7 Best Instant Pots of 2020 – Why They Are Worth Buying!

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    Last Updated on November 27, 2020



    Key Features

     48 total customizable present options

     6-quart capacity

     18/8 stainless steel pot

     1200 watts

     9 functions

    Duo Evo Plus

    Instant Pots are a type of pressure cooker and slow cooker that can create meals almost effortlessly, saving you valuable time during your busy workweek. They can be used similarly to a slow cooker, with all ingredients placed in the central pot for one-step cooking.

    They can be used in many additional ways, including as a rice cooker, steamer, and yogurt maker. You can even start by slow-cooking some ingredients before adding more ingredients for a pressure-cooked final step. When the meal is complete, it’s easy to clean the pot by just taking out the inner metal pot and placing it in the dishwasher.

    Instant Pot temperatures and times are easy to control, and many include extra features like Wi-Fi connectivity and preset cooking options. They are safer than ever, due to overheating protection and lids that seal for safety.

    The best Instant Pots heat up quickly, are easy to use, and have great features that make life easier. The best overall Instant Pot is the Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus 6-Quart, which is the perfect size for most families and has a great blend of features. It heats up quickly due to its newer heating technology and has plenty of preset cooking options.

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    Top 7 Best Instant Pot Reviews

    1. Best Overall – Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus 6-Quart


     Far more preset options than other models
     Fast heat-up time and cooking speed
     Clear display and cook status bar
     Excellent sauté capabilities


      Slightly more expensive than other, similar-sized models


      • 48 total customizable present options
      • 6-quart capacity
      • 18/8 stainless steel pot
      • 1200 watts
      • 9 functions

    The Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus is one of the newest Instant Pot models, and its superior technology shows in its cooking power and features. It has fast-heating steaming, baking, warming, and rice-cooking features to make mealtime easy. It also can be used as a sterilizer for families needing to clean bottles and other baby essentials.

    Its display is uniquely designed to give clear status updates as the pot heats up and cooks. Use the preset options to tell the pot how and when to cook meats, vegetables, and side dishes without guesswork. You can even proof bread using the preset options.

    The vents at the top are arranged for optimal safety, and the electronic sensors inside help prevent the cooker from overheating. The cookware grade inner pot can even be used on gas and electric stoves if you need to put the finishing touches on a dish.

    The interior has been improved for optimal sauté function, and it can even cook desserts sous vide. Since it serves up to 6 people, it’s easy to use as a one-pot solution for both sides and main dishes. It’s a cutting-edge and fast-heating model that can meet the needs of almost any home cook.

    2. Runner up – Instant Pot Duo Plus 6-Quart


     Safe and reliable features
     Easy clean up
     Dishwasher-safe and cookware-grade insert
     Fingerprint-resistant stainless steel


     Less customizable than similar models 
     Lower wattage and slower to heat up


      • 9 different cook functions
      • 15 one-touch presets
      • 18/8 stainless steel pot with 3-ply bottom
      • Measures approximately 13.4” by 12.2” by 12.5”

    Although not as new as the Duo Evo Plus, the Duo Plus is a high-quality pressure cooker with all the modern touches you need to cook healthy meals fast. It has the same overall functions, giving cooks flexibility as they explore new recipes and techniques. The screen shows the remaining cook time, function, mode, and other key details with large font and clear graphics.

    The Duo Plus is all-around safe and reliable and can handle everything from delicate fish filets to roasted potatoes. Use the variety of preset options for faster management of time, temperature, and pressure settings. It doesn’t have as many presets, but for cooks who only need the basics, this model does the trick.

    It’s also available in 3-quart and 8-quart sizes for even more options. Use the 3-quart option for two-person meals or desserts, and use the 8-quart size for family get-togethers. You can cook a whole chicken and a side in the 8-quart size, making it a winning investment for busy moms and dads.

    Clean up is fast and easy thanks to the removable, dishwasher-safe pot inside. Whether you’re an experienced chef or a brand-new Instant Pot enthusiast, this model is a solid all-around option for delicious and healthy meals.

    3. Best Budget – Instant Pot Duo 6-Quart


      Incredibly budget-friendly
      Precise temperature controls and presets
     User-friendly design and safety features


     Does not have easy steam release feature like other models
     Fewer functions and features


      • Measures approximately 13.4” by 12.2” by 12.5”
      • High-quality 18/8 stainless steel
      • 7 functions
      • 14 built-in cooking programs
      • 1000 watts

    If you’re on a tight budget, the basic Duo model is a solid investment that can provide reliable cooking for years. It even has many of the safe safety features as other models. Despite being slightly older, it has an ergonomic lid design that is convenient for both left- and right-handed users.

    It can handle roasted beef, poultry, pork, and even fish with its precise temperature and pressure settings. It has enough settings for delicious meals with minimal effort, even though the price point is lower than other models. This model is a worthwhile investment for young professionals or growing families who want to try new things without buying tons of kitchen equipment.

    Since it serves up to 6 people, it’s great for families on a budget or young couples wanting no-fuss meal prep. The removable inner pot is machine-washable and durable enough to be used on a regular basis and for special occasions.

    It’s also excellent for young college graduates wanting to experiment with inexpensive new dishes. Since Instant Pots are great at sealing in flavor, they can be used to try new international dishes without having to order delivery. You can find thousands of recipes online that are tailored to work with multiple Instant Pot models.

    4. Best For Singles and Couples – Instant Pot Duo Mini 3-Quart


      Uses less power than larger models
     Convenient and portable size
     Same safety features and durable design


      3-quart size may be a little small for some households


      • 11 one-touch cooking presets
      • 7 kitchen appliances in 1
      • Measures approximately 12” by 10.5” by 11”
      • 700 Watts

    Since smaller Instant Pots typically heat up and pressurize faster than larger ones, the Instant Pot Duo Mini is the best option for singles and couples who don’t need a full-sized pot. The 3-quart design is sufficient for 2 small dinners or lunches, and has a dishwasher-safe pot for easy clean-up afterward.

    The Duo Mini has the same standard features as other basic Duo models and can handle soups, roasts, steamed vegetables, rice, and other common dishes. It has similar preset cooking options that help you choose the correct temperature and pressure settings for your dish.

    Use it for easy breakfasts like eggs and sausage, or make a quick couples’ lunch with healthy steamed veggies and roasted chicken. It’s so easy to use that even partners or roommates who don’t normally cook can learn to use it.

    Since it’s so small, you can even take it along with you to potlucks and family gatherings. Bring a small side dish or dessert to share, and use the built-in warming feature to keep it at the right temperature for the entire party. Although most recipes are designed for the 6-quart Instant Pot, it’s easy to scale down recipes and adjust cooking times so you can make world-class meals in a single pot.

    5. Best for Large Families – Instant Pot Ultra 8-Quart


     Capacity is adequate for almost any occasion
     Heats up fast despite large size
     Top-of-the-line safety features
     Enough functions for avid chefs


      Slightly bulky size compared to the 6-quart model


      • 48 customizable preset cooking options
      • 9 cooking functions
      • Makes up to 8 servings
      • 1400 Watts
      • Measures approximately 14.8” by 14” by 14.5”

    The larger 8-quart model is perfect for families needing faster meal prep and batch cooking options. For the most part, the 8-quart model has similar cook times to the 6-quart model that was our best overall option. It heats up and pressurizes just as fast, minimizing the time spent waiting for it to be ready.

    Having 8 quarts of space makes it easier to fit in large pot roasts, whole chickens, and much more. Cook enough wings to feed your whole game day party, or cook enough taco meat for a taco bar at your next family gathering. You can even bake cheesecake and other desserts to entice new neighbors to come visit.

    The 8-quart model has the same easy controls and presets as the smaller model, so it can accommodate last-minute special requests from visiting friends and family. The full list of cooking options makes it easy to prepare steamed vegetarian options or low-sodium meals that are still delicious enough for the whole family.

    The QuickCool lid and easy-grip pot make it easier for you to maintain a safe cooking environment in a busy kitchen. It’s a great way to minimize prep time safely while cooking for family events like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    6. Best Wi-Fi – Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi


     Can be used with app or Amazon Alexa for convenience
     Same durability and safety features as other models
     Amazing customization and cook monitoring features
     Powerful and heats up fast


     Wi-Fi setup can be difficult to troubleshoot
     Only available in one size


      • 8 appliances in 1
      • 13 one-touch settings
      • Access to over 1,000 total pre-programmed recipes
      • 1000 watts
      • 6-quart capacity

    This Instant Pot model combines the reliability and speed of the Instant Pot brand with new Wi-Fi capabilities. The pot connects to Amazon Alexa via voice commands or can be controlled via the Instant Pot app. This remote control feature is priceless for hard-working moms and dads, or for young professionals with busy evening schedules.

    With the app, you can control the pot remotely and get updates on its cooking progress. Even without the app, you can use easy buttons on the front of the pot to schedule a start time up to 24 hours in advance.

    Pre-set cooking options include porridge, cake, yogurt, soups, broths, and more, all of which can be manually customized using the front of the pot. However, you can access many more recipes and instructional videos via the app to help automatically set the controls.

    The Smart Wi-Fi model still includes high-quality safety features, including overheating protection and a safety lock. Even with the high-end technology, the screen and controls are simple and clear, and all safety features are easy to understand and use. It has the traditional features you need with a 21st-century touch for on-the-go families.

    7. Best for Beginners – Instant Pot Duo Nova 6-Quart


     Simple and clear controls
     Attractive price point for newer cooks
     Available in 4 sizes
     Easy and safe lid design


      Not as many features as newer models


      • 14 one-touch options
      • 7 appliances in 1
      • Makes up to 10 servings (for 10-quart model)
      • Measures approximately 13.4” by 12.2” by 12.5”

    Instant Pot cooking is easy with all models, but for even simpler use, check out the Duo Nova. The easy and clear controls make it the perfect companion for beginning cooks and recent college graduates. Start with roasted meat and potatoes, soups, and other easy dishes before experimenting with multi-step dishes with complex flavors and textures.

    The preset options for various dishes and ingredients are simple enough to understand, yet allow for adequate customization and adjustments to get each recipe perfect. Its lower price point makes it an incredible value, especially since it has nearly as many features as the newest leading models.

    It’s also available in 3-quart, 8-quart, and 10-quart options to make prep even easier for various family sizes. The inner pot, steam rack, and other removable parts are dishwasher safe and easy to clean by hand if needed.

    The smart lid seals with a simple button thanks to its no-hassle engineering, keeping you and your family safe as your food cooks. The included steam rack of this food steamer is easy to insert and remove, so you can try healthy steamed vegetables and other diet-friendly dishes. Overall, it’s the best way to get into Instant Pot cooking without overwhelming yourself with features.

    Final Verdict

    Duo Evo Plus 6 Quart

    Check Price on Amazon


    The best Instant Pot models are all well-engineered and can dramatically reduce your cooking time, making meal prep and family gatherings a breeze. Pot capacities vary, but most models are available in 3-, 6- and 8-quart sizes to give you the size you need without wasting counter space. They can safely cook a huge range of foods ranging from meat and vegetables to desserts and bread.

    The best overall Instant Pot is the Duo Evo Plus 6-Quart, which uses cutting-edge heating technology, high wattage, and superior safety features to make you a faster and safer cook. It serves up to 6 people and has 48 customizable preset cooking options. The easy-to-read screen makes it easy to monitor the progress of your meal.

    With 9 different cooking options like steaming, baking, and sautéeing, amateur cooks and longtime family chefs can find something new to try. Get it today to try innovative recipes from Instant Pot fans around the world.

    How to Choose the Best Instant Pot

    Choosing the best Instant Pot requires looking closely at the functions, size, and features listed in the description. Read reviews to make sure the heating speed is as advertised and that all features work properly. 

    The prices for 6-quart Instant Pot models only vary by about $50, so choosing the right model for you should really come down to functionality instead of price.


    Instant Pots are designed to perform a variety of cooking tasks, including steaming, slow cooking, rice cooking, warming, and more. Their unique design and heating element means they have a number of functions and can even replace other kitchen appliances.

    Instant Pot models usually have 6 different functions, but some have up to 9, so check the description closely for each model. Each function can be customized and combined with other functions for creating complex meals with multiple steps. 


    Not everyone needs high-end features like Wi-Fi connectivity, but they can make life a lot easier. Basic features like customizable reheating settings and a time-delay start make Instant Pots a convenient addition for busy families.

    Look for an Instant Pot that has features you’ll actually use, but still gives you room to grow and try new things. Instant Pots provide aspiring chefs more time to experiment, so you may find yourself attempting more complex recipes with your new free time.


    Although Instant Pot sizes vary, most models are 6 quarts, which are large enough to feed up to 6 people. Larger families or families who host parties may want a larger 8-quart or even 10-quart model. Smaller sizes, such as 3-quart, work well for individuals or couples.

    Most online recipes are designed for 6-quart models, but these are easy to scale up to 8-quart. If you’re on the fence about what model to get, sizing up to a 6- or 8-quart pot is the choice most new Instant Pot consumers make.

    Heating Speed

    All Instant Pots need at least a few minutes to heat up, but older models sometimes need longer. Larger pots also typically need more time. A few minutes’ difference in heating up makes a huge difference for busy families, so look for the best and newest model possible to save precious minutes.

    Display and Controls

    Instant Pot models all have a consistently good display and control feature, with digital countdown displays and clearly-labeled buttons. Some have dials on the front that make setting the temperature quicker and easier.