The 9 Best Wine Racks – A Great Way To Display Your Wine

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    Key Features

    Comes in 23 or 32 bottle designs

    High quality metal and tempered glass top

    Elegant and stylish

    Glass storage on tempered glass top

    Powder-coated metal for durability

    Has floor levelers for stability

    This wine rack is reasonably priced, and well made, so you won’t have to worry about your wine taking a spill when you least expect it.

    Bottles of Alcohol DrinksFor many people, enjoying wine isn’t just about having a drink. It’s an experience, a hobby, an adventure. For those people, or for people that want to have a few of their favorite bottles on hand all the time, a wine rack is a necessary addition to the kitchen.

    Wine racks don’t just have to be a feature for the posh, with their basement wine cellars. Wine racks are a great way to display your wine and can be a great accessory for your kitchen, dining room or bar. Of course, you can have a wine rack included in your kitchen cabinets, but if you aren’t ready for a kitchen remodel, you’ll need another option. There are plenty of great wine racks that can be added to your existing décor, with little to no effort. Some simply set on your counter or table. Others can be hung on your wall with just a few screws. If you have extra floor space, you can even buy stacking wine racks that tuck neatly in corners.

    We do realize however, that when you’re shopping for a wine rack, there are tons of options. The number of styles, options and materials can make the process of shopping for a wine rack seem daunting. So, we’ve done the work for you. In this review, we’ll give you our nine best wine racks. We’ll give you a variety of options, and a variety of materials, so that you can find the right one for your home. We’ve also put together a handy buying guide, so that you whittle down the options to the one that’s best for you, whether you’re considering one from our list, or branching out on your own.

    Our favorite wine rack is the Mango Steam Wine Rack with Glass Table Top. Of the nine we’ve selected this one seems to be the most versatile, and fits well with any décor. It isn’t too big, but has enough space to hold a fair few bottles of wine.

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    Top 9 Best Wine Racks Reviews (2020)

    1. Best Overall – Mango Steam Wine Rack with Glass Table Top


    Very easy to assemble
    Durable long-lasting materials
    Glass top is great for glasses
    Stores bottles at proper angle


    Only Standard Bottle Compatible


      • Capacity: 32 Bottle
      • Material: Powder-coated metal and tempered glass
      • Dimensions: 26 3/4 “H x 20 7/8″ W x 9” D
      • Weight: 14.2 pounds

    Our pick for the best wine rack is a versatile option that has plenty of storage and fits nicely in any décor.

    The Mango Steam wine rack with glass table top is both a handy place to store your wine, but is also a nice looking piece of furniture. This metal, floor wine rack comes in two sizes – 32 bottles and 25 bottles. A slightly larger storage capacity than other options, we think that this wine rack is perfect for the individual that likes to keep table wines on hand, but also wants to have a few bottles for special occasions.

    The compartments in this rack comfortably hold standard sized bottles, and it’s quite sturdy. The glass top on this rack gives you a nice place to set your bottle, hold a few glasses or be a nice end table in a bar or dining room.

    2. Runner up – J & J Wire Tabletop Wine Bottle Rack


    Very stable
    Durable wrought iron material
    Can be used two ways
    Designed and made in the USA


    Only Standard Bottle Compatible


      • Capacity: 18 Bottle
      • Material: Powder-coated metal
      • Dimensions: 18” H x 24” W x 7” D
      • Weight: 11 pounds

    Simple, but functional is the name of the game with our runner up wine rack. The J&J Wire 18 bottle wine rack is perfect for your kitchen or dining room. This tabletop wine rack is sturdy, and simple so it safely holds your wine, and looks great in any décor.

    The smaller profile of this wine rack allows it to fit in smaller spaces. We would have liked this rack more if it had the ability to stack more together. However, the open, wrought iron construction could allow for wall hanging if necessary. However, this rack doesn’t come with any hanging hardware.

    Do be careful with this rack when setting it on wood surfaces. We did find that it tended to scratch soft surfaces.

    3. Best Budget – PAG Free Standing Countertop Metal Wine Rack


    The round space-saving design
    Durable and stable construction
    Light and easy to move around
    Great value to cost ratio


    Assembly required
    Only fits standard bottles


      • Capacity: 7 Bottles
      • Material: Metal
      • Dimensions: W12 X D6.45 X H12.74
      • Weight: 3 pounds

    For a smaller table top option, or if you’re looking for a nice looking wine rack on a budget, the PAG metal, countertop wine rack is a great option. This attractive, round wine rack holds 7 standard bottles of wine. It is great for displaying your favorites, or keeping bottles handy for day to day drinking.

    We like the rounded feet on this wine rack. It adds a nice detail that makes this wine rack look great. The simplicity of this rack allows it to fit well in any décor. It also has a convenient handle so it’s easy to move. For less than $20, you can’t beat this wine rack.

    4. Best Countertop – ALLCENER Wood & Metal Countertop Wine Rack


    Elegant but simple design
    Durable wood and metal materials
    Holds 6 wine bottles
    Easy to assemble


    Only holds 6 bottles
    Some variations since it’s handmade


      • Capacity: 4 Bottle
      • Material: Wood and Metal
      • Dimensions: 13.3’’(L) x 6.2’’(W) x13’’(H)
      • Weight: 3.5 pounds

    We really like this countertop wine rack from Allcener. The unique styling of this wine rack makes it a great fit in both traditional and modern home décor. We like the open construction of this wine rack, and the wood base is both sturdy and easy on delicate surfaces. This wine rack is the perfect size for tucking into your pantry or sits perfectly on your china cabinet. The open construction allows it to be more versatile with the size and types of bottles that it can hold.

    This wine rack is a bit on the smaller side, only holding 6 bottles, which is really it’s only downfall.

    5. Best Freestanding – Sorbus Wine Rack Bordeaux Chateau Style


    Elegant arched design
    Durable metal construction
    Light, easy to move
    No Assembly Required


    Only fits standard bottles
    Metal feet can scratch wood floors


      • Capacity: 36 Bottle
      • Material: Wood
      • Dimensions: 22.4’’ H x 33.5’’ W x 8.3’’ D
      • Weight: 14.5 pounds

    Our pick for the best freestanding wine rack is this attractive metal option from Sorbus. With classic styling this wine rack is perfect for any décor. You’ll find that it fits well in your kitchen, dining room or entertainment area. The metal construction is quite durable but is also great looking.

    This rack holds 23 bottles of wine. When empty it is lightweight and easy to move. We did find that if you try moving it when it has even a couple of bottles in the rack the feet do tend to scratch flooring. There’s no assembly required with this wine rack, so it’s ready to fill, straight from the box.

    6. Best Value – TRINITY EcoStorage™ Wine Rack


    Very durable steel
    No toxic chemicals are released during production
    Good weight capacity
    Easy to assemble and adjust


    Kind of plain and simple
    1 year warranty


      • Capacity: 36 Bottle
      • Material: Steel
      • Dimensions: 34.5” H x 36” W x 14 ” D
      • Weight: 22 pounds

    Simple but function is the name of the game with our best value wine rack. This basic wine rack holds 36 bottles of wine, and is more adjustable than some other wine racks we’ve reviewed. For less than $70, this wine rack is sturdy and attractive. It’s made from chrome steel, so the shiny silver finish is a nice look in your kitchen or wine cellar.

    TRINITY EcoStorage™ Wine Rack is best situated in a location with hard floors. The feet on this rack are adjustable for leveling but they were challenging on carpet. This is a very simple wine rack, and it isn’t a great option for some décors. However, it is really functional, and is one of the few wine racks we reviewed that could hold bottles of varying sizes.

    7. Best Refrigerator – NewAir Single Zone Built-In Wine Refrigerator


    Compact to fit under counter
    Energy efficient and quiet
    Customized light settings
    Protects wine with tinted double-paned door


    A little pricey for some
    Short warranty


      • Capacity: 19 Bottle
      • Material: Stainless Steel
      • Dimensions: 33.9” H x 11.6” W x 24.25” D
      • Weight: 64 pounds

    If you want to take your wine experience up a notch, then you’ll want to invest in a wine refrigerator. These handy appliances are great for keeping your favorite wines at just the perfect temperature.

    Our pick for the best wine refrigerator is the NewAir single zone wine refrigerator. This wine refrigerator fits well under standard height cabinets, so you can easily add it to your kitchen, outdoor kitchen or entertainment room. This refrigerator holds up to 19 standard sized wine bottles, or adjust the shelves to store larger bottles or even champagne bottles.

    We like that this refrigerator has a limited temperature range, so you can really pick the right temperature for the wines you enjoy. However, this wine refrigerator only has one temperature zone, so it’s not great for mixing reds and whites.

    8. Best Wood – J.K. Adams 40-Bottle Wine Storage Rack


    Can be constructed in many configurations
    Durable wood material
    Available in different sizes and bottle counts
    Lifetime guarantee


    Assembly required and can be challenging


      • Capacity: 40-Bottle
      • Material: Ash wood / driftwood with a teak oil finish
      • Dimensions: 16 x 11.5 x 7.25 inches
      • Weight: 22 pounds

    Our pick for the best wood wine rack is the 40-bottle rack from J.K. Adams. This wine rack has a unique look, but is surprisingly traditional in its form and construction.

    The cool thing about this wine rack is that it can be expanded to fit your needs. Break it down into two smaller wine racks for your kitchen and dining room, or add more spaces for holding more than 40 wines. We did find it a bummer that this rack only holds one type of bottle. However, you can buy this rack in different configurations to fit other sizes and types of bottles.

    Though very simple and basic in design, we did find that this rack was a bit more complicated to put together than others.

    9. Best Modular  Alixia Solid Wood Floor Wine Rack

    Alixia 36 Bottle Solid Wood Floor


    Can add additional stackable units
    Durable and sturdy construction
    Easy to assemble and configure
    Eco-friendly materials


    Only fits standard bottles
    1 year warranty


      • Capacity: 36 Bottle
      • Material: Wood
      • Dimensions: 22.4’’ H x 33.5’’ W x 8.3’’ D
      • Weight: 14.5 pounds

    If you’re looking for a more mobile wine rack, or want one that you can easily use in your home’s wine cellar, then you’ll like the Alixia solid wood, floor wine racks. These larger capacity wine racks are great for storing unique wines. They are sturdy and easy to assemble, which makes them a great option for the do-it-yourself home wine cellar.

    These racks come in two different color options, black and natural wood. They are easy to assemble and are stackable, so it’s easy to expand your storage capacity as you need. Each rack holds 36 bottles, so there’s plenty of space for all of your favorite wines.

    Final Verdict

    Mango Steam 32 BottleCheck Price on Amazon

    Check Price on Walmart


    Our favorite wine rack Mango Steam Wine Rack with Glass Table Top is a great option for just about any space. The right size for the person that wants to have wine on their table every day, but still have space for a special bottle or two.

    For many of us, wine isn’t just a drink. It’s an experience to be savored and enjoyed. Having a great way to store wine is just part of making the experience special and unique.

    How to Choose the Best Wine Rack

    Before you go running out and shopping for a wine rack, you might want to have some ideas about what you want, and what will work for your home. To help you with this decision, we’ve put together a list of features that you should consider when shopping for a wine rack. We used these features in our determination of our nine favorite wine racks, and we think they will help you make the best choice for your home, as well.


    Wine racks come in a bunch of different sizes. They can be tiny or they can be the size of bookcases. When considering the size of the wine rack, consider first the size of your space. You may also want to consider the purpose of your wine rack when considering size. If you just want a handy place to store a few bottles of wine for daily drinking, a smaller wine rack that sets on your counter, or installs under cabinets might be fine.

    However, if you are considering a wine rack for cellaring wines, or you want to store more than just a few wines in your basement, you might want to consider a larger, stand-alone wine rack. Do make sure that you check for the measurements of the wine rack before you buy, or you might end up with something far larger or smaller than you anticipated.


    Capacity, like size is important to consider, compared to how much wine you want to hold. When it comes to capacity, wine racks range from three or four bottles, to ten or more. We will warn you that if you decide on a larger capacity wine rack, but don’t currently have a lot of wine, you’ll soon decide that you need to fill it. Which may lead to buying another or larger wine rack.

    Another consideration of capacity is the size of the racks. If you want to store larger bottles of Champagne bottles, make sure that the spaces are large enough to incorporate these larger bottles.


    Wine racks come in three basic materials: wood, metal and plastic. Or they may be a combination of the three. The material type can be directly related to the durability of your wine rack. However, some wine racks, like those for your refrigerator are lighter weight to be easier on the glass and plastic shelves of your appliance.

    When it comes to picking the right material, we would suggest that you pick a wine rack that matches the décor of the space. If you are looking for something rustic for a basement bar or outdoor space, metal might be a good pick. If you’re hanging your wine rack in your kitchen, you might want to select a wood option that coordinates with your cabinets. 

    Do consider the durability of the materials that you select. Make sure that the wine rack is going to be sturdy enough to stand the test of time, and the weight of your wine bottles. We did find some racks that were not up to the task, and these will result in an unwanted sacrifice of your favorite wines.


    There are a variety of types of wine racks, the one you pick, again depends on the space it’s going in and how much wine you want to store.

    Wall-mounted Wine Racks – Wall mounted wine racks are a nice option for kitchens or for areas where you have limited floor space, or carpeted floors. These racks are almost like kitchen cabinets, in that they mount to the studs in your wall to create a sturdy storage location for your wines. Do make sure that if you select a wall-mounted wine rack, that you read the installation instructions, and have the right tools. Otherwise, your wine rack may end in disaster.

    Stackable Wine Racks – Stackable wine racks are nice for places like pantries or closets, or frankly larger spaces where you want to be able to expand your wine storage options. These racks sit on the floor and allow you to set two or three together to make a larger rack. Like with the wall mounted racks, do make sure you buy racks that are made to work together, and read the installation instructions to insure that the racks don’t fail.

    Floor Wine Racks – Floor wine racks are what we would consider the largest options. However you can get smaller ones that hold 10 to 12 bottles. Floor wine racks are great if you have plenty of space, and want to store more wine. We also think they are the sturdiest. Just make sure you don’t buy one made of poor quality materials or with complicated assembly instructions.

    Table-Top Wine Racks – These small sized racks are made to set on your counter or dining table. These are great if you are entertaining or if you just don’t have a ton of space, but still want to properly store your wine. In our research we found that these are the most decorative of the wine rack options, so do consider your décor when shopping for a table-top wine rack, to ensure that it is a nice match.

    Fridge Wine Racks – Perfect for white or rose wines, these racks slide into your fridge and allow you to organize and keep secure wines in your fridge. These are usually made from plastic, and are relatively simple. We do like that some fridge wine racks come with rubber or silicone grip on the inside of each rack. This keeps your bottles secure, even if they build up a bit of condensation on a humid day.