7 Best Juicers Reviews 2020 (Prepare Fresh Juice)

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    Key Features

      Large capacity powerhouse

    High end at an affordable price

    Easy to operate and clean

    It has a built in froth separator

    2-speed electronic control

    Safety locking arm and Overload protection

    making juice with a juicer

    Juicing can be a great way to get added nutrition from fresh fruits and veggies. With dietary recommendations suggesting that for a healthy and balanced diet an individual should eat 4 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables each day, it can seem like a lot of work to get what you need to be healthy. Preparing fresh juice each day is a great way to get the nutrition you need without the bulk

    Juicers really came on the scene in home kitchens in the late 1980s and early 1990s. These early home juicers were bulky, and difficult to use. Today, juicers are still a big appliance, but they have become easier to use, and much more efficient. Of course, if you are looking for something simple, you can still buy hand juicers, and there are even juicers made specifically for citrus fruits, for fresh orange juice, lemonade and limeade.

    But how do you pick a juicer? Well, we did our research, juiced a lot of fruit and read tons of customer reviews, and we’ve created a list of the 7 best juicers on the market. We’ve given you a variety of options, however, you may want to do your own research before buying, so we’ve also put together a buying guide, that will give you the features you should look for before you buy a juicer.

    Of the seven juicers that we like the best our top pick is the Breville Juice Fountain Plus juicer. We think it’s best because it is easy to use, easy to clean, and creates a smooth, relatively pulp free juice. For the price, it is a great value for any kitchen.

    Our Best Choice: Breville Juice Fountain Plus

    All in all, this is a really great juicer. It performs well, isn’t too noisy and you get a lot for a reasonable price. We think that if you’re in the market for a good juicer this is by far your best bet.

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      7 Best Juicers (2020 Reviews)

    1. Best Overall – Breville Juice Fountain Plus


    The extra wide feed chute
    Very durable materials
    Dishwasher safe parts
    Safety features


    Only comes with a 1 year limited warranty


      • Size/Capacity: 1 liter juice jug
      • Power: 850-Watt
      • Material: Heavy grade polymer body, stainless steel mesh filter
      • Weight: 9.92 pounds

    If you’re looking for a juicer, that is simple to use, but also does a good job of making juice, without a huge price tag, then you’re going to love our top pick for the best juicer. The Breville Juice Fountain Plus is a really great machine at an affordable price.

    The Breville is sure to impress you with the speed in which it grinds fruit and veggies to a pulp, then extracts the juice. The wide opening of the feeder chute allows you to put in just about any fruit or veggie without cutting. The only fruits we had to cut up were pineapple and watermelon. This is probably one of the features that we found was consistent with Breville products.

    This juicer has plenty of power and with two power settings, you can easily juice everything from soft fruits to carrots, with just a flip of the switch. This juicer also did an acceptable job of juicing tomatoes which can be challenging for some juicers. 

    We did find that this juicer did have some challenges with leafy greens, especially kale. It wanted to send the leaves directly to the waste bin, without juicing.

    As far as cleaning goes, this juicer is fairly simple to clean. The waste bin and plastic parts can all go in the dishwasher, however the grinder and screen cannot, and will need to be washed by hand. This isn’t too difficult, but you should be careful, because the stainless steel grinding teeth are pretty sharp.

    Wrapping up

    If you want a great, high performance juicer at a great price, look no further than the Breville Juice Fountain Pro. This is a great all around juicer, and can easily handle just about any fruit or veggie that you throw at it. It struggles with leafy greens, but beyond that, it’s a great juicer, and our clear pick for the best juicer.

    2. Runner Up – Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer


    Feed chute fits whole foods
    Extra-large pulp bin
    Removable plastic parts are dishwasher safe
    Easy to assemble and store


    Can get messy


      • Size/Capacity: 300 ml
      • Power: 800 Watts
      • Material: Plastic
      • Weight: 9.75 pounds

    We really can’t say much bad about a kitchen appliance from Hamilton Beach. They are known for making quality, long lasting kitchen appliances. Their Big Mouth Juicer is no exception. It can easily juice a variety of fruits and veggies, and with an extra wide feed chute, you don’t have to spend a bunch of time prepping, and cutting fruits and veggies.

    One of the things that we really like about this juicer is that all of the removable parts are dishwasher safe. Clean up with this juicer is really easy and when compared to our top pick, the Hamilton Beach is substantially easier when it comes to cleaning up. It also has a slightly smaller footprint than the Breville, so it does seem to fit better in your cabinets.

    This juicer has only one power setting. The 800 watts is more than enough to handle hard veggies like beets and carrots. Though it does take a bit longer to get through those hard veggies. It also struggled to handle leafy greens. This juicer also seemed to make a dryer pulp. 

    The Hamilton Beach is a fair runner up to the Breville, but for the price, it’s a great juicer, and if you don’t want to spend a ton of money on a juicer, this is a really great pick.

    3. Best Budget – BLACK+DECKER Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor


    Compact design
    Simple to operate
    Dishwasher safe parts
    Value priced


    Not the best with hard foods


      • Size/Capacity: 300ML
      • Power: 400 watts
      • Material: Plastic with Stainless Steel Cutter and Strainer
      • Weight: 5.5 pounds

    Black+Decker is another name that you regularly associate with great home appliances. This juicer is no exception. If you are looking for a great juicer for a really affordable price, this one is our pick for the best budget juicer. 

    It is on the lower end of the power scale, with only 400 watts, but it doesn’t seem to limit the ability of this juicer to make a great glass of juice. It does a reasonable job with most fruits and veggies, though like our first two, it seemed to struggle with leafy greens, especially wheatgrass. 

    We did find that the feed chute was a bit small, so if you’re going to juice larger sized apples and oranges, you may need to cut them in half to get them through. Despite this, we really like this juicer.

    The Black+Decker juicer is really a great looking juicer, and doesn’t take up a ton of space on your counter or in your cabinets. It does come with a good sized waste bin and a nice juice cup. All of the removable parts are dishwasher safe, so cleaning up when you’re done is simple.

    4. Best Versatility – Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite


    It preserves more beneficial nutrients
    Versatile 3 in 1 Multi-Juicer
    Durable BPA free components
    10 year limited manufacturer’s warranty


    Not great for bulk juicing
    It’s price


      • Size/Capacity: 400ml
      • Power: 240 Watt
      • Material: Plastic
      • Weight: 16 pounds

    This masticating juicer from Kuvings is a really great juicer. It does an exceptional job of making low pulp, juice, from a variety of fruits and veggies. We found that juicer was one of the few that actually handled leafy greens, well. Honestly, if you want a juicer for making wheatgrass juice this is by far the best for that need.

    The Kuvings juicer comes with 240 watts of power, but this doesn’t limit its ability to effectively make a great glass of juice. However, the 3-in-1 feature allows you to also make sorbets, nut milks and tomato juice.

    The large feed chute reduces your prep time and most of the parts are dishwasher safe. We love the look of this juicer, and it isn’t nearly as large as others, but it still has a pretty decent sized footprint.

    Our least favorite part of this juicer. The price. This one is on the higher end of the price spectrum, and compared to some of the lower priced juicers, it really doesn’t stand out for the price. Yes it has some added options, but we’re not sure if those are worth the higher price.

    5. Best Compact – Breville Juice Fountain® Compact


    Small footprint. Easy to store
    Integrated froth separator
    Safety locking arm
    Large 3 inch feed tube


    It leaks more than it should
    Only has one speed


      • Size/Capacity: 1.6 quart Pulp Container
      • Power: 700 watt
      • Material: Polymer Body, Stainless steel cutting disc
      • Weight: 9.7 pounds

    Tiny but powerful is how we would describe this juicer. If you want the quality of the Breville Juice Fountain Pro, but don’t have a ton of space, then you’ll love the Breville Juice Fountain Compact. This juicer gives you the performance and speed that you expect from a Breville juicer, in a smaller package. With 700 watts of power, this is also one of the more powerful juicers on our list. It makes easy work of carrots, beets and other hard fruits and veggies. However, like the larger Breville Pro, this juicer does struggle with leafy greens. 

    Most of the parts of this juicer are dishwasher safe, with the exception of the stainless steel cutting blades. These are pretty sharp, so be careful when cleaning them. Breville does include a special cleaning brush, which makes cleaning the blades easier and safer.

    6. Best Value – Cuisinart Juice Extractor


    All removable parts are dishwasher safe
    The large 3 inch feed tube
    5-speed dial control
    Easy and quick to clean


    It’s a bit noisier than others
    Only a Limited 3-year warranty


      • Size/Capacity: 2-liter pulp container 1-quart pitcher
      • Power: 1000-watt
      • Material: Stainless-steel housing
      • Weight: 9 pounds

    Cuisinart is another one of those reliable kitchen appliance companies, so you can feel good about spending a little more on this juicer. One of the stand out features of this juicer is the adjustable power dial. It allows you to easily adjust the power output of the unit for a variety of different fruits and veggies. 

    Lower settings are great for bananas, and soft fruits like blueberries. Higher settings make quick work of carrots and beets. Set the dial in the middle and make delicious apple and orange juice.

    Cuisinart Juice Extractor is a great looking juicer, so you can feel good about leaving it on your counter. Most of the parts, with the exception of the stainless steel grinder are dishwasher safe, and clean up only takes a few minutes.

    With 1000 watts of power, this one of the stronger juicers in our list. However, with a range of settings, it really allows you the most versatility for the money.

    7. Best High End – Hurom Elite Slow Juicer


    Quite patented Slow Squeezing Technology
    Higher yield than most
    All the parts are made 100% BPA-free
    10-year warranty on the motor


    More pulp than we wanted


      • Size/Capacity: 500ml / 16.9 fluid ounce
      • Power: 150 watts
      • Material: BPA-free plastic
      • Weight: 13.8 pounds

    The Hurom Elite Slow Juicer is really the best option if you want to make fresh orange juice, wheatgrass juice, nut milks or homemade soy milk. 

    Slow juicers are the premier options for juicers. The Hurom slow juicer not only does great at making orange and wheatgrass juice, but you don’t have to think twice about juicing other fruits and veggies, it can easily handle carrots, apples, and even leafy greens. 

    The slow press process used in this juicer gives you more juice, with less waste. And unlike higher speed juicers, the quality of juice with the Hurom slow juicer is better and packed full of nutrients.

    This is a super quiet juicer, with a tiny 150 watts of power, so it’s great if you want a fresh glass of juice, without waking your household. The plastic parts of this juicer are dishwasher safe, but you will need to hand wash the auger parts.

    Final Verdict

    BrevilleCheck Price on Breville

    Check Price on Amazon

    The Breville Juice Fountain Plus juicer is our top pick for juicers on the market today. We like it’s ease of use, clear, pulp free juice, and relatively quiet operations. For the price, it is a great value and is sure to get you started towards a healthier diet.

    If you’re looking for a tasty and easy way to get your full recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables, a juicer is a great option. It allows you to enjoy healthy snacks or a fresh and crisp start to the day, without all the extra bulk. A perfect answer for the health conscious cook.

    How to Choose the Best Juicer

    If you are ready to buy a juicer, and you’d like to do some research of your own on the different juicers available on the market, it is helpful to know the features that are the most important when it comes to juicers. We’ve put together a list of the features that we think you should consider when shopping for a juicer.


    The most important thing you need to know about juicers is the type of juicer you’re working with, how it works, and what kind of fruits and veggies it can handle. There are four main types of juicers:

    1. Centrifugal – These juicers work by grinding up the fruit or veggies, spinning the mash, and extracting the juice through centrifugal force. These are really great juicers for foods like carrots, apples, tomatoes and celery. This type of juicer can also puree soft fruits like bananas. However, if you like to add greens like kale or wheatgrass to your juice, you may be disappointed with the performance of a centrifugal juicer.
    2. Masticating – These juicers “chew” up fruits and veggies, and extract juice from the bulk using an extruder of sorts. The juice is separated from the bulk, and the bulk is then pushed out of the machine. There’s not much difference in the performance between this type of machine and the centrifugal, however, the masticating juicer is much better able to handle stringy greens like kale and wheatgrass.
    3. Citrus Juicers – This one is kind of obvious. These juicers are made specifically for juicing citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruit and lemons. If you only want fresh orange juice in the mornings, and don’t want to spend hours pressing by hand, an automatic citrus juicer is a great option.
    4. Hand Juicers – This is the old school way to juice, and it’s most effective for citrus fruits. Hand juicers allow you to squeeze single fruits for just enough juice for flavoring or mixing with other foods.


    To be realistic, juicers are big. If you are dedicated to having a healthier lifestyle and fresh juice is high on your list of priorities, then you’ll want a good juicer that has a large capacity. This probably means you aren’t going to be storing your juicer on the counter top. 

    However, there are smaller juicers, that will make just enough juice for your morning routine, that sit nicely on your countertop. The question that you need to ask, when it comes to size is where will you store your juicer, on the counter or in the cabinet?

    Noise Level

    Juicers aren’t exactly known for being quiet kitchen appliances. So you should be prepared for some noise. It is handy to point out that if you want a juicer that is on the quiet side, you should consider a masticating juicer. The way these juicers work, they tend to be quieter, making just a squeaking sound as the machine smashes up the fruits and veggies. Centrifugal juicers have about the same noise as a blender. You may find one that is well insulated and therefore quieter, but they will never be completely quiet.

    Ease of Use

    Look for a juicer with some convenience features. First, make sure the feed shoot is big enough to put most full-size fruits down. If you have to spend a ton of time chopping and peeling apples along with other fruits and veggies, then you probably will get tired of juicing after just a few times. 

    We also think it’s important that the juicer is easy for you to assemble. It should feel intuitive, and you shouldn’t have to pull out your instruction manual every time you use your juicer

    Finally, look for a juicer that is easy to clean. By easy to clean, we mean, dishwasher safe, for most parts. Centrifugal juicers have a drum filled with tiny teeth, like a grater. These are generally not dishwasher safe, so just be prepared to clean this part by hand, and very carefully. Otherwise, make sure the drum, waste bin and juice cup can go in the dishwasher for fast and easy clean-up.


    It’s important for us to point out that most juicers have minimal accessories. They generally come with just the basics to operate the juicer. You may find some juicers with storage containers or extra juice cups, which is nice. Occasionally, your juicer may be able to grind meat or make pasta. Juicers with this function will come with extra parts for these functions, or they can be purchased separately at another time.