7 Best Reusable Grocery Bags For Produce & Shopping 2020

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    Key Features

     High capacity durable

     Stylish, foldable and compact

     Unmatched color, pattern or theme choices

     Made of waterproof, Ripstop fabric

     Long sturdy handles

     Machine Washable

    Variety of fruits

    Reusable grocery bags have become the cool thing to have. They are a great way to gather your groceries. However, they aren’t a new invention. Cloth grocery bags have been used for years. If you watch old television shows from the 50s and 60s, you’ll notice that when groceries are in a scene, they’re often in cloth grocery bags.

    Paper and plastic bags became popular as items of convenience. You could go to the grocery store and your groceries would be put in throw away bags, sturdy enough for most things. The best part, you didn’t have to bring a bunch of bags with. When you got home, the bags went in the trash, and nothing more was thought of.

    Today is a different story. We know that one of the largest environmental problems on our planet revolves around plastic, and plastic bags. Many people have decided to do their part to protect our planet by using cloth or reusable grocery bags of other materials. Once again we’re hauling our bags with us when we go to the store.

    Not all reusable grocery bags are the same however. There are some that are really basic, you can often buy these from your local store. Some are structured to remain open, so you can bag your groceries while you shop, and then conveniently sit in your trunk or cargo area. Other bags are packable and condense to a tiny package, small enough to fit in your purse.

    But how do you pick which one is right for you? There are literally hundreds of options to choose from. This can make selecting the best reusable grocery bag a big task. We took on this task, and made it our mission to find the best reusable grocery bags on the market. We filled bags with all sorts of items, toted them around, tossed them in our car. We read other user reviews and put all of this information to create this list. Seven of the best reusable grocery bags on the market today.

    We’ve also put together a list of the buying features that we think will be most helpful for guiding you to the best grocery bag for your needs. That buying guide is also included with our list.

    Our favorite was the BeeGreen Reusable Grocery Bags. It held up well to the normal rigors of going to the grocery store. It did a good job of holding a lot of heavy items, and it was comfortable to carry. All in all, it was a great product for the price.

    Our Best Choice: BeeGreen Reusable Grocery Bags

    Our pick for the best reusable grocery bags are simple, fun and functional. This 6-pack of bags from BeeGreen are a great option for not only grocery shopping for toting supplies anywhere you need them.

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    Top 7 Best Reusable Grocery Bags Review

    1. Best Overall – BeeGreen Reusable Grocery Bags


     Simple and eco-friendly
     You get 6 bags
     Excellent choice of colors and patterns
     Very compact & durable


      Folding into pouch can be challenging


      • Number of Bags: 6
      • Capacity: 50LBS
      • Material: 100% RIP-STOP nylon
      • Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches

    The BeeGreen bags are made from rip-stop nylon which is both sturdy and easy to clean. We like that the handles are incorporated into the bag, instead of sewn on. This seems to improve the strength of the bag. We easily managed to fill a single bag full of canned food. Yes, it was heavy, but the bag managed it just fine. These bags are rated to hold up to 50 pounds, which we think they would accomplish just fine.

    These bags are handy and portable. They fold up into their own little pouch, which is small enough to fit in your car’s console, your purse or backpack. They come with directions for folding the bag to fit in the pouch, but it wasn’t as easy as it seems.

    The BeeGreen bags come in a variety of cute patterns, which may not be for everyone, but if you want a versatile, reusable grocery bag, this is your pick.

    Wrapping up

    If you want to start using reusable shopping bags, but want a good value and a sturdy product, then our pick for the best reusable shopping bags, the BeeGreen shopping totes are a great place to start.

    2. Runner up – BagPodz Reusable Shopping Bags


     Bright colors to choose from
     Convenient pod hold all bags
     Heavy duty and durable
     Water-repellent and machine washable


      Pod zipper is OK
    No patterns just solid colors


      • Number of Bags: 10
      • Capacity: 50LBS
      • Material: RIP-STOP nylon
      • Dimensions: 10.5 x 4 x 4 inches

    The BagPodz reusable grocery bags come in a handy 10 pack of bags. These bags are made from rip-stop nylon which is sturdy and did a great job of holding a full load of canned foods. BagPodz are rated to hold up to 50 pounds, which they could probably handle well. 

    The BagPodz reusable grocery bags come with a stuff-sack that all ten bags fit in neatly. The nice thing about this little storage tote is that you don’t have to fold your bags origami style to get them to fit. Just stuff them in, close the zipper and you’re ready to go. We did find that the zipper was a bit challenging when all 10 bags were in the tote.

    These bags came in a single color and held up well in the washing machine.

    3. Best Budget – GOGOODA Reusable Grocery Bags


     Simple foldable design
     Machine washable
     Excellent value for price
     Nice long handles


     No patterns just solid colors
     Folding into pouch can be challenging


      • Number of Bags: 6
      • Capacity: 50LBS
      • Material: Nylon
      • Dimensions: 7.5 x 6 x 2.9 inches

    Six bags for about $2 each. That’s our idea of a good deal. Our pick for the best budget reusable grocery bags are the GoGooda 6 pack of reusable grocery bags. This set comes in six bold colors. They are made from heavy-duty nylon, so they are pretty sturdy. The handles are not sewn on to the bag, but a continuous part of the bag, so you don’t have to worry about the handles not holding up.

    These bags also fold up into their own pouch. The pouch is attached to the bag and can double as a pocket for small items. We did find that folding the bag into the pouch was a bit challenging. These bags are light weight and machine washable for easy care.

    4. Best Foldable – Earthwise Deluxe Collapsible Reusable Shopping Box Grocery Bag Set


     Stays open and upright for easy loading
     Fold compact for transport or storage
     Excellent choice of colors and patterns
     The short side handles


      Not machine washable


      • Number of Bags: 3
      • Capacity: 4 Gallon
      • Material: 80 gram Non-Woven Polypropylene and recycled cardboard
      • Dimensions: 10”H x 14.5”W x 10”D

    If you’re looking for a grocery bag that is a bit sturdier than the first few options, then you’ll like our pick for the best folding reusable grocery bags. The Earthwise collapsible shopping box is a great way to pack groceries in a sturdy container, that helps you avoid squishing delicate foods.

    Made from recycled cardboard and heavy duty non-woven polypropylene fabric, these bags work more like a box than a bag. We like that they stayed open when we were packing up our groceries, and we like that they packed in nicely in our trunk.

    The straps of these bags are sewn on separately, but they extend the full length of the bag, which adds strength. These bags folded down flat, but we did find that they took up more space than other bags.

    5. Best Insulated – NZ Home XL Insulated Shopping Bags for Groceries


     Stands upright for loading
     Well insulated and durable interior
     Folds compact for transport or storage 
     Reinforced bottom & handles


     Could use a harder bottom
     No side handles


      • Number of Bags: 2
      • Capacity: 32 quarts or 45 LBS. ea.
      • Material: Nylon
      • Dimensions: 15.98 x 12.99 x 9.02 inches

    Our pick for the best insulated bags are the NZ Home insulated reusable shopping bags. We like that these come in a two pack. These bags worked well at keeping ice cream from melting even when it’s hot out, but also did a nice job at keeping our hot take-out food, hot on the drive home.

    These bags are made from nylon with a heat retaining interior for better heat retention. The bottom of these bags have a nice bit of reinforcement, so they won’t slop your food around.

    Because these bags are insulated they are unfortunately not machine washable. However we did find that they cleaned up fairly nicely with just a damp towel.

    6. Best Value – CleverMade SnapBasket LUXE Reusable Collapsible Grocery Bag


     Stylish colors and patterns 
     Very versatile foldable design
     Handy zippered storage pocket on inside 
     Extra-long carry handles


     Not as much capacity
     Not machine washable


      • Number of Bags: 1
      • Capacity: 30 Liter
      • Material: Canvas
      • Dimensions: 18.5″L x 11.75″W x 11.5″H

    Why mess with a bunch of little bags, when one big bag will do the job. Our pick for the best value reusable grocery bag is the CleverMade 30 Liter reusable grocery bag.

    This is a nicely structured bag that comes in six different colors. It’s made from heavy duty canvas so it is durable and easy to wipe spills from. This tote has heavy duty, wide straps for comfortable carrying.

    We liked that this bag was a bit larger, and had a wide opening. It was really handy for going to the farmers market. We also liked that it had a zippered interior pocket that held our keys and other small objects, securely.

    7. Best Canvas – Creative Green Life Reusable Grocery Box Bags


     Simple, space efficient and easily portable
     Nice oversized buttons
     Large, bright, easy-to-read LCD screen
     Wider, 6-inch round measuring platform


     Plate is not removable 
     Display screen not backlit


      • Number of Bags: 3
      • Capacity: 3 gallon
      • Material: Canvas
      • Dimensions: 11.02 x 8.66 x 12.6 inches

    Our pick for the best canvas reusable grocery bag is the Creative Green Life canvas grocery bags. This three pack of bags give you a stylish option for holding your groceries.

    These bags are made from canvas with a solid core and a spill resistant interior. They are easy to pack, thanks to their sturdy sides that stay open while you’re filling them. If you should have a spill, these are also easy to clean, but are not machine washable. The longer handles make for easy carrying, but can get in the way. When you’re done with these bags, they fold up nice and flat for convenient storage.

    We really like the simple yet attractive color options that these bags come in. They are a bit more fashionable than some other bags.

    Final Verdict


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    When it comes to reusable grocery bags, you really can’t go wrong with the BeeGreen reusable grocery bags. This bag makes a trip to the grocery store a bit easier. It’s got plenty of capacity, and it’s easy to manage. 

    If you want to take a simple step in your daily life, to be better to our planet, then ditch the plastic grocery bags and invest in a few reusable grocery bags. They are a great way to make grocery shopping easier, and a nice way to help our Earth.

    How to Choose the Best Reusable Grocery Bag

    If you’ve been shopping for a good reusable grocery bag, but get overwhelmed with all of the choices, you might need some help thinking strategically about the process. Our buying guide has the grocery bag features that we think are the most useful when shopping for a reusable grocery bag. We used these features to narrow our list, so they should help you narrow your list to the best items for your needs.


    For the most part, you’ll find that reusable grocery bags come in three basic materials. Most bags are made from nylon, which is pretty sturdy, and lightweight. The other popular material is 210T polyester. These bags are super durable, and stand up to a lot of weight and abuse. The other material type is canvas. You can find waxed canvas and plain canvas. Either is a great option and one that isn’t plastic based. However, waxed canvas has more structure and seems to be more durable.

    You’ll also want to consider if you need an insulated bag. These are generally polyester over foam, with a heat retaining material on the inside. These are great for transporting hot foods or keeping frozen foods extra cold until you get home.


    Do pay attention to the expected weight capacity of the bags you are selecting. Some reusable grocery bags are capable of holding as much as 50 pounds of groceries. This is far more than the normal grocery bag, but not all reusable bags are up to this task. Weigh down some reusable grocery bags and they will rip or their handles will come off. Make sure that you know the recommended weight of the bags you chose, and don’t over fill.

    Ease to Clean

    The question you need to ask yourself about cleaning your grocery bags is, “What happens when something gooey leaks?” How do you manage a mess, and honestly how do you keep your reusable grocery bags looking clean enough to carry the foods you eat? You should be able to wipe down most reusable grocery bags with a damp cloth. That is easy enough. However, many people prefer reusable grocery bags that can go into the washing machine. If this is your option, make sure you select bags that are washing machine safe. And then follow the care instructions to ensure you bags last a long time.

    Extra Features 

    Some reusable grocery bags come with handy features that add to their convenience. We do like bags that have pockets that we can tuck small items into or for storing receipts. We also really like bags that come with a storage bag. This keeps all of your reusable grocery bags in one place, and makes toting them around more convenient. 

    We mentioned insulated bags previously. It is nice to have a couple of insulated bags in the mix. Not only are they great for cold or frozen foods, but we’ve found that they’re handy when you need to pick-up dinner on the way home, and don’t want it to get cold.