7 Best Outdoor Security Cameras – For Your Home Security

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    Key Features

     1080P Full HD

     Motion sensor alerts

     Two-way audio

     Free cloud storage

     110° field of view


    Outdoor security cameras are an essential part of your home security system, and in recent years, they’ve become more affordable than ever. Improvements in Wi-Fi technology have allowed cameras to become entirely wireless and work with smartphone apps.

    Even if your neighborhood feels safe, porch thefts and other petty crimes can occur anywhere. Security cameras can help you report crime and recover property, but may also deter crime outright if they are kept in a visible location.

    Installing a security camera also gives you a way to monitor pets or wild animals that have been causing trouble. Since many security cameras back up to a cloud server or allow you to save video clips in an app, you can log unusual activity even while away from home.

    There is a huge range of outdoor security cameras available now, and many of them have similar features. Some of these cameras stand out from the crowd, due to their durable construction and easy-to-use interface.

    The best overall outdoor security camera is the Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera which blends all the features you need in a weather-resistant and easy-to-install package. This camera even integrates with Amazon’s Alexa for easy control from anywhere in the house.

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    Top 7 Best Outdoor Security Cameras (2020 Reviews)

    1. Best Overall – Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera


     Incredibly easy installation with no tools required
     Good night vision
     Alexa integration is smooth and effortless
     Motion detection can be customized for more accurate alerts


     Slightly narrow field of view
     2-hour limit on event storage may be insufficient for some


      • 1080P Full HD
      • Motion sensor alerts
      • Two-way audio
      • Free cloud storage
      • 110° field of view

    The original Blink model worked well, but the new and improved Blink XT2 is even better. Its simple design allows it to be installed just about anywhere, even if you’re not experienced with technology. The smartphone app works smoothly and has enough features to be useful without overwhelming users with options.

    Installation is easy thanks to the camera’s clever hardware. Users can mount and install it on flat surfaces without any tools. Once it’s installed, the status lights show whether the camera is powered on and connected.

    It uses motion sensors to alert owners of any activity within the camera’s range, and the motion sensor alerts can even be customized to ignore certain areas. The crystal-clear 1080P videos provide a clear view of visitors’ faces, and the two-way audio works perfectly for greeting guests and delivery workers.

    The included cloud storage allows owners to keep up to two hours of footage for future review. It runs off of just 2 AA batteries, which last up to 2 years. The camera only starts recording when it senses motion, which allows the cloud storage space and the batteries to last much longer than you might expect.

    2. Runner Up – Netvue 1080P Outdoor Security Camera


     Excellent night vision range and quality
     Offers clouds storage in addition to SD card storage
     AI avoids false positives for motion sensing and recording
     Highly weather-resistant thanks to a larger temperature range
     Value priced


     Viewing angle is slightly narrow
     Must be plugged into a wall outlet


      • IP66 Water resistance
      • Compatible with Alexa, Fire TV, and Echo
      • 100-degree viewing angle
      • Night vision up to 60 feet
      • Temperature range between -4° F and 122° F

    The Netvue 1080P is an excellent camera with a full range of features and compatibility with many smart home systems. Its night vision is among the best on the market, thanks to its 60-foot range. It’s also one of the cheapest 1080P cameras available, and it’s a great value overall. 

    This camera has been designed to resist extreme temperatures, so it’s an excellent choice for individuals living in very hot or cold regions. It also has IP66 water resistance, so it can withstand accidental sprays from hoses or severe weather. It installs securely with the included hardware and is vandal-resistant.

    The software for the camera uses advanced AI to keep pets, leaves, and debris from triggering the motion sensor. It starts recording and alerts you via smartphone app if a human is detected in the video.

    The app has an intuitive interface and allows some customization of settings. Use an SD card installed in the camera to store and view up to 14 days of videos. Everything is transmitted using high-quality encryption to protect your privacy.

    3. Best Budget – Wansview 1080P Outdoor Security Camera


     Excellent budget camera with full features
     Great night vision range
     App is easy to use and allows multiple users
     Above-average water resistance


     Must be plugged into power supply
     Does not include free cloud storage or SD card support


      • 1080P HD video
      • IP66 water resistance 
      • Optional cloud storage
      • Temperature range of 14°F to 104°F
      • Night vision range up to 60 feet

    Wansview provides the perfect solution for homes on a budget. This inexpensive outdoor security camera still has the features you need to keep an eye on your home from anywhere. Although it requires some tools for installation, it is an easy weekend DIY project for homeowners with basic screwdrivers.

    The camera is designed to withstand temperatures between 14°F and 104°F, and is water-resistant to IP66 specifications. Its durable hardware resists wind and rain, and is vandal-proof for optimal protection. The aluminum alloy components are strong without becoming too heavy to hang on walls.

    The app and website are both easy to use and support multiple users per camera, allowing the whole family to help keep an eye on the house. The zoom features and ball mount allow the camera view to be customized as needed. All footage is encrypted for higher safety and security.

    Thanks to its Alexa and Echo compatibility, this camera is a great choice for tech-savvy families who want their smart home to be as safe as possible. It’s incredibly reliable and uses a built-in antenna to make its range and signal as strong as possible.

    4. Best Cloud Storage – Google Nest Outdoor Security Camera White NC2100ES Bundle


     Cloud storage is much larger than average
     Works well in cold weather
     Upgraded cloud storage plan stores 24/7 video for 10 days
     Good motion detection AI


     More expensive than competitors
     Must be plugged into an outlet


      • Cloud storage for up to 60 days of video
      • Two subscription levels for cloud storage
      • High-quality 1080P HD video
      • Nest Aware service includes advanced AI

    Nest combines the best of Google’s technology with a rugged and reliable outdoor security camera. It is a leading option for families who need long-term security coverage for summer homes and other residences that are unoccupied for long periods.

    The subscription service for cloud storage is inexpensive and stores up to 30 days of event footage. The upgraded subscription plan stores up to 60 days of event footage and up to 10 days of 24/7 footage. Even if you don’t sign up for an extended storage plan, you can still get still photos from events sent to you via a smartphone app.

    In addition to the recorded footage, the camera sends alerts to a smartphone app whenever it detects movement. The system allows users to designate activity zones to monitor around garages, front doors, or anywhere else where users might be concerned about crime or damage.

    The hardware is sleek, attractive, and easy to install. Users love its weatherproofing, which holds up well in cold weather. Get a discounted two-pack of Nest cameras if you need additional coverage for a garage or the back door.

    5. Best Cloud & SD Storage – Zeeporte 1080P HD Outdoor Security Camera


     SD card slot is easy to use
     Cloud storage available through app
     Wide camera angle
     Good night vision range
     Easy installation


     2-6 months of battery life is shorter than most
     Users report a slight lag between event and notification on app


      • IP65 water resistance and extreme temperature resistance
      • Supports both cloud storage and SD card storage
      • 130° camera angle
      • 64-foot night vision range
      • Two-way audio

    This camera has a great balance of features, including the option of either cloud storage or storage on a local SD card. It’s small and discreet, allowing you to install it anywhere without disrupting your home’s welcoming appearance.

    The two-way audio quality is crystal-clear, so homeowners can greet guests and deliverymen easily. Cloud storage is available for a low monthly cost and can be purchased directly through the app included with the camera. It’s an excellent choice for homes or businesses with many visitors and a frequent need to record interactions.

    The camera’s battery is rechargeable, making it more environmentally friendly and guaranteeing you’ll never be stuck without the right size batteries. It automatically switches to night vision mode at night, so you can rest well knowing that your property is secured. The night vision range is above average and helps you see potential risks before they are close enough to cause harm.

    Installation is fast and simple thanks to the camera’s included magnetic bracket, screws, and double-stick tape. The camera itself is rated for IP65 water resistance, and resists temperatures between -4° and 122°F.

    6. Best Night Vision – Conico 1080P Outdoor Security Camera


     Excellent night vision clarity
     Good weather resistance and temperature range
     Battery is more environmentally-friendly than disposable options
     Intuitive app features and design


      3-6 month battery life is shorter than some competitors


      • 120° horizontal vision range
      • 50-foot night vision with 4 infrared lights
      • Convenient rechargeable battery
      • IP65 water resistance
      • Two-way audio

    Conico’s cameras have excellent night vision with great range and clear images. They’re perfect for households who are concerned about nighttime animal incursions or theft and vandalism.

    The camera’s 120° range is wider than average and gives a view of nearly all of your yard, porch, or patio. The 50-foot night vision range is more than sufficient for most properties.

    The app included with the camera has intuitive features. Instead of sending false alarms anytime something moves within camera range, the software is designed to only flag movement with body heat, like people or animals. The settings can also be customized to reduce or increase the motion sensor’s sensitivity.

    The hardware allows the camera to be mounted just about anywhere, and the Wi-Fi antennas improve its ability to connect to household Wi-Fi. It’s completely wireless, so families can install it on sheds or detached garages without any technical problems.

    Since the camera includes a rechargeable battery, it is easy to quickly recharge it and set it back up without running to the store for a replacement battery. It includes a card reader slot and can be configured to save to the user’s preferred cloud storage service.

    7. Best Wide View – Goowls 1080P 360 Outdoor Security Camera


     Good weatherproofing
     Superior rotation range
     Cloud or SD card storage
     Flexible internet options are helpful for limited Wi-Fi range


      Night vision range is limited
    Wi-Fi connection can be spotty


      • Works with Amazon’s Alexa
      • 355° horizontal view and 110° vertical rotation range
      • 32-foot night vision range
      • IP65 water resistance and dustproof
      • Can use either wired internet or Wi-Fi

    Most outdoor security cameras have a view between 100° and 130° wide, and have minimal pan or tilt features. Although minimizing moving parts can improve their weatherproofing and reduce cost, the resulting camera isn’t as useful for homeowners with large properties.

    This camera has almost 360° visibility, reducing the number of cameras you need to keep an eye on your entire yard. The camera can tilt up to 110° so you can view individuals close to the camera or far away.

    Even with the added range of movement, the camera’s hardware is sturdy and holds up to frequent use. It relies on a power cord instead of batteries, so homeowners can adjust the view as much as they want without running down the battery.

    The camera can save footage to an SD card or upload it to cloud storage. Like other cameras, it has a motion sensor and alerts homeowners via smartphone app when motion is detected.

    It is dustproof and has IP65 water resistance, along with a temperature resistance between 14°F and 113°F. It’s a great choice for homeowners in almost any climate who have large properties and multiple access points to monitor.

    Final Verdict

    Blink XT2

    Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Walmart


    Many outdoor security cameras have features like Wi-Fi connections and smartphone apps. However, not all cameras are easy to use or durable enough to withstand any weather. The best cameras go through rigorous testing and improve on previous designs to deliver a product that can hold up over time.


    The all-around best outdoor security camera is the Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera, which has a great blend of features and is incredibly easy to install. It is rated IP65 for water resistance and integrates seamlessly with Amazon Alexa. Multi-camera bundles are also available for a discount on each camera.

    With a high-end security camera, you can keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world. Even neighborhoods that seem safe can experience sudden acts of theft or vandalism. Get the Blink XT2 as soon as possible in order to keep your home and property safer by recording and even deterring crime.

    How to Choose the Best Outdoor Security Cameras

    The best outdoor security camera partly depends on what you need it for. Some homeowners need the best night vision possible or need two-way audio in order to communicate with visitors.

    However, there are some features that are essential to the camera’s ability to do its job. Weatherproof ratings, image resolution, cloud storage, and battery capacity matter to any homeowner.

    Weather and Temperature

    Not all outdoor security cameras are put through rigorous weatherproofing tests. Many will use the Ingress Protection Rating (IP Rating) system, which assesses the strength of a camera’s water resistance. While IP65 water resistance is sufficient for most climates, areas vulnerable to severe hurricanes may want IP66 or IP67-rated cameras for even more protection.

    Some cameras undergo temperature range testing, and are resistant to extreme temperatures as low as -20° F or as high as 122° F. Choose your camera carefully based on your region’s most extreme temperatures.


    The current standard for outdoor security camera resolution is 1080P, which means that the height of each image is 1080 pixels and the width is 1920 pixels. This is also known as “full HD” because it provides high-definition images that are useful for almost any purpose.

    A lower-definition camera may not capture faces or objects accurately, which reduces your ability to respond to problems that appear. There are many affordable 1080P cameras available now, so stick with one of these instead of choosing a cheaper alternative.

    Cloud Storage

    The best outdoor security cameras include at least some amount of cloud storage for easy remote access to videos and photos. Since video takes up so much storage space, storing more than a few hours of footage can be a challenge. The best security cameras allow you to control the storage of footage remotely using a smartphone app.

    Users can configure their own recording and cloud storage setup if their camera of choice doesn’t offer enough, but that may incur additional costs and require some technical skills. It’s better to get a security camera that has its own automatic cloud storage that can be controlled remotely.

    Batteries vs. Wired

    Wired cameras can be vulnerable to power outages and even damage from local wildlife or intruders. Some cameras’ batteries last for up to two years, making them convenient and reliable. 

    There are hybrid options available as well, such as rechargeable battery cameras. However, if you strongly prefer to use a wired camera, there are excellent wired options available.