The 9 Best Patio Umbrellas For Outdoor Events and Parties

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    Last Updated on January 9, 2021

    Our Top Choice...

    Key Features

    • It has a crank lift for easily opening
    • It has excellent shade coverage
    • Comes in 4 colors to match your style
    • Great value for your bucks

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    A blistering sun can make your outdoor living space excruciatingly hot, no matter where you are, during the peak of summer. One of the best solutions to make summers more pleasurable is to get a patio umbrella.

    The correct outdoor patio umbrella can be responsible for the reduction to your skin’s exposure to UV rays and a fashionable addition to your pool or deck decor, or simply can cool things off sufficiently enough to appreciate the outdoors anytime of the year.

    We’ve done the testing and delved into the research to find the best patio umbrella you can purchase no matter how large or tiny your outdoor space is.

    We’ve done our best to include diverse types of umbrellas, including small table umbrellas and a cantilever offset luxury patio umbrella.

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      Top 9 Best Patio Umbrellas (2021 Reviews)


    • SIZE: 15ft diameter x 8.9ft height
    • MECHANISM: Crank lift
    • SHAPE: Octagon
    • MATERIAL: Polyester Fabric
    • DIMENSIONS: Package = 63 x 19.1 x 6.2 inches
    • WEIGHT: 36.2 pounds

    The Le Papillon double-sided umbrella is undeniably a monster of an umbrella. It offers all of the desirable features anyone needs to shade a large area deck. With its aluminum framework it is lightweight and easy to move.

    Although there are more expensive double-sided umbrellas on the market, this Le Papillon umbrella fits the bill for tons of shade at a reasonable price. Despite its size it’s easy to handle, and stores away nicely for the winter. 

    What we liked

    • Choice of 4 colors. 
    • Size. Huge coverage
    • Very good air flow  
    • Stress-Free opening and closing

    What we didn’t like

    • The pole measures 1.89 inches so not a universal fit for all tables
    • Undercarriage is not very attractive 

    Wrapping up

    In short, if you’re looking for the best, easy to operate, outdoor patio umbrella at an affordable price point pick up a Le Papillon 15ft double-sided aluminum umbrella .


    Very reasonably priced
    It works with a crank lift for easily closing and opening
    3 wind vents for air flow
    Ideal for large decks or oversized tables


    Some consider this one too big
    Base is sold separately


    • SIZE: 8 x 10ft
    • MECHANISM: Crank Lift and Tilt
    • SHAPE: Rectangular
    • MATERIAL: Solution-dyed polyester fabric , rust- free powder coated aluminum pole
    • DIMENSIONS: 81.9 x 15.7 x 6.3 inches
    • WEIGHT: 62lbs

    This rectangular, offset cantilever umbrella from Abba Patio, provides supreme multi-position shade via its push button vertical tilt function.

    It’s simple to set up and opens smoothly, so your outdoor space will cool down in a hurry.

    Plus, the rugged construction helps this umbrella last day after day, thanks to its powder-coated aluminum pole and the solution-dyed polyester canopy.


    Easy to set up, open and close
    5 attractive colors to choose from
    A base is included
    It’s versatile 5-positions of vertical tilt come in handy
    Fabric has UV protection, is water repellent, and fade resistant


    Catches more wind than it should for its size
    Not as easy for older population to open and close


    • SIZE: 7.5' diameter
    • MECHANISM: Crank and tilt
    • SHAPE: Octagon
    • MATERIAL: Polyester
    • DIMENSIONS: 48 x 6.5 x 5 inches
    • WEIGHT: 7.5lbs

    The 7.5 foot diameter Sunnyglade patio umbrella is the perfect size for small to midsize patio seating areas, at a very affordable price.

    You won’t need to be concerned about the canopy fraying or tearing since it’s designed with a heavy-duty, fade-resistant polyester fabric. Also, the light-weight aluminum pole is designed to be rust resistant.

    When desired, you can easily tilt this umbrella to an assortment of angles to shield the sun from your eyes. It opens or closes easily using a crank handle and when you need to store it, the pole can be unscrewed to make it more compact.


    Ease of Use. Push button tilt for additional angles and smooth crank handle.
    Super light and easily portable
    6 bright colors or patterns to choose from
    The aluminum pole unscrews in middle for easy storage


    Not as much sun protection as others
    Strong wind can cause some damage to ribs


    • SIZE: 10ft
    • MECHANISM: Tilt and 360 degree rotation
    • SHAPE: Octagon
    • MATERIAL: Polyester, Aluminum, Steel
    • DIMENSIONS: 116 x 116 x 101 inches
    • WEIGHT: 44lbs

    This 10 foot umbrella from Best Choice Products is the best patio umbrella for both day and night get-togethers. It comes with 35 bright LED solar lights that provide 4-5 hours of extra light to the party.

    This durable umbrella features a UV-ray resistant, polyester canopy that is also water repellent. It has a five position tilt, allowing you to set your umbrella at a variety of angles for the best shade.

    For added durability and portability, the Best Choice solar umbrella has a strong, but lightweight, 2” aluminum pole. The pole is also powder-coated so it resists corrosion, chipping and rust. This umbrella is available in 9 various color options, so you can match your backyard decor.


    Ease of Use. Handle is smooth and tilt is effortless
    9 attractive color varieties to choose from
    It comes with 35 built-in LED rib lights and a center light all powered by solar panels
    Versatile. 360 degrees of rotation for endless sun shade


    Not as water resistant as others
    Only cross base is included


    • SIZE: Choice of 6' 8' & 9'
    • MECHANISM: Push-up
    • SHAPE: Round
    • MATERIAL: Fiberglass and polyester
    • DIMENSIONS: 22.4 x 3.1 x 2.8 inches
    • WEIGHT: 12lbs

    Do you want to turn your backyard into a little slice of the beach? Add a tiki umbrella to your patio furniture! Thatched tiki umbrellas are surprisingly durable and provide excellent shade to your backyard or poolside patio.

    This simple, yet fashionable, 8-foot tiki umbrella comes in a natural color that matches with all outdoor décor. It provides UPF 50+ level UV protection, so you can spend all day in its shade, without worrying about getting a sunburn.

    This fun umbrella features fiberglass and raffia construction, and a vented canopy, making it lightweight and durable for any backyard.


    Makes ya feel like you’re at the beach
    Lightweight so you can move anywhere
    UPF 50+ is impressive
    This is the best Tiki umbrellas you can get for the price


    This model does not tilt
    No base included, but you really don’t need one


    • SIZE: 15 feet
    • MECHANISM: Crank
    • SHAPE: Oval
    • MATERIAL: Polyester and coated steel
    • DIMENSIONS: 56 x 16 x 8 inches
    • WEIGHT: 43.7lbs

    To make your backyard patio feel extra comfortable, the 15ft double-sided patio umbrella from Iwicker is perfect for any large patio, outdoor area, or long table.

    The canopy is 100% Polyester, water resistant, fade resistant, has 3 air vents and offers excellent UV protection.

    Its strong steel pole is powder coated making it rust-free and durable for the long hall. The 12 ribs are made of steel, providing even more stability. The Iwicker patio umbrella opens smoothly and quickly with its easy crank lift.

    A sturdy metal base comes with this umbrella or it can be mounted in a table. However, it definitely needs to be weighted down with sandbags to prevent it from tipping over.


    Ease of Use. Crank lift is very smooth
    Huge sun coverage and UV protection
    A descent base is included.
    Non-stick pans are extremely easy to clean.


    Ribs wear out before anything else
    It is a bit heavy and awkward to get into stand


    • SIZE: 7.5ft
    • MECHANISM: Crank and Tilt
    • SHAPE: Octagon
    • MATERIAL: Fiberglass Ribs, Aluminum Frame
    • DIMENSIONS: 90 x 90 x 92 inches
    • WEIGHT: 9lbs

    This 7-1/2-foot patio umbrella is part of California Umbrella’s Sunline Collection. Durable fiberglass ribs and water-repellent canopy team up to form a lightweight but very durable umbrella that can withstand relatively strong wind gusts.

    The push-button 3-way tilt shields you from the sun wherever it may be. This umbrella is aimed to cover a 48-inch round table. However, it can be supported with a freestanding base, as well. Unfortunately, this umbrella will require that you purchase a base separately.

    Its canopy has a shaped Valance cut that offers extra shade. The crank-open frame, tilt feature and durable lightweight fiberglass ribs delivers a lasting and affordable sun blocking solution that defeats the competition.


    Easy to move, open and tilt
    Canopy is made with Sunbrella fabrics, which are highly resilient
    Fiberglass Ribs are lightweight but very durable
    Has several colors and patterns to choose from


    Cord for crank is weak and is prone to snapping
    No base is included


    • SIZE: 11ft
    • MECHANISM: Crank lift and 360 degrees of rotation
    • SHAPE: Square
    • MATERIAL: Aluminum, Polyester
    • DIMENSIONS: 110.5 x 16.5 x 6.5 inches
    • WEIGHT: 74.2 pounds

    For a variety of outdoor applications, including residential and commercial patios, the Purple Leave canopy umbrellas is the perfect solution. It features durable construction that is capable of withstanding rough operation.

    The polyester canopy provided outstanding UV protection and is also UV resistant, waterproof and fade resistant. Set it up in your yard at the beginning of the summer and it will look just like new when you’re ready to take it down in the fall. Maintenance is easy, just wiped off dirt and debris with a damp sponge.

    At 11-feet tall, the Purple Leaf canopy gives ample coverage from the sun. It opens and closes effortlessly with an innovative crank and handle. This great umbrella also features a tilt option that gives you 360 degrees of rotation, for sun protection all day long.

    Aluminum construction and anti-oxidation paint, makes the Purple Leaf canopy both lightweight and durable and our favorite large patio umbrella.


    Easy to open and rotate 360 degrees
    Huge sun coverage area with several angle options
    Provides outstanding fade resistance and UV protection
    3 year warranty


    No base is included
    A little heavy and difficult to move around
    Slightly higher price point than all others


    • SIZE: 12ft or 11ft
    • MECHANISM: Auto crank and handle
    • SHAPE: Octagon
    • MATERIAL: Polyester and Aluminum
    • DIMENSIONS: 76 x 20 x 6 inches
    • WEIGHT: 66lbs

    The 12 foot Grand Patio Deluxe, from Napoli, is an offset cantilever patio umbrella that will add style and luxury to your outdoor living space.

    The entire frame, as well as the 8 ribs are fabricated of rust-free aluminum so it’s designed with longevity in mind. The canopy is made of a fade and water resilient polyester fabric that’s UV safe and for added durability, double-coated with polyurethane.

    It’s easily opened and closed with its crank mechanism, while the inventive auto-lock position system allows up to 90 degrees of angle adjustment. Also, this umbrella is fashioned with an air vent, which permits cooler air to remain inside the umbrella.

    The included umbrella base has hidden safety bars for security and concealed wheels to make it easy to roll around. Be aware, the base needs to be filled with either water or sand for safe use and stability.

    The 12 foot Napoli umbrella has a lavish wide canopy, which makes it impeccable for use in a pool area, great seating space or extra-large dining set. This offset outdoor umbrella is very stylish making it the best high-end umbrella.


    Stylish look that provides tremendous sun protection
    Canopy is water-resistant, fade-resistant and great air ventilation
    The design makes it very stable
    The included base has hidden wheels


    Needs a large area to be utilized best
    Some find it uncooperative to move
    A bit pricey for some

    Final Verdict

    le papillon 15ft

    There you have it, our best umbrellas fully reviewed. Makes you want it to be summer all the time.

    Whether you’re looking to add some elegance to your outdoor living space or need the added sun protection, choosing a picture-perfect patio umbrella is important.

    There are so many diverse sizes and styles of patio umbrellas, each with unique features that you can choose between these days. After all of our research, we feel the 15ft Le Papillon Double-Sided Outdoor Aluminum Patio Umbrella checks all of the boxes needed for the best umbrella.

    So, whether you’re in need of a basic but well-made table umbrella or something more distinctive, to keep your outdoor living spaces cool and comfortable, we’ve provided you a variety of umbrella options that will fit every style and budget effortlessly.

    We hope this guide gives you a better idea of what options are out there to fulfill all of your requirements and helps you make a more confident selection.

    How to Choose the Best Patio Umbrella 

    If you’re shopping for the best patio umbrella, factors differ for everyone, but there are some common features you will want to know about to make sure you purchase the right umbrella for your needs.

    Size of Umbrella

    Contemplate the total area you’re looking to cover. Is it a small patio, a large table or do you have a large seating space with a fire pit?

    What’s the measurements of the area or how many folks do you wish fit under the umbrella?


    A stand is an important requirement. Although, it’s not always the case that an umbrella includes a stand. Fortunately, most umbrella poles are universal size, and if you can find a stand you like, your new umbrella should fit.

    Stands typically need to be filled with sand or water, but some come already weighted. If you’ve kept an old stand or already purchased a new stand, be sure to check the measurements of both the stand and the umbrella pole diameter to confirm it will fit. 


    There are a variety of umbrella fabrics on the market. When you are shopping for your umbrella, you will need to consider maintenance, longevity and durability. Sunbrella fabric is one of the more popular fabrics for patio umbrellas. It is guaranteed to not fade and is more durable in windy conditions.

    Truly, you get what you pay for with patio umbrellas. Less expensive umbrellas will fade with time or may not withstand the elements, so think carefully when you are considering an inexpensive option.

    Crank lift

    Crank lifts are really an essential feature for patio umbrellas, in our opinion. Patio umbrellas that open like your handheld, rain umbrella can be tedious and difficult to raise. 

    This is especially true if you are of short stature. Large patio umbrellas are much more enjoyable if you only have to turn a crank to increase your shade.

    The crank lift option also increases the durability of your patio umbrella. You don’t have to worry about losing pins or parts coming apart. The crank reduces wear and tear on the umbrella as a whole.

    Tilt and Cantilever

    These two features make it easier for you to move your umbrella together with your misting fan with the location of the sun. 

    Anymore, it’s hard to find a patio umbrella that doesn’t have a tilt function. Though, some of the most inexpensive won’t tilt. The tilt function allows you to adjust the angle of the umbrella, so that you don’t have to worry about having sun in your eyes, as the sun begins to set.

    The cantilever is a method for hanging an umbrella without using an external support or brace. Most umbrellas on a cantilever are supported by a base or pole, and the umbrella hangs over the area you want to cover. 

    Cantilevered umbrellas can easily move with the sun, and are actually more durable. They are also more expensive. 

    Either way, as the sun changes position, you will want to shift your umbrella as a result.

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