The 9 Best Meat Grinders in 2021

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    Last Updated on January 16, 2021

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    Key Features

    • Powerful, durable, easy to clean kitchen appliance
    • Comes with come a complete grinding package 
    • Can easily hold more 3lbs of meat
    • Great value for your money

    grinding meat

    Slicing and grinding your own meat is one of those revelatory things, that something you’ve been so used to getting from the store can be made at home and oh so much better.

    Buying a meat grinder can be a weird affair, because there are a lot of strange, subpar meat grinders out there that in many ways look identical to higher quality offerings also on the market.

    In this article I’ve sorted out the chaff, and aim to provide a quick primer to how I did that, by giving a rundown of what to look for when buying a meta grinder; if you know what you want, you’ll know when a subpar item isn’t giving it to you.

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      9 Best Meat Grinders Reviews For 2021


    • Wattage: max 3000 watts, usual load 800 to 1200 watts.
    • Voltage: 110 and 120 v.
    • Dimensions: 16.5” x 6.5” x 14.5”
    • Set includes: #12 grinding head, 3 grinding plates, 3 cutting blades, 1 sausage stuffing (“beaner”) plate, 1 kibbe attachment, 3 sausage stuffing tubes, 2 meat claws, 1 burger patty press.
    • Materials: tempered 304 stainless steel (most moving parts and all plates and blades), plastic (buttons and sausage stuffing tubes).
    • Total weight: 12 lbs.

    This is an insanely powerful meat grinder, with a maximum locked motor wattage of 3000 watts (though usually under loads at about 800 to 1200). It grinds a massive 180 to 240 lbs of meat per hour, bridging the gap between home and commercial use by giving you the versatility to use it as either as you please.

    This meat grinder comes with everything you need to get started, with a #12 grinding head for great volume of grinding, 3 grinding plate sizes, a meat claw set, and 3 types of sausage tubes for sausage stuffing.

    This meat grinder is the full package, and at a surprisingly reasonable price. While notably more expensive than many other meat grinders on the market, it’s not exorbitantly so, and provides a lot of extra power for that extra buck.

    It is very difficult to do better than this in the price range, but it should be said that maybe not everybody needs this kind of volume; a lot of people aren’t going to be grinding 240 lbs of meat themselves in a year, much less every hour.

    We also have separate reviews for the best burger patty press, if you're looking for one then you may want to check it out.


    Great power.
    3 year warranty.
    Massive meat output.
    Great performance.
    Durable and sturdy.
    High quality steel blades and plates.
    Easy to use.
    3 settings; slow for sausage stuffing, high for everything else, and a reverse setting.


    While a fair price for what you get, those who have a lower need for meat output would find this overpriced for their purposes.


    • Power output: 500 watts.
    • Dimensions: 5.5” x 13.5” x 11.8”
    • Total weight: 6.85 lbs.
    • Set includes: 3 stainless steel blades, grinder, sausage stuffing tubes, kibbeh roller.

    This is a good and cheap meat grinder, though unfortunately is a bit of a gamble.

    Everything looks good on paper. The construction is solid, with steel gears that should stand the test of time, and a decent 500 W power output that can grind small batches easily.

    The grinder comes with a variety of blades for different purposes, as well as sausage stuffing tubes for making good home made sausage.

    It’s easy to use, with simple controls (a power switch and a 3 way mode switch) and is the perfect compact countertop machine for someone who just wants to make some ground meat on demand.

    Unfortunately it also has a bit of an issue with quality control, as reported by a lot of people. Not the majority, but enough to show a trend. It seems as though the blades are prone to cracking while in use, leaving bits of metal in your meat (and the blades unusable).

    If you give this one a try I recommend starting it on some cheap throwaway meat first before trying to grind anything you might miss.


    Easy to use
    Sturdy construction.


    Intermittent severe quality control failures.


    • Set includes: 3 stainless steel cutting blades (3 mm Fine, 5 mm Medium, 7 mm Coarse), sausage kit, kibbeh attachment.
    • Voltage and Frequency: 120 v, 60 Hz.
    • Power output: 350 W to max load 1200 W.
    • Dimensions: 15” x 6.7” x 12.2”
    • Total weight: 7.7 lbs.

    This is a great midrange model with lots of power at a great price from Aobosi.

    You get 1200 W of power output from this one, which is perfect for both small batches of home use and for huge hobby batches (not quite good enough for commercial use, however). It grinds about 2 and a quarter pounds of meat per minute, letting you quickly and easily assemble whatever meal you’re trying to get done; you’ll spend longer cubing it than grinding it.

    The attachments it comes with are nice, with 3 sizes of blade as well as sausage stuffer and kibbeh attachments. It also has a great overload feature; if the machine heats up too much it shuts off automatically to avoid damage, and won’t turn back on until it’s cooled off again.

    This meat grinder is versatile, easy to use, fast, and works for pretty much anything. Overall, a great buy for the relatively low price.


    Easy to use.
    Sturdy and well made.
    Powerful for home use.
    Great anti-overload feature.
    Good price for the power.


    Only includes one size of sausage tube.


    • Power output: .5 HP (373 watts).
    • Voltage: 110 v.
    • Dimensions: 12.25” x 9.125” x 2.25”.
    • Set includes: 1 grinder with tray, 2 blades (3/8” coarse and 3/16” fine), 3 sausage stuffing tubes, meat stomper, knife.
    • Total weight: 28.7 lbs.

    This enormously powerful machine can grind through an entire animal quick as a flash…but comes with the price tag you’d expect from performance like that.

    This is a huge, powerful meat grinder with .5 horsepower (373 watts) of power at its minimum. It’s made for real meat grinding enthusiasts, though not professional use. In their words, it’s for if you plan to do “a few deer a year”. It can grind through a whopping 7 lbs in just one minute of work.

    Along with that raw power, it has some nice quality of life features. It’s quiet, for one; about as quiet as a meat grinder can get. It also has convenient storage inside the body of the grinder for knives, trays, and other things you might want to keep stored with it.

    For all that power it’s also easy to use and doesn’t take up all that much space, though noticeably more than some of the more compact models we’ll see today, making it easy to toss in storage when not in use.


    Huge power
    5 year warranty.
    Easy to use
    Fast; grinds 7 lbs of meat per minute.


    Huge power brings huge expense.


    • Materials: stainless steel (body, gears, blades), copper (motor).
    • Power output: 350 w to 2000 w.
    • Voltage: 120 v 60 Hz
    • Set includes: grinder, 3 grinding plates (various sizes), 2 cutting blades, 2 kibbeh attachments, 1 sausage tube, 1 food pusher, 1 accessory box.
    • Dimensions: 17.2” x 9.8” x 8.8”.
    • Weight: 9.05 lbs.

    This is another great midrange meat grinder.

    It has good power; 350 w up to 200 w of power, and grinds meat very quickly.

    The construction is solid; stainless steel all over, from blades to gears to exterior. The price is good, not too high for what you’re getting, and it comes with everything you need for a variety of foods.

    The only real rub comes from the operating time; 10 to 15 minutes at a time max, which seriously belie the claims of it being viable for “light commercial” use. It’s good for hobbies at best.

    Still, for that it’s perfect, grinding through a good amount of meta fairly fast. As long as you don’t have too many heavy demands on this unit it should perform perfectly well for you.


    Great power
    Good price for the performance.
    Sturdy materials.
    Lightweight and compact.
    Easy to use


    Low operating time holds this model back.


    • Materials: ABS, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy (body), copper alloy (motor).
    • Power output: 150 w to 800 w.
    • Voltage: 110/120 v, 50 to 60 Hz.
    • Dimensions: 11” x 7.3” x 13”.
    • Set includes: meat grinder, 4 knife meshes, blade, food tray.

    f you’re looking for a lightweight, compact, ultra cheap, and easy to store meat grinder, this is it.

    The performance is fine enough for a meat grinder of this size, with a max power output of 800 watts.

    You’re not going to be grinding down a whole animal with this grinder, but that’s not what this is for. This is for the person who wants to take a few cubes of beef and some lamb every couple of weeks and make some meatballs or something, and for that it is beyond perfect.

    The durability is okay, with the body being made of stainless steel overall, but a few aluminum and ABS pieces hold it back. But, with what you’re paying for this machine, it’s very hard to complain about nitpicks like that.


    Compact and easy to store.
    Decent power
    Very cheap price.


    Low durability.
    Fairly low power, not suited for heavy duty work.


    • Power output: 350 W.
    • Materials: stainless steel.
    • Set includes: mixing bowl, blades, food processor body, lid.

    If you want a meat grinder that’s not really a meat grinder, this is your guy.

    Food processors are a great tool to have around the house, and one of their many functions is grinding down meat into a passable ground meat or paste.

    You’re not going to get the same grind as a true meat grinder by any means, but it’s serviceable for a lot of purposes, like meatballs or anything with a patty. You can’t use meat that’s too gristly or tough, or it chugs, but otherwise the performance of this as a meta grinder isn’t too bad, overall.

    This is great if you’re someone who very rarely needs to grind meat, but want to have the option on hand without dedicating a whole kitchen gadget to the task.

    It’s compact, versatile, and easy to use. A great pick for pretty much any household.


    Easy to use.
    Incredibly versatile.
    Two great power modes.
    Decent power output.
    Greta durability.
    Good performance.


    Not suited for heavy duty meat grinding work.


    • Materials: die cast aluminum (body), stainless steel (grinding plates and blades).
    • Set includes: grinding blade, 3 grinding plates, 1 kidney grind plate, 2 sausage stuffing tubes, tray, grinder attachment body.
    • Power Output and Voltage: Dependent on KitchenAid mixer.
    • Dimensions: 9.1” x 5.8” x 8.5”.Total weight: 2.25 lbs.

    This is another great meat grinder option for people who don’t want a dedicated meat grinder. It attaches right to your KitchenAid stand mixer, adding a lot of versatility to that appliance.

    The performance is surprisingly good for what it is, making a great low duty meat grinder and an equally excellent low volume sausage stuffer.

    While made largely of diecast aluminum rather than stainless steel it’s still satisfyingly sturdy, with a lightweight frame overall that still has a good heft to it so it holds up well under its own weight when attached to the stand mixer’s head.

    It has a wide variety of options that you’d find on any full sized meat grinder, and a pretty decent amount of power to back it up if you shelled out for the more powerful mixer.

    All in all it’s difficult to find fault with this meat grinder attachment, save in its most inherent flaw: it’s completely useless to you fi you don’t have a stand mixer, and specifically a KitchenAid brand stand mixer that’s compatible with the attachment.


    Wide variety of options.
    Well made and sturdy.
    Takes up very little space compared to dedicated meat grinders.
    Excellent performance.
    Good price.


    Doesn’t work with other stand mixers, so is completely useless if you don’t own a compatible KitchenAid stand mixer.


    • Power output: 1.5 HP (1100 w).Voltage: 110 v 60 Hz.
    • Materials: food grade 304 stainless steel.
    • Dimensions: 16.2” x 9.5” x 17.7” (overall), 12.5” x 8.5” x 1.5” (tray).
    • Total weight: 48 lbs.
    • Set includes: grinder body, tray, meat pusher, coarse grinding plate, fine grinding plate, blade, 2 replacement blades.

    Topping us off is this monstrously powerful commercial meat grinder.

    You get a whopping 1.5 horsepower out of this beast (1100 watts) which is enough to grind just about anything. It slams through pretty much anything you put in it; any kind of meat you’d care to use, including incredibly dense and gristly meat, and even poultry bones (but not beef bones and the like).

    It has a massive output, doing 7.5 lbs per minute (450 lbs per hour) an dis extremely suitable for commercial work.

    Despite this, the price is actually quite reasonable. Expensive, but cheaper than many.

    The downsides, of course, come not just in its larger than average price, but its large than average price. As a commercial machine this is made to be a permanent fixture of your countertop. It’s hefty, bulky, and hard to move around with any degree of ease, but remains light enough to shift in a pinch, which is nice.

    If you’re planning to start up a deli or something, this is a great grinder to go with; cost efficient and high performance. If not though, it’s probably massive overkill, and a cheaper model will do you just as well.


    Extremely high power output.
    High volume commercial ready machine.
    Easy to use.
    Built sturdy and made to last.


    Expensive if you don’t need the power (though very reasonable for machines in a similar power bracket).
    Heavy and bulky.

    Final Verdict


    Overall I’ve got to give it to the STX Turbofrce 300. It’s a great combo of price, performance, and ease of use that none of the others quite match, though it was a tough call. Ultimately your choice is going to come down to how much you’re willing to pay and how much meat you expect to grind at any one time. For small batches, something like the Gvode attachments for KitchenAid mixers is perfect, while at the very high end Happybuy’s massively powerful commercial machine is excellently priced for its performance, but might be overkill for most peoples’ use around the house.

    The only one I’m leery of is Gourmia’s offering, which has an excellent performance to cost ratio, but its quality control issues make it a real gamble; you’re either buying a great machine at a low price or you’re buying a whole lot of time on the phone with customer service.

    How Do I Pick the Perfect Grinder?

    There are a number of factors to look into when purchasing a meat grinder. The first and foremost thing you’ll want to look at is the power of the grinder.


    Unlike manual meat grinder which you can use without the use of electricity, you need to look for something that’s giving you a minimum of 350 watts of power, preferably the magic number of 373 watts (usually written more simply as .5 horsepower).

    This gives you the power to grind decent amount of most meats without trouble, though something at that end might struggle with gristly or tough meat like game meat (most prominently venison).

    Going up form there is pretty much always a plus, to a point; bigger power is usually the biggest determiner of a higher price point on a meat grinder.

    You’ll want to gauge exactly how much you intend to use your meat grinder; both in term of frequency of use and in terms of how long at a time.

    Higher end, higher power meat grinders can grind down an entire butchered animal lickety split and do that multiple times a day. Lower end units might be able to grind a pound or two of meat before needing a rest.

    Both are fine in a general sense, so long as you know the limitations of your grinder and are fine with them for your purposes.


    Almost as important as power is the construction of your machine. You want the grinder body to be very sturdy, so it can grind down what you need when you need it without breaking, and do so consistently for years to come. A meat grinder is the kind of appliance you should be looking to replace no more often than every 5 years or so, and preferably less often than that.

    Stainless steel is usually the material of choice for this, with die cast aluminum a very solid secondary choice.

    Other types of aluminum are a step down, and ABS (plastic) a step further than that. Unless you’re looking at a very chap, easily replaceable or portable unit, stay away from plastic construction.


    Your average high quality meat grinder should be coming with at least three kinds of grinder plate (a coarse plate, medium plate, and fine plate) and should also preferably come with a kidney or “beaner” plate, used for pushing already ground meat slowly through the machine for stuffing sausages and the like.

    A good one should also come with sausage stuffing tubes and a meat stomper (or food pusher, or any other of the words that mean the same thing).

    Lower end models can get by with less variety, but should at the very minimum have 2 grinder plates (fine and coarse) and a single sausage stuffing tube plus the sausage stuffer/kidney/beaner plate. But if you prefer to have a separate sausage stuffer, this page might help you.


    Putting that all together, you’re generally looking at paying somewhere on average $100 for a decent meat grinder. You can go a bit lower (the $70 to $80) range and still get great options, but around the $50 mark you start seeing severe drops in quality.

    Similarly, above $150 you start getting into pseudo-commercial models, suitable for use in smaller deli or butchery business or for heavy duty home use. The sky’s the limit at this point, power and price growing until you hit the turbo expensive, extremely high output machines, but that’s out of the scope of this article.