The Best Propane Grills for Every Purpose and Price Range 2019

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Grilling is hands down the best way to cook meat. Everybody has their own opinions on what kind of sauces to use (if any), how long to cook the meat, and even what kind of grill to use, but pretty much no matter what you do as long as you don’t burn the meat, it will turn out great.

In this case “what kind of grill” is the propane grill, which has a number of natural advantages and disadvantages over charcoal, wood, and even natural gas grills.

Our Top Pick (If You Only Have A Moment):

best overall


  • Can get hot quickly- up to ~500 degrees in a few minutes
  • Easy to assemble and it's a perfect size
  • Cooks evenly
  • All backed up by a 10 year 100% Weber Guarantee.

Naturally, the best overall being the best under $500 too.

Rather than rehashing the exact specifications, a quick rundown of why this grill is good is in order. While there are some grills that do some things better than this Weber, it is one of the best overall packages on the market. It is sized perfectly for the majority of people, being neither too large nor too small.

It uses a reasonable amount of gas by not trying to sell you on more heat output than you really need. It’s constructed of sturdy, long lasting materials that you don’t have to worry about rusting or rotting away on your patio, while being small enough to wheel in and out of a garage for storage if circumstances demand it as well.

It has a fair amount of table space without extending the arms so far that storage becomes a pain or it becomes impossible to fit on smaller porches.In short, the Weber Spirit is the perfect grill for the average person, with everything you need and nothing you don’t, choosing instead to execute well on the fundamentals rather than trying to sell you on gimmicks and extras.


  • check
    Infinity Ignition: the Weber Spirit is guaranteed to light every time.
  • check
    Porcelain enameled Flavorizer bars reduce flare up and increase “grilled on” flavor (char lines).
  • check
    529 square inches of cooking space, plenty for the whole family.
  • 30, 000 BTU per hour per burner.
  • Open cart design includes tool hooks, large wheels, and fold out tables, making the Weber Spirit highly portable and space saving.
  • Easy access to propane tanks to reduce hassle of changing them.
  • Free expert assembly (assembly time usually 3 hours).All backed up by a 10 year 100% Weber Guarantee.


  • Relatively high price point.
  • Does not come in significantly larger sizes for batch grilling or large gatherings.
  • Heavy, even with wheels.
Technical Specifications:
  • 44.5 x 52 x 27 inches closed dimensions (grill top)
  • 529 square inches of grilling space.
  • 52 x 26 x 57 inches (total space)
  • Three burners at 30, 000 BTUh
  • 110 lbs in weight (out of package).

  • Small and cheap. A perfect starter grill.


    • check
      Low price point.
    • check
      170 square inch swing away warming rack.
    • check
      12 x 13 inch side shelves.
    • Porcelain coated steel construction is rated to stand up to the elements.
    • Three stainless steel in line burners.
    • Reliable Piezo ignition system starts with just the push of a button.
    • Six inch wheels and light construction make this grill easily movable, storable, and transportable.


    • Small grilling space (360 square inches).
    • Rigid construction makes storage more of a hassle (side shelves do not fold).
    • Grill is small and relatively light for one meant to stay outdoors. Areas prone to high winds and heavy storms (tornadoes, hurricanes, heavy thunderstorms) should not store this outside.
    Technical Specifications:
  • 24.1 x 51.2 x 43.5 inches total space.
  • 360 square inches of grilling space.
  • 48.5 lbs in weight (out of package).
  • Three burners at 30, 000 BTUh.

  • A versatile and affordable outdoor range.

    best outdoor grill


    • check
      Range or griddle tops are versatile and can cook almost anything. Serves as an effective replacement for a stove.
    • check
      Four independently controlled burners mean you can cook a wide variety of foods all at different temperatures at the same time, and save gas by using few burners at once.
    • check
      Four industrial strength caster wheels, two of which are lockable increase portability and stability.
    • Thick rolled steel surface has great heat retention and distribution.
    • Easy to assemble.
    • Quick single button electric ignition.
    • Affordable price.


    • Very heavy, making transport difficult.
    • Four wheels, only two of which lock may require jury rigging to increase stability (makeshift wheel locks, etc.) on hard surfaces and high traffic areas.
    • Relatively low BTUh (60, 000 per burner) makes high temperature grilling and charring impossible. This griddle is best for sausages, hot dogs, hamburgers, and similar grilling fare rather than steaks, ribs, and similar meats.
    Technical Specifications:
  • 62.5 x 22 x 36 inches total space.
  • Four burners at 60, 000 BTUh
  • 120 lbs in weight out of package.

  • The best you can get for camping with propane.

    best portable


    • check
      AAA battery powered ignition makes lighting simple and easy.
    • check
      Sturdy glass reinforced nylon frame.
    • check
      Reasonably sized fold out tables allow this grill to be used without a further cooktop in a pinch (camping away from a campground, for instance).
    • Extremely lightweight and portable.
    • Reasonable grill top size for the type (189 square inches).
    • Fully assembled and ready to use out of the box.
    • Height extender and wheeled tabletop are sold separately, making this somewhat cumbersome without another surface to set it on.


    • Single burner with low heat output (8500 BTUh) is a necessary sacrifice for the size and small propane canisters used.
    • High price point for a camping grill.
    Technical Specifications:
  • Lid closed and tables out dimensions: 15.5 x 40.9 x 16.5 inches.
  • Lid open and tables out dimensions: 24.6 x 40.9 x 20.5 inches.
  • 8500 BTUh single burner.
  • 30 lbs in weight with 16.4 oz propane canister attached.
  • 28.9 lbs without propane canister.

  • A great grill for use on campgrounds and tailgating.

    best for camping


    • check
      Large cooking area for a portable grill (285 square inches).
    • check
      20, 000 BTUh burners.
    • check
      Integrated thermometer is large and easy to read.
    • Attached tabletop is perfect for resting utensils, sauces, and other objects.
    • Lid locks for safe and secure transport. Also allows the grill to double as storage for utensils or leftovers on the go.
    • Electric push button lighting.
    • Three distinct and individually adjustable temperature zones.
    • Compatible with griddle tops and stove grates (sold separately).
    • Folds into a rolling suitcase position for easy transport.


    • A bit heavy for a portable grill.
    • Cumbersome and flimsy if you try to move it while the tabletop is out.
    Technical Specifications:
  • 30.2 x 19.2 x 16.1 inches total space (with legs folded out and tables extended)
  • 46.7 lbs in weight out of package.
  • Three independently adjustable burners. 3250 to 20, 000 BTUh.

  • 6. Best Small Portable Grill: Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet

    Extraordinarily light and portable.

    best small portable


    • check
      Very easy to carry “suitcase” design, with folding legs and pronounced handle.
    • check
      Locking lid makes storage and transport secure, and doubles as a little extra storage space (always at a premium on road trips and when camping).
    • check
      Extremely lightweight (only 13.5 lbs out of package).
    • Very low price point.
    • Electric temperature control and ignition.


    • Very low temperature output (5500 BTUh) makes cooking some foods (particularly chicken) dicey or at the least very time consuming.
    • Very small grilling space (145 square inches) is the price you pay for something this lightweight and portable.
    • Aluminum legs mean it’s easy to dent this grill if you’re not careful, and could impact ability to extend the legs in the long term.
    Technical Specifications:
  • 16 x 16.5 x 13 inches fully extended.
  • 13.5 lbs in weight out of package.
  • Single burner with 5500 BTUh output.

  • Small in price and size, but good value.

    best propane grill under $200


    • check
      Decent size grilling space for a portable grill (225 square inches).
    • check
      Very low price point.
    • check
      Two adjustable burners that output up to 11, 000 BTUh. Higher than average for a portable grill.
    • Push button electric ignition.
    • Swappable cooktops (sold separately) to allow for griddle top or oven grate cooking.
    • Lightweight and very portable.


    • No built-in table, so needs another surface for easy use.
    • Side handles only, so it’s a bit harder to move than the ‘suitcase style’ options above.
    • No side tables due to the handle positioning, making use cumbersome without a table or tailgate to set it on.
    • Lid does not lock, exacerbating the issues with moving it around.
    Technical Specifications:
  • 28.8 x 18.3 x 10.6 inches
  • 25.6 lbs in weight out of package.
  • 225 square inch grilling area.
  • Two burners with 11, 000 BTUh output.

  • Very interesting and uniquely designed portable grill.

    best propane grill under $300


    • check
      Powerful and large cooktop for a portable grill.
    • check
      Three individually adjustable burners with an output of 18, 000 BTUh apiece.
    • check
      Large 295 square inch grilling space and 135 square inch warming rack blows most portable grills out of the water.
    • Cast iron cooking grids and sturdy stainless steel construction.
    • Full sized fold out tables make cooking with this the exact same as a home grill.
    • Snap in legs make it easy to take this grill on the go.
    • Comprehensive warranty: 10 years on the cook box, 5 years on the burners, and 2 years on the remaining parts and paint take the fear out of it getting damaged in transport.


    • The snap in legs also make this grill very rigid and can be tedious to assemble and disassemble whenever you take it out somewhere. Best for campgrounds and other places near where you can park your vehicle.
    • The Porta-Chef is very heavy for a portable grill.
    • The cook box is constructed of aluminum, making it noticeably flimsier than the rest of the parts.
    • Lid does not lock, exacerbating the issues with moving it around.

    By Brands

    Broil King

    Broil King has very few products to choose from, so by default the Porta-Chef 320 is its best product. Thankfully that product is good, and fills a unique middle ground between small but weak portable grills and large but nearly immovable full size grills.

    It’s functional enough to serve as your home grill, and is a great value for tailgating or camping on campgrounds or near a cabin (I wouldn’t lug one out into the woods, though).

    The Porta-Chef is great for the person that just wants to buy one grill they can use in any circumstance, which is something you don’t see very often.

    Char Broil

    Char Broil is a mainstay brand in affordable grills. The Classic 360 is the perfect example of this: no frills, slightly cheap construction, but good and serviceable fundamental design. It cuts corners where it’s safe to in order to lower the price, but keeps the quality up where it matters (in the grill grates and burners).

    The Classic 360 is perfect for amateur grillers who just want something they can turn on, occasionally throw a burger or a steak onto, and enjoy a home grilled meal once in a while. It’s less good for true grilling aficionados, but it isn’t made for them.


    Weber in general makes very high quality grills and grill supplies and attachments, and are one of the only brands of this relative quality readily available from major retailers. This makes them stand out among the more name branded competition like Char Broil and Coleman.

    The Spirit II is no exception, being head and shoulders above any other grill you can find on Amazon or most other places without going to browsing specific manufacturers like Traeger, and have a price point that would tempt all but the most hardcore grillers to lower their standards just a little bit for all the money they could save on a grill that will do the job just as well, except without some of the extras (like smokers and rotisserie devices).

    Final Verdict

    best overall

    These are all the propane grills we’re looking at today, but hopefully it gives a wide enough selection to allow everyone to make an informed choice no matter what your purpose.

    We’ve got portable grills, home grills, and even grills that fall in between here, so there should be something for everyone. If you’re not sure what to get, the Spirit II is still your safest bet, being by far the highest quality here, but if you’ve got a specific preference anything here should do.

    What Am I Looking Out For In A Propane or ​Gas Grill?

    There’s really only three questions you need to ask yourself when buying a propane grill: how big, how hot, and how fancy do I want it?


    How big you want your grill is going to vary by how big of a crowd you’re usually cooking for. For the average household of about four people, 450 to 500 square inches should work just fine. You also want to keep an eye out that your propane gas grill has enough burners to support whatever size you end up getting. You’re looking for three burners at that size, and an extra burner for about every 100 square inches you add to the size.


    The standard measure for heat on most appliances is the British Thermal Unit (BTU). It’s especially important for cooking that you can hit and sustain the right number for your volume. Some might tell you bigger and hotter is always better, but like with anything it really depends on what you’re doing.

    General rule of thumb is looking for 80-100 BTUs per square inch of space, per burner. Any more than that is overkill and risks burning your food, any less and you’ll find yourself cooking longer and often drying out your meal just getting it to the proper temperature.


    This is where you ask yourself whether you want nice extras like a side burner for heating sauces, a smoker attachment, rotisserie, extra counter space, tool racks, and things of that nature.

    Accessories are varied and usually optional, so it’s really up to what you think you’ll need. If an accessory comes included in the grill I’ll generally point it out as a plus, but keep in mind that it does add a bit to the price, so if you want to save a little money on something you don’t need, you can try to find the same grill in its most bare bones model.

    Still looking for something? Please check out our complete list of the propane smoker reviews, and buying guides like