7 Best Storm Doors – To Protect Your Exterior Door

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    Key Features

      Traditional style will blend right in with your existing house

    Included installation hardware, doorknob, and lock makes it a one-stop-shop

    The Duracell finish is maintenance-free and durable

    Removable tempered glass window helps insulate your home

    Newly installed yellowdoor

    A storm door is a great investment that can protect your exterior door from weather and add extra insulation against the outside temperature. Storm doors come in a large variety of sizes, styles, and price points, so you can find a door that fits all of your home’s needs.

    Often, storm doors can be adjusted slightly to fit your door frame, and some have removable panels that can be interchanged to best fit the seasons. These doors can even help keep your home clean with a flexible sweep strip to fill the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor. This can also help with insulation and keeping the moisture out of your interior.

    An outer door can also provide added security from more than just the weather. Some doors come with protective grills, security glass, or added locking mechanisms, which is also helpful if you have toddlers or pets.

    Shopping for storm doors online makes it easy to find a huge variety of products, but it can be difficult to know what to choose without seeing the piece in person and consulting experts. The Larson 32″WHT Storm Door is the best overall choice for versatility and quality at a great price.

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    Top 7 Storm Doors Review

    1. Best Overall – Larson 32″WHT Storm Door


    Traditional style will blend right in with your existing house
    Included installation hardware, doorknob, and lock makes it a one-stop-shop
    The Duracell finish is maintenance-free and durable
    Removable tempered glass window helps insulate your home


    The screen is not heavy-duty
    Not much added security


      • Duracell finish and solid wood core with for weather-resistance and age
      • Refrigerator-like magnetic weather stripping
      • SAF-T glass screen and window combination for ventilation control
      • 32″ x 81″ dimensions
      • Brass-toned expander

    This is a nice, classic storm door that can fit just about every lifestyle and homestyle. It provides slightly less value for the price. It’s a solid wooden door with a white finish and two window panels on the upper ⅔ of the door.

    A screen fits nicely into the second window for added ventilation. A push-button handle with an inside locking mechanism is included in the door. This door is also equipped with magnetic, heavy-duty weather stripping to help the door shut snugly to insulate your home.

    The door also comes with EasyHang® installation for a faster and easier installation experience, and the included expanders ensure you can get a perfect fit each time. The hinges can also be used for a left- or right-sided mount, depending on your preference.

    Overall, this is a sturdy, high-quality door that is easy to install and offers a great view outside. You can let light and air into your home without letting in bugs or unwanted visitors because this door has its own lock.

    2. Best Runner up – Prime-line Woodguard Steel Security Door


    Get the beauty and character of wood with the strength of steel
    Can be installed as left- or right-handed swinging door
    Tamper-proof hinges are durable and easy to operate


    Doesn’t provide much temperature insulation
    Does not come with a glass panel


      • 39” x 81.5” overall dimensions and 36” x 80” steel security door
      • 24-gauge perforated steel mesh
      • Solid pine overlay with light oak finish
      • Includes a 3-piece 1-1/4-in outside mount frame and matching one-way security screws for easy installation
      • Double hole lockbox with 2⅛” bore and 2⅜” backset

    This sturdy wood and steel storm door is a top pick to protect your home stylishly. The light oak finished frame and lattice is mounted on a black steel mesh screen. The screen can shade your exterior door from the weather while fortifying it with a strong metal barrier.

    Doorknobs and deadbolts are not included, but many people choose a Classic Combo Door Knob in oil-rubbed bronze. This storm door can be easily installed using the included installation hardware and provides great ventilation when your home door is left open.

    The steel mesh is tight enough to provide privacy from a distance while still showing the outside view from inside the house. The black of the screen with the light wood finish makes this a great door for a rustic or industrial-style home.

    You can be sure you’re getting a quality piece with this purchase. The framing is solid pine that can benefit from a wood treatment to ensure it withstands the weather.

    3. Best Budget – Tempered Glass Storm Kit


    Lets in light and warmth during the winter
    Can be installed with an existing screen door
    Can also replace the glass on a regular storm door


    Only fits Clarington, Elmwood, Thompson, and Woodland screen doors
    Not functional without a screen door


      • 53.13” x 30.63” x 0.11” dimensions
      • Also comes in 28.625” x 53.125” dimensions
      • Clear, flat tempered glass
      • Aluminum frame

    You can get a great deal for a storm door by purchasing the constituent parts. This full-view, tempered glass door with an aluminum frame fits over an existing screen door for added durability.

    The tempered glass is 3 mm thick, adding extra strength to your screen door while letting heat into the house during the cold months. It provides a great view of the outside and lets in plenty of light while keeping out cold wind or rain when your door is open.

    This product is easily interchanged with a screen when the seasons change so you can always have a storm door suited to your climate. To switch out the glass panel for a screen, simply twist the latch on the frame.

    This glass panel does not come with any hinges, knobs, or locks. It fits nicely over this Elmwood Pine Screen Door. With the quick and simple installation, you can swap out your screen for glass in very little time.

    During the offseason, store the glass panel or screen in a safe spot so you can use it again the next summer.

    4. Best Security – Titan 36×80 Meshtec Ultimate Security Storm Door


    Powder coat finish will never rust
    Provides airflow, visibility, and added security
    Screw heads covered for security and looks
    Easy installation and removal of the glass panel


    Not budget-friendly


      • 2.31” x 38.11” x 82.2” dimensions
      • High-tensile, stainless steel mesh provides light, ventilation, and added security
      • Vault style 3-point locking system
      • Recessed mount
      • Stainless steel handle with lock included

    With a white, aluminum frame and stainless steel mesh with a matte black finish, this storm door has an understated, traditional style. It’s extremely durable, making it pet- and child-friendly, as well as a top-notch door fortification. The full-view style provides lots of light and air in warm weather when it functions as a screen door.

    This door comes with its own locking system that keeps the door securely closed to intruders, giving you the peace of mind to leave the interior door open for light and air. This storm door fortifies your house and is extremely resistant to forced entry; Meshech products are designed to resist blunt force and common cutting tools.

    The handle is included on the left side of the door and the recessed mount frame can attach to a brick molding or jamb. A tempered glass panel is also included and can easily be removed during the summer months.

    This door comes in at the higher end of the price spectrum, but it includes all the necessary components to a functional storm door and comes with some of the highest-quality security features on the market.

    5. Best for Pets – Chesapeake Series Reversible Solid Vinyl Screen Door with Extra-Large Pet Flap


    The hinges can be placed on either side
    You can customize the hardware to suit your home
    Provides ventilation and pet accessibility when the home door is open
    The screen keeps out the bugs


    Doesn’t provide additional security
    Vinyl construction does not exude quality


      • 32” x 80” dimensions
      • 10” x 15” pet door dimensions
      • White finish
      • Vinyl construction
      • Removable screen

    This traditional style screen door features a white vinyl frame and bottom third with a pet flap. Even large dogs can access your home through the included pet door.

    The hinge hardware necessary to install this door is sold separately. This product also does not come with a knob or lock. The pet door can be closed using an included plastic flap, but it does not lock. Large dogs like Golden Retrievers have no trouble using the pet flap to enter or leave the house, and cats can also learn to use the door.

    The vinyl construction is lightweight and durable and requires little to no maintenance. The white color provides a timeless finish that blends in with most homes. Vinyl is also good for added insulation to make your home more energy-efficient.

    The screen is easily removable and replaceable in the event that it gets damaged. The stiles, rails, and panels are engineered to resist warping and splitting. The door is not trimmable and does not require painting.

    This product is great for pleasant weather; you’ll be able to enjoy fresh air inside your home without inviting in the bugs.

    6. Best Simple Screen Door – SNAVELY INTL Victoria Screen Door


    Lightweight and durable
    The screen provides privacy and ventilation
    Keeps out bugs
    Affordable solution


    Won’t protect your door from extreme weather
    Low-temperature insulation


      • 1” x 36” x 80” dimensions
      • Foam core and vinyl construction
      • Natural wood, glossy finish
      • Attractive styles add character the bottom half of the door
      • Hardware sold separately

    This simple, relatively inexpensive door is ideal for increasing your home ventilation. The charcoal-color fiberglass screen is designed to allow the breeze and fresh air to flow through your home while keeping the bugs out.

    This lightweight door is low maintenance and durable thanks to the foam core and vinyl construction. It comes in a traditional natural wood finish that looks great on most houses, but it can also be painted to better suit your building.

    This door does not come with any hardware, so you’ll need to purchase three hinges and a closing mechanism separately. This hardware set is an affordable option that will make installation simple. The advantage of this is that you can mount the door on either side.

    This quality door comes with a wooden support bar inside the stiles for additional durability. For a perfect fit, the door can be trimmed up to 1” on all sides.

    The traditional white finish is enhanced with a subtle geometric design that features a large window on the upper half of the door and smaller square openings on the bottom half of the door. The screen provides ventilation throughout the entire height of the door.

    7. Best Looking – Cedar Woodland Screen Door


    High-quality solid wood
    Easily customizable
    Provides added security and insulation
    Excellent craftsmanship
    Can be installed to open left or right


    Requires additional products to function
    May need staining or varnishing for optimal durability


      • 1.3” x 36” x 80” (available in 3 sizes)
      • Removable screen (twist knobs)
      • Black fiberglass screen
      • Hardware not included
      • 1-year limited warranty

    Add beautiful character to your home with this cedar screen door. The natural wood color adds light and warmth to the black fiberglass screen. You can easily remove the screen to stain the door to match other wooden features on your home and choose your own hardware to suit your style.

    Black hardware like this Black Adjustable Screen Door Spring Hinge and pull handle pair beautifully with this classic door. The result is a rustic, traditional, or even industrial aesthetic.

    The Tempered Glass Storm Kit can be installed over this screen door during the winter months for a fully functioning storm door. During the summer months, enjoy leaving your home door open to welcome the breeze, but not the bugs, into your home.

    For a perfect fit in your home, this door can be trimmed up to 1” on every side. If you do trim the door, do so evenly on the top and bottom or right and left to keep it symmetrical.

    With a light sanding, this product is easy to stain and varnish for protection from the rain. Cedar is a fragrant wood that stands up well to moisture.

    Final Verdict: Best Storm Doors for Your Money

    Larson 32Check Price on Amazon

    Check Price on Walmart

    Storm doors can be a great investment; they can protect your original door from the weather, make your house more energy-efficient, and increase light and ventilation in your entryway. They can also fortify your home with a secure extra door.

    A fully-functioning storm door with interchangeable glass and screen panels is a great option for most homes, but it can also be smart to purchase only the elements of a screen door that are most important to your home. Purchasing the elements separately can also allow you to make the door better suited to your home, and you might be able to find better deals.

    Our top choice, the Larson 32″ WHT Storm Door is an all-inclusive solution to your storm door needs. With interchangeable glass and screen panels and included hardware, you can find everything you need in a storm door in one product. Let the pleasant summer evening breeze refresh your home and buy a storm door today.

    How to Choose the Best Storm Doors

    As stated before, a storm door is a great investment that will pay you dividends as time goes on. If you’re investing in a screen door, keep these things in mind to ensure you get the most value for your money.

    Measure twice, buy once

    Measure the height and width of the door frame. The width should be measured at the top, middle, and bottom of the door from one exterior brickmould or trim to the other. Be sure the wood trim around your door is solid and sturdy to support the weight of a storm door.

    You are probably able to install the door yourself using hardware that comes with the door, although you can also find installation companies to take on this project if it’s outside of your skillset.

    Quality counts

    The materials used to manufacture the storm door can affect how effectively it does its job at keeping the weather out, and how long your door lasts. In general, you’ll want to invest in the highest quality door you can afford.

    Bronze is the most durable screen available, but it is also the most expensive. For most locations, aluminum or galvanized steel screens work just fine, but they wear down more quickly over time.

    Consider your needs

    Varying models of storm doors do different things well. Depending on what you’re expecting your storm door to do, you may be better suited to certain doors than others. If you live in a hot, sunny area, consider sun-blocking glass to prevent your door from fading and keep your home cool. 

    Aluminum frames are commonly used in storm doors because they are weather-resistant and strong. However, this material is unsuitable for coastal homes because it corrodes quickly.

    If and how often you would like to let the air in while keeping the bugs out may impact your screen decision. A full-view glass and screen door comes with full-sized glass and screen panels that can be switched out. A retractable screen is more convenient to use, as you can simply pull out the screen solution when needed.

    Understand maintenance

    Before you make a purchase, make sure you know how you plan to maintain your new storm door. Depending on the metal of the screen and frame, you may need to do annual upkeep to protect its look and function.

    Galvanized steel must be lubricated yearly to prevent rust, while bronze should be protected with varnish every three years. Aluminum can darken in places with heavy air pollution, but a commercial spray can deter this process.