The 7 Best Oven Thermometers – To Prevent Kitchen Disasters

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    Key Features

    High value to price ratio

    Very durable materials

    Versatile for all ovens, grills even smokers

    Made of high quality Stainless Steel & shatterproof glass

    Has great temperature range

    Great accurate temperature readings

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    Kitchen disasters. We’ve all had them. You know, that cake that baked for over an hour, but still came out raw. Or maybe it was that expensive prime rib for Christmas dinner that burned to a crisp even though the time wasn’t near enough. When these kinds of cooking disasters happen, it can make you feel like a failure in the kitchen. We’ve all been there, it’s a bummer to say the least.

    What if we were to tell you that these kinds of kitchen disasters, the ones where cooking in your oven creates chaos, aren’t your fault? That’s right, your cooking skills are probably just fine, it’s your oven that likely has the problem.

    Built-in oven thermostats are often ineffective. They read high, they read low, they just don’t work well. It’s not a surprise, they aren’t an expensive part and most appliance manufacturers want to make their product as inexpensively as possible. What this means, is that most of the time, when you’re cooking in your oven, the temperature you’ve set, isn’t the temperature inside your oven.

    How do you fix this problem and eliminate oven related kitchen disasters? You buy an oven thermometer. An oven thermometer sits inside of your oven, and allows you to adjust the temperature settings so that the temperature you want is the temperature you get.

    There are plenty of oven thermometers out there, to choose from. Picking the right one can be confusing. Especially since most oven thermometers look pretty much the same. We had that same question, so we decided to cook some food and test some oven thermometers. From our efforts, we’ve come up with this list of the seven best oven thermometers.

    We’ve also put together a buying guide to help you select the right product for your oven.

    Our pick for the best oven thermometer is the Rubbermaid Commercial Products Oven Monitoring Thermometer. It’s basic, durable, and easy to read through your oven window. We found that it was really accurate and our cooking results improved greatly when we relied on it for setting oven temperature.

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    Top 7 Best Oven Thermometers Review

    1. Best Overall – Rubbermaid Commercial Products Oven Monitoring Thermometer


    Simple easy-to-read scale
    Perfect for all cooking appliances
    Hangs or stands stably
    NSF certified


    No adjustable angle on hanger


      • Temperature range: 60° and 580° degrees F
      • Material: Stainless steel with glass lens
      • Dimensions: 3.75 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches
      • Weight:2.4 ounces

    The simple but effective Rubbermaid oven thermometer is made to sit or hang from your oven racks. The red pointer is easy to see, and the clear and easy to read dial has markings at every 10 degrees. We like that this thermometer has both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales on the dial.

    This thermometer is effective for temperatures up to 580 degrees, so do be mindful when using it in your grill, as temperatures can exceed 580 degrees in your grill. The Rubbermaid oven thermometer has the NSF stamp of approval, so you know it is safe to use around your food.

    2. Runner up – AcuRite Stainless Steel Oven Thermometer


    Oven and grill safe
    Large easy to read numbers
    Indicators for warming, baking/roasting and broiling
    Limited 10-year Warranty


    Not good at lower temps


      • Temperature range: 150 to 600 degrees F
      • Material: Stainless steel with glass lens
      • Dimensions: 4.25 x 8.5 x 7.25 inches
      • Weight: 1.13 ounces

    Our runner up pick is the AcuRite oven thermometer. This stainless steel and glass oven thermometer is simple to use, easy to read and a great value at less than $10.

    The AcuRite did a great job of providing an accurate oven temperature. We like the large, easy to read dial, that also gives temperature ranges for common oven functions (warm, bake, broil). This thermometer sits or hangs on your oven rack, so it’s easy to see, but also stays out of the way of your pans.

    We were missing the Celsius scale on this oven thermometer, but since most of the recipes that we use are in Fahrenheit, it wasn’t a huge issue. You can find conversion calculators on the internet if necessary.

    The AcuRite oven thermometer is safe to use in the oven or in your grill, up to temperatures of 600 degrees. This thermometer also is NSF approved so it won’t impact the quality or taste of your foods.

    3. Best Budget – Taylor Classic Series Large Dial Oven Thermometer


    Simple, durable and long-lasting
    Nice extra-large dial
    Highly accurate temperature readings
    NSF certified


    Gets HOT, use oven-mitts
    Short warranty


      • Temperature range: 100°f to 600°F
      • Material: Stainless steel with glass lens
      • Dimensions: 8 x 1.5 x 4.9 inches
      • Weight: 2.88 ounces

    For just under $7 you can get a great oven thermometer that will help you achieve cooking success, even with the most temperamental of ovens. Our pick for the best budget oven thermometer is the Taylor large dial oven thermometer.

    First off, this oven thermometer had a larger dial than others. This made the dial easy to read, though we would have liked it if the pointer was a bit thicker. The dial of this thermometer has both the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales for easy conversions when necessary. The dial also showed standard operation ranges (warming, baking, roasting).

    The Taylor oven thermometer has a handy hook for hanging the thermometer, or a sturdy foot for setting it on your oven rack. Made from stainless steel and glass, this thermometer is safe in temperatures up to 600 degrees.

    4. Best Versatility – KitchenAid 3-in Dial Oven Thermometer


    Nice extra-large dial
    Good temperature range
    Shatter resistant tempered glass lens
    Exceedingly accurate temperature readings


    Short warranty
    Do not immerse in water


      • Temperature range: 100°f to 600°F
      • Material: Stainless steel with glass lens
      • Dimensions: 1.54 x 5 x 7 inches
      • Weight: 3.34 ounces

    Our pick for the most versatile oven thermometer comes from a well-known name in kitchen tools and appliances. The 3-inch KitchenAid oven thermometer is a great tool that will help you make delicious and perfectly cooked foods from your oven.

    We found that this was one of the most accurate thermometers that we tested. The large dial of the KitchenAid thermometer made is easier to read than its smaller counterparts. However, we did miss the contrast of red and black that other thermometers have, that make the dial stand out in a dark oven. The dial does offer both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales and standard oven operational ranges (warming, baking, roasting).

    The KitchenAid oven thermometer is made from food grade stainless steel and a durable glass lens. Its versatility comes from the adjustable and rotating clip that allows you to secure this oven thermometer in the best place in your oven for easy reading.

    5. Best Durability – Polder Products LLC Deluxe Oven Thermometer


    Simple easy to read dial
    Stable sturdy base
    12 year warranty
    Can stand or hang


    Display could be bigger


      • Temperature range: 150-550 Degrees F
      • Material: Stainless Steel
      • Dimensions: 4 x 2 x 6 inches
      • Weight: 6.1 ounces

    Our pick for the most durable oven thermometer is the sturdy, yet functional oven thermometer from Polder Products. This thermometer is made to set or hang securely on the racks in your oven. Its full stainless steel body, and glass face make it a perfect tool for using in your kitchen or in your backyard grill.

    The Polder Products oven thermometer has a design that is unique from many other thermometers. However, it is simple to read and has both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales on the dial. The dial shape and function is a bit different, but it was still easy to use, and gave a good accurate temperature. We would have liked it if the dial was just a bit larger for easier reading.

    The Polder Products oven thermometer has a really great warranty, and even though it is an inexpensive product, it is nice to know that Polder will stand behind your oven thermometer for 12 years!

    6. Best Value – Cooper-Atkins Bi-Metal Oven Thermometer


    Good value for price
    Good temperature range
    Solid steel housing
    Nice extra-large dial


    Not as easy to read


      • Temperature range: 100 to 600 Degrees F
      • Material: Stainless steel
      • Dimensions: 0.6 x 1.2 x 0.9 inches
      • Weight: 1.6 ounces

    Our favorite value oven thermometer is the Cooper Bi-metal oven thermometer. This is a great basic oven thermometer. It has a really durable steel housing, and glass lens for optimal performance even at higher heat.

    The dial is reasonably sized, and we like that it has the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales, and also the HACCP reheating guidelines on the dial. This is a feature that we found not many oven thermometers had. The Cooper oven thermometer was effective up to 600 degrees, so it was useful in the kitchen and in the grill.

    Our complaint about this thermometer was that the black pointer on the dial was kind of hard to see through the oven window.

    7. Best High Heat – CDN POT750X ProcAccurate High Heat Oven Thermometer


    Wide base and integrated hook
    Five-year limited warranty
    Excellent high heat range
    Commercial grade quality


    Not as stable


      • Temperature range: 150 to 750 degrees F
      • Material: Stainless steel with glass lens
      • Dimensions: 3 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches
      • Weight: 1.4 ounces

    Our pick for the best high heat oven thermometer is the ProAccurate High Heat oven thermometer by CDN. This handy, professional style oven thermometer is accurate up to 750 degrees. It is a great tool for use in both your oven and in your grill. The higher heat tolerance makes this a great oven thermometer if you are struggling with consistency when broiling foods.

    The stainless-steel construction and glass lens are durable and easily handle the higher heat tolerances of this oven thermometer. We do wish the dial was a bit larger. At 2 ¼ inches, the numbers seemed really packed in and a bit challenging to read through the oven window. A larger dial would have allowed for more precise measurements. The dial does have both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales, which is nice.

    Final Verdict

    RubbermaidCheck Price on Amazon

    Check Price on Walmart

    Our pick for the best oven thermometer, the Rubbermaid Commercial Products Oven Monitoring Thermometer, is a great product for novice and experienced chefs alike. It gives an accurate temperature reading and is easy to use. It’s built well and will easily handle higher temperature cooking needs.

    An oven thermometer is an inexpensive way to get rid of some of your cooking problems. If you’re struggling to achieve consistent results in your oven, an oven thermometer can help. Never worry about over or undercooked foods again. An oven thermometer will help you set the perfect temperature for amazing results every time.

    How to Choose the Best Oven Thermometer

    To get down to brass tacks, oven thermometers aren’t terribly diverse. But they aren’t all made the same either. Picking the right one means the difference between cooking success and utter disaster. To help you narrow your options, we’ve put together this buying guide with the features you need to consider when buying an oven thermometer.


    This is likely the most important factor when it comes to kitchen thermometers. You want to select a product that is reliable and accurate. You will achieve the most accuracy from basic thermometers. We found that digital oven thermometers, over time, had the same issues as the built-in thermostat. Simple and correct are the best ways to go when it comes to an oven thermometer.


    Keep in mind that the oven thermometer that you select will be subject to heat, often for extended periods of time. It will also be in the close vicinity to the foods that you eat, so you need a product that will be safe around foods. With these thoughts in mind, you should select an oven thermometer that is made from 304 grade stainless steel. This material handles heat well, and won’t degrade or create strange tastes or odors.

    Also, make sure that your oven thermometer is National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) approved. This organization ensures that food industry standards are met when it comes to kitchen tools. If a product has the NSF seal of approval, it is safe for your food.

    Temperature Units

    You’ll find that you’ve got three options when it comes to oven thermometers. Fahrenheit only, Celsius only or both on one thermometer. For the most part, in the US you won’t want a Celsius only oven thermometer, but it is handy to have that scale as an option.

    Our preference is to select an oven thermometer that has both units on the display. This makes converting from Fahrenheit to Celsius easy. This is handy if you like to use cookbooks that originate in other countries. You don’t have to do a bunch of math to know where to set your oven.

     Ease of Use

    One of the most important reasons to own an oven thermometer is to ensure that you’re cooking foods to a safe temperature. Under cooking some foods can result in foodborne illnesses that are never fun. If you’ve not used an oven thermometer before, or if you’re just learning what the recommended safe cooking temperatures are, look for an oven thermometer that has the HACCP values on the dial. This will allow you to know when things like chicken are being cooked at a safe temperature.


    Durability really comes down to materials and construction. Oven thermometers are supposed to be able to handle high heat for an extended period of time. Look for thermometers made from quality materials and do make sure that they are rated for temperatures well above the normal high cooking temperature that you’ll be using. This will allow you to use your oven thermometer for a variety of normal cooking applications, and some extraordinary applications, without harming your oven thermometer.