9 Best Whistling Tea Kettle for 2020 – Your Complete Guide

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    Key Features

      Simple, elegant design

    Durable stainless steel and molded plastic construction

    Extra wide mouth makes it easy to fill with water

    2-quart capacity is ideal to make tea for 2-4 people

    Lightweight and easy to carry

    Whistle is removable if desired

    Making tea with a whistling kettle

    Pop quiz: What’s the second most popular beverage in the world, right behind good old H2O?

    If you guessed anything besides tea, then think again — because the humble leaves of camellia sinensis have been the beverage of choice for humans across the world for the past 1000 years.

    As a surefire way of letting you know when your water has reached the perfect temperature to prepare a cup of oolong, English breakfast, or Japanese sencha, whistling tea kettles add a reassuring whimsy to any day.

    Often ascribed nearly magical healing powers, the ritual behind preparing a cup of tea is almost as important as the leaf itself. While there are a lot of options out there for how to heat water for your tea, we’re huge proponents of the old-fashioned whistling tea kettle.

    That’s why for today’s article, we’ve tested and compared over a dozen heating devices to bring you our list of the 9 best whistling tea kettle options for any home or kitchen. After reading our how-to guide for choosing a kettle and examining our reviews, you’ll know exactly which tea kettle is the best for you.

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    9 Best Whistling Tea Kettles Reviews

    1. Best Overall – Cuisinart CTK-SS2 Peak Whistling Tea Kettle


    Simple, elegant design
    Durable stainless steel and molded plastic construction
    Extra wide mouth makes it easy to fill with water
    2-quart capacity is ideal to make tea for 2-4 people
    Lightweight and easy to carry
    Whistle is removable if desired


    Lid can be difficult to remove at first


      • Stainless steel body
      • Molded plastic handle
      • Wide mouth
      • 2 quart water capacity
      • Removable whistle
      • Weighs 1.4 pounds

    Featuring an impossible to beat combination of elegant style, durable functionality, and excellent value, this whistling tea kettle from Cuisinart has all the features that make for a great tea kettle — and none of the extras that serve to drive up the price. Equally at home in a small kitchen or professional operation, it’s a handsome and versatile kettle that’s built to last.

    The wide mouth and tightly securing lid make filling, heating, and pouring from this kettle safe and easy. And with a design that’s meant for one-handed operation in tandem with lightweight steel construction, the Cuisinart is easily maneuverable. Plus, its 2-quart water capacity is large enough for four big cups of tea.

    In short, the Cuisinart 2-quart Tea Kettle is a brilliant piece of well-designed kitchen equipment that looks good in any home. We give it our highest recommendation.

    2. Best Value – Prime Pacific 3 Qt. Whistling Tea Kettle


    Excellent price for the size
    Generous 3-quart capacity is large enough to make tea for 4 or more
    Thick base is designed for rapid heating
    Five colorful finishes to choose from
    Heat-proof handle prevents burns and discomfort


    Mouth could be wider; somewhat hard to fill from the sink


      • Stainless steel and plastic construction
      • Available in 5 different finishes
      • 3-quart water capacity
      • Heat-proof handle
      • Thick capsule base
      • Whistle is removable

    Offering more kettle for a nearly identical cost as our #1 pick, the Prime Pacific 3 Quart Whistling Tea Kettle offers so much for the price. With a durable and quick-heating stainless steel body at its core, this may just be the world’s best whistling tea kettle for the money — especially if you’re on a tight budget for kitchen equipment.

    With five different finishes to choose from, you’ll be able to match the Prime Pacific kettle to your kitchen no matter your sense of style. We’re big fans of its dual design functions, providing both striking aesthetic appeal and excellent performance. For instance, its thick capsule base heats water quickly, while the heat-proof handle is designed for one-handed pouring.

    Overall, this kettle from Prime Pacific is excellent not just as a cheaper alternative to other kettles on our list, but as a well-made kettle in its own right regardless of price.

    3. Premium Choice – Le Creuset Enamel On Steel 1.6 Qt. Oolong Stovetop Kettle


    Choose from 6 gorgeous enamel finishes
    1.6-quart capacity is perfect for tea for two people
    Quick heating base for fast boil times
    Safe for all heat sources, including induction stoves
    Harmonic whistle makes an absolutely lovely sound


    Quite expensive
    On the smaller side


      • Stainless steel body
      • Chip-resistant enamel finish
      • Molded plastic and enamel handle
      • Harmonic whistle
      • Weighs 3.2 pounds

    For anyone who may not know, Le Creuset is a legendary name in cookware and kitchen equipment. As the first producer of an enamel-coated piece of kitchen equipment, they’ve been providing beautiful, innovative, and refined cookware since 1925. Designed to make cookware “more functional, more beautiful, and deeply joyful”, there’s something special about every piece of Le Creuset equipment.

    These absolutely stunning whistling tea kettles continue the Le Creuset tradition of combining beauty and function. The 1.6-quart capacity makes it ideal for serving tea to two people, though anything more would be a bit of a stretch. With a quick-heating base and heat-proof handle, your water will be ready in a jiffy, too.

    Lastly, the chip-resistant porcelain enamel finish is complemented by a harmonically tuned whistle — showing again how easily Le Creuset combines function and form. Overall, it’s the highest-class tea kettle you can buy; just expect to pay a bit more for it.

    4. Best Large Kettle – LavoHome 5L. Stainless Steel Whistling Stovetop Kettle


    Surprisingly lightweight for the size
    Large enough to make tea for 6-8 people
    Specially designed handle stays cool to the touch
    Made of durable stainless steel


    Hand wash recommended
    Too big for everyday use for one person


      • Stainless steel body and handle core
      • Cool-touch plastic handle
      • 5L water capacity
      • Harmonic whistle
      • Weighs 3 pounds

    Coming in at a whopping 5L water capacity — nearly 3 times as large as most kettles in our review — the LavoHome whistling stovetop kettle should be the go-to choice for anyone who regularly makes tea for large groups. Whether you have a big family, work in a kitchen, or make tea for friends and colleagues, having a kettle this big will let you spend more time socializing and less time refilling.

    The large stainless-steel body of the LavoHome is complemented by a heat-resistant plastic handle, making it safe and easy to pour from. Despite its large water volume, the LavoHome is surprisingly light; it weighs in at a manageable 3 pounds, less than the weight of kettles half its size.

    Add in a harmonic whistle for good measure, and this is an excellent kettle for anyone who needs to make large quantities of tea. If you’re making tea for less than 4 people, though, we recommend looking at our other reviews.

    5. Best See-Through Kettle – Medelco, Inc. 1.5 qt. Glass Whistling Stovetop Kettle


    Ideal for electric stoves or coffee machines
    See-through base lets you watch water heat
    Perfect for serving one or two people


    Not great for gas stoves
    Small water capacity


      • Made of thermal shock resistant glass
      • Plastic handle and lid
      • 1.5-quart water capacity
      • Weighs 1.06 pounds

    Small, lightweight, and inexpensive, the Medelco glass whistling stovetop kettle likely looks very familiar to you: It’s the exact same sort of glass pitcher used in automatic drip coffee brewers. Though it’s well suited for tea as well — and a very cost-effective option — there are a few drawbacks that make it less than our favorite.

    Though the glass body is made of thermal shock resistant borosilicate, that doesn’t do much for its overall durability; the Medelco is still prone to chipping and cracking even with small accidents.

    In short, the Medelco’s small water capacity and lightweight design make it convenient for serving small amounts of tea — but its fragile glass body make it more suited for use on electric ranges or coffee machines than in everyday use for tea.

    6. Best Porcelain Kettle – KitchenAid 2 Qt. Porcelain Stovetop Tea Kettle


    Stunning porcelain finish makes it a great conversation piece
    2-quart capacity is large enough for 2-4 people
    Easy one-handed operation
    Heat-proof handle for safe pouring


    On the expensive side
    Whistle is quite loud


      • Stainless steel core, lid, spout, and base band
      • Molded plastic handle
      • Porcelain exterior
      • 2-quart water capacity
      • Available in red or white finish
      • Thumb-press spout operation
      • Wide removable lid

    The KitchenAid 2-quart whistling tea kettle fills an important niche for us: It’s not as expensive as other enameled kettles, yet still carries their striking design and performance. This puts it right between the cost of a more blase stainless steel kettle, and the much pricier Le Creuset enamel kettles.

    Designed for elegance and simplicity, the KitchenAid porcelain stove top kettle can be operated with one hand. At just two quarts of water capacity, this makes it an excellent option for quickly and stylishly serving tea to a small group.

    The only downside? This kettle’s whistle is unusually loud, and quite piercing. If it weren’t for that quality, the KitchenAid may have been our #1 pick.

    7. Best Personal Use Kettle – Le Creuset Enamel on Steel 1.25 qt. Whistling Stovetop Kettle


    Small size is perfect for 1 person
    Excellent range of colors to choose from, allowing you to personalize your kettle
    Gooseneck spout for no-drip pouring
    Extremely conductive base for quick heating
    Wide mouth lid for easy refills


    Quite expensive
    Small water capacity


      • Carbon steel body
      • Chip-resistant enamel finish
      • Available in seven colors
      • Heat-proof phenolic knobs and handle
      • Safe for all heat sources
      • 1.25-quart water capacity

    Somehow striking a perfect blend between classic and contemporary style, the Le Creuset 1.25 quart whistling kettle is one of the most beautifully designed pieces of kitchen equipment we’ve ever tested. Sadly, its small water capacity and high cost may put it out of the range of most tea enthusiasts.

    Five bright colors and two dark give you a wide range of stylistic decisions, but these are secondary to the functional design of the kettle: A perfectly shaped neck, handle, and lid make it a joy to pour your tea cup without a single drip, and the quick-heating base makes tea preparation fast and easy. Cap this all off with a pleasantly sonorous whistle, and we’d like to keep making tea out of this kettle for the rest of our lives.

    8. Best Designer Kettle – Kate Spade New York Deco Dot 2.5 qt. Stainless Steel Whistling Stovetop Kettle


    Most striking design of any kettle we’ve seen
    Large enough to serve 4-6 people with ease
    Makes for a great conversation piece in your kitchen or dining room


    Not to everybody’s tastes
    Pour spot is difficult to operate


      • Stainless steel body
      • Enamel finish
      • Polished steel handle, lid, and spout
      • Whistle is removable
      • 2.5-quart capacity
      • Weighs 2.75 pounds

    Better known for designer handbags and sunglasses, New York fashion mogul Kate Spade has recently dipped a toe into kitchen wares, too. Offering classic tools with a signature New York style, they’re a unique option that’s focused more on aesthetics than usability.

    Overall, the Kate Spade whistling tea kettle does a good job at most of what you’d expect out of a tea kettle. It heats quickly, whistles pleasantly, and holds a decent amount of hot water. Where we find it lacking is in the pouring capability; an oddly shaped handle and difficult to operate spout made pouring hot water more of a chore than it needs to be.

    9. Best Ergonomic Design – Mr. Coffee Alderton 2.3 Qt. Stainless Steel Whistling Stovetop Kettle


    Unique and contemporary twisted design
    Ergonomic handle for easy carrying and pouring
    Large enough to serve 2-5 people
    Made of long-lasting stainless steel


    On the expensive side
    Louder than expected


      • Stainless steel body, lid, and spout
      • Painted enamel finish
      • 2.3-quart water capacity
      • Heatproof handle
      • Weighs 2.08 pounds
      • Removable whistle

    Merging classic durability and modern style, the Mr. Coffee “Alderton” kettle is a handsome option for your tea that is one of the most comfortable of any kettle we tested to pour from.

    The Alderton’s stainless steel body accommodates 2.3 quarts of water — plenty for a small group. Its wide lid, ergonomic handle design, and one-handed spout operation all give it big points for convenience and usability, too.

    If it had a quieter whistle or better noise dampening for the base, we would be tempted to give this our recommendation as runner up to the best overall tea kettle. But because it’s a little bit expensive too, we can only recommend it for anyone who loves contemporary design.

    Final Verdict: The Best Whistling Tea Kettle for the MoneyVerdict

    Cuisinart Tea KettleCheck Price on Amazon

    Check Price on Walmart


    Simple, efficient, and perfectly sized for making tea for two, the Cuisinart 2-qt. Tea Kettle is our #1 pick as the best whistling tea kettle for the money. It has all the features most home cooks need (and none that they don’t), and is available at an excellent price. Unless you’re in the market for a more designer option, we strongly recommend it for beginners and experienced tea enthusiasts alike.

    If your tea plans include entertaining a group of friends, you’ll need a larger kettle. And for an absolute bargain of a price, the Prime Pacific 3 Qt. Whistling Tea Kettle delivers excellent performance. It gets our recommendation for anyone on a tighter budget.

    Which whistling tea kettle do you think would look best in your home? Thank you for reading today, and we wish you many more relaxing mornings and evenings with a cup of hot tea in hand.

    How to Choose the Best Whistling Tea Kettle

    Still a bit confused as to what makes one tea kettle different from another? Follow along with us as we explain how we would choose a whistling tea kettle for our own home.

    Who Needs A Whistling Tea Kettle?

    First of all, it’s important to ask yourself: Why do you need a whistling tea kettle?

    Sure, you could use a saucepan to heat water to a boil. But if you’ve ever tried this, you’ll know that it’s quite difficult (and dangerous!) to pour hot water accurately into a mug from a pot or pan. A tea kettle sure would make that safer and easier…

    And yes, you could use a microwave to heat your water. Though as anyone who drinks a lot of tea or finer quality teas knows, microwaved water makes an inferior cup of tea. While it’s not entirely clear why this is, take it from the experts that microwave water is a poor substitute for gas or electric heat. Plus, there’s nothing charming or relaxing about waiting in front of a microwave for your tea…

    So, that brings us to an important conclusion: Whistling tea kettles are a perfect option for people who want a safe, reliable, and immersive experience while brewing their tea. If you drink tea to prepare for a long day, or relax and unwind after one, a whistling tea kettle is a worthwhile investment in your happiness.

    Most Important Tea Kettle Features

    There are three basic features that we look for in every tea kettle we consider buying:

    1. The size of the kettle, which determines how many people you can serve at one time. It also influences how quickly your water will heat, based on how much heated surface area is in contact with your water.
    2. The design of the kettle, which should be easy to fill with water and easy to pour from. The handle should also be designed to remain cool to the touch.
    3. The material that the kettle is made out of, as it may be the biggest influence on how quickly your water comes to a boil. Also responsible for how durable and resilient your kettle is to drops, scratches, and other kitchen mishaps

    Types of Whistling Tea Kettles

    Though they share a common design, whistling tea kettles can be made from a variety of materials:

    • Glass kettles are often small and inexpensive, and good conductors of heat. Of course, they’re more fragile than metal kettles.
    • Cast-iron kettles are too heavy for our tastes, though they retain heat well. Prone to rusting, we prefer other metals that are easier to maintain.
    • Stainless steel kettles are a near-perfect blend of durability and ease of use, and are available in a variety of colorful finishes.