The Best Yogurt Maker Reviews for 2021 – Your Complete Guide

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    Last Updated on January 8, 2021

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    Key Features

    • Huge capacity means you can make yogurt for everyone in your family
    • Easy, automated operation with 10-hour timer
    • 7 jars make for versatile flavor options
    •  Jars are easy to clean and dishwasher safe
    • 5-year warranty means you’re making a safe investment

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    Yogurt is an impressively healthy food. With benefits ranging from high protein to strengthening your immune system and bolstering digestive health, it’s a real super food that’s as delicious as it is good for you.

    While you may be used to buying your yogurt at the grocery store, there’s an even healthier option that’s sure to save you some money, too: Making yogurt at home. But doing it the old-fashioned way can be a real pain.

    That’s why we love telling everyone about how easy it can be to quickly and inexpensively make your own homemade yogurt!

    In this review of the best yogurt maker options for your home, we’ve examined and tested over a dozen yogurt makers to bring you only the 9 best — yogurt makers that we can heartily recommend to anyone who wants to get started at home.

    Read along as we explain just how to choose the absolute best yogurt maker for your kitchen, and introduce you to the simple joys of this homemade staple. Let’s get started!

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    Top 9 Best Yogurt Makers Reviews of 2021

    1. Best Overall - Tribest Yolife Yogurt Maker

    Tribest Yolife
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    • 42-quart capacity
    • Automatic operation
    • 10-hour timer
    • Includes 7 dishwasher safe yogurt jars
    • Tall lid and large jar sold separately
    • Measures 5” H x 11” W x 10.5” D
    • Weighs 7 pounds
    • 5-year limited warranty

    Offering all of the essential features of a great at-home yogurt maker, but avoiding the bells and whistles that only serve to drive up the cost, the Tribest Yolife Yogurt Maker has created a top-of-the-line blend of utility and value. With a capacity large enough to feed the whole family and simple automatic operation, it very well may be the most convenient way to always make this healthy food available in your home.

    Seven dishwasher safe jars give the Tribest Yolife its massive 42-quart capacity — that’s easily enough for a whole week of breakfasts. If you’re not keen on making large amounts of yogurt at a time, though, simply use as many jars as are necessary; the Yolife will operate with any number of jars in it.

    Speaking of which, the 10-hour automatic cycle is perfectly tuned to produce creamy and tangy yogurt every time. And with an auto shut-off feature as well, you won’t need to worry about overcooking your yogurt.

    Combine all of that with an industry-best 5-year warranty, and it’s easy to see why the Tribest deserves our top spot. Whether you’re a dedicated yogurt enthusiast or just trying it for the first time, the Yolife will prove to you that eating healthy can be simple and delicious.


    Huge capacity means you can make yogurt for everyone in your family
    Easy, automated operation with 10-hour timer
    7 jars make for versatile flavor options
    Jars are easy to clean and dishwasher safe
    5-year warranty means you’re making a safe investment


    Tall lid for use with larger jars is sold separately

    2. Best Value - Proctor-Silex 32-Qt. Yogurt Maker

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    • Prepare and store yogurt in the same container
    • Digital controls with timer and automatic shutoff
    • 32-quart capacity
    • Measures 6.4” H x 9.7” W x 8” D
    • Weighs 2.3 pounds
    • Yogurt jar and lid are dishwasher safe

    Offering a large capacity yogurt maker in the simplest and most convenient package possible, we’re impressed by how reasonably priced the Proctor-Silex 32-Qt. Yogurt Maker is. For anyone looking to get started on home yogurt making without breaking the bank, this great product should be your first consideration.

    The easy operation digital controls (complete with automatic shutoff and adjustable timer) set this yogurt maker apart from much of the competition. You’ll never wonder how much time is left until your yogurt is finished, or whether the machine is still working; just look at the clear LCD display to monitor every step of the process.

    In short, the Proctor-Silex Yogurt Maker is the most convenient and easy to use option for homemade yogurt — and it’s available at a surprisingly low price. Its single fermentation chamber doesn’t offer the same versatility as some more expensive models, but that’s far from being a deal breaker.


    Large yogurt making capacity at a great price
    Convenient all-in-one prep and storage container
    Digital controls are clear, easy to read, and easy to use
    Automatic shutoff means no more overcooked yogurt
    Upright design takes up very little counter space


    Only capable of making one flavor at a time

    3. Premium Choice - Euro Cuisine 2-qt. Yogurt and Greek Yogurt Maker with Glass Jar

    Euro Cuisine
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    • 2-quart yogurt capacity in large glass jar
    • Includes stainless steel thermometer and cotton strainer bag
    • Adaptable for making Greek yogurt or cheese
    • Features a side mounted timer
    • 3-year limited warranty
    • Measures 10.5” H x 7.5” W x 7.5” D
    • Weighs 5 pounds

    Any yogurt maker that’s deserving of our pick as “premium choice” needs to not only reliably produce delicious yogurt, but look good doing it. The Euro Cuisine 2-qt. Yogurt and Greek Yogurt Maker does all that and more, including the ability to make thick and rich Greek yogurt, all in one beautifully designed package.

    With an included cotton bag for integrated straining, you can turn any milk product into creamy Greek yogurt — or leave it longer, and make your own homemade cheese. This multi-purpose design easily makes the Euro Cuisine yogurt maker our most versatile product in this review.

    If you’re not planning on making Greek yogurt, though, the price on this yogurt maker may not be quite worth it. Because this Euro Cuisine machine comes in at a higher price than most others in our review, we recommend it for people who intend to get the full use out of its versatile design.


    All-in-one solution for making yogurt, Greek yogurt, or cheese
    Automatic operation and side mounted timer make it easy to use
    Vertical design saves plenty of counter space
    Glass jar and lid are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup
    3-year manufacturer’s warranty protects your investment from damage or malfunction


    On the expensive side
    Only works with included jar

    4. Best High-Tech Option - Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker with Automatic Cooling

    Cuisinart CYM-100
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    • 50-ounce capacity
    • Built-in cooling system activates when yogurt finishes cooking
    • One-touch operation
    • Adjustable time controls
    • Measures 9.76” H x 7.08” W x 9.88” D
    • Weighs 6 pounds
    • 3-year limited warranty

    While there are other push-button yogurt makers featured in our reviews, none were able to achieve the elegant simplicity of the Cuisinart CYM-100. As the only electronic yogurt maker in our review with an automatic cooling system, the Cuisinart further refines one-touch operation to a place of true yogurt mastery.

    The Cuisinart’s 50-ounce capacity puts it right in the middle of all the yogurt makers we reviewed: Far larger than a single-serving machine, yet not nearly as big as the multi-quart giants that top our list. But given its small footprint and space-saving design, we see this as a feature and most certainly not a flaw.

    Overall, this yogurt maker is the best choice for anyone who prioritizes automation, simplicity, and sleek good looks — and doesn’t mind paying extra to get them.


    Easiest automatic operation of any yogurt maker we reviewed
    Automatic cooling system is incredibly convenient
    Adjustable timer lets you customize your yogurt’s finished texture and taste
    3-year manufacturer’s warranty lets you rest easy knowing your investment is safe


    Only works with provided yogurt container
    Yogurt container needs to be hand washed

    5. Easiest Cleanup - Total Chef Yogurt Maker

    Total Chef
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    • 1.3-quart capacity
    • Includes 7 dishwasher safe glass jars with lids
    • Comes with yogurt making recipe book
    • 90-day warranty
    • Measures 6.1” H x 9.6” W x 9.6” D
    • Weighs 4.74 pounds

    Featuring the most minimal design of any yogurt maker we tested, the Total Chef Yogurt Maker leaves no room for doubt as to its purpose. Simple and efficient, it does away with the added features of many other models and comes in at an attractively reasonable price. If your tastes in kitchen equipment run more towards the straightforward and uncomplicated, the Total Chef may be your yogurt maker of choice.

    A large selection of seven included jars and lids makes it easy to prepare individual serving sizes of yogurt for a whole week — but the emphasis is on individual servings, as each jar holds only 5 fluid ounces. Thankfully, they’re just as easy to clean as they are to make yogurt in, and are completely dishwasher safe.

    So what can you do with yogurt? With the recipe book, you can make delicious yogurt recipes. You can make yogurt whipped cream frosting, among other things.


    Simple design is very easy to use
    Included jars and lids are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup
    7 jars mean you can experiment with lots of different yogurt flavors


    No automatic shutoff
    Very short warranty period

    6. Best Adjustable Temperature - MVPower Automatic Digital Yogurt Machine

    MVPower Automatic
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    • Features even heating and adjustable temperature
    • Time settings for up to 48 hours
    • Includes 8 dishwasher safe jars and lids
    • Adjustable timer with automatic shutoff
    • Measures 14.5” W x 5.7” H X 7.5” D
    • Weighs 5.25 pounds

    Almost every yogurt maker available on the market today is designed specifically for use at 110 degrees Fahrenheit — the temperature most optimized for most homemade yogurt. However, if you’re looking to produce any alternative ferments or even a traditional lactobacillus cultured yogurt, you’ll need a yogurt maker with adjustable temperature controls.

    The MVPower Automatic Digital Yogurt Machine is exactly that yogurt maker. With its even heating, adjustable temperature, and long duration time settings, you can use this yogurt machine to produce almost any variety of fermented product. And with its 8 dishwasher safe jars, you’ll have plenty of room to play around with different flavors.


    Removable 60 ounce water reservoir
    Good sized 12 cup carafe capacity
    Good quality materials
    Programmable up to 24 hours
    Adjustable hot plates work up to 4 hours


    A little too expensive

    7. Most Reliable - Euro Cuisine Automatic Yogurt Maker

    Euro Cuisine Automatic
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    • 42-ounce capacity
    • Includes timer with automatic shut-off
    • Comes with 7 dishwasher-safe glass jars and lids
    • Integrated cord storage
    • 3-year manufacturer warranty
    • Measures 6” H x 9.5” W x 9.5” D
    • Weighs 4 pounds

    As far as kitchen products go, yogurt makers are a relative newcomer to the scene. As one of the longest running manufacturers of yogurt making equipment, we consistently recommend Euro Cuisine products for their tested and proven reliability.

    The Automatic Yogurt Maker from Euro Cuisine with 7 dishwasher safe glass jars is a durable and convenient option for making yogurt to last the whole week. Its lightweight design and compact size make it ideal for use in kitchens without much countertop space, too.

    Overall, this machine is an entirely reliable choice for homemade yogurt — even without taking into account the generous 3-year warranty. If you’re a fan of kitchen equipment that lasts for decades, this is the right yogurt maker for you.


    Classic design and great manufacturing make this long-lasting and durable
    Dishwasher safe jars and lids make it easy to clean
    Simple operation, including a timer with automatic shut-off
    Takes up very little countertop space, and has integrated storage for cords


    Small yogurt capacity for the price
    On the expensive side

    8. Best Personal Sized - BELLE + BELLA Automatic 1-Qt. Yogurt Maker

    BELLE + BELLA Automatic
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    • 1-quart capacity
    • Automatic operation
    • Digital timer with auto shut-off
    • Comes with airtight ceramic container
    • Measures 9” H x 9”W x 9” D
    • Weighs 4 pounds

    Not everyone needs to make yogurt in the huge sizes provided by popular yogurt makers. That’s why the Belle + Bella Automatic Yogurt Maker is perfect for anyone who wants to make single servings of yogurt, without having to go to the hassle of setting up 7 jars as you would have to do in other models.

    The 1-quart capacity is perfectly sized for a single person to eat yogurt for a few days, and a one-touch digital operation with auto shut-off makes it easy to craft perfectly rich and creamy yogurt whenever you want.

    The downside? As the smallest yogurt maker on our list, this is also the most expensive. There’s no denying that its compact design and airtight ceramic container are worth the price — but we still wish it was just a bit less expensive.


    Small size is perfect for making single-serving yogurt
    Easy push-button operation with timer and automatic shutoff
    Takes up very little counter space
    Sleek and modern design looks great in contemporary kitchens


    No warranty

    9. Best for Greek Yogurt - Euro Cuisine Greek 2-Qt. Yogurt Maker

    Euro Cuisine Greek
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    • BPA-free stainless steel strainer
    • 2-quart capacity glass jar
    • Comes with Greek yogurt recipes and instructions
    • BPA-free lid
    • Measures 5.25”H x 10” W x 10” D
    • Weighs 2 pounds

    The last item in our review is not for making yogurt from scratch. For that, look towards any of the other 8 products we’ve featured. If you’re keen on turning that homemade yogurt into thick and protein-rich Greek yogurt, though, this well-designed strainer from Euro Cuisine is the perfect choice.

    A BPA-free plastic strainer and lid sit atop a 2-quart glass jar, making it fast and easy to turn watery yogurt into the concentrated Greek style. Simply put the strainer inside the glass jar, add your yogurt, top it with the included lid, and leave your yogurt overnight. In the morning, you’ll have made fresh Greek yogurt!


    Turns yogurt into thick and rich Greek yogurt
    Super simple operation -- just add yogurt and put it in the fridge
    Large 2-quart capacity
    Dishwasher safe components for easy cleaning


    Only for making Greek yogurt
    On the expensive side

    Final Verdict

    Tribest Yolife
    Check Price on Amazon

    Through extensive testing, comparison, and consideration, we’re convinced that the Tribest Yolife Yogurt Maker is the best yogurt maker for almost every home. With options for making large batches or individual servings, as well as simple and intuitive operation, it’s the easiest way to make exactly the amount of yogurt you need any time you want it.

    If you’re a fan of Greek yogurt, though, consider our premium choice pick: The Euro Cuisine 2-qt. Yogurt and Greek Yogurt Maker with Glass Jar includes everything you need to make thick and rich skyr or Greek-style yogurt, all in one convenient package. It may well be the most versatile yogurt maker on our entire list.

    Which yogurt maker do you think will work best in your own home? No matter which option you choose, we wish you the best of luck with all your homemade yogurt adventures.

    How to Choose the Best Yogurt Maker

    If you’re wondering what makes one yogurt machine better than another, you’ve come to the right place. In this buyer’s guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to choose a homemade yogurt machine, from their most important qualities to an introduction to their many uses.

    Why Buy A Yogurt Maker for Your Home?

    Even if you’re not interested in yogurt for its awesome health benefits, it’s an easy breakfast staple that can be used to prepare fast and filling early morning meals. If you choose to make it at home, not only will your yogurt taste better, but it will be loaded with healthy probiotics that help your digestive and immune systems.

    Or maybe you already know just how delicious yogurt is, and how much it can aid your digestive health. This makes you an ideal candidate for adding a yogurt maker to your home — as the machine will quickly pay for itself by saving you money every time you use it. With store bought yogurt costing 2-3 times as much as the same amount made at home, you’re likely to see big savings from switching to homemade. Plus you have the added benefit of making frozen dessert recipes that suites your taste. With your homemade yogurt you can change the taste by adding fruit slices or extracts and you can decide if you’ll just make a serving for just 1 person or for a whole family. 

    What to Look for in a Yogurt Maker

    Choosing a great yogurt maker comes down to four basic things:

    1. The size of your yogurt maker may be the most important. You should look for one that will produce an amount you can reasonably eat within a week.
    2. Ease of use is next most important, as a complicated yogurt maker will quickly become an unused one. Look for a machine with clear instructions and bold indicators of when it’s cooking and when it’s finished.
    3. Easy cleanup is a bonus, but perhaps not an essential. We prefer machines that separate into easily cleaned pieces, or come with multiple jars that are dishwasher safe.
    4. Your budget is the last determinant of which yogurt maker is best for your home. All other things being equal, choosing a more economical yogurt maker is a good decision.

    How to Use a Yogurt Maker

    While it’s true that you can make yogurt at home without a fancy machine, a well-designed yogurt maker turns a day-long job into one that you can set and forget. For an example of how to use an automatic yogurt maker check out this video from Euro Cuisine, one of our favorite brands of yogurt makers: