9 Best Outdoor TV Covers of 2020 – Top Rated & Reviewed

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    Last Updated on September 6, 2020



    Key Features

    Durable velcro seal

    Easy application and removal

    Quality weather protection

    Polyester lining

    Built-in back pouch

    Repels moisture

    2-year warranty

    relax at the patio

    Using a TV outside is naturally risky and requires you to be intentional about the mounts and cables you use, as well as the TV.

    Before you install a TV outside, consider temperature, humidity, and precipitation. A pool can increase the likelihood of your TV getting wet. UV exposure can also damage your TV over time, and metal appliances might begin to rust.

    Without a cover, your TV is only likely to last around 6-12 months outside. Covered patios or porches don’t offer enough protection to preserve the television components.

    Weather resistance is the most important element of a TV cover. Don’t purchase a TV cover that is not made with weather-resistant materials. TV covers that aren’t waterproof are unsuitable for protecting your TV from water that comes from rain, snow, humidity, condensation, or your pool or sprinkler system.

    TV covers are becoming increasingly popular and can be found in a variety of colors. Furthermore, most covers have multiple sizing options so you can find the ideal fit for your TV.

    A TV is an expensive appliance, so it makes sense to spend the extra time and money to outfit your TV with a well-functioning cover. The best cover for your outdoor TV is the premium-quality Covermates Outdoor TV Cover.

    Here is the list of the best outdoor waterproof TV covers to buy

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    TOP 9 Best Outdoor TV Covers Review

    1. Best Overall – Covermates Outdoor TV Cover


    Durable velcro seal
    Easy application and removal
    Quality weather protection


    Hard to set velcro in high-reach areas


      • 12-gauge commercial vinyl material
      • 2-year warranty
      • Polyester lining
      • Built-in back pouch
      • Repels moisture

    Because of its unparalleled water-resistant features, this cover is at the top of the list. If you are looking for a waterproof TV cover that is made from premium materials and backed by a great warranty, this is a great option. 

    With multiple size variations, color options, and different materials to choose from, this TV cover is ideal for those who have a very specific style in mind. The size options are made to accommodate TV screen sizes from 18” to 73,” and they offer a choice between 9 color options, including grey fade-resistant polyester and classic black vinyl.

    You can also choose between 4 different materials for your TV cover: Classic, Elite, Ultima, and Prestige. Classic is made of 12-gauge commercial vinyl, Elite is made of 300 denier polyester, Ultima is made of 300 denier polyester with added fade-resistance, and Prestige is 900 denier polyester.

    The Classic collection is designed for performance at an inexpensive price point, the Elite collection is engineered for durability and versatility, and the Ultima collection combines elegant style with industry-leading materials.

    Although this cover is a little more expensive than most others on this list, you will not be disappointed with the investment. The moisture-repellent features stand up to consecutive days of rain, and these covers come with scratch-resistant interiors to protect your screen.

    2. Best Runner Up – Garnetics Outdoor TV Cover


    Long-lasting material
    Waterproof material
    Universal design


    Velcro can become loose over time


      • Available in beige, black, and gray
      • Built-in pocket TV remote
      • In-use velcro openings for easy access
      • Compatible with single- or double-wall mount

    This cover from Garnetics is a great way to protect your outdoor TV while preserving your style in your backyard space.

    Although it fits sizes from 22” to 85”, there are only 6 size options and the increments between them are quite large. If you are concerned as to whether your TV fits, consider buying a larger size so you can ensure that all the velcro straps can close fully.

    You can rest assured that your TV is completely secure thanks to its extra velcro cover that runs along the bottom side of it. Its sleek design makes it a great option for any outdoor setting. There is a distinct extra flap on the rear side of the cover to protect your TV mount from rain, snow, and moisture.

    This is an affordable option, but the price increases substantially as you increase the size of the cover. This cover boasts an overwhelmingly positive customer satisfaction rate, so you’ll likely be happy with your purchase.

    With this cover, you can continue to use your TV during inclement weather. If you wish to have the TV on while it is covered, you may need to max out the volume in order to hear it properly and turn down the brightness of the screen to prevent it from overheating.

    3. Best Budget – VIVO Flat Screen Cover


    Easy installation
    Weather-resistant material
    Fair price for good quality


    Limited size availability


      • Quality stitching to prevent fraying
      • Industrial-grade velcro construction
      • Side zippers for added protection
      • Exceptional quality Oxford

    The best budget TV cover provides superior function per dollar. This cover ranks as the best budget because of its low starting price that only increases by a few dollars for a 25” size increase, from a 40” cover to a 65” cover.

    Its all-black construction meshes with any environment so the style of your patio or backyard won’t be compromised when your TV is not in use.

    Some customers have reported that the sizes run a little large to make it easier to cover and remove your TV between uses. Because of the bottom velcro strip, this cover can fit mounted TVs and freestanding TVs.

    VIVO has been manufacturing quality products since 2003 and continues to produce exceptional TV covers. This universal waterproof TV cover can prevent damage from harsh sunlight, heavy rain, and summer pool parties.

    One of the best features of this cover is that it is made from Oxford material, a combination of rayon and polyester. This fabric requires less maintenance than most other materials used in TV covers.

    This quality cover also provides protection from pets and wild animals. If your screen is in a low location on your patio, this cover keeps curious animals, insects, lizards, and from getting at sensitive components. Enjoy ultimate year-round protection for your outdoor TV with this VIVO Flat Screen Cover.

    4. Best Weatherproofing – Stronghold Accessories Outdoor TV Cover


    Suitable for TV mounting systems
    Marine-grade material
    Shields against rain and snow
    Bottom velcro flap to ensure insulation


    Sometimes can be challenging to take on and off


      • Lightweight 1.5 lbs.
      • Available in beige, black, and gray
      • Size variability from 32” to 60”
      • Rear compartment with a velcro latch

    The thick, durable construction of this TV cover is best at protecting your TV from moisture. It has been hurricane-tested, and many customers vouch that this cover helped their TVs withstand Hurricane Harvey. This is the ideal cover for those in need of top-notch protection at a fair price.

    The company offers a 1-year risk-free guarantee. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase within that 1-year period, they can help you figure out a solution. However, most customers are happy with their purchase; this cover has great reviews thanks to its durability and excellent waterproofing feature.

    With three neutral color options, you’re sure to find a cover that fits with your backyard aesthetic. 

    Unlike most TV covers, this product has been carefully designed to accommodate every style of TV mount available. It also comes with a remote holder so you can keep your remote on-hand and protected. This company has clearly considered the details, making this cover one of the best on the market.

    This TV cover is compatible with any TV with a screen size from 32” to 60”. Although it does not have the greatest size variation on our list, it is an exceptional product for people with medium-sized outdoor TVs.

    5. Best Ease-of-Use – Acoveritt Outdoor TV Cover


    Effortlessly roll up the front panel
    2-year warranty
    Wide size variation
    Waterproof and weatherproof


    More expensive than some other TV covers


      • 400D durable polyester
      • Sizes vary from 22” to 70”
      • Engineered cotton liner to protect screen
      • Clear PVC straps to hold the cover in place

    Offering the biggest size selection on this list, this cover is equipped with a unique rollable front flap that provides easy access when you’re ready to watch TV.

    It is available in black and tan and comes with a soft interior to avoid scratching your screen. The polyester exterior is fully waterproof and includes waterproof zippers to prevent water from leaking in through the front flap.

    Boasting a 90-day full refund guarantee, this cover can make a great addition to your outdoor space. It is one of the best-rated TV protectors across many platforms, drawing lots of positive comments from owners who utilize this cover daily or weekly.

    There is an easy access velcro pouch on the back of the cover to store a remote control or any other accessory you may have, and a bottom velcro seal on the back to prevent water from leaking in and damaging your TV.

    A minor drawback of having secure velcro flaps is that this TV cover is slightly more difficult to add and remove between uses than other TV covers. However, it features a rare front flap so you can use your TV without fully removing the cover. The flap is very easy to use and makes going from watching TV to covering your TV hassle-free.

    6. Best Design – KHOMO GEAR Outdoor TV Cover


    Flexibility to stretch to fit larger screens
    Inexpensive price point for all it offers
    Reinforced stitching


    Tight-fitting, challenging to put on


      • High-density polyester construction
      • PVC coating for weather-resistant features
      • Rear velcro straps fit virtually any wall mount
      • Size range from 22” to 70”

    Keep your TV functioning even after the worst storms with this innovative TV cover. Its specially-engineered polyester is stretchable to fit around those stubborn corners of your largest screen.

    It is furnished with a class-leading PVC exterior coating to keep the moisture out and protect the components of your TV. Even though it has multiple superb features, it is one of the cheapest covers available on the market. 

    The reinforced stitching helps to counterbalance its stretchable fit so the cover retains its shape even after months of use. You can adjust it to virtually any wall mount, making it a versatile piece of equipment to have in your backyard.

    It keeps out bugs and protects your TV from dust and the elements. Moreover, the premium-grade polyester is temperature-regulated so your TV is never too hot or cold

    This cover is heavier than most of the covers on this list, however, it still only weighs 3 lbs., which allows for easy installation and removal.

    The all-season KHOMO cover is available in sizes from 22” to 70” so you should have no problem finding the perfect size to fit your TV. If you are looking for a versatile cover at an inexpensive price, this is the best choice for you.

    7. Best Size Variation – KOLIFE Outdoor TV Cover


    One of the biggest size ranges
    Compatible with most stands and mounts
    Lightweight at just 15.5oz
    Dustproof to protect interior electronics


    Only comes in one color
    No zippers


      • Double-stitched bottom seal
      • Non-abrasive interior lining
      • Fits TV sizes 22” to 75”
      • Reliable waterproof material

    If you have an unusually-sized TV, the cover with the best size variation can help you ensure that you get the best protection available. This cover ranges from 22” all the way to 75”, with relatively small size increments so you can find a cover that fits your TV well. You can even use this cover for a computer monitor.

    It is extremely lightweight, weighing less than 1 lb. It is also easy to take on and off your TV. These premium features come at a fair price, making this cover a smart investment.

    The solid, rugged exterior is waterproof and dustproof. It employs velcro straps and double-wall stitching to provide optimal insulation from the elements. This KOLIFE cover has a soft interior lining that won’t scratch your screen and makes it easier to slide the cover over your screen.

    You can conveniently store your remote with your outdoor TV with the built-in remote holder for added organization and protection from the elements.

    Whether your TV is poolside, near your barbecue, or simply on your patio or porch, this cover can give you the protection you need. With this cover, your TV and the sensitive electronics inside are protected during snowstorms, rainfalls, and even dust storms.

    8. Best Mount Adaptability – Clicks Outdoor TV Cover


    Dustproof and waterproof exterior
    Free microfiber cloth to clean your screen
    3 months no-questions-asked return policy
    Easy installation


    Heavier than most covers
    No zippers


      • Scratch-resistant interior
      • Fits single and double wall mounts
      • Larger flaps to help protect wall mounts
      • Extremely secure bottom flap

    This cover is available in black and features an open flap. It comes with a free microfiber cloth so you can wipe the screen after removing the cover. 

    The material for the Clicks Outdoor TV Cover is extremely soft. This helps prevent any scratches on your TV screen, even if you frequently move the TV to different areas of your home.

    The reinforced stitching supports the structure of the cover so it keeps its shape. This cover makes use of velcro straps and no zippers, a minor downside as velcro straps are prone to wearing out over time and consequently making it difficult to remove and replace the cover.

    One of the best features of this cover is that it has a bigger rear flap than most to cover large mounts and the cables that go along with them.

    Use the easy sizing guide to find the perfect size for your flat screen TV. The perfect fit protects your screen and all of the sensitive elements from moisture and dust, which can seriously impact the performance of your TV.

    Some consumers complain about the rear opening design, which may not be well-placed for all flat screen TVs and outdoor TV locations. Assess the specifications and style of your TV, along with where your outdoor TV is located, to ensure that you can remove the back of the TV cover easily.

    9. Best Quality – Original TV Coverstore Cover


    Compatible with mounted and freestanding TVs
    Solid, durable cover material
    Zippers for added protection
    Scratch-resistant interior


    Can be pricier than other covers


      • Available in black, light beige, and light grey
      • Resistant against mildew, humility, and rain
      • 120 day no questions asked return policy
      • Premium marine-grade material
      • Sizes from 29” to 70”

    This made-in-America TV cover provides the best-quality solution at the highest price. This company is dedicated to bringing you a superior product sourced from the highest quality materials available. They do not cut corners.

    The material of this cover is the same material that is used in boat covers so you can rest assured that it is durable and can stand up against any type of weather. It is the thickest, heaviest, and most durable cover available.

    One of the best features is that it employs zippers rather than velcro for the bottom closure. Many less expensive TV covers feature velcro which can make the cover hard to close and keep closed around your TV. With zippers, that is not a problem.

    This TV cover accommodates standing and bracketed swinging TVs. With a back flap that uses velcro closures to seal off the area from the elements. There is also an interior remote holder so you can keep your TV and its accessories together in an outdoor location.

    If you are willing to pay a little extra money for a TV cover that will go the extra mile, then this is the one you want. The company offers a 3-year warranty to protect your investment.

    Final Verdict: Best Outdoor TV Cover for Your Money

    CovermatesCheck Price on Amazon

    Check Price on Walmart

    The Covermates Outdoor TV Cover is very durable, but the real crowning factor is how many options this brand provides. There are 9 colors to choose from including black, tan, and charcoal. There are 12 sizes to choose from ranging from 18” to 73”. You can even choose between different materials: 12-gauge vinyl, 300 denier polyester, and 900 denier polyester.

    Denier is the term used to describe the measurement of weight in grams of a material per 9000 meters of length. The higher denier, the heavier the yarn and the stronger the material.

    You can easily find a color and size that is perfect for your outdoor space. This cover is inexpensive but does not compromise on quality. When it comes to your outdoor TV, you want to protect your investment.

    If you plan to keep a TV outdoors, protect this expensive furnishing with a cover. Finding the right cover weight and style is simplified when you keep your needs in mind.

    How to Choose the Best Outdoor TV Cover

    TVs are not cheap, so TV covers that provide adequate protection are definitely worth the investment. When you begin the search for the right cover, make a list of the elements you need to protect your TV against and the specifications of your TV so you can find a cover that does the job.

    Protection from the Elements

    Can an indoor TV be used for outdoors? The answer is it depends on the protection you provide for the TV set. When you’re searching for a TV cover, consider the kind of protection your TV needs. Depending on your climate and where your TV is mounted, it may be exposed to varying amounts of sunlight, pollen, dust, bugs, and moisture.

    Dust and pollen can accumulate in the filters of your TV and eventually cause the circuit to short or overheat. If you keep your TV on your patio, near a grill, you might be expediting the problem by creating ashes that can accumulate in and on your TV. 

    Like many common technological devices, TVs don’t handle moisture well and start malfunctioning under extreme temperatures.

     Make sure the material used in the cover is tough and durable. If you are using the TV in summer months or in especially hot areas, you will want a cover that can regulate the temperature of the TV.

    Your Cover Should Accommodate Your TV Specifications

    Measuring your TV before you make the purchase is a key step. It is important that you get the full protection that is guaranteed by the cover. Look for a TV cover that is slightly larger than your TV; it’s better for the cover to be slightly too big rather than too small for your TV.

    Most covers have an opening in the back for TV mounts, but if you have a freestanding TV, make sure your TV cover opens at the bottom.

    Desirable Features in TV Covers

    A TV cover is susceptible to the same harsh elements your TV would be if the cover were not on it. This is why you should look for a cover that has at least a 2-year warranty or some type of satisfaction guarantee.

    Remote control pockets make storing it more convenient to use your outdoor TV. A single cover should be able to protect the remote and as well as the TV.

    The color of your TV cover isn’t important to its function, but a color that matches the rest of your outdoor furnishings can make your TV aesthetically pleasing when it’s not in use.