7 Best Oven Mitts – Reviews and Top Picks for 2020

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    Key Features

    Made of aramid fiber — same fiber used in aerospace and military operations

    Withstands heat up to 475 F

    Long enough to cover the wrist

    Polyester/cotton lining

    Ambidextrous fit

    Silicone textured non-slip grip

    Stove and gloves

    There’s no doubt in our minds that oven mitts are absolutely essential for grilling and baking

    By keeping your hands protected from even the HOTTEST cooking methods, they can make your barbecues and cake making safer and easier. In short, they’re a tool that every home chef should have in their arsenal.

    Do you know how to find the best oven mitts for your needs, though? After all, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration — from style, to material, to the all-important maximum temperature rating. All of this technical information can be downright overwhelming.

    That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the 7 best oven mitts you should be using in 2020. In it, you’ll learn everything you need to know to choose the oven mitts that are perfect for your unique needs. 

    So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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    Top 7 Best Oven Mitts (2020 Reviews)

    1. Best Overall – Pit Mitt Heat Resistant Grill Glove


    Form-fitting glove design provides unmatched dexterity
     Aramid fiber is comfortable to use, and incredibly heat resistant
     Textured silicone grip ensures no slipping
     Can be used on either hand


    Takes longer to put on and take off than traditional oven mitts


      • Made of aramid fiber — same fiber used in aerospace and military operations
      • WIthstands heat up to 475 F
      • Long enough to cover the wrist
      • Polyester/cotton lining
      • Ambidextrous fit
      • Silicone textured non-slip grip

    What’s the #1 downside of using an oven mitt? Bulky, traditional mitts can really limit your dexterity, sometimes leading to accidents like dropping plates and pans. There’s gotta be a better way, right?

    Right! And the Pit Mitt heat resistant grill glove is our absolute favorite example of how to do so. Styled exactly like the sort of glove you might use for yard work, the Pit Mitt is actually made of aramid fiber — the ultra-strong, ultra-heat resistant material favored by the U.S. military.

    Giving you complete dexterity while cooking, grilling, or baking, the Pit Mitt has quickly become our favorite accessory for long days spent over the grill. It’s not as easy to put on and take off as traditional oven mitts, but that’s a small price to pay for its combination of protection and precision.

    2. Best Value – KitchenAid Asteroid Solid Textured Oven Mitt


     Great heat resistance thanks to silicone grips
     Non-slip texturing across the whole hand
     Excellent price
     Super easy to clean — just throw them in your washing machine
     Easy to put on and take off


    Bulky design


      • Heat resistant up to 500 F
      • 100% cotton
      • Available in 7 colors
      • Slip-resistant silicone grips
      • Built-in hanging loop
      • Machine washable
      • Set of 2

    These are exactly the sort of oven mitts you likely remember from when you were a kid: Big and bulky, they’re designed to protect from heat just by the sheer amount of material between your hand and a hot dish.

    Or, at least, that’s how they were designed. Now, KitchenAid has put extra care into making these oven mitts convenient for everyday use by incorporating slip-resistant silicone into the design. Providing heat protection up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, they’re a viable option for everything from baking to grilling to smoking.

    Coming as a set of 2, they also happen to be available at an unbeatable price. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly alternative to more high-tech options, these oven mitts from KitchenAid definitely fit the bill. Plus, they’re machine washable — and super easy to clean!

    3. Best Value Runner UpKitchenAid Asteroid Solid Textured Mini Oven Mitt


    Small, streamlined design is perfect for easy on/off
     Excellent price for a pack of 4
     Non-slip silicone grip
     Heat resistant to 500 degrees — more than enough for everyday use
     Easy to clean and completely machine washable


    Smaller mitts are easier to drop or have slip off of your hands


      • 500 degrees heat resistance
      • 100% cotton construction
      • Available in 5 colors
      • Slip-resistant silicone texturizing
      • Comes with attached hanging loop
      • Machine washable
      • Set of 4

    Looking for a quick oven mitt solution that you don’t have to wear all the time? You’ll love the KitchenAid Mini oven mitts. Their easy on-off design makes them a perfect option for anyone working in a busy kitchen, where you can’t be bothered to keep a bulky oven mitt on at all times.

    Like their larger counterparts, the KitchenAid Mini oven mitts are available at a fantastic price — even coming as a set of 4, so you can share a pair with a friend. Their textured silicone grip is completely non-slip, and cleanup is as easy as throwing them in the wash.

    Overall, these pint-sized powerhouses are ideal for anyone who doesn’t want their hands trapped inside a larger glove or mitt.

    4. Best Heat Resistance – Semboh 932℉ Extreme Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves


     Most heat resistant glove available
     Non-slip outer layer
     Comfortable cotton inner layer
     Also cut resistant
     Easy to clean


    Only available in one size
     Not great for people with small hands


      • 25,500 BTU power output
      • Stainless steel burners
      • Automatic ignition system
      • Silicone coated firebox
      • Double layer stainless steel construction
      • Built-in propane tank shelf
      • Porcelain-coated steel grates

    When you’re working with extreme heat — or just love getting your grill fired up as hot as possible — you’ll need more than your mom’s oven mitts to get the job done.

    The 3-layered design of these Semboh gloves is specially designed to be heat-resistant. Able to withstand temperatures up to a staggering 932 degrees Fahrenheit, they’re the top of the line choice in fireproof oven gloves.

    Amazingly, they’re also incredibly cut resistant, making them a versatile option no matter where you’re working in the kitchen. Coming only in one size, though, they may not be a suitable option for anyone with smaller hands.

    5. Best Combo Oven Mitt – Cuisinox Oven Mitt


    Excellent combination of comfort and non-slip grip
     Machine washable and easy to clean
     Fits on either hand


    Somewhat expensive


      • Heat resistant to 480 degrees F
      • Silicone construction
      • Cotton lining
      • Ambidextrous fit
      • Machine washable
      • Attached hanging loop

    Combining the best of silicone’s non-slip grip and the comfort of cotton, this oven mitt from Cuisinox strikes an almost perfect balance. Withstanding heats of up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s more than capable of everyday use for grilling, baking, and more.

    While somewhat more expensive than other traditionally styled oven mitts, the large portion of silicone covering the entire grip on the Cuisinox makes it perfect for anyone who has ever lost their grip on a hot pan.

    In short, the Cuisinox is a wonderfully comfortable oven mitt for anyone who loves the non-slip qualities of silicone.

    6. Best Non-Slip – Kraus Non-Slip Double Oven Mitt


    Completely non-slip
     Easiest oven mitts to clean
     100% waterproof


    Silicon interior can irritate some peoples’ skin
     Not quite as heat resistant as many other gloves we reviewed


      • Heat resistant to 446 degrees F
      • Set of 2
      • 100% silicone construction
      • Completely waterproof
      • 100% non-slip grip
      • Non-stick surface

    Cotton has been the material of choice for oven mitts since their invention. But is it really the best option available? After trying the Kraus oven mitt, we’re inclined to think otherwise.

    Made entirely of easy to clean, non-slip silicone, the Kraus might be the most durable and convenient option in our review. Because it doesn’t have any fabric material, all you have to do after use is wipe it off with a damp towel.

    While not quite as heat resistant as other mitts on our list, it’s completely waterproof design makes it a great option for working with hot liquids — such as making homemade candies, where the superheated sugar can easily cause burns. A small caveat: Some may not enjoy the feeling of silicone on their skin, as it is a mild irritant for many people.

    7. Best Novelty Gift – Fred & Friends Bear Hands Oven Mitt


    Funny and cute
     Great to give as a gift
     Still heat resistant enough for small cooking tasks


    Less heat resistant than other oven mitts
    Harder to clean


      • Heat resistant to 400 degrees F
      • Made of cotton and silicone
      • Matching set of two bear paws
      • Limited lifetime warranty

    Ready to impress your friends and family? Then go ahead and grab that pan right out of the oven, with your Bear Hands!

    These oven mitts from well-known novelty company Fred & Friends might just be the cutest kitchen tool you’ll ever see. No, they’re not as heat-resistant or utilitarian as the other oven mitts in our review — but if your heaviest baking tasks include taking cookies out of the oven, they’re more than adequate to the job.

    Consider these bear paw oven mitts next time you’re looking for a unique gift to give to a friend or family member!

    Final Verdict

    Charcoal Companion Grill GloveCheck Price on BBQGuys

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    We were extremely impressed with the Pit Mitt Heat Resistant Grill Glove’s ease of use and excellent safety features. It’s perfectly suited for almost any grilling, baking, or smoking application, and is our #1 recommendation for the best oven mitt available today.

    Anyone who’s looking for a more traditionally styled oven mitt may be more interested in the KitchenAid Asteroid Solid Textured Oven Mitt, though. Its larger design is easy to take on and off in a flash, and prevents any discomfort on your hands. Plus, it’s available at a great price.

    We appreciate you taking the time to read this guide while searching for the best oven mitts for your kitchen and grill. With the recommendations above, we hope you’ve been able to find the perfect heat protection for your summer grilling season!

    How to Choose the Best Oven Mitts

    We’re of the opinion that a great oven mitt should not only keep your hands safe from heat, but look good doing it — and be easy to clean after a day spent over the grill. That’s why we examine the following three features to determine which oven mitt is best for the job:

    Heat Resistance

    The ability to withstand high temperatures is the defining characteristic of oven mitts — and you’ll find a wide variance in maximum heat resistance across different brands.

    Being able to hold up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit is the minimum rating that we look for in an oven mitt. At this level of resistance, you’ll be protected from burns… But still feel quite a lot of heat through the glove. This type of glove is convenient, but maybe not the best for high-stakes grilling

    If you’re looking for the best oven mitts for high-powered grilling, you’ll need to go much higher on heat resistance. 500 F is a good starting point, but the most durable and long-lasting gloves are often treated with special materials to withstand much higher temperatures.


    While cotton is the most traditional material used for oven mitts — and is still often employed as a lining — other recent technologies have produced much more durable and desirable materials.

    Silicone is one of the most common additions to oven mitts today, and rightly so. It has a low thermal conductivity — meaning that it won’t quickly transfer the heat of your baking pan into your delicate fingers. Non-slip, non-stick, and machine washable, it’s a fantastic addition to look for in your oven mitts.

    Aramid occupies a space as the most heat resistant material available in kitchens today. It’s so durable, in fact, that it’s often used in bulletproof vests! Capable of withstanding temperatures over 900 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s the top of the line in heat-resistant materials.


    Working with hot oils is always going to make a mess — so why try to fight it? Instead, we always look for oven mitts that are machine washable. That way, after a long afternoon of grilling for your backyard barbecue party, you can just throw them in the wash and not have to worry about cleanup.