Best Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Reviews

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    Last Updated on January 8, 2021

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    Key Features

    • Extra large cooking space
    • Large viewing window for monitoring food
    • Easy to assemble, approximately 30-minute
    • Great value for your money


    Masterbuilt makes some of the best smokers available today. These appliances let you use wood chips, pellets and similar materials to both add smoke flavor to foods and cook those foods. With electric models, you no longer need to keep an extra propane tank on hand or worry about running out of fuel.

    The company comes in a lot of styles and models that fit all budgets. The top model we found is the Masterbuilt Platinum 30”. It comes with a bonus set that includes a rib rack, a hanger for smoking sausages, carving gloves and other accessories.

    Masterbuilt Electric Smokers Reviews

    Top Products in the Market


    While there are a number of Masterbuilt electric smokers out there, this Platinum edition, which comes with a bonus kit of accessories, is easily one of its best. The set comes with a Generation 2 electric model that measures more than two inches tall and features more than 700 square inches of internal cooking space. That space is large enough for smoking entire racks of ribs and whole chickens and turkeys.

    Integrated controls on the front let you make adjustments to all the settings that you use on a daily basis. You can decide on the amount of smoke you want to use, the temperature of the cooking space and even when it shuts off. Turning on the automatic timer ensures that the smoker shuts off at the time you want.

    You’ll even get a temperature probe that checks the temperature of your meat from inside the machine. This lets you see how much longer you need to smoke certain cuts to reach a safe temperature. That probe can also help ensure that meat comes out moist and juicy.

    With a power cord that measures more than five-feet long, you can also use it in a variety of settings. Use it for whipping up dishes at home or while camping with friends. As the racks pop in and out with ease, you can make almost any type of dish you want.

    The bonus set included with this model features lots of accessories that you can use like carving gloves for carving meats right out of the smoker without burning yourself. You also get stands and accessories for making drunken chicken, smoking sausages inside the smoker and making ribs. Masterbuilt even gives you a remote control that lets you change the temperature or make adjustments to other settings from across your lawn.

    This Masterbuilt model is the perfect edition to any outdoor kitchen because it comes with a bonus set of grilling accessories. Made by Cuisinart, this set comes with tongs for flipping meats, a spatula and even a brush for cleaning your grill. All those grilling tools fit inside an include storage case.

    The appliance itself is one of the largest that we saw. Measuring over three-feet tall, it has an impressive 975 square inches of internal cooking space. This budget-friendly smoker has a heating element that produces 1200 watts of power for cooking dishes faster, but you can adjust that wattage for low and slow cooking.

    Masterbuilt gives you a remote control that works with this model. That remote can monitor all aspects of the smoker, including the temperature of the meat, the internal temperature and even the time remaining. You can even use that remote to turn the light inside it on and off.

    With the temperature settings on that remote, you can drop the temperature as low as 100 degrees Fahrenheit or increase the temperature to a maximum of 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Thanks to the internal meat probe, you can use the remote to check on the internal temperature of your meat. This keeps smoked meats from drying out and ensures that your meat stays juicy.

    Designed for use in an outdoor kitchen, it is one that you can take with you. Wheels placed along the bottom corners help the smoker move smoothly across different surfaces. A handle on the back lets you push or pull it into place.

    Masterbuilt also added a side area that lets you add in more wood chips as needed without disrupting any of the dishes inside. Its drip tray catches all drips produced by those dishes and comes out for easy cleaning.

    Masterbuilt 4 rack

    If you like electric smokers but hate how low to the ground most models sit, you’ll love this Masterbuilt model, which comes with its own leg kit. Those legs easily attach to the bottom and function like a stand. Using the legs makes its easier to load and remove dishes from it without bending or stooping over.

    The four racks that fit inside this model have a chrome finish that does a good job of pushing off the liquids that your dishes produce. Those racks are strong enough to hold up to 80 pounds of food in a single cooking cycle. You can adjust the placement of those racks and even remove a few when cooking larger dishes.

    Its internal heating element produces the perfect amount of smoke from the wood chips you add while also regulating the internal temperature of the appliance. This element lets you increase the heat up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit for faster cooking, but you can also select a lower temperature. As it produces an even amount of heat, you won’t worry about your foods drying out or overcooking.

    With the included radio frequency remote control, you can easily turn on the internal light to check on your meat or check the timer. The remote also lets you select the internal temperature and view the temperature of your meat. An internal probe keeps a constant eye on that meat.

    Also included is a small cookbook that comes with a number of recipes you can try making in the smoker. You also get carving gloves that are great for removing meat from it and cutting that meat without damaging your hands. Use the included cover to keep the smoker safe from rain and snow when storing it on your patio or deck.

    This Masterbuilt model comes with a digital display on the front that makes it easy to keep an eye on your meat and change all the settings. The digital display shows you the current temperature inside it and also lets you turn on the light inside, turn on the timer and adjust the heat. Buttons beside and underneath the display give you access to all those settings.

    Many home cooks like the 20075315 model because it comes with a full-length viewing window on the front. You can look inside to see if you should turn or rotate meats or when you should take out some dishes without actually opening the door. Interior insulation does a great job of locking in all that heat.

    The four racks inside give you more than 900 square inches of space, and each of those racks is large enough for cooking an entire rack of ribs. The bottom racks, which are larger in size, can accommodate roasts and poultry. Those racks also come out for cleaning.

    A built-in drip pan on the very bottom of it that catches all the liquid that falls off your dishes and keeps those liquids away from the wood chip tray. You can remove that tray to keep the liquid from splashing out and to clean it. The smoker also comes with an air damper that you can rotate from the outside for letting in more or less air.

    Its loading system makes adding more wood chips at the beginning or later in the cooking process a snap. You can add a smaller amount when you first start out and then add more without worrying about dropping the temperature inside. This model can work with wood chips from Masterbuilt and the flavors and varieties available from other manufacturers.

    For fast and easy smoking, you can’t go wrong with the Masterbuilt 20070910 model. While it has a basic look, this is a model that anyone can use. It lets you smoke meat, seafood and even fresh vegetables in a fraction of the time that you expected.

    Opening the front door will reveal four metal racks, a drip tray and a tray for holding your wood chips. That metal drip tray slides in and out of place with ease, making it easy to clean out that tray after smoking some new dishes. That drip tray also makes clean up a lot easier because it collects all the liquids, including marinades and even fat, that comes off your meat.

    Instead of using a standard loading tray that requires you open the door during the smoking process, Masterbuilt placed the loading tray on the side of this smoker. That side tray lets you add more chips later in the process to produce more smoke without opening the door first. You can regulate the temperature of it as you add more chips.

    With 730 square inches of cooking space inside, you’ll have all the space that you need for even the largest of roasts and rib racks. If you need even more space, you can remove one or more of the racks. These chrome racks clean easily and won’t accumulate debris as quickly as those made of other materials will.

    This model also comes with a digital display and an air damper on the top. That air damper can increase or decrease the airflow inside to help more smoke reach each rack, while the digital display lets you choose between settings and make your selections. The only reason this model ranks lower on our list is because it doesn’t come with a viewing window.

    Not everyone needs a large smoker that can make dozens of dishes at the same time, which is why Masterbuilt offers the Electric Bullet Smoker. The Bullet has a compact design that makes it perfect for camping trips. As long as you have access to an outlet or generator, you can use this model.

    The handles on the sides and top have curved designs that fit comfortably in your hands and let you pick it up. Those handles will not retain any of the heat produced by it though. You can lift off the lid without grabbing gloves first and without hurting yourself.

    The interior features almost 400 square inches of cooking space, which is plenty for most families. The inside also has two separate chrome cooking racks that keep the fat from your meats from clinging to the racks. You can use just one of those racks for smoking or smoke two different dishes on each of those racks.

    Removing both racks will significantly increase your cooking space and give you enough room for cooking a turkey or a chicken. As the racks slide out with ease, you can even quickly pull out those racks for cleaning.

    A small knob on the front lets you open it to add more wood chips and check on your food. It also comes with a durable heating element that can increase the temperature up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

    This Masterbuilt Electric Analog is a little easier to use than some of the other models on our list. The analog temperature display on the front shows you the current temperature inside. This lets you know when to let in more air or add more wood chips.

    To ensure that your food cooks evenly, Masterbuilt added two separate walls of insulation. Those layers of insulation block out drafts and keep the warm air inside from escaping. This regulates the internal temperature for even the longest of smoking sessions.

    You can use the temperature thermostat control to select the temperature level that you want upfront and later on. It works at temperatures as low as 100 degrees Fahrenheit up to a temperature as high as 275 degrees Fahrenheit. This control allows you to start out smoking at a lower temperature, then increase the temperature and later bring it back down for even and consistent cooking.

    Many of the features that you use every day are right at the front of it. Those features include a water tray that keeps your meat moist and juicy as it cooks and a drip tray that collects all liquids produced. Both the drip tray and water tray come out for easy and convenient refilling.

    This Masterbuilt Portable Electric model is perfect for anyone who wants to smoke on the go. Thanks to its convenient size and portable design, you can take this one on a camping trip or to a tailgating party. It’s also great for using on your own deck or patio.

    The 1,400 watt heating element inside both regulates the temperature and produces enough heat to smoke and cook some dishes in just a few hours or less. Thanks to a temperature dial on the front door, you can even view the current temperature and keep an eye on any changes to that temperature as you add more wood chips or make other adjustments.

    Unlike other models that come with confusing controls, this one has just three basic temperature settings: low, medium and high. You can experiment with those settings to smoke side dishes, fresh vegetables, meats, seafood and even poultry.

    The smoker comes with two metal legs that are strong enough to support both the unit and any food placed inside. Those legs fold out for using it outside. You can also fold the legs flat and underneath it for storing in your car or garage.

    You’ll also get a water pan and a drip pan. Both these pans fit inside the unit and come out easily after cooking.

    Make smoked meats and other fun dishes without feeling stuck at home with this version of the Masterbuilt classic Electric Bullet. As long as you have a nearby outlet, you can plug in this smoker and start cooking all your favorite dishes. Its analog controls take care of all the work for you.

    The inside features nearly 400 square inches of cooking space, and it comes with two smoking racks that have a porcelain coating added to the top. That coating retains heat and keeps grease and marinades from sticking to the racks. Its water bowl, drip pan and other accessories feature that same coating.

    A wood chip tray keeps your wood chips at the right distance from your food, while the drip tray holds any fat or spices that drip off your foods. The lid comes off easily and has a handle that won’t burn your hands. It also comes with handles on either side of the smoking chamber for transporting the appliance.

    Its built-in analog temperature controls shows you the exact temperature inside it and lets you keep an eye on your cooking time without lifting the lid.

    Final Verdict


    The Masterbuilt Platinum 30”  is the best of all the electric models available from this manufacturer. All four of the racks that fit inside can accommodate any number of foods, including rib, roasts, sausages and even poultry. The racks can also hold bakeware for making side dishes.

    Standing more than two-feet high, this model gives you more than 700 square inches of cooking space. You can adjust the placement of the racks inside to increase your cooking area. Those stainless-steel racks are easy to clean too.

    Also included is a bonus set of accessories like a cookbook that teaches you how to make drunken chicken and other fun dishes in your new appliance. You’ll also get a hanger for cooking sausages inside, a rack for smoking ribs and carving gloves for slicing meat without burning your hands. Masterbuilt also gives you a remote control that runs on two AAA batteries.

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