The 7 Best Kitchen Rugs For Hardwood & Tile Floors

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Last Updated on January 14, 2021
Mohawk Home 34” x 20” Tuscany
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Key Features

  • Materials: nylon (overall), latex (backing)
  • Number of available sizes: 1 (34” x 20”)
  • Extremely stylish design for certain decorative styles
  • Easy to clean and hides stains well
  • Great price for the quality

Blue rug

Kitchens are a lot of things. For many, they are the heart of the home. They’re the place where you prepare your meals, entertain guests, and just kind of mill through whenever you’re bored, at least if you’re like me.

However, one other thing kitchens are is hard. Hardwood or tile flooring that can be killer on the feet, especially if you’re standing around for hours, even if it’s just chatting and sipping wine; much less if you’re scurrying around preparing a meal and cleaning up afterward.

One thing that helps with both problems is a kitchen rug, which also does double duty in really making your kitchen feel more inviting to guests, and maybe giving a nice accent to comment on.

But what makes a good rug? Well, let’s answer that question real quick before I dive deeper into some of my favorites.

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Top 7 Best Kitchen Rugs Reviews

1. Mohawk Home 34” x 20” Tuscany Kitchen Rug

Mohawk Home 34” x 20” Tuscany
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  • Materials: nylon (overall), latex (backing).
  • Number of available sizes: 1 (34” x 20”).
  • Rug thickness: .25 inches.
  • Shipping size: 20” x 17” x .25”. 
  • Total weight: 1.8 lbs.

Simple, small, and stylish (for kitchens of a certain style), this is a nice rug to set up in your primary prep station area or something; somewhere you plan to stand for a while rather than move around a lot.

As a result, I don’t recommend this one as much if you plan to put it by your sink for washing; washing dishes (at least in my home) tends to involve a bit more moving around than chopping vegetables and the like once everything is set up on the counter where I’m going to be working. For dishwashing, I want something long that can cover the whole sink area, though that maybe only applies if you have a double sink or large farmhouse style sink as well; with a smaller one it might be fine.

But I quite like the look; it fits in with a lot of styles, and it has quite a bit of flair for your rustic or farmhouse design needs. It goes excellently with dark woods, though less so with similarly colored stone styles.

All in all, a bit of a niche choice, but one of the best looking options on the market if your kitchen is made up to support it, and it’s not too bad if it’s not.


Extremely stylish design for certain decorative styles
Fairly thin for increased practicality
Comfortable despite its thin construction
Easy to clean and hides stains well
Great price for the quality


Fits poorly with some brighter kitchen designs

2. Ottomanson Sara’s Kitchen Paisley Runner Rug

Ottomanson Sara’s
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  • Materials: nylon (overall), rubber (backing).
  • Number of available sizes: 1 (20” x 59” runner style).
  • Rug thickness: .2 inches.
  • Shipping size: 20” x 59” x .2”. 
  • Total weight: 2.8 lbs.

This is a good option for longer, thinner kitchens, or just spaces where you might want the area to be partially uncovered, for better traction or just easier mess cleanup.

The nylon material is decent enough, though might be a little rough on bare feet; better tread on with socks or house shoes of some sort.

It does make it easy to clean, and comes with an extra rubber backing that contributes to it not sliding around very much.

The look is nice, and fits in with a wide variety of kitchen types. In terms of versatility this might be by far the best option on the list. It fits in with everything from farmhouse design to more raw looks, as well as working to give a softer touch to more modern kitchen designs; unless your kitchen aesthetic involves a ton of bright colors that would clash with the muted browns and other colors of this rug, it should work out for you just fine.


Versatile design fits in with almost any kind of kitchen decorative style
Thin and sensible design
Slender and long; great for covering certain countertops or running in front of a sink without getting in the way of things
Good price for the quality
Non-skid design


A little uncomfortable feeling on bare feet

3. Maple Rugs Grey and Blue Non-skid Accent Area Carpet

Maple Rugs Grey and Blue Non-skid Accent Area Carpet
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  • Materials: polypropylene (overall), latex (backing)
  • Number of available sizes: 7 (1’ 8” x 2’ 10” to 7’ x 10’)
  • Rug thickness: .44 inches
  • Shipping size: 46” x 30” x .28”
  • Total weight: 2.55 lbs.

This grey and blue rug is a nice one, if you don’t mind the shininess. I like the blue and grey coloring, and it has a very pleasing pattern to it; vaguely floral in a somewhat abstract sense. It looks good in a wide variety of kitchen styles, though might clash if you’re into more rustic styles, deeper earth tones, or prefer reds and lighter colors (like a farmhouse look).

But in a fairly standard kitchen with darker colors and stainless steel, this looks great, and it’s quite comfortable for how thin it is; certainly more so than  a bare tile or wood floor in any case. It doesn’t show stains easily, and it’s easy to clean as well.

All in all, a great versatile option. Not my favorite on the list in some ways, but better than most in more circumstances than many. It’s not a bad price, which doesn’t hurt, no matter what size you get.


Non-skid backing for easier use
Nice pattern with a versatile look
Doesn’t show stains well
Comes in a variety of rug sizes
Thin but comfortable


Clashes horribly with some common kitchen looks

4. H. Versailtex Nonslip Thick Shaggy Chenille Bathroom and Kitchen Rugs

H. Versailtex Nonslip Thick Shaggy Chenille
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  • Materials: chenille (overall), hot melt adhesive (backing)
  • Number of available sizes: 2 (20” x 32” and 17” x 24”)
  • Rug thickness: 1.5 inches
  • Shipping size: 16.7” x 9.9” x 2.2” 
  • Total weight: 2.92 lbs.

While shaggy chenille might not be some peoples’ first or second thought when looking for a kitchen rug, it’s an interesting option for certain specific purposes. As a rug to put in front of the sink especially, this is a really great choice.

The chenille material is extremely comfortable on the feet, and feels very nice. The absorbent nature is great for making sure any water that splashes out of the sink while you’re washing dishes is caught by the rug and doesn’t soak into the floor.

In terms of cleaning, though, chenille is a pain. When there’s nothing but water in it, it’s easy to just let it dry. But that absorbency works both ways; anything more inherently dirty will soak directly in the rug and stain quickly, so you’ll want to make sure you don’t let that happen without cleaning the rug immediately.

So, essentially, you get maximum comfort, a versatile simplistic look that fits anywhere, and great absorbency for spills…but you really need to be on top of your maintenance for this one. As an added bonus, you get two rugs…not quite for the price of one, but not quite for the price of two either, which is nice.


Extremely thick and comfortable rug
Good price for the quality
Highly absorbent; great for catching liquid spills
Usable as both a kitchen and bathroom rug
Comes with two rugs to spread around further


Individual rug size is fairly small
High maintenance; dirties easily and needs to be cleaned and fluffed regularly

5. Cosy Homeer 2 Piece Kitchen Rug Mats

Cosy Homeer
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  • Materials: polypropylene (overall), PVC (backing)
  • Number of available sizes: 2 (48” x20” and 30” x 20”)
  • Shipping size: 16.2” x 11” x 3”
  • Total weight: 2 lbs.

These are some very plain mats, which is the main downside. While their relative blandness does mean they’ll fit into pretty much any decorating arrangement, it does also mean they won’t exactly make your kitchen pop; they’re designed to fade into the background as much as possible.

If that’s what you’re looking for, then great! But if you’re looking for something that’s going to be sprucing up your kitchen and really making it pop…look elsewhere.

But in terms of durability and providing a nice, non slip surface in your kitchen? These are great, and quite affordable for what they are. They’re thin, making them less of a trip hazard (and easier to roll things over if you need to), though it does reduce their ability to blunt the impact of a hard floor, and quite easy to clean when you need to.

A solid, if fairly boring, pick.


Thin for more practicality
Two rugs for better and more modular coverage
Non Slip PVC backing for safe and easy use
Blends in with any background
Good price for the quality


Extremely plain; best suited as a background piece rather than a decorative choice of their own

6. Maple Rugs Rebecca Contemporary Kitchen Rug

Maple Rugs Rebecca Contemporary
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  • Materials: olefin (overall), latex (backing)
  • Number of available sizes: 6 (1’ 8” x 2’ 10” to 7’ x 10’)
  • Rug thickness: .44 inches
  • Shipping size: 34” x 20” x .28” 
  • Total weight: 11.2 ounces.

This Maples Rug is a bit basic, but it’s fairly nice as well. The shade of greyish blue is quite nice looking, and fits in well anywhere. Not just in a variety of kitchen styles, but as a bathroom rug or something to sit in a standup workspace, or anything else you’d care to use it for.

The pattern is a simple helix, and should be inoffensive anywhere. That’s probably the best word to describe this kitchen rug: inoffensive. It’s not going to be an object of commentary by any means, and should blend right into the background without raising much of a fuss.

If that’s what you’re looking for; something functional and easy to set up without standing out too much, this is great. If you want something a bit more stylish…give it a pass.


Comfortable relatively thick piling
Blends in well in any setting; not just as a kitchen rug but for bathrooms and general home use as well
Pleasing pattern and fairly nice coloring
Great price for the quality


Fairly bland design; not likely to be a talking piece or object of note

7. Mohawk Home Wine Themed 3 piece Non-slip Kitchen Rug Set

Mohawk Home Wine Themed
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  • Materials: nylon (overall), latex (backing)
  • Number of available sizes: 3 (18” x 30”, 20” x 45”, and 30” x 46”.)
  • Rug thickness: .5 inches for larger two, .25 inches for smallest

This Mohawk Home Wine themed set is an interesting one for me. I, personally, do not like this option. I’ve never jumped fully down the “wine fan” rabbit hole (though I do enjoy a good glass from time to time), and I think this set is just this side of tacky. It doesn’t quite cross the line, I think, but it’s really close.

However, it’s the exact kind of thing that doesn’t fit my tastes, but I can absolutely see being the perfect fit for someone else.

Besides the looks, the construction is good and it hides stains well (great if you get a bit sloppy with the wine some time) and is easy enough to clean, doesn’t slip, and it’s relatively comfortable (though can be a bit rough and scratchy).

Of course, you need to really like this set to get it. The price is high enough to scare off anyone who doesn’t properly love the looks of this option. The price dwarfs anything else on this list by a wide margin, and the overall quality isn’t much better; the looks are the real selling point here. Love it or leave it, basically.


The kind of look some people could really fall in love with; a rug to decorate your kitchen around
Good quality materials
Comes with three quite large rugs
Thick and comfortable


Extremely high price point

Final Verdict

Mohawk Home 34” x 20” Tuscany
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Rugs are, of course, a subjective thing, so the answer here is mostly going to be: go with whatever fits in your kitchen the best. As a result, it’s completely up for grabs as to which is the best rug on this list; I have my listed favorites (the Mohawk Tuscany and Ottomanson options), but that’s for my kitchen; they might look horrible on their own.

As a result, take this list with a grain of salt. My least favorite option might well be your favorite, after all.

What Makes the Perfect Kitchen Rug?

There is a market selling shoes for chefs, and it’s understandable because of the heavy-duty work people do at a restaurant’s kitchen. But if you’re just cooking at home then you don’t need to buy cooking shoes, instead you need the right kitchen rug.

Choosing the right kitchen rug comes down to very few factors.

The first are the objective factors. These come down to size, material, and thickness.

Size is its area more than anything else; how much space on your floor it covers. Most kitchen rugs are fairly small, and many are narrow. The long, narrow kind are generally referred to as “runners”, as they run the length of your countertop.

Bigger isn’t always better. You don’t necessarily want a kitchen rug to cover your whole kitchen floor…or maybe you do; it all depends.

In general, what it depends on is where you plan to use it. For example, if you have a farmhouse-style sink and do a lot of washing. You’ll need dishwashing aids like drying mats and floor rugs to keep the area clean and dry. If instead, you plan to center it in a larger kitchen, an area rug might be better.

Wherever you place the rug, the advantage of having it in the kitchen is it will help your electric heater to warm up the room. For in the cold months, the rug will help add warmth to the cold tiled floor. Just keep in mind that larger rugs get dirtier, and are going to be harder to clean.

To get around this, many rugs come in multiple piece sets rather than just including a single large mat. This makes them more versatile as well, since you can arrange them to your taste.

Material covers what the rug is made of, but more importantly what its backing is. All backings should be non slip (or non-skid as some are referred to), and these usually take the form of either latex, PVC, or rubber. Generally in that order in terms of quality and durability.

The actual rug itself will almost universally be made of nylon for easy cleaning, but could just as easily be polypropylene or some other similar material. So long as it’s easy to clean and nice on your feet, it should be good.

Thickness is a bit of a matter of taste. Very thin rugs (about .2 inches) are practical for a lot of reasons; not least because you’ll have a harder time tripping over them when they lay flat. However, thicker rugs are more comfortable. It all depends on what you value more.

But, more important than these objective qualities is the subjective one: looks. You don’t want a kitchen rug that clashes with the rest of your decorative style. It should fit in at the very least, or stand out in a complimentary way, ideally.

The objective qualities really only matter once you’ve pinned down that it’s a rug you like the looks of, and from there things should flow easily; most rugs of a size are about the same price, so there aren’t often any hard choices between the good but expensive or cheap but uglier options.


So to review we’ve touched a bit about large and small mats, we’ve mentioned about anti-fatigue mats which provide relief and comfort on the feet, and rugs provide a decorative style not only inside the kitchen but also outdoors. For those interested, we’ve done independent product reviews for each type.

Whichever you choose on the list provided above, the objective qualities only matter once you’ve pinned down that it’s a rug you like the looks of that matters, and from there, things should flow easily. Most rugs of a size are about the same price, so there aren’t often any hard choices between the excellent but expensive or cheap but uglier options.