The 9 Best Outdoor Throw Pillows – Waterproof & Weather-resistant

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    Key Features

      Blown polyester filling

      Cording strengthened seams

      Fade-resistant canvas henna exterior

      Mold- and mildew-resistant

      Includes 2 throw pillows, 2 bolster pillows, and 1 lumbar pillow

    Bed for sleeping

    In many parts of the world, patio season is nearly here. Is your backyard ready for nights spent lounging, relaxing, and entertaining friends and family? If not, your decorations may be to blame.

    Thankfully, there’s no easier way to liven up your patio design than with colorful and decorative throw pillows. These versatile workhorses of interior design can be just as useful in adding the finishing touches to your patio.

    As you may know, though, most throw pillows are designed for inside use only. That’s why we’ve put together this list of waterproof and weather-resistant outdoor throw pillows, each of them a durable and stylish option for your patio decoration.

    After testing, examining, and comparing as many outdoor pillows as we could get our hands on, we’re confident that this list represents only the best of the best for outdoor throw pillows. Read on to find out more about why we chose these as our 9 best pillows for outdoor use!

    Here is the list of the best outdoor throw pillows to buy

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    Top 9 Best Outdoor Throw Pillows Review

    1. Best Overall – Outdoor Designs Outdoor Throw Pillow Set


    All-in-one set is affordable and convenient
    Includes pillows to make any patio more comfortable
    Sunbrella material keeps colors true and vibrant even with long sun exposure
    Weather-resistant and durable, they’re built to last outdoors


    Not many color options


      • Blown polyester filling
      • Cording strengthened seams
      • Fade-resistant canvas henna exterior
      • Mold- and mildew-resistant
      • Includes 2 throw pillows, 2 bolster pillows, and 1 lumbar pillow

    For an all-in-one solution to your outdoor pillow needs, consider the Lakeview Outdoor Designs Outdoor Throw Pillow Set. By offering a complete set of color-coordinated pillows, Lakeview Outdoor Designs makes it easy to add comfort and class to any patio.

    The weather-proofed Sunbrella material on all four pillows makes it perfectly capable of being left outdoors year-round, without having to worry about water or sun damage. Add in the reinforced cording covered seams and plush, comfortable polyester filling, and you can see why we recommend this complete patio pillow set so highly.

    In short, it’s the best possible option for anyone looking to make their patio stylish, comfortable, and welcoming.

    2. Best Value – MIULEE Pack of 2 Decorative Outdoor Waterproof Pillow Covers


    Huge variety of colors can match any patio decorations
    Three sizes can accommodate almost any throw pillow
    100% waterproof for all-season durability
    Canvas polyester construction is long-lasting and rugged


    Pillow insert sold separately


      • Made of canvas polyester with waterproof coating
      • Available in 12 colors
      • Comes in three sizes: 12 x 20, 18 x 18, or 20 x 20 inches
      • Includes 2 covers
      • Hidden zipper

    Maybe you already have a throw pillow — or know how easy it is to DIY one with just a needle, thread, stuffing, and fabric. So why spend extra on the interior of a pillow if all you really need is a waterproof cover?

    The MIULEE pack of 2 waterproof throw pillow covers is an excellent cost-effective way to supply your patio with outdoor throw pillows. Pick from a dozen different colors of covers to protect your pillows with, and you’ll be able to match any patio decor.

    3. Premium Choice – Lakeview Outdoor Designs Sunbrella Hybrid Smoke Outdoor Bolster Pillow W/ Piping


    10 colors and textures of fabric to choose from complement patios of any style
    Plush and comfortable filling is perfect for lounging
    Bolster-style pillow makes any couch or loveseat more comfortable and relaxing
    Durable and long-lasting Sunbrella material is weather-resistant for year-round use


    On the expensive side


      • High loft blown polyester filling
      • Canvas and henna exterior fabric
      • Made in the USA
      • Cording reinforced seams
      • Measure 24 inches wide by 6 inches high

    We’re a big fan of the long, bolster-style pillows like this one from Lakeview Outdoor Designs. They’re made with complete comfort in mind, and are stuffed fuller than any of the smaller throw pillows you’ll find on the market. For this particular pillow, the Sunbrella fabric makes it more durable and fade-resistant than almost any other we tested — making it a safe investment in long-term decorations for your patio.

    Choose from 10 colors to complement your outdoor living space, and you can rest assured that the double reinforced seams and waterproof fabric will keep this pillow looking great for years to come. We recommend it for anyone looking for the absolute best in comfort, style, and durability.

    4. Most Color Options – Greendale Home Fashions Outdoor 17-inch Square Throw Pillow


    Polyester fabric is perfect for outdoor use
    Resistant to staining, water, sun fade, and mildew
    Most colors and patterns to choose from of any outdoor throw pillow
    Recycled stuffing is plush and comfortable


    Somewhat expensive
    No options for other sizes


      • 44 colors/patterns to choose from
      • Includes two pillows
      • Each pillow measures 20 x 20 inches
      • Filling is 100% recycled polyfiber
      • Polyester exterior is water-, stain-, fade-, and mildew-resistant

    For the homeowner who just can’t get enough options for their patio decoration, the Greendale Home Fashions throw pillows offer more colors and patterns than any other pillow in our reviews. The weather-proofed and fade-resistant polyester exterior makes them surprisingly long-lasting, and the small square shape makes them a versatile option that can spruce up any patio.

    While we especially love the wide selection of colors to choose from — over 44 at our last check — the recycled stuffing is also plush and comfortable. We recommend this outdoor throw pillow for anyone that wants maximum customization options for their decor.

    5. Best for Back Support – Lava Pillows Grommet Accent Outdoor Lumbar Pillow


    Distinctive and eye-catching nautical theme
    High-loft recycled filling is super plush and comfortable
    Perfect size for lumbar support


    Not completely weather-proofed
    On the expensive side


      • Water-resistant polyester exterior
      • Recycled fiber filling
      • Includes gold accent grommets at the corners
      • Measures 12 x 20 inches

    It’s rare to find a pillow that offers a great combination of lower back support and handsome good looks — but the Lava Pillows lumbar pillow with grommet accents manages to do both at a reasonable price. The navy blue and gold accented pillow is sure to be a conversation piece when used in any outdoor setup.

    Built specifically with lumbar spine support in mind, the exceptionally plush and densely stuffed interiors for these pillows from Lava Pillows are some of the most comfortable of any we tested. They’ll be a little more expensive than a generic outdoor throw pillow, but the added comfort is well worth spending a little bit more on.

    6. Easiest to Clean – Toland Home Garden Indoor/Outdoor Pillow with Insert


    Bright, vibrant colors are made to be long-lasting
    100% weather-proofed polyester exterior can be left outdoors year round
    Machine washable covers make it easy to keep these pillows looking their best
    Reasonably priced


    May not match well with all patios
    Could be a little bit bigger


      • 100% polyester exterior
      • UV-, fade-, and mildew-resistant
      • Includes 2 pillows
      • Attractive flower design is printed with colorfast dye
      • Completely waterproof
      • Covers are machine washable
      • Measures 18 x 18 inches

    As the only outdoor throw pillow in our reviews to be 100% machine washable, the Toland Home Garden pillow receives our highest recommendation for people with children or pets. You can save yourself the trouble of handwashing the more delicate materials featured in other pillows by choosing this exceptionally easy to clean design.

    If this indoor/outdoor pillow were offered in more colors or patterns, it would have easily been our top choice recommendation for an outdoor throw pillow. Because it’s only available in a floral print, though, it may not be perfect for every patio.

    7. Best Patterned Pillow – Lava Pillows Sunbrella Cabana Flame Outdoor Throw Pillow W/ Piping


    Beautiful styling makes it a great conversation piece
    Great for indoor or outdoor use
    Recycled fiber filling is extremely comfortable and plush
    Reinforced seams and durable fabric make it a long-lasting investment in your patio decoration


    On the expensive side
    Somewhat small


      • Available in 2 striped patterns
      • Sunbrella henna and canvas exterior
      • Eco-friendly recycled fiber interior
      • Piping to strength and reinforce seams
      • Measures 18 x 18 inches
      • Made in the USA

    Sometimes you really need a pop of color in your outdoor throw pillows to liven up an otherwise drab design. If your patio feels like it’s missing something, try decorating it with one of these Cabana Flame Sunbrella pillows from Lava Pillows. They’re a brightly-colored alternative to the commonly drab and lifeless pillows found in big-box stores.

    A henna and canvas exterior, covered with a special coating, gives the Sunbrella fabric its legendary durability and weather resistance. You can count on the bright colors of this pillow to stay true even through long exposure to bright sunlight, or being left out in the rain. It’s pricier than many other pillows on our list, but still a good investment in your patio decoration that’s built to last.

    8. Best Durability – Lakeview Outdoor Designs Sunbrella Cast Shale Outdoor Throw Pillow W/ Piping


    Super-durable Sunbrella fabric is perfect for outdoor use in any weather
    Polyester filling is blown out for extra loft and comfort
    Double-reinforced seams and long-lasting construction


    Fairly small
    A little bit pricey


      • Sunbrella canvas/henna exterior
      • Blown polyester interior filling
      • Double reinforced, cording-covered seams
      • Mold-, mildew-, and fade-resistant coating
      • Available in 6 colors
      • Made in the USA

    While it’s tempting to always look for where to add color to your decoration with a throw pillow, sometimes it’s better to complement and provide a foundation for other decorative elements to shine. This is especially true if you have another item you’d rather showcase, such as a beautiful garden or comfortable fire pit.

    Notable not just for its ultra-durable construction, but also for its minimalist design, the Lakeview Outdoor Designs shale throw pillow is an excellent option for anyone looking to accent their outdoor design without drawing too much attention. The covered, double-reinforced seams on a completely weather-proofed exterior will last a lifetime, and the high-loft polyester filling is perfect for year-round comfort.

    9. Best Waterproof Sham – IZO Home Goods Premium Outdoor Pillow Insert


    Convert any pillowcase into a weatherproof outdoor pillow
    Wide variety of sizes can fit any pillow you want to use outdoors
    Discounts available on ordering multiple pillows
    Overstuffed for extra comfort and longevity


    Just the interior; no cover


      • Available in 6 sizes
      • Anti-mold, water-resistant fabric exterior
      • 100% virgin polyester interior
      • Made in the USA

    What exactly differentiates an indoor pillow from an outdoor one? At first glance, it might seem to be the cover. After all, if the outside of your pillow is waterproof, what more do you need? Every pillow featured so far in our review has featured a waterproof exterior.

    In our experience, however, the most comprehensive option for an outdoor pillow that will last through the seasons is to use both a waterproof case and a waterproof insert. This way, your pillows will be completely protected from the most common causes of damage: Mold and mildew.

    Try using the IZO Home Goods outdoor pillow insert along with any waterproof cover, and you’ll have the most long-lasting and durable pillows around!

    Final Verdict: The Best Outdoor Throw Pillows for the Money

    OutdoorDesignsCheck Price on BBQGuys


    For an all-in-one solution to your outdoor pillow needs, the Lakeview Outdoor Designs Outdoor Throw Pillow Set is the best possible choice. Stylish, durable, comfortable, and weatherproof — what more could you ask for out of an outdoor pillow set? We give it our highest recommendation for patio owners everywhere.

    For the most budget-friendly option to furnish your patio with pillows, consider the MIULEE Pack of 2 Decorative Outdoor Waterproof Pillow Covers. They’ll turn any throw pillows you already have into outdoor pillows in no time, saving you money while keeping your pillows in great shape.

    How to Choose the Best Outdoor Throw Pillows

    Follow this advice to make sure that you’re picking the absolute best pillows for your patio:

    The 3 C’s: Comfort, Color, and Cushion

    Whether you’re looking to buy an indoor or outdoor throw pillow, three things distinguish great quality pillows from mediocre ones. We tested each of the pillows in this review based on the “3 C’s”:

    1. Comfort. The pillow has to be comfortable! After all, what use is a throw pillow that no one wants to rest on?
    2. Color. First and foremost, throw pillows are decorative. This means that we give high marks to any pillow that’s available in a wide variety of colors and styles, fit to match any outdoor design setup.
    3. Cushion. How densely fluffy your throw pillows are will determine a lot about their longevity, and be a big contributor to their comfort factor as well.

    Who Needs Outdoor Throw Pillows?

    If you’ve ever felt like your patio is missing something, but can’t quite put your finger on it — throw pillows will help. As a versatile accent piece, they add customizable style to any interior or exterior design in your home. Consider adding them to any place that doesn’t feel “homey” enough, and the results may surprise you.

    Types of Outdoor Pillows

    Different sizes and shapes of outdoor pillows can accommodate for specific discomforts. Square pillows are best for all-purpose use, while rectangular and bolster pillows are perfect for providing extra lower back support.

    How to Decorate With Outdoor Throw Pillows

    Are you still wondering how to make the best use of your pillows? Take the advice of expert interior designer Karla Dryer in this video: