7 Best Pressure Canners (Preserve Your Food)

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      Smooth, easy-to-clean with durable finish
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      It has an exclusive metal-to-metal seal
    • It includes canning racks

    Canning food

    If you enjoy canning, but want to add more foods to your end of summer store, a pressure canner is a necessity for your kitchen. Pressure canners are the recommended way to preserve non-acidic foods like carrots, potatoes, yams and beans to name a few. 

    If your summer garden has given you lots of treats and you can’t stand the idea of these delights going to waste, it’s time for a pressure canner.

    Many pressure canners can also function as a boiling water canner, so not only can you preserve a wide range of fruits and veggies, but you can also create delicious jams, jellies, preserves and pickles. Pressure canners are a great way to give you more flexibility and versatility in your kitchen. 

    They are also an essential tool for reducing food waste and creating stores of healthy foods that will last long beyond their season.

    Our research and testing has led us to the All American 921 pressure canner. We think that this canner provides you with the most versatility when it comes to canning, and it has ample capacity for most homes canning needs.

    Our Best Choice: All American 921 Canner Pressure Cooker

    This pressure cooker/canner gives you a great deal of versatility for your kitchen. Its large capacity and dual racks allow you to preserve more food at one time. The adjustable pressure settings are perfect for a variety of foods including low acid vegetables, meats, and jams. 

    While we generally prefer stainless steel construction for kitchenware, the heavy-duty cast aluminum construction of this pressure cooker/canner is both durable and attractive, while also being lighter weight than its stainless steel counterparts.

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    Size: 21.5 Quart Capacity Holds 19 pint jars or 7 quart jars 
    Material: Heavy duty cast aluminum 
    Dimensions: 16 x 15 x 17 in 
    Weight: 17.75lbs 

    Our pick for the best pressure canner is the All American 921 Professional pressure cooker and canner. This 21.5 quart pressure cooker/canner gives you ample capacity for canning all of your favorites. This canner holds 7 regular quart jars, 19 regular pint jars or 16 wide-mouth pint jars. 

    The USDA recommends that pressure canning is the only safe way to preserve many foods including low-acid fruits and vegetables, meat, fish and poultry. This pressure canner is the perfect answer for the home canner that wants to take their preserving skills to the next level.

    The heavy-duty cast aluminum is durable, yet lighter weight than stainless steel, so it’s easy for you to maneuver, even when it’s full. The attractive brushed finish of the All American looks great and is easy to clean. 

    The All American Professional pressure cooker/canner comes with an easy to read pressure gauge and a simple to adjust pressure regulator that can be easily set to 5, 10 or 15 pounds of pressure. The All American comes with their exclusive “metal-to-metal” sealing system that creates a tight seal that effectively holds pressure without the need for rubber gaskets. The metal-to-metal sealing system also makes opening and closing the All American cooker/canner easy and safe.

    The dual steam vents increase the safety of this pressure cooker/canner so you won’t have to worry about too much pressure creating a dangerous situation in your kitchen.

    The top handle and closure knobs are all heat resistant, so you don’t have to worry about burns or having to use hot mitts, which can be cumbersome. This pressure cooker/canner also comes with easy to follow instructions and a 78-page recipe book.

    We like this pressure cooker/canner the best because not only does it work great for canning, but you can also use it as a large capacity pressure cooker, creating delicious soups, stews, and perfectly cooked meats, for a crowd.


    • Durable build and heats food evenly
    • Does come in 6 sizes
    • Three default pressure level settings
    • Simple and safe to operate


    • Once full, it can be heavy
    • It’s not recommended for glass top ranges

    Wrapping up

    Really, you can’t ask for more when you select the All American 921 professional pressure cooker/canner. It is a safe and fast way to cook and can all of your favorite foods. With plenty of space for large canning batches and simple to use controls, this is our favorite pressure cooker/canner on the market today.


    Size: 23 quart Mason Jars 24 Half-Pints or 20 Pints 
    Material: Aluminum
    Dimensions: 15.4 x 15.1 x 14.8 in
    Weight: 12lbs

    A more affordable option is our pick for runner-up in the pressure canner market. This 23 quart pressure cooker/canner from Presto is an easy to use, and attractive option for a reasonable price.

    Capable of holding 7 regular quart jars, 20 pint jars and a whopping 24 half-pint jars, this pressure cooker/canner has more than enough capacity for even your largest canning endeavors. The easy to adjust pressure dial allows you to set the right pressure for canning everything from tomatoes to seafood safely.

    This simple pressure canner is quite versatile and can work as a pressure canner, pressure cooker or boiling water canner for making jams, jellies, salsa and pickles.

    This Presto pressure canner is safe to use on all stove-tops, including glass stove-tops. For added safety, the cover lock creates a tight seal that can only build pressure when the lid is properly closed. And the cover can only be removed when the pressure has reduced to a safe level. The Presto pressure canner/cooker comes with a canning rack and an easy to follow instruction and recipe manual.


    • The warp-resistant, heavy-gauge aluminum
    • Doubles as a boiling water canner
    • Stay cool handles to prevent burns
    • Extended 12-year limited warranty


    • Pressure gage wears out, but easily replaced
    • It doesn’t heat up as abundant as other canners


    Size: 16 quart - 16 pint jars or 5 quart jars 
    Material: Aluminum 
    Dimensions: 15.5 x 18.5 x 15.5 in 
    Weight: 9.5lbs 

    If you’re on a budget but still want to invest in a quality pressure canner, you’ll want to consider the Mirro 92116, 16-quart pressure canner. This attractive, heavy-duty aluminum pressure cooker is slightly smaller than our first two picks, but it works great, and is simple to use.

    The Mirro aluminum pressure canner has thick walled construction and heavy duty plastic handles that not only stay cool during cooking, but are an integral part of the locking mechanism for this pressure cooker.

    The Mirro 16-quart pressure cooker has three pressure settings ranging from 5 to 15 PSI, so you can safely can a range of foods, according to the USDA guidelines for safe canning.

    While smaller, this pressure canner easily holds 5 regular quart jars, and they advertise 16 pint jars. However, we think that for safety and better canning results, you should limit the number of pint jars to 15.

    The Mirro comes with a 10-year warranty which is a nice bonus. It also has an added canning rack and a recipe book.


    • The 3 cooking-pressure options
    • Value for the money
    • Solid rustproof heavy-gauge aluminum
    • Limited 10 years warranty


    • Thinner aluminum
    • It doesn't work on glass top stoves


    Size: 20 quart- Holds up to 7 one-quart jars, 8 one-pint jars or 24 half-pint jars 
    Material: Aluminum 
    Dimensions: 14.5 x 14.25 x 13.38 in 
    Weight: 10.5lbs 

    If you’re not into the shiny silver aluminum look, but still want a great pressure canner, then we’d recommend the Granite Ware 20 quart pressure cooker/canner/steamer. Made from hard anodized aluminum, this professional grade pressure canner is a great option if you need to can a lot of food.

    This large capacity canner/cooker holds 7 quart jars, 8 pint jars or 24 half- pint jars. One of the features that we really like about this canner is the canning rack that is easy to remove, and keeps the jars off of the bottom of the pot. The handles of the canning rack fold down for easy storage. 

    The Granite Ware 20-quart pressure cooker also works as a large capacity steamer, so it’s perfect for cooking things like crab legs, tamales and lots of veggies. The steamer basket fits in the pot about 1/3 of the way from the bottom, so you don’t have to worry about your food sitting in liquid.

    Like other canners that we’ve reviewed the Granite Ware pressure canner/cooker/steamer is calibrated for 5, 10, and 15 PSI allowing you to can a full range of foods.


    • The large capacity for bigger batch canning
    • Adjustable 3- piece pressure regulator system
    • Multiple safety features
    • Tremendous appliance for large families


    • Some rusting under lid
    • It requires more upkeep


    Size: 16 quart 
    Material: Aluminum 
    Dimensions: 13.62 x 17.31 x 11.81 in 
    Weight: 10.5lbs 

    Like the previous Presto pressure cooker/canner that we reviewed, this smaller sized pressure cooker is a great option for the smaller kitchen canning operation. This pressure canner/cooker holds 7 quart jars, 12 half-pints and 10 standard pint jars.

    The Presto 16 quart pressure canner/cooker creates exact pressure, whether you’ve set it to 5, 10 or 15 PSI, and the locking cover won’t build pressure if it’s not properly seated and will only release when the pressure is adequately reduced. This pressure cooker is safe to use on all types of stove-tops.

    You can also use this pressure cooker to create delicious soups, stews, meats and deserts. And the pot can also be used as a boiling water canner for jams and pickles.


    • The easy-to-read pressure gauge
    • Versatile easy to use canner
    • Perfect for first canner
    • 12-year limited warranty


    • No canning rack included
    • It took longer to build up pressure


    Size: 22 quart 
    Material: Aluminum 
    Dimensions: 19.33 x 15.39 x 16.26 in 
    Weight: 14.77lbs 

    A great product at a great price, the T-Fal pressure canner/cooker is your option if you’re on a budget but still want a large capacity pressure canner/cooker.

    This 22 quart pressure canner is really a work horse. Capable of holding 7 quart jars, the dual caning racks increase the space available for pint and half-pint jars to 16 and 26 jars respectively. The large capacity of this pressure cooker also allows you to cook a variety of healthy meals for a large crowd.

    Made from heavy duty aluminum, this pressure canner/cooker heats quickly and evenly. The selective pressure control allows you to set this pressure cooker to 5, 10 or 15 PSI of steady pressure. The vent tube on the lid releases steam as needed to maintain pressure, and to release pressure when you’re cooking time is done.

    The one big downfall of this pressure canner/cooker is that it is not made to perform well on flat or glass top stoves. While the price and value is great for other cooking surfaces, you’ll have to find another option if you’re working on a flat top stove.


    • Heavy gauge, rustproof aluminum construction
    • Varies safety features
    • Includes 2 canning racks
    • Sure locking lid system


    • One size canner only
    • It’s suitable for Gas and Electric Coil stove tops only


    Size: 12.7 Quart 
    Material: Stainless Steel 
    Dimensions: 15.3 x 11.6 x 12 in 
    Weight: 10.7lbs 

    The only stainless steel pressure cooker rounds out our list. This smaller pressure cooker is perfect if you have a smaller canning demand, or if you want to have a more versatile piece of cookware.

    At 12.7 quarts, this pressure cooker is great for canning in pint jars, but also works great for pressure cooking a variety of foods. The easy to use, EZLock lid creates added safety and ease of use. 

    There are only two pressure settings on this pressure cooker, but this is plenty of versatility for canning a variety of foods. The included steamer basket also allows you to use this pressure canner/cooker as a steamer pot for veggies and seafood.


    • Simple to operate and easy to clean after
    • Sleek stainless steel design
    • 10 year warranty
    • 5 sizes to choose from


    • Higher priced
    • Made in china not USA

    Final Verdict

    All American 921

    A pressure canner can make your ability to save and store healthy foods, a simple and easy task. Since pressure canning is the safest way to can foods, having a pressure canner is almost an essential if you enjoy canning and pickling.

    Our favorite pressure canner, the All American 921, is a great addition to your kitchen. It’s well-built, easy to use and gives you added versatility for your canning needs.

    If you don’t like our picks, hopefully we’ve given you enough information to start your own research on pressure canners. There are so many great pressure canners on the market that you’re sure to find the perfect one for your needs.

    How to Choose the Best Pressure Canner

    If you have started researching pressure canners, you know that there are a wide variety of options on the market. They come in all shapes and sizes, and have varying features and prices. Finding the one that you need can be more challenging than learning how to. 

    We’ve put together a listing of the features that we think are the most important to consider, while you are shopping for a pressure canner. We’ll follow our guide with seven of the pressure canners that we like the best, to help you start on your path to purchasing a pressure canner.


    You’ll find that most pressure canners on the market are made of three basic materials: Aluminum, hard anodized aluminum and stainless steel. Each of these materials have pros and cons, but all will work admirably well for a pressure canner.

    We prefer stainless steel, due to its durability and strength. It also looks nicer over time than aluminum. Aluminum is much lighter, and that may be a selling factor if you are looking for a larger sized pressure canner.

    Look for a pressure canner that has heat-resistant plastic handles. These will make transporting the canner from stove top to sink, when it’s still warm, much safer. 


    The capacity of your pressure canner is really dependent on how much food you’re canning and how many people you’re canning for. If you like to go to the farmers market and bring home a pile of goodies for canning, you’ll probably want a larger canner. If you’re just canning the extras from your garden or fridge, then a smaller canner will work.

    Either way, you’ll want to look for a canner that is capable of holding both quart and pint jars. This variability in jar size will allow you to make smaller jars of jam, and also larger jars of tomatoes or pickles, without the need for two different pressure canners. Pressure canners are generally sized in quarts. For example, if you’ve selected a 21.5 quart pressure canner, the maximum capacity for this canner is 7 quart sized jars or 19 pint sized jars. Before you buy, check the capacity, so you know exactly how much you can preserve at one time.


    Not all pressure canners work on all stoves. Most units will do just fine on gas stoves. However, not all are going to work well on electric or glass top stoves. This is really important to consider when buying, especially if you have a glass stove-top, because a pressure canner that is not made for these types of stoves can damage your stove. 

    Very large, heavy-duty stainless steel pressure canners should never be used on a glass stove-top, as they are too heavy when filled, and can break the cooking surface.


    Let’s not fool ourselves and think that price isn’t a factor when it comes to buying a pressure canner. Price is probably one of the most important factors you should consider when you’re buying a canner. In many cases, price is a reasonable indicator to the quality of the product. For the most part, a more expensive pressure canner will be a better quality, than a bargain priced canner. 

    However, this doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank to get a good pressure canner. There are plenty of great options that are quality products at a reasonable price. If you’re on a budget, we would recommend looking for a pressure canner that is a solid, well-built pot and lid, but has fewer accessories. This will allow you to get the best canner for your money. The accessories can be purchased later, when you have extra cash.


    As with other kitchen tools, you want to consider the maintenance and cleaning of your pressure canner. All pressure canners will need to have their gauge checked periodically (at least every couple of years). 

    Simpler canners, with weighted gauges may need less maintenance than a canner with digital controls. Digital canners will need to be calibrated more frequently to ensure that the reading on the gauge is really the pressure achieved. 

    Other than calibrating the pressure gauge, make sure that your canner is easy to clean when you are finished using it. Keeping your canner clean will allow it to work properly, and will extend the life of the pressure canner.