9 Best Outdoor Misting Fans For Your Comfort

    Last Updated on August 15, 2020

    Cool-Off 12 Gallon Island Breeze

    Our Top Choice...

    Key Features

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      It has a 26" Outdoor Rated Fan with Low noise output
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      78 inches tall with a 10 foot power cord
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      Built-in overload protection
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      12-hour run time

    turned on cooling system

    There are lots of us that turn our backyards into a living room in the summer. We love to dine outdoors, relax outdoors, and just enjoy the sanctuary that is our backyard.

    However, when summer days become sweltering, we retreat to the comforts of our air conditioning, and the joy of outdoor living is gone.

    One of the best inventions on the market for outdoor living, is the misting fan. You know these. You’ll find them on restaurant patios, at amusement parks, and summer festivals. 

    They’re a normal fan, made better with the addition of a cool mist.

    Misting fans will cool down your patio, and make it a place you want to be, even on the hottest summer days.

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    • Material: Metal
    • Power: Plug in 110V/60Hz
    • Speeds: 3
    • Dimensions: 12 gallon tank, 26 inch fan, 78inches tall
    • Weight: 27.2 pounds

    This great misting fan is the perfect option for the patio that needs a cool down on those scorching summer days. The Cool-Off Island Breeze misting fan is built for outdoor use, and is a refreshing addition to any patio, garage, or pool side deck.

    This portable, oscillating fan stands 78” tall, and has a 12 gallon water reservoir so you’ll be able to spend all day in the comfort of your patio, without having to refill. 

    The 10 foot power cord is long enough to allow perfect placement anywhere on your patio or deck. And with the Cool-Off centrifugal mist system, you won’t have to worry about clogged nozzles messing up your summer fun.

    This large misting fan has 3-speed operation so you can easily change the cooling level to suit your needs. Even at the highest speed the Island Breeze misting fan boasts whisper quiet operation, so you don’t have to worry about a noisy fan disturbing the sanctuary of our outdoor space.

    Some of the other features of this fan that we love include the sturdy wheels with safety breaks that make moving this fan easy, and safe. 

    The weatherproof construction, rust-resistance and high quality materials are the reason this fan is our top pick.

    And while the Island Breeze is ideal for outdoor use, it can also be used indoors for misting houseplants or cooling down your garage or covered patio.

    Wrapping up

    Durable and easy to use, the Cool-Off Island Breeze misting fan is our favorite. This versatile, outdoor misting fan is the perfect option for cooling down your outdoor living space.


    Very quiet
    Huge coverage
    Very good low energy motor
    100% weather-proof and rust resistant


    Only comes in black
    It’s pricey if you just need a mister


    • Material: ABS plastic
    • Power: Plug in 1/8 HP, 600 CFM
    • Speeds: 3
    • Dimensions: 14.7 x 13.6 x 13.1 inches
    • Weight: 10.2 pounds

    XPOWERs FM-48 misting fan creates a comfortable outdoor atmosphere, no matter how hot it is. With fast and simple set-up, you’ll be ready to spend your summer outside, in no time at all. 

    This misting fan provides you with endless cooling, simply plug it in, attach it to your garden hose, and turn it on. You’ll find that this handy fan will reduce the temperature of your patio by as much as 30 degrees. And with 600 CFM of air flow, you’ll have plenty of coverage even for larger outdoor spaces.

    This fan has 3 adjustable speeds, and with 135 position options, every corner of your patio or deck will benefit from the cooling power of this great misting fan. 

    Also, this misting fan comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, so you don’t have to worry about this fan breaking and leaving you hot and dry.


    Lightweight and easy to operate
    Very solid construction with ABS plastic
    Long power cord
    Versatile. Built-in power outlets let you connect multiple units together


    Blows quite a bit of water
    Not as attractive as some others


    • Material: Steel
    • Power: Plug in GFCI with a standard 120V three-prong outlet
    • Speeds: 3
    • Dimensions: 20.3 x 16.5 x 55.9 inches
    • Weight: 21.6 pounds

    If you’re looking for an option for cooling down a mid-sized patio or deck area, the NewAir AF-600 all-metal 18 in. Outdoor misting fan is the pick for you. This great pedestal fan is made for the outdoors. It features durable, rust-resistant metal construction that stands up to the elements. The neutral color and compact design of this fan allows it to fit seamlessly in any backyard with any décor. 

    The push-button operation and easy setup make using this fan simple. And the oscillating fan head will distribute a cooling mist to every corner of your patio.


    Attractive durable construction
    Direct hose connection for ease and longer usage
    Integrated safety features
    Adjustable height & tilt for enhanced performance


    Challenging assembly
    Nozzles and valves could be better constructed


    • Material: Stainless steel with chrome finish
    • Power: Plug in 0.15 HP, 1.05 Amps
    • Speeds: 3
    • Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 20 inches
    • Weight: 25 pounds

    If you’re looking for a misting fan that will be a permanent fixture to your outdoor living space, the HydroMist wall mounted fan should be your pick. This stainless steel fan is perfect for all outdoor applications and is made to withstand the elements. 

    The ratcheting head will allow you to send a cooling mist anywhere it’s needed. This fan comes complete with a mounting bracket and clear instructions for easy installation on your deck or patio. The five foot power cord will allow you to reach your electrical outlets, and the easy connection to the water supply means that you don’t have to worry about running out of your cooling mist.

    The attractive styling and black and chrome finish make this fan a perfect fit in any outdoor décor. It has a heavy duty fan guard that will protect your fan from bugs, leaves and other debris from damaging your fan.

    The HydroMist fan comes with three speed options to provide you the perfect level of cooling. The 1.05 amp motor uses less energy but still provides quite, powerful operation for your outdoor cooling needs.


    Powerful with large 18’ blade
    Sturdy construction
    It is pretty easy to install
    Versatile tilting function


    Not as quiet as others
    Only available in black

    5. Best Oscillating - WINDCHASER Outdoor Misting Fan


    • Material: Plastic
    • Power: 40,000 Btu's
    • Speeds: 3
    • Dimensions: 26 x 21 x 8.9 inches
    • Weight: 20.7 pounds

    The Windchaser Windchill Cool Mist Outdoor Fan looks just like your average oscillating fan. However, this fan becomes much more when it’s attached to your garden hose. This great oscillating fan has four powerful misting nozzles that are capable of cooling a patio or deck up to 950 square feet.

    We like this oscillating feature on the Windchaser Windchill fan better than others. The smooth and quiet operation provides coverage to every corner of your deck or patio and works well at reducing the temperature of your outdoor space. 

    This fan can be used without the misting feature, so it can be moved inside during the winter or can provide airflow and cooling in your home, not just on your patio. And even though it looks nice enough to be used indoors, it’s built with weatherproof materials that will stand up to the elements when it’s used outside.


    Large cooling capacity
    Lightweight and simple to use
    Resistant to rust and UV rays


    Does not tilt
    Not as stable when windy


    • Material: Plastic
    • Power: In-line GFCI with 3-prong grounded plug
    • Speeds: 3
    • Dimensions: 16.2 x 12.3 x 14.8 inches
    • Weight: 16.1 pounds

    Lightweight and durable, the easy to handle Misto Outdoor Misting fan by Lasko is our pick for the most portable misting fan on the market. This great fan is perfect for cooling down your outdoor space. 

    Capable of reducing the ambient temperature by as much as 25 degrees, this handy fan is a must have for outdoor entertaining.

    Made specifically for outdoor use, just connect a standard garden hose to this fan, and you have instant cool. The lightweight plastic construction is UV resistant and weather resistant, and can handle air temperatures up to 90 degrees. 

    With a pivoting fan head, you can direct the cooling mist in any direction, keeping every corner of your outdoor living space cool and pleasant.


    Ease of Use and take anywhere
    Large coverage mister that can reduce air temperature up to 25°
    Weather, UV, Rust Resistant


    Puts out a large amount of water
    It does rumble a bit


    • Material: Polyethylene
    • Power: 18V lithium battery
    • Speeds: 2
    • Dimensions: 12.9 x 12.2 x 14.9 inches
    • Weight: 7.55 pounds

    If you are ready to get away on a summer day, perhaps to the beach, your favorite campground or even tailgating at the local arena, you no longer have to suffer in the hot sun. The Arctic Cove portable misting fan is the perfect solution to keeping cool, no matter where you go. 

    This portable, battery operated misting fan, allows you to take the cooling comfort from your backyard, to any place you’re headed. You don’t need to worry about water or where to plug this fan in. Simply set it on top of a 5 gallon bucket of water, install the batteries, and turn it on. Now you’re cool and comfortable anywhere you go.

    This two-speed fan, with adjustable head, will allow you to set the right atmosphere whether you’re in your backyard or hanging with friends at a tailgate party. If you don’t have a bucket or simply want to use this a handy fan at home, one of the features we really like about this fan is that it can also be plugged directly into your garden hose.

    Finally, we really love that this battery operated misting fan works with the Ryobi One+ system. It comes with 2 rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries which will provide you plenty of cooling time. If that isn’t enough, upgrade your package to the 4 battery option, and you’ll have more than enough cooling time.


    Easy to move, cordless for easy use anywhere
    Can be used with bucket or hose
    Compatible with the RYOBI 18-Volt ONE+ Batteries
    Has low sound operation


    The included battery lasts approx. 2 hours
    Only 2 speeds
    No bucket included


    • Material: Metal, Plastic
    • Power: 110V, 60Hz, 90W
    • Speeds: three speeds with an oscillating function
    • Dimensions: 11 x 16 x 47.2 inches
    • Weight: 11.46 pounds

    Now you can control the temperature of your backyard, without every getting out of your chair. The Canary Products Intelligent misting fan is a portable misting fan that offers plenty of features that will cool you down on a hot day. This compact and easy to assemble fan has a variety of features that not only makes it our pick of intelligent fans, but it also may be the most versatile fan on our list. 

    This 16-inch misting fan has multiple settings that all can be controlled with the push of a button, from the handy remote control. With a flexible oscillating head, and 3 fan settings, you’ll be able to find the perfect level of cool, no matter how hot it is. 

    The Canary Intelligent misting fan’s compact design allows you to tuck it in a corner, so you don’t have to worry about tripping on it while entertaining guests. And it’s attractively styled so it fits well in any décor.

    When the summer is done, this great misting fan can come indoors. It can function as a standalone fan, or can be used as a humidifier. Simply fill the water reservoir and you are ready for cool comfort both indoors and out.


    Easy to operate and roll around
    Has a timer for auto off
    Three operating modes, three levels of speed and three modes of mist function
    1 year warranty


    Challenging to assemble
    More of a humidifier than mister


    • Material: Plastic
    • Power: Plug in
    • Speeds: 3
    • Dimensions: 25.4 x 7.9 x 20.2 inches
    • Weight: 17.2 pounds

    Just because you want outdoor comfort, doesn’t mean that you want to spend a ton of cash. If you’re on a budget, but still want to be comfortable in your backyard, we recommend the Pelonis misting fan. 

    This lightweight powerhouse gives you plenty of cooling power, just where you need it. Complete with 3 fan speeds, and an oscillating fan head, you’ll be able to cool your entire back yard space with ease. 

    And with adjustable mist levels, you can crank up the cool when it’s extra hot, or even run the fan with the mist, when you just want a nice breeze.

    This fan is attractively styled, so it will fit in with any outdoor or indoor décor, so you’ll be able to create the perfect atmosphere, whether on your patio or in your home.


    It has adjustable height and mists decently
    The design makes it very stable
    It will operate with or without mist


    Needs smaller nozzles
    No remote

    Final Verdict

    Cool-Off 12 Gallon Island Breeze

    Don’t get stuck inside this summer, tied to your air conditioner. A misting fan is a great way to make your patio, campsite or sporting event more comfortable. 

    They are affordable and with both portable and floor standing options, you can easily have a cool and comfortable summer, everywhere you go.

    We’ve given you our favorite picks for misting fans. The 12 Gallon Island Breeze Oscillating Misting fan from Cool-off, our top pick is the perfect solution for keeping your outdoor living spaces cool and comfortable.

    How to Choose the Best Outdoor Misting Fan

    So, what do you look for when you’re shopping for a misting fan? We’ve come up with a number of things you should consider when you’re shopping for a misting fan for your home.

    Indoor or Outdoor Use

    Some misting fans are convertible. They can function as a misting fan and as a regular fan. Consider what you want to get from your fan. Do you want to only use it outdoors in the summer while relaxing and watching movies or would you like to move it indoors for use in the winter? If you want a dual purpose fan, make sure that you look for a product that has detachable misters that can be added or removed as needed.

    If you’re only going to use your fan outdoors, make sure that you buy a product that is made for the outdoors and can handle the elements. Look for fans that are waterproof, rust resistant and have a motor and switches that are made to be in the elements.

    Floor Standing or Portable

    Both of these options are going to be easy for you to move around, however, a floor standing misting fan, probably won’t fit in your car for trips to the beach or the park like a portable option will.

    Portable misting fans offer battery operation and a smaller size. Perfect for small spaces or taking on the go. There are smaller, portable models that aren’t battery operated, so if you’re planning on taking your misting fan on the go, know what you need for power.

    Power Source

    You’ve got two options here. Regular electric power and battery power. Which you choose really depends on where you’re going to be using your misting fan. If you want something to take with you to the beach, tailgating or camping, you’ll want battery power. If it’s just going to sit on your patio, and you’ve got an accessible plug, go with electric.


    Misting fans, like other types of fans come in a range of sizes. Larger, fans are going to provide better cooling and more coverage in larger spaces. Small fans are great for your apartment deck or for places like your garage.

    To know the right fan size for your space, look at the CFM or cubic feet per minute value. The larger the value the greater the air flow. Just remember, too much air can be uncomfortable, and not enough air won’t cool your space, so carefully consider your fan size, before you buy. 


    There is a fan for every outdoor décor. Just like other patio cooling and shading accessories, misting fans come in a variety of styles, colors, sizes and shapes. You shouldn’t have to worry about finding the right fan for your space.

    Ease of Use

    Misting fans will have some extra effort to get going. Look for fans that have simple controls, and are easy to assemble. You don’t want to spend a ton of time, trying to figure out how to work your misting fan, so make sure you research its power and water supplies, and reviews on other customer’s experiences with assembly.


    Don’t forget to keep your budget in mind. There are great options at all price points, so you’re sure to find the right misting fan for your space, and your pocket book.