7 Best Outdoor Sectionals Reviews and Comparison

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    Key Features

     Includes: Coffee Table, End Table, Left Arm Loveseat, Right Arm Loveseat, Corner Sectional Chair, Cushions

      All weather resin wicker

      Fade and Water resistant

      Artfully hand woven

      Rust proof aluminum frames

    Chair to relax outside

    Outdoor sectional sofas might just be the perfect combination of upscale style, luxurious comfort, and unbeatable versatility.

    Most recognizable for their modular design, outdoor sectionals are an all-in-one solution to your patio seating needs. If you’re in the market for one, you also probably know that outdoor sectionals are a significant investment — not a purchase to be taken lightly.

    With the wide variety of options available for outdoor furniture, how can you know that you’re really getting the best sectional for the money? 

    We’re glad you asked! Because in today’s article, we’ll be taking a complete look at the best outdoor sectionals that money can buy. As you continue reading, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to choose the best outdoor sectional for your unique patio setup.

    With options available to suit every budget, you’re practically guaranteed to find the perfect sectional sofa for your home. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

    Here are the best outdoor sectionals you can buy:

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    Top 7 Best Outdoor Sectionals (2020 Reviews)

    1. Best Overall – Canopy Home and Garden Birch 5 Piece Wicker Sectional Set


     Combines the best of aluminum’s durability and wicker’s good looks
     Provided cushions are weather-proof and long-lasting
     Enough pieces to provide great seating versatility
     Just the right size to fit on most patios
     Central coffee table makes it an all-in-one solution to patio seating


      Some assembly required for tables and chairs


      • Constructed of all weather wicker wrapped around a powder coated aluminum frame
      • Sunbrella fabric cushions are water, fade, mold, and mildew resistant
      • Includes: Coffee Table, End Table, Left Arm Loveseat, Right Arm Loveseat, Corner Sectional Chair, Cushions
      • Coffee Table dimensions: 20 H X 35 W X 35 D
      • End Table dimensions: 20 H X 24 W X 24 D
      • Right Arm Loveseat dimensions: 33.25 H X 56 W X 32.5 D
      • Left Arm Loveseat dimensions: 33.25 H X 56 W X 32.5 D
      • Corner Sectional Chair dimensions: 33.25 H X 29.5 W X 32.5 D

    Delivering impressive durability and versatility at a fantastic price, the Birch outdoor sectional set by Canopy Home and Garden gives everything we look for in outdoor furniture.

    The unique frame design combines an all-weather powder coated aluminum frame with comfortable decorative wicker, truly making it the best of both worlds. And with plush and luxurious weather proof Sunbrella cushions, your patio sectional will be completely protected from the elements.

    In short, this is an amazing multipurpose sectional that’s great for any patio or balcony. Highly recommended!

    2. Best Value – Modern Knotted Rope 4 Piece Aluminum Patio Sectional Set By Walker Edison


     Sturdy aluminum frame is made more beautiful and comfortable with teak accents
     Powder coating on frame is long-lasting and weather resistant
     Stunning color contrast makes this a great conversation piece
     Good variety of arrangement options
     Fantastic price


     Cord accent isn’t weather-proof and will need to be replaced eventually
     Significant assembly required


      • Powder coated aluminum frame
      • Teak and cord detailing
      • Polyester cushions
      • Includes: Left Arm Loveseat, Right Arm Loveseat, Corner Sectional Chair, Coffee Table, Cushions
      • Left Arm Loveseat dimensions: 59 W X 27 D X 24 H 
      • Right Arm Loveseat dimensions: 59 W X 27 D X 24 H
      • Corner Sectional Chair dimensions: 27 W X 27 D X 24 H
      • Coffee Table dimensions: 43 W X 22 D X 12 H

    Think you’ll have to pay an arm and a leg for any outdoor sectional that will look good on your patio? Think again, because this 4 piece set from Walker Edison is an absolute steal for the price, with a stunning design that you’d think would cost twice as much.

    A powder coated aluminum frame provides the basis for this attractive two-tone patio set. Teak and cord details round out the aesthetic, giving it a soft and natural feel that’s hard to find in other aluminum sectionals.

    The polyester cushions will need an extra cover to protect them from the weather, but that’s the only real downside to this excellent budget-priced sectional.

    3. Best Upgrade – Anderson Teak Riviera Luxe Teak 5-Person Patio Sectional Set


     Rich and luxurious teak wood construction
     Teak’s high oil content makes it naturally resistant to weather, rotting, and bug infestation
     Mortise and tenon joinery is built to last for generations
     Includes weatherproof Sunbrella cushions
     Comes ready to use; no assembly required


     Heavyweight construction makes it challenging to rearrange


      • Built from top grade kiln-dried timber
      • Teak is harvested responsibly for low environmental impact
      • Sturdy mortise and tenon joints
      • Set Includes: Right Modular Club Chair, Left Modular Club Chair, Corner Modular Chair, 2 Center Modular Chairs, Cushions
      • Right Modular Club Chair dimensions: 31 W X 32 D X 32 H
      • Left Modular Club Chair dimensions: 31 W X 32 D X 32 H
      • Center Club Chair dimensions: 30 1/2 W 33 D X 32 1/2 H
      • Corner Club Chair dimensions: 33 W X 33 D X 32 1/2 H

    There’s really no substitute for the rich, natural feel of teak wood patio furniture. It lends a presence and gravity that’s impossible to replicate with synthetic materials, and is one of the most comfortable materials to rest your arms on while sitting.

    So, if you’re looking for the finest quality outdoor sectional available today, Anderson Teak is the natural choice. This 5-piece set is an ideal size for patios big or small, as all of the pieces can be moved and rearranged to fit your space.

    While it’s certainly a more expensive option, the incredibly durable teak and handcrafted wood joinery ensure that it will be an investment in years of enjoyment on your patio.

    4. Largest Set – Darlee Elisabeth 12 Piece Cast Aluminum Patio Sectional Set


     Tremendous variety of organization options
     Big enough set to furnish an entire patio on its own
     Powder coated aluminum frame is both durable and stylish
     All-in-one solution to patio dining and entertaining


     Some assembly required


      • Rust-resistant cast aluminum frame
      • Antique bronze powder coating
      • Polyester cushions
      • Includes: Coffee Table, End Table with Ice Bucket Insert, End Table, Left Section, Right Section, Corner Section, 4 Middle Sections, Adjustable Chair, Ottoman, Cushions
      • Dining Table dimensions: 26 W X 48 D X 18 H
      • End Table dimensions: 21 W X 21 D X 17 1/2 H
      • End Table with Ice Bucket Insert dimensions: 21 W X 21 D X 25 H
      • Ottoman dimensions: 23 W X 25 D X 15 H
      • Center Chair dimensions: 28 1/2 W X 29 D X 34 H
      • Left Facing Chair dimensions: 28 1/2 W X 29 D X 34 H
      • Right Facing Chair dimensions: 28 1/2 W X 29 D X 34 H
      • Adjustable Club Chair dimensions: 28 W X 55 D X 42 H
      • Corner Chair dimensions: 36 1/2 W X 36 1/2 D X 34 H

    Are you the type of person that absolutely loves throwing backyard parties for you and all your friends? Then this 12-piece set from Darlee Elisabeth is the perfect option for all your patio seating needs! Equipped with dedicated seating for up to 8 people, it’s large enough to host a party any night of the week.

    The set also includes a coffee table, end table, and ottoman — making it a perfect all-in-one solution to your patio furnishing needs. And with an ice bucket insert for the end table, you’ll be fully prepared to host amazing get-together.

    Though it’s a significant investment, the Darlee Elisabeth 12 piece sectional set gives a lot of bang for the buck!

    5. Best for Small Patios – Lola 4 Piece Wicker Patio Sectional Set By Walker Edison


     Lightweight wicker frame is easy to move and reposition
     Thick and comfortable cushions
     Neutral colors match almost any outdoor space
     Great price


     Lightweight design is prone to getting blown around by wind
     Polyester cushions are not weather-proof


      • 100% wicker frame
      • Polyester cushions
      • Includes: Left Arm Loveseat, Right Arm Loveseat, Corner Sectional Chair, Ottoman, Cushions
      • Left Arm Loveseat dimensions: 60 W X 26 D X 32 H
      • Right Arm Loveseat dimensions: 60 W X 26 D X 32 H
      • Corner Sectional Chair dimensions: 32 W X 26 D X 32 H
      • Ottoman dimensions: 28 W X 13 D X 28 H

    For a lighter and more maneuverable patio set that’s completely weather resistant, consider the Lola 4 piece set by Walker Edison. Its wicker frame and weather treated polyester cushions are lightweight but durable, and require minimal care to keep them in tip-top shape.

    Ideally suited for seating 4-6 people, the Lola is a perfect choice for smaller patios and balconies. Because you’ll often be rearranging to maximize the usefulness of your smaller space, the lightweight wicker construction will make your entertaining life easier and more enjoyable.

    6. Best Value Wooden Sectional – Miami Teak Patio Sectional Base By Royal Teak Collection


     Dense and luxurious hardwood frame is beautiful and long-lasting
     Handcrafted joinery is designed to last for ages
     Comes with weather-proof cushions
     Excellent patio centerpiece


     Not a complete patio furniture set
     Heavyweight construction makes it hard to move and reposition 


      • 100% teak frame
      • Handmade mortise and tenon joints
      • Made with sustainably harvested teak
      • Sunbrella cushions are water- and fade-resistant
      • Dimensions: 60 W x 32 D x 32 H

    Perhaps you already have a small selection of patio furniture, and are looking to add a centerpiece to complete the set? In that case, the Miami teak patio sectional by Royal Teak Collection is perfectly suited to the task.

    The 100% teak frame has an unusually high oil content for a hardwood, making it almost completely weather proof and highly resistant to mold, mildew, and bug infestations. What’s more, it’s rugged construction and hand-made joints are built to last for generations.

    While it’s more expensive than aluminum or wicker sectionals, the Miami teak patio sectional is an investment in luxury and durability that you won’t regret.

    7. Best Luxury Patio Set – Anderson Teak Luxe Teak 5-Person Patio Sectional Set


     Made from top-grade, kiln dried, sustainably harvested hardwood
     Naturally high oil content in teak makes it weather-proof and resistant to bug infestations
     Handcrafted joints are extremely durable
     Large variety of seating options
     Complete patio set


     Very expensive
     Heavyweight frame makes it challenging to rearrange


      • Kiln-dried teak frame
      • Made from sustainably harvested wood
      • Sturdy mortise and tenon joinery
      • Includes: Coffee Table, Left And Right Sectional Pieces, Corner Chair, 2 Armless Chairs, Cushions
      • Coffee Table dimensions: 47 W X 23 D X 16 H
      • Right Modular Club Chair dimensions: 33 W X 31 D X 32 1/2 H
      • Left Modular Club Chair dimensions: 33 W X 31 D X 32 1/2 H
      • Center Club Chair dimensions: 33 W X 30 1/2 D X 32 1/2 H

    Did you know that sailboats were traditionally made out of teak wood? It’s true — the unique properties of teak make it exceptionally durable, yet also undeniably elegant. Completely resistant to mold, mildew, and dry rot, this wonderful wood is the most luxurious natural material you can get for your patio.

    The high class 5-person patio set from Anderson Teak is made with love and handcrafted care, including mortise and tenon joints that are built to last a lifetime. Featuring a coffee table alongside plenty of chairs and weather resistant cushions, buying this patio set means making an investment in years of backyard fun and comfort.

    Final Verdict

    Birch 5 Piece WickerCheck Price on BBQGuys


    For the best combination of value, durability, and great style, it’s almost impossible to beat the Birch 5 Piece Wicker Sectional Set by Canopy Home and Garden. Of all the outdoor sectionals we reviewed, it stands out as being the best possible choice for almost any home.

    If you’re on a tighter budget or have a smaller outdoor space to furnish, consider the Modern Knotted Rope 4 Piece Aluminum Patio Sectional Set By Walker Edison. With a weather-proof aluminum construction and great options for customization, it’s an excellent alternative to our top choice at a fraction of the cost.

    Which outdoor sectional do you think is best for your patio? We hope this guide has pointed you in the right direction to find the perfect outdoor furniture for your needs. Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy all your outdoor time this summer!

    4 Tips for How to Choose the Best Outdoor Sectionals

    Are you wondering just how we’ve decided on the best outdoor sectionals to include in this review? It’s easy, actually: Just follow these 4 simple tips to help narrow down which outdoor sectional sofa is right for you:

    Adjust for the Weather Where You Live

    Is the climate you live in hotter or colder on an average day? Do you get a lot of humidity and storms, or is the weather usually sunny and dry?

    You may not know that every type of patio furniture is best suited to a particular climate

    Whereas heavy and durable wooden sofas can handle rain, gusty storms, and constant humidity, they’ll easily desiccate and crack in hot, dry climates. 

    The reverse is true for wicker; it deals well with heat and sunshine, but can’t stand prolonged humidity and will easily get blown around in a storm.

    Aluminum sectionals are well-suited to the widest variety of climates, but often sacrifice a bit of comfort for their increased durability.

    Always Measure Your Patio

    Getting accurate measurements for your space will directly inform your choice of outdoor sectional. 

    What sort of size and layout are you working with? A long, narrow balcony won’t fit the same sort of sectional as a wide open backyard patio.

    Of course, you should always leave at least 18 inches on each side of your sofa for walking space, too. 

    Be Picky About Materials

    The construction of your sofa and its cushions will have the largest impact on your satisfaction with it over time. We strongly recommend paying the slightly higher cost for good-quality materials and hardwoods, as they’ll repay you in durability and comfort. 

    Have a Plan to Protect Your Furniture

    Even the most weather-proof cushions and sectional bases will fade and wear if they’re not properly cared for. Especially because they can be so costly, protecting your outdoor sectional investment with a properly sized patio furniture cover is a smart and long-lasting idea.