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    tools to use in cooking

    If you cook, you need cooking utensils. For sure there are some things you can do without them, but on the whole you won’t get very far without at least a spoon and a spatula, and preferably something more.

    There are a staggering number of utensils out there, and just as many sets that include them. What do you need, and what should you just count as an extra? What makes a good utensil and what should be avoided?

    These questions and more I aim to answer below, and then I’ll follow it up by showing some of the sets out there that meet my criteria for what makes a good utensil set.

    Here are the best kitchen utensils set you can buy:

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      9 Best Kitchen and Cooking Utensils Sets Reviews 

    1. Best overall utensil set - Home Hero 23 Piece Nylon Kitchen Utensils Set


    • Set includes: whisk, solid spoon, solid turner, soup ladle, potato masher, grater, peeler, tongs, spatula, measuring spoons, measuring cups, can opener, bottle opener, scissors, pizza cutter.
    • Materials: nylon, silicone (one spatula), and stainless steel.
    • Total weight: 2.45 lbs.

    Every piece here is very well made, though I like some better than others.

    The peeler, grater, pizza cutter, scissors, tongs, ad spoons are excellent. They’re all very sturdy and easy to use, with good designs that allow them to perform the tasks you need them to efficiently. Everything is comfortable to hold and use, and this holds true for the pieces I like less as well.

    The other bits, like the potato masher and the spatula aren’t bad, exactly, but they’re certainly not my favorites. I don’t think nylon spatulas in general are very good, and even though this one is better than the average, it’s not going to be the first tool I reach for in my drawer.

    Still, this is the perfect all inclusive utensil set. Even the less good bits are still great, and it comes in at a great price for a utensil set of this overall quality.


    Very well made for nylon utensils.
    Great variety of available utensils.
    Good price for the quality and variety.


    Not a fan of the spatula shape and material.


    • Set includes: solid spoon, slotted spoon, square turner, ladle, 12 inch tongs, 11 inch balloon whisk, flexible turner, wire potato masher, ice cream scoop, grater, pizza cutter, garlic press, swivel peeler, manual can opener, 3 silicone spatulas (small sized, medium sized, and small cookie).
    • Materials: nylon (most handles, some bodies), stainless steel (metal tools), silicone (spatulas).
    • Total weight: 6.44 lbs.

    This is another excellent set from OXO, at a good price for what you get. All of the pieces here are top notch; even the nylon bits are well made and stand up to a lot of abuse.

    The real standout features here are the less common kitchen tools it comes with. Pretty much every kitchen set comes with at least 4 things: a spatula, a solid spoon, a slotted spoon, and some tongs or a ladle.

    This set includes all of those things, of course, but also gives you some more specialized tools that work very well, like a very well made garlic crusher, a simple but effective ice cream scoop, and an extremely good swivel peeler, which glides through whatever you put under it with ease..

    Really, the strength of this set lies in all of its less common tools. I get the feeling that OXO knew you’d have a set of spoons and a spatula already, and kind of phoned it in on those; they’re good, but would be better made of metal.

    But everything else is top notch, from the pieces already mentioned, to the grater, to the manual can opener.

    Even though you’re paying a relatively hefty price compared to some of these sets, this is a great buy for those pieces alone, though I’d suggest maybe getting a smaller set to fill out your basics.


    Excellent variety.
    High quality make and materials.
    Comfortable and easy to use.
    Good effort on the less common but exceptionally useful kitchen tools.


    Turners and spoons are nothing special.

    3. Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Set - Asani 25 Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensil Set


    • Set includes: spatula, potato masher, solid spoon, slotted spoon, solid steel spatula, slotted steel spatula, peeler, wine bottle opener, whisk, tongs, soup spoon, can opener, pizza cutter, cheese grater, ice cream scoop, set of measuring spoons, set of measuring cups.
    • Materials: stainless steel (overall), nylon (handles), silicone (one spatula), plastic (measuring cups and spoons).
    • Total weight: 4.37 lbs.

    This is the best there is for a complete set of all of the basic units you need.

    Everything here is stainless steel with comfortable braced nylon handles. Everything here is made to last a long time even under heavy use conditions.

    The design of the pieces is great as well. I find nylon and other, cheaper materials tend to result in very odd shaped spoons that simply don’t do what I want them too, and they flex in ways that simply aren’t useful.

    These tools are stiff and let you really get in there and stir things even after they might start sticking, getting that delicious fond off the bottom of your pots and skillets to really make your food pop.

    Really the only thing I don’t like about the set is the measuring cups and spoons; they’re cheap looking and out of place compared to the rest of the stainless steel design. I don’t mind plastic measuring cups on principle, but these specific ones don’t do it for me.


    Well made stainless steel construction performs better and lasts longer.
    Great price.
    Comfortable handles.
    Good variety.


    Measuring cups and spoons are subpar.


    • Set includes: skimmer spoon, basting spoon, spaghetti server, ladle, slotted turner, solid turner, tongs, potato masher, whisk, utensil holder.
    • Materials: complete stainless steel.
    • Total weight: 2.6 lbs.

    This is the perfect “seed set” for your kitchen from FineDine.

    It doesn’t include everything you’ll ever need, like some of these 20 or more piece sets, but that’s not its purpose. It give you everything you need to start cooking now, on simple dishes, and then add onto it later as needed.

    Everything here serves a distinct purpose, is well made and built to last, and gets your kitchen started.

    I really like the overall design of every one of these pieces, save the tongs (which I find a bit finicky), and the fact that it comes with a nice little utensil holder is just the icing on the cake.

    It looks okay in a dark or steel appointed kitchen, but that’s not really the point of it; you can always ignore the utensil holder and shove these in a drawer out of sight if need be.

    There’s not a ton else to say, this is just a solid, well made set of basic tools at a great price.


    Great starter set for any kitchen.
    Great price.
    Sturdy stainless steel construction performs better and lasts longer than other materials.


    Lacks any specialized tools.

    5. Best Silicone Utensils Set - Mibote 12 Piece Silicone Cooking Utensils Set


    • Set includes:  tongs, whisk, basting brush, deep soup ladle, pasta server, slotted turner, turner, slotted spoon, solid serving spoon, flexible spatula, round spatula, utensil holder.
    • Materials: silicone (heads), wood (handles).
    • Total weight: 2.6 lbs.

    As far as full silicone sets go, this is pretty good.

    The rigid and comfortable wooden handles help a lot, both in keeping your hands cool and comfortable, as well as giving the silicone a rigid base to keep if from flexing to unwanted positions.

    The heads are soft as expected from silicone, and good for many kitchen tasks, especially breakfast related ones. The spatula is perfect for flipping eggs and other delicate things on the stove (like crepes) and the soft flexible heads of the other bits are great for batters and mixes, to get everything out of the bowl and stirred well together so it cooks.

    They work okay for other purposes, but not as good as other tools. I’d consider this more a supplementary set than a primary one; this is the one you use for baking and delicate tasks, while your stiffer and more rugged tools take up the more demanding jobs in the kitchen.


    Lightweight and flexible.
    Good heat protection for your hands.
    Perfect for delicate tasks.
    Won’t scratch nonstick surfaces.


    Flexibility is not always a desirable trait in your kitchen utensils.

    6. Best Nylon Kitchen Utensils Set - Calphalon 5 Piece Nylon Kitchen Utensil Set


    • Set includes: pasta server, spatula, slotted spoon, serving spoon, slotted turner with utility edge.
    • Materials: complete nylon.
    • Total weight: 1.5 lbs.

    From silicone, we go to nylon, sort of the weird halfway point between silicone’s flexibility and softness, and wood or stainless steel’s rigidity and hardness.

    I’m not generally a fan of nylon utensils on general principle; I think every other material you could make a viable working utensil out of is inherently better.

    But as far as they go, these are excellent examples. They’re thick and hold their shape well, while being heat resistant up to 400 degrees so they don’t melt under the strain.

    The shapes of these are top notch as well. Most nylon utensil have floppy, rounded shapes that aren’t good for anything. I especially like the spatula here, which is great for flipping quite a lot of stuff, and even has a fine serration on the edge for various purposes.

    All in all, if you have to go for a nylon set, it’s hard to do better than this small, simple, but very well made option.


    Easy to use.
    Comfortable in the hand.
    Well made and sturdy for nylon utensils.
    Great spatula with serrated edge.


    Very limited selection.


    • Set includes: flat spatula, slotted spatula, angled spatula, mixing spoon, kitchen spoon.
    • Materials: acacia wood.
    • Total weight: 10.4 ounces.

    This is an excellently made set. While it doesn’t have any extras, what it does have is a set of 5 of the most versatile kitchen utensils around, all extremely well mad of sturdy acacia wood.

    They work well for pretty much any task. They have a light enough touch to be used in nonstick cookware, but are well at home in stainless steel, ceramic, cast iron, or copper cookware as well.

    The construction is thin, to allow for easy sliding under whatever you need it to (and negating the drawback of thicker wooden cookware, that they’re impossible to use for almost any delicate task) but it’s also strong, the inherent sturdiness of the materials and shaping to move the stress points ensuring that they won’t crack like cheaper sets.

    That’s not to say this set is expensive; far from it. For what you get it’s very reasonable price.

    It goes without saying as well that these look absolutely gorgeous, and make great display pieces for a lot of kitchens, especially ones that have a more rustic feel; it’s right at home in any kitchen with brick or similar rough stone construction.


    Sturdy construction.
    Gentle enough for delicate tasks, but sturdy enough to take some abuse.
    All natural, no chemicals.
    Easy to clean.
    Doesn’t crack.


    Lacks a bit of variety.

    8. Best Budget Utensils Set - Zhuoyue 6 Piece Bamboo Cooking Utensils Set


    • Set includes: mixing spoon, slotted spoon, serving spoon, slotted turner, turner, large serving spork.
    • Materials: complete bamboo wood (one piece).
    • Total weight: 8.8 ounces.

    These are as basic as they get. You have a small selection of the most common tools in the kitchen, each made from a single contiguous piece of bamboo.

    They’re sturdy enough, largely from being thickly cut shafts of wood. They’re great for a lot of purposes, largely stirring and flipping heavier foods.

    They fall down a bit as delicate tools, however. Flipping eggs with one of these sucker sis a chore and a half; it’s something I don’t recommend unless you have a lot of patience and don’t mind too much if you break the yolk tying to make an over easy fried egg.

    Still, they’re the best confluence of extremely cheap and relative quality I could find; you can get this set for less than half of one of its competitors, and they’ll serve you well for a while until you can get something a bit better.


    Extremely cheap.
    Sturdy and thick.
    One piece construction holds up well.
    Good heat resistance.
    Great for stirring and tasting.


    Terrible for delicate tasks.

    9. Best “Collectible” Set - Rachael Ray 6 Piece Nylon Kitchen Tools Set


    • Set includes: whisk, slotted spoon, small turner, large turner (fish turner), ladle, solid spoon.
    • Materials: complete nylon overall, stainless steel (whisk head).
    • Total weight: 1.05 lbs.

    People really like Rachael Ray cookware; I very much like her pots and pans as well. These utensils are meant to match certain colors of her cookware, in this case the Agave Blue cookware set.

    That’s a large part of their main appeal: the aesthetics and matching of all your cooking utensils and cookware sets together. Still, looks aren’t all they have going for them.

    They’re pretty solid as far as nylon goes. They hold their shape well, are practically shaped to begin with, have decent heat resistance (for nylon) and are overall just a very solid nylon cookware set.

    But they live and die on whether you need the matching, which to be fair given the popularity of the cookware, is going to be a lot of people. If you’re just looking for good nylon cookware on its own merits, I prefer the Calphalon, Home Hero, and OXO sets above.


    Looks great and is designed to match the color and appearance of a popular cookware set.
    Pretty decent construction for nylon cookware.


    Can wear out fast if not taken care of; nylon needs to be cleaned gently and very soon after use or its scuffs. Likewise the heat exposure must be minimal, or it will melt.

    Final Verdict

    Home Hero

    I am a huge fan of almost every set on this list. I’ll stand by Home Hero’s offering as the best, but Calphalon, Fine Dine, OXO, Asani, Renawe, and Mibote also put up extremely strong contenders for the top slot, and it was very difficult choosing between them.

    The only iffy sets I’d say are the Rachael Ray and Zhuoyue sets, which still have their own special niche which some people might find very valuable and worth the time to get.

    Overall I’d stick with the other 7 depending on exactly what you need in a kitchen utensils set, but there should be something here for everyone to spruce up their kitchen with.

    What Should I Look For in a Utensil Set?

    Variety is the spice of life when looking at kitchen utensils, but does take a bit of a back seat to the construction of the utensils themselves. It doesn’t matter how many utensils you get in a set if they’re all terrible, after all.

    So let’s take a quick look at the big four utensil materials, and their pros and cons.


    Silicone is what I like to call the baker’s material. Silicone utensils are soft and flexible, and aren’t really meant to touch direct heat for long.

    Silicone spatulas are perfect for slipping eggs, their soft and slim heads slipping under them with ease, while making sure not to mar any nonstick surface you’re using,

    That flexibility also makes them excellent for baking, as it lets you spread batter and get it all out of the nooks and crannies of various bowls you used for mixing.


    Nylon is the most ubiquitous and cheapest of the materials. It has a endency to be…not good, honestly.

    It’s more rigid than silicone, but softer than the other two, making it good for nonstick surfaces as well, it also stands up a bit better to heat (if well made) than silicone, and has a bit more sturdiness.

    But overall I avoid nylon except where it’s unusually well made stuff.


    Wood is a bit of a crapshoot. It’s either good or bad with no in between.

    Exceptionally cheap wood utensils are usually made of bamboo, which is thick, light, and cracks easily.

    Better wood utensils though can be the best around. They’re sturdy, flexible enough to take a pounding, but rigid enough to do what you need. Plus they look very nice.

    Stainless Steel

    Steel is the most reliable material in my experience, with better performance ein every area compared to the other materials, save for one: nonstick surfaces.

    Stainless steel utensils are hard and have a tendency to scratch those surfaces, so it’s best to also keep around a wooden, silicone, or nylon set for those uses.

    They excel at heavy duty work though, and should form the backbone of your collection.


    Every utensil set is going to come with at least 5 things: a spatula, a slotted spoon, a solid spoon, and one of a variety of other things for the last two spots (usually a second spatula to make a solid turner and a slotted spatula, plus a ladle or something).

    Anything beyond that is gravy, but it’s gravy you should look for.

    Getting nice additions like tongs, pizza cutters, peelers, garlic crushers, etc. help a lot for making food, and open up new avenues for cooking.

    A huge variety of utensils isn’t necessarily a must, but it’s a definite plus if they’re all well made.


    Typically you get wat you pay for with a set, with extremely basic ones going for as little as $10, and very complete ones going for over $100. That’s about the range we’re sticking to with this list.

    It’s worth noting that most expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the best; it’s all about if it does the job you need it to do.