7 Best Lunch Box Options for Everyone, Tested and Reviewed

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    Key Features

    Built-in freezable gel interior keeps food and drinks cool longer than any other lunch box

    Compact design is perfect for lunch for one

    Free of any harmful chemicals

    Water-resistant lining prevents spills and leaks

    Made of durable polyester canvas for long-lasting performance

    travel picnic bag

    Any season of the year is a great time to eat more healthy, home cooked meals — but the spring and summer are especially perfect for picnics! What better way to combine the two than in your very own portable, reusable lunch box?

    Perfect for trips back and forth to school, the office, or the park, equipping yourself with the best lunch box can be a real game changer for meal time. They’re a perfect way to save money, eat healthier, and use more of your break time for enjoying yourself rather than waiting in line at a restaurant.

    That’s why today, we’ll be introducing you to our seven favorite lunch boxes. In the search for the perfect lunch box in every category, we’ve tested and considered over three dozen models — so we’re confident that the lunch boxes that follow represent only the best of the best.

    Curious to see what we’ve chosen? Read on to find out more!

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    Top 7 Best Lunch Boxes Review

    1. Best Overall – Packit Lunch Bag


    Built-in freezable gel interior keeps food and drinks cool longer than any other lunch box
    Compact design is perfect for lunch for one
    Free of any harmful chemicals
    Water-resistant lining prevents spills and leaks
    Made of durable polyester canvas for long-lasting performance


    Some people will want a larger lunch box


      • Fully insulated interior
      • Adjustable buckle closure handle
      • Made from food-safe, non-toxic polyester canvas
      • Water-resistant
      • PVC-, BPA-, phthalate-, and lead-free construction
      • Built-in freezable gel
      • Measures 10” H x 8” W x 5” D
      • Weighs 1 pound

    With its minimalist design and perfectly reasonable price, Packit’s stiff-sided Lunch Bag offers everything you could want out of a lunch box without putting a stress on your wallet. From its fully insulated interior to durable canvas exterior, it’s an affordable lunch box option that’s built to last.

    Water-resistant both inside and out, the Packit Lunch Bag won’t leak or get wet due to condensation or rainy days. We love the adjustable buckle closure on the handle that makes it as easy to attach to your backpack or briefcase as it is to carry in your hands.

    Maybe most impressively, though, the Packit Lunch Bag is equipped with a built-in freezable gel interior. You’ll never need to go hunting for your freezer packets, or deal with the mess they make as they thaw; just store it in the freezer overnight, and it’s fully ready to go for your packed lunch in the morning.

    2. Best Value – MAZFORCE Original Insulated Lunch Box


    Amazingly affordable
    Versatile storage options with multiple pockets
    Large variety of color choices to customize your style
    Waterproof and leak-proof design prevents any spills or messes


    Insulation could be better
    Won’t keep food cold for more than 2-3 hours


      • 19 color choices
      • Expandable side water bottle holder
      • Adjustable buckle closure handle
      • Inside mesh pockets and slim back pocket
      • Free from PVC, BPA, phthalates, and lead
      • Waterproof oxford fabric construction
      • Leak proof aluminum inner lining
      • Measures 10.2” H x 8.7” W x 4.5” D
      • Weighs .5 pounds

    Since you’ll likely be carrying your lunch box with you to work or school every day, it’s no surprise that you may want to find one that matches with your unique style. In that case, look no further than the MAZFORCE Original Insulated Lunch Box: An affordable and extremely customizable lunch box that’s available in 19 awesome colors and patterns.

    In addition to its colorful decoration, the MAZFORCE features a variety of thoughtful design considerations, from a convenient water bottle holder to a slim back pocket for your phone, wallet, and keys. It’s fully leak-proof and waterproof, making it a great option for anyone who lives in a rainy climate, too.

    3. Premium Choice – Picnic at Ascot Houndstooth Picnic Backpack


    All-in-one picnic solution that’s perfect for two people
    Comes with utensils, wine key, glasses, napkins, and a plate
    Made of durable, heavyweight 600D polyester
    Divided interior sections keep wine bottles and food separate
    Top access panel makes it easy to pour a fresh glass of vino whenever you want


    Significant monetary investment


      • Divided thermal shield insulation sections
      • Separate sections for wine and food
      • Easy access panel in lid for drinks
      • Completely leak-proof
      • Adjustable shoulder strap
      • Dry storage front pocket
      • Made of 600D polyester canvas
      • Includes plates, utensils, glasses, and napkins for two
      • Measures 13.5” H x 9.75” W x 9.5” D
      • Weighs 3.2 pounds

    When you’re looking for a lunch box, the simplest options can be tempting. But if you’re the type who can’t stand to pack just a bland sandwich and a bottle of water, consider the Picnic at Ascot Houndstooth Picnic Backpack instead. It’s a fully equipped picnic solution for two people, giving you the tools necessary to up your lunchtime game wherever you go.

    With dual isolated sections for food and wine as well as an easy access top panel for your drinks, the Picnic at Ascot bag just might be the most impressive choice you can make for your lunchtime escapades.

    Its price tag is not for the faint of heart — but anyone who’s willing to invest a little more in their lunch box will be pleasantly surprised with the durability and complete versatility of this picnic bag.

    4. Best Metal Lunch Box – Stanley Classic 10qt Lunch Box


    Most durable construction of any lunch box we tested
    Great insulation kept drinks cold for almost 12 hours
    Strong latches keep it securely closed when not in use
    Large storage capacity


    Lid still has a small gap at the back edges when closed
    Not completely waterproof


      • Manufactured with 0.6mm SPCD steel
      • Single wall insulation
      • Equipped with locking metal brackets and clamps
      • Compatible with Stanley vacuum insulated bottle
      • 10 quart storage capacity
      • Measures 10″ H x 13″ W x 6.5″ D

    Most well known for their insulated thermos, Stanley is a classic name in outdoor camping gear and equipment. With their Classic Lunch Box, they offer an amazingly heavy-duty and durable option for a surprisingly reasonable price — making it a great option for anyone that wants a lunch box that will last a lifetime.

    The extra-thick steel body of the Stanley Classic is what gives it both extreme longevity and excellent insulation properties. Its locking metal brackets keep a steady hold on the lunch box through rough and tumble use, making it a great option for anyone who takes their lunch to a jobsite.

    5. Most Comfortable to Carry – Picnic Plus Magellan Lunch Insulated Picnic Cooler


    Stylish and durable polyester canvas exterior looks great and is built to last
    Multiple carrying options increase its versatility and portability
    The padded shoulder strap makes it the most comfortable lunch box to carry out of every style we tested
    Comes with reusable ice packs for eco-friendly insulation


    Not waterproof
    Lining can be difficult to clean


      • Aluminum carrying handles
      • Nylon exterior
      • Lead free insulated vinyl lining
      • Adjustable strap with heavy duty padding
      • Includes a reusable freezer ice pack
      • Measures 9” H x 8.5” W x 4.5” D
      • Weighs 2 pounds

    Whereas the last option on our list lost points for its uncomfortable shoulder strap, the Picnic Plus Magellan Lunch Insulated Picnic Cooler has padding to spare!

    With the most comfortable carrying options of any lunch box we tested, it’s a well-outfitted option that’s likely to impress just about anyone — as long as you don’t need your lunch box to be waterproof, that is.

    We appreciate that this lunch box from Picnic Plus comes with its own reusable ice pack, and enjoy its stylish and durable nylon exterior as well.

    6. Best Bento Lunch Box – Typhoon Pure Lunch Bento Box


    Most eco-friendly lunch storage option available today
    Perfect for small lunches and Japanese-style meals
    Secure storage thanks to the included rubber band closure
    Unique and stylish appearance


    Small food storage space
    Can be difficult to clean


      • Base is made of fully compostable bamboo fiber
      • Hardwood top
      • Completely natural and BPA-free
      • Rubber storage band
      • Measures 2.4” H x 4.3” W x 8.7” D
      • Weighs .85 pounds

    The traditional lunch box of Japan, known as a “bento box”, comes in many shapes and sizes. From the smallest that’s designed to hold just a few pieces of candy, to massive boxes that can fit lunch for 8, there’s a bento box to fit every lifestyle.

    Typhoon Pure’s Lunch Bento Box falls right in the middle of the available sizes. Just big enough for a hot lunch for one, it’s made of fully compostable bamboo fiber and a hardwood lid — making it the most eco-friendly lunch box of any we’ve seen.

    If you’re a fan of minimalist style and Asian cuisine, give the Typhoon Pure Bento Box a shot. It just might become your new favorite way to carry your lunch!

    7. Best Waterproof Lunch Box – Freeport Park Insulated Strap Lunch Bag

    Freeport Park Insulated Strap


    Lightweight yet durable, with a rigid frame that prevents your sandwiches from being crushed
    Fully waterproof and leak-proof interior protects against messes
    Large, spacious interior with two mesh pockets
    Includes spaces to store ice packs, making it great for hot or cold food


    On the expensive side
    Shoulder strap could be softer and more comfortable


      • Fully insulated
      • Rigid structural frame
      • Easy clean food-safe PEVA lining
      • Adjustable shoulder strap
      • Waterproof liner
      • Water resistant exterior
      • Measures 11” H x 8” W x 4” D
      • Weighs 1 pound

    With a completely waterproof exterior and tall, slim design, the Freeport Park Insulated Lunch Bag is the premier lunch box option for bicyclists, and works well on longer hikes or walks, too. We were especially impressed by the quality of its insulation: With the addition of two ice packs, it kept our food and beverages cold for well over 12 hours.

    If the shoulder strap for this lunch box were more comfortable, it might have easily made the top spot on our list thanks to its spacious interior and durable, rigid frame. Overall, it’s an excellent option for the price that should be the first consideration of active commuters.

    Final Verdict: The Best Lunch Box for the Money

    Packit BagCheck Price on Amazon

    Check Price on Walmart

    Perfectly sized for one person, the Packit Lunch Bag is a durable, versatile, and affordable option that gives us everything we want out of a lunch box. It’s well-insulated, go-anywhere portability makes it perfect for work, school, and even out on a hike. In short, it’s the best possible lunch box for general purpose use, and is made from durable polyester for long-lasting performance.

    For anyone on a tighter budget, the MAZFORCE Original Insulated Lunch Box offers good quality features and nearly 20 colors to choose from, making it an affordable option for anyone looking to customize their lunch box experience. It’s surprisingly durable given its bargain pricing, and should be a consideration especially for students who are short on cash but want to eat well wherever they go.

    Having the the right lunch box will complete packed lunch style you’re looking for. Which type of lunch box do you think you’ll choose? With all the information you’ve learned in this article, we know you’ll be able to pick the perfect one for your needs. Good luck, and happy snacking!

    How to Choose the Best Lunch Box

    Before you jump at the first cool and convenient looking lunch box you find, we recommend taking the time to consider what exactly you want out of one. To that end, take a look through the topics that we took into account when reviewing lunch boxes for this guide:

    What to Look for In A Lunch Box

    No matter the style or material of a lunch box, it should have the following attributes that show great quality:

    • Good storage space will ensure that you always have enough room to pack your lunch, a beverage, utensils, and napkins.
    • Effective insulation keeps cold foods cold, and hot foods hot. It’s essential to enjoying your meals any time of year, but is especially important during the warm summer months. Our favorite lunch boxes include inserts for ice packs, as well.
    • Durable construction protects your investment from accidental damage, and is the major difference between a cheaply made lunch box and a high-quality choice.
    • Easy portability means choosing lunch boxes that are lightweight, compact, and comfortable to carry.

    Types of Lunch Boxes

    The three main types of lunch boxes are differentiated by the material that they’re made out of:

    1. Fabric lunch boxes, often called lunch bags instead, can range from the ultra-lightweight synthetic fabrics to tough, durable polyester canvas. They’re the most versatile category of lunch boxes, and can be found at great prices with a wide variety of features.
    2. Metal lunch boxes are heavier, but much more durable and better suited to working tough outdoor jobs. They also have the benefit of being naturally better insulated, and can keep foods and beverages cold for a very long time.
    3. Plastic lunch boxes combine some of the durability of a metal lunch box with the lower prices of fabric lunch bags, but are often prone to cracking or breaking. They’re a lightweight, but somewhat harder to carry option that we don’t choose as often.