the set had everything we needed, and did the job.

    The Summit cooktop was plenty versatile for the price, and did have some of the safety features that we like on induction cooktops, including a hot surface indicator.

    7. Best Wi-Fi Enabled – Samsung Induction Cooktop with FlexZone


    The virtual flame LED lights
    You can remotely monitor with Wi-Fi connectivity
    Digital and analog controls
    Easy to clean fingerprint resistant finish


    Cooktop touch controls can be sensitive
    Short warranty


      • Size: 36-inch
      • Number of Heating Elements: 5
      • Materials: Glass
      • Watts: 15,000 total watts

    Samsung is quickly becoming a name known for quality kitchen appliances. This induction cooktop is no exception. This fast heating induction cooktop was one of the most attractive we tested. We like the removable stainless steel knobs that allow you to operate the cooktop in analog or digital form. The cooktop when on, looks like it has a gas flame below the pans, which we thought was a cool feature.

    Obviously, Samsung is also known for its electronics, so it’s no surprise that the Wi-Fi connectivity for this induction cooktop was the best we found. It was easy to use, and allows you to easily monitor what you’re cooking from your smartphone.

    8. Best Versatility – True Induction Electric Built-in Induction Cooktop Stove


    A simple user interface with EZ touch controls
    Very energy efficient
    Easy to clean
    Numerous safety features including child safety controls


    All elements are same size
    It requires 240VAC 60hz wiring


      • Size: 30-inch
      • Number of Heating Elements: 4
      • Materials: Black ceramic glass surface
      • Watts: 7400 Watts

    Our pick for the most versatile induction cooktop is the True Induction 4-burner built-in cooktop. This four burner cooktop is super easy to use, and has one of the most intuitive digital controls that we tested. This cooktop gives you four burners that can easily fit multiple large pans.

    This cooktop heated up quickly and did a fantastic job of cooking foods evenly, and without burning. This cooktop features a child lock for added safety and was one of the easiest to clean. We didn’t love that this cooktop required a 240V connection. This is not necessarily standard in many kitchens, and may require the assistance of an electrician to install.

    9. Best High End – Viking Professional 5 Series Induction Cooktop


    The CoolLit blue LED lights illuminate cook zones
    MagneQuick induction elements work flawlessly
    Long lasting materials
    Large 9-inch induction elements provide plenty of heat


    Only a 2 year warranty
    It’s pricey


      • Size: 36-Inch
      • Number of Heating Elements: 6
      • Materials: Stainless Steel & TransMetallic ceramic
      • Watts: 13,800 total Watts

    Finally, if you want to take your kitchen game up a notch, then consider our pick for the best high-end induction cooktop, the Viking Professional 5 Series, 6-burner cooktop.

    This cooktop is all the things we love about Viking appliances. It has six versatile heating zones. Each heating zone is 9-inches, to provide plenty of heat for even your largest stew-pots. This cooktop does have analog operations, which might be a downside for some users, but we liked the simple operation, and the attractive look of the control panel.

    This cooktop doesn’t have some of the safety features of other cooktops, but the CoolLit LED lights do tell you when cooking zones are on, which is a nice feature. Our biggest complaint? The price is high for this cooktop, but it is a Viking, so you are really paying for one of the best appliance names on the market.

    Final Verdict

    BoschCheck Price on Amazon


    Our pick for the best induction cooktop is the Bosch Benchmark Induction Cooktop. It was an easy to use cooktop with some nice added features that made cooking fun. It heated up quickly and cooked evenly. And, when we were done, it was easy to clean.

    An induction cooktop is a great way to add safety and speed to your kitchen. Thanks to electromagnetic operation induction cooktops heat up fast, and are cool to the touch until pots are added. They are a great appliance for families and for busy chefs that want a reliable way to make a great meal.

    How to Choose the Best Induction Cooktop


    You will find that most induction cooktops are glass. Glass allows for an easy pass through of the electromagnetic field that makes induction cooktops work. The glass is going to be borosilicate or another tough, heat resistant glass.

    You will find some variability in the materials outside of the glass cooktop. Many induction cooktops have stainless steel bodies, which is a great long lasting material, and it handles heat well. Some induction cooktops will have turn knobs to control the heat. We did find that these came in plastic, chrome coated plastic or stainless steel. Our preference was the stainless steel, since it is a bit more durable.

    Ease of Use

    In general, you’ll find that induction cooktops are pretty easy to use. You don’t have to worry about learning how to start up a gas source or installing coil burners. However, many induction cooktops today have digital operation, with a variety of temperature options.

    Our recommendation is that you check out the user’s manuals on-line before you buy. The user’s manual will give you a good idea of how the cooktop works, and whether the operation is straightforward or not.

    We did like the induction cooktops that had preset options for boiling water or melting butter, a larger range of heat settings, and a keep warm option. However, these “convenience” options also made basic tasks a bit more complicated until we figured out the ins and outs of each range.

    You can find induction cooktops with the basic, high, low, and medium settings, which for some cooks is more than enough.


    Induction cooktops come in a few styles. Depending on your application, you’ll want to find the right one for your needs.

      • Built-in – This option is for the kitchen that has a cooktop separate from the oven. Built-in options are made to set into your countertop, and become a permanent part of your kitchen. These range in size from just a couple of burners to five or more burners, depending on your needs. You may also want a built-in option for installing in your RV or camper.
      • Range – If your kitchen doesn’t have space for an oven separate from your cooktop, then you’ll want to consider a range. These induction cooktops also have an oven. The oven is not induction, and functions just like a regular electric oven.
      • Portable – These are great for dorm rooms, camping without a camper, or using for entertaining. Portable induction cooktops are usually one or two burners and basic controls that allow you to cook simple foods or keep foods warm when you’re away from your stove.


    You won’t find a ton of features on most induction cooktops, but there are some handy convenience features that you might want to look for.

      • Digital Display – This makes reading your induction cooktop easy, and digital displays are generally push button operated, so there’s no knobs to work around.
      • Timers – This is a nice option included with some digital induction cooktops. You can set a timer to cook for a particular amount of time, then the burner turns off or to warm.
      • Auto-off Function – A great safety feature to keep pots from burning or boiling dry.
      • Presets – Look for fun preset options like boil water, melt butter, sauté, simmer and keep warm. These are more likely found on your built-in cooktops, but we did find a few electric portable stove with these options too.

    Number of Burners

    When it comes to the number of burners, you really want to select what you think you need and what fits in your space. Larger built-in cooktops can have five or six different burners in different sizes. This makes cooking large meals much easier.

    However not everyone needs six burners. Portable induction cooktops are generally one or two burners, and if you are looking for a compact version for your RV or camper, you’ll likely want two to four burners.