9 Best Kitchen Torches (Everyone’s Favorite Cooking Tool)

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    Key Features

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      Constructed of ABS rubber and stainless steel
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      A self-igniting piezo ignition
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      An adjustable flame
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      Long nozzle
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      Very easy to use

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    A kitchen torch seems like a tool with very limited uses. Most home chefs would tell you that it just isn’t a tool that they think they need to have. However if you like to make beautiful dishes, or just want another way to make some of your favorites, just a little bit better, then you need a kitchen torch.

    Of course, we most often relate a kitchen torch to making a crisp, warm brulee topping on crème brulee, but in reality, there are many other things that you can use your standard kitchen torch for. For example, if you want a nice crispy topping on your mac-n-cheese, but don’t want or have time to cook it in the oven, use your kitchen torch to brown breadcrumbs on the top of your mac-n-cheese.

     A kitchen torch makes perfectly toasted marshmallows. And a kitchen torch will melt cheese with less power and in a shorter time, so favorites like French onion soup or tuna melts don’t require you to turn on your oven. 

    Besides that, a kitchen torch is a handy tool to take camping! Not only will it increase your s’mores success, but if you need to light a campfire, and matches aren’t working well for you, a kitchen torch can come in super handy.

    So, if you’ve never considered a kitchen torch, but you’re convinced that it is a tool you need in your kitchen, how do you pick the right one? Well, we’ve made that process simple for you. We took the time to test a number of kitchen torches and we compiled tons of customer reviews, and we’ve come up with a diverse list of 9 awesome torches. 

    And, if our torch picks aren’t quite what you were looking for, we put together a list of features to look for when you’re shopping. That way, you’ll get the perfect torch for your kitchen.

    At the top of our list is the Fox Run Brands Creme Brulee Chef Torch, kitchen torch. It is easy to use, has plenty of power, and has good safety features that keep you and your family safe. It also looks cool, so your friends and family will be highly impressed with your culinary skills!

    Our Best Choice: Fox Run Brands Creme Brulee Chef Torch

    Our pick for the best kitchen torch is a great combination of easy use, easy to handle, and safety. The Fox Run Crème Brulee torch is a great kitchen torch that is perfect for beginners and experienced home chefs.

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    • Power: MAX 2500°F
    • Capacity: 64 ml
    • Dimensions: 9.5'' H x 6.5'' L x 3.25'' W
    • Weight: 6.4 ounces

    While it sells itself on being a crème brulee torch, this handy kitchen torch can do plenty more, than just caramelizing sugar. It is great for toasting marshmallows and melting cheese. The adjustable flame makes it perfect for any kitchen task that you don’t want to turn on your broiler for.

    The comfortable, gripped handle is the perfect size for most hands, and it doubles as the butane container. This torch holds 64 mL of butane, which is more than enough to last at least a few uses. This torch doesn’t come with butane, so you’ll need to buy it separately.

    This torch has an extra-long nozzle, which keeps the flame away from your hand. And with a safety switch, you’re safe from accidental ignition.

    Wrapping up

    The Fox Run Brulee Torch is a great addition to any kitchen. Its easy to handle design, safety features, and adjustable flame make it a perfect tool for the novice and experienced chef.


    Perfect for brûlée’s
    Very durable
    Simple to ignite
    Easy to adjust temperature


    Refilling takes practice


    • Power: 2,012°F-2,822°F
    • Capacity: 40-milliliter
    • Dimensions: 8.75'' H x 5.75'' L x 3.75'' W
    • Weight: 0.85 lb.

    Our runner up in the kitchen torch category is the BonJour Chef’s Tools professional torch. It’s another great product that will fit in any kitchen, with ease.

    This sleek looking kitchen torch is easy to use, with a soft touch ignition that allows you to easily start the torch and keep it going, with minimal effort. The adjustable flame option allows you to change the intensity of the flame for a variety of applications. The included recipe book was a nice add-on. Not only did it have helpful hints for using the torch, but many of the recipes were delicious sounding.

    The handle of this torch also doubles as the butane storage. There is plenty of capacity in this torch to allow for multiple uses before filling. We did find that this torch was a bit easier to fill than our top pick. We weren’t that fond of the smooth finish of the handle. While it looks great, it doesn’t provide much grip, which can be nice if you have to use it when your hands are wet or have food on them.


    Large refillable capacity
    Adjustable temperature feature
    Professional looking metal body
    Includes full color culinary recipe book


    Refilling is challenging
    Short warranty

    3. Best for Crème Brulee - Sondiko Butane Culinary Torch


    • Power: 1371 °C/2500 °F
    • Capacity: 8-10 grams
    • Dimensions: 6 x 4.5 x 2.5 inches
    • Weight: 9.6 ounces

    The Sondiko culinary torch is our pick for the best for making crème brulee. This torch has some features that we really like, and think that it could easily compete with our top pick.

    The Sondiko torch is a traditional kitchen torch. It has an adjustable flame, but we really like the high intensity setting of this torch. It made quick work of the sugar on top of our crème brulee. One of the features of this torch that we really like is the continuous flame feature. Once started, turn the knob on the back of the torch and the flame stays lit. You don’t have to worry about your thumb getting tired, while you work on multiple deserts.

    We also like the soft grip handle, which allows you to keep the torch in control, even if your hands are messy. 

    Don’t worry if you don’t like crème brulee, even though this is our favorite torch for making this delightful desert, this torch does just fine with any other kitchen application you might need it for.


    Quick, easy ignition system
    Adjustable temperature regulator
    Strong durable material
    Safety lock works well


    Refilling takes practice


    • Power: 7,650 BTU
    • Capacity: 1.50 oz.
    • Dimensions: 9'' H x 7'' L x 2.25'' W
    • Weight: 1 lb. (with canister)

    This tiny torch packs a punch, and looks cool in your kitchen, too! The BellaTavola mini-torch is the perfect kitchen torch for the chef with minimal space or the chef that wants to take their torch on the go.

    This tiny torch is a perfect substitute for matches or those cheap fire starters. It’s hot and reliable flame is perfect for starting your campfire, but is also great for roasting peppers and searing steaks, no matter where your adventures take you.

    If you’re not into gourmet cooking on the go, this torch will do just fine in your home kitchen. It has plenty of power and an adjustable flame, to make quick desserts and toasty or melty toppings.

    For the smaller chef, this torch is easy to handle and lightweight. It also has all of the same safety features that you’ll find on larger torches, just in a smaller package. This torch comes with a starter bottle of butane, which we really like. Also, we love the fun colors that this torch comes in, which are perfect for coordinating with any kitchen or your personality.


    Simple ignition
    Very compact and colorful
    Windproof and weatherproof
    Fuel included


    Limited power
    No warranty

    5. Best Beginner - Kollea Kitchen Blow Torch


    • Power: 2500°F max
    • Capacity: 8-10 grams
    • Dimensions: 4 x 2 x 6 inches
    • Weight: 9.6 ounces

    Our pick for the best beginner torch is the Kollea Kitchen blow torch. This powerful torch is easy to use, and has some nice safety and convenience features that make it the perfect tool for the beginner chef.

    The Kollea torch is one of the easier torches to use. Slide the safety latch and push the button, and you’re going. The torch will not run if tipped over, and it won’t start without pressure on the button. The Kollea also has a stay on feature that allows you to run the flame without holding down the ignition button.

    One feature of this torch that we really like is the angle that the torch is set away from the handle. This slight angle keeps the heat of the flame away from your hands, and safe from burns.

    This torch comes with a silicone basting brush for applying oils prior to roasting or broiling. This torch does not come with butane, so you’ll need to purchase that separately, before cooking.


    Simple push button ignition
    Versatile applications
    Long 24-month Warranty
    Child-resistant safety switch


    Smaller flame than others
    Not great outdoors in breezy weather


    • Power: 1300°C / 2500°F
    • Capacity: 11 grams
    • Dimensions: 5.1 x 2.4 x 6.3 inches
    • Weight: 9.6 ounces

    The Authenzo kitchen torch is a great product with a small price tag. It’s also our pick for the best budget kitchen torch.

    Now, certainly, most torches aren’t terribly expensive, but if you want to add a torch to your kitchen tools, but don’t want to make a big investment, then this torch will give you all you need for a small price. For around $20 you get a great torch, that does a good job at caramelizing sugar, but can also make perfectly seared steaks and toasty marshmallows.

    Even though the price tag is small, this torch doesn’t lack safety features. It has an ignition safety switch to protect against accidental ignition. It also has a cool to the touch, soft grip handle that makes it easy to hang on to, despite what may be happening in your kitchen.

    This torch is a bit tricky to refill, but after doing it a couple of times, it’s not so bad. Do make sure you have some extra butane on hand, just in case you have a hard time refilling.


    Professional construction
    Compact design
    Easy to adjust flame
    Open-Close safety switch


    A bit tricky to refill


    • Power: 1300°C / 2450°F
    • Capacity: 64 ML
    • Dimensions: 6.75'' H x 2.5'' L x 5'' W
    • Weight: 0.7 lb.

    If you want to take your kitchen game to the next level, or if you just want to feel like a professional chef, then the kitchen torch you need is the YTC Summit International professional butane torch. This tiny torch is similar to what you’ll find in busy restaurant kitchens, so you know that it will work great in your kitchen too.

    We like the aluminum body of this torch. The handle has an engraved pattern that adds grip to the body, and makes the torch look great. Other than the attractive handle, there are no frills about this torch. It has an ignition safety switch and a flame adjustment, so you can utilize the best flame for your needs.

    While we appreciate the simple and classic lines of this torch, we do think that the short nozzle does put the flame of this torch a bit close to your hand. We found that it got a bit warm, and if you have larger hands, this could be uncomfortable.


    Simple adjustable temperature
    Very sturdy build
    Easy to refill fuel
    Child safety lock feature


    Not BPA free


    • Power: 2370°F/1300°C
    • Capacity: 0.4 fl. Oz.
    • Dimensions: 4.7 x 2.3 x 7.7 inches
    • Weight: 11.2 ounces

    Your kitchen torch doesn’t just have to be for preparing foods. There are a host of other things that you can use your kitchen torch for. However, some torches just aren’t up to the task, working outside of the kitchen.

    The EurKitchen Culinary Torch is our favorite for using in applications outside of the kitchen. This torch is perfect for lighting campfires and fire pits, can be used for crafting, and quickly lights your after dinner cigar. 

    The stay-lit feature of this torch makes it great for all of your kitchen needs, and more. This is one of the few kitchen torches that we found that had a useful hand guard, to protect your hand from the heat of the flame. And the robust handle and butane container is big enough to hold plenty of butane for multiple uses, but not so big that it is too bulky for smaller hands to manage.


    Easy to read fuel gauge
    Very good flame consistency and reliability
    Refillable butane
    Safety built in finger guard


    Holds small amount of fuel
    It takes a little getting used to


    • Power: 6300 BTU
    • Capacity: 8 ounce canister
    • Dimensions: 17.8 x 7.6 x 3.8 inches
    • Weight: 2.88 ounces

    If you want to skip the step where you refill your kitchen torch with butane, then you’ll probably really like the Iwatani Pro2 butane torch. It’s our pick for the best attachment torch.

    This torch attaches directly on to your butane bottle, so there’s no messing around with filling your torch. As soon as you attach the torch head, you’re ready to go. Add the base, and your butane bottle is instantly a powerful kitchen torch.

    Like other torches we’ve reviewed, this one has an adjustable flame for a variety of applications. It also has a safety switch on the ignition to prevent accidental lighting.

    A couple of things to be aware of if you select the Iwatani torch. First, the torch is made for Iwatani butane bottles, so it’s not going to work well on just any butane bottle. Second, the size of the canister is kind of big, and it isn’t the most convenient in the kitchen. While it does a good job with a variety of kitchen tasks, it’s really kind of bulky.


    Easy to install canister
    One touch ignition
    Built in flame strength adjustment
    Super easy to use


    Only Iwatani Butane Canisters recommended
    A little too powerful for some foods

    Final Verdict

    Fox Run Creme Brulee Chef

    When it comes to kitchen torches, our pick for the best option on the market today is the  Fox Run Brands Creme Brulee Chef Torch. It heats well, has enough flame to accomplish a variety of tasks from caramelizing sugar to melting cheese. We found it easy to use, and comfortable to handle.

    Kitchen torches seem like a scary tool, but when you select the right one for your needs and for your particular kitchen, they can be an incredibly handy tool that can be used far away from your kitchen.

    How to Choose the Best Kitchen Torch

    So, how exactly do you pick the best torch for your kitchen? In this buying guide, we’ll give you a list of five features that you should take into consideration when you’re shopping for a kitchen torch. 


    The power of your kitchen torch is really determined by the amount of heat that it can produce. Most kitchen torches create flames that burn in the 2,000 to 3,000 degree F range. This is hot. And the hotter the flame, the faster your torch will make perfect s’mores, toast bread, broil cheese and caramelized sugars. Some torches have a switch that will allow you to adjust the power of the flame, so you have more control when you are working with fruits and meringues compared to broiling cheese or caramelizing sugar. Skip any torch that can’t achieve at least 2,000 degrees F.


    Effectiveness is really a relative term, and you should determine what you will most frequently be using your torch for, to decide which is most effective for you. Some torches create a very precise flame that is great for melting sugar or toasting meringues. Others have a wide flame that is perfect for melting cheese, or toasting bread crumbs on the top of mac-n-cheese. Look for the torch that will give you the right amount of heat, in a flame that is most useful to you. Otherwise, you’ll find that your purchase is neither effective nor of value.


    Capacity is an important consideration. In the world of kitchen torches capacity relates to how much burn time you get, before you need more fuel. Obviously, smaller torches will have a smaller capacity, while larger torches or torch heads that fit on butane gas bottles have a larger capacity. 

    While larger capacity seems to be more convenient, it is good to note that some larger torches or torch heads have so much flame that they burn through gas very quickly. Look for a good combination of capacity and burn time. Lower capacity torches that have a longer burn time will be a better value and will allow you to save money on butane gas. 


    In regards to comfort, look for torches that are easy to hold and easy to light. These torches will allow you more comfort when it comes to lighting and using, and this means you’ll use your torch more.

    If you have smaller hands, look for a thinner torch. On the flip side, a smaller torch may be challenging for individuals with large hands to use. Make sure you get the right torch for your hands and for your strength, so it’s easy for you to manage.

    Other comfort features might include a soft handle grip or easy push buttons,that make using the torch more comfortable and safer.


    Safety is probably the most important factor when it comes to kitchen torches. These tools get incredibly hot, and can cause serious burns when not used correctly. Torches that have safety features that protect against burns, and keep small children from accidentally using them, are rated high in our minds. 

    Many torches have safety features like a hand guard to keep your hand cooler while you’re using the torch. Many also have a safety button that must be pushed down before the torch will light. This feature will keep small kids from starting a fire.