Weber VS Nexgrill Reviews

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Last Updated on February 25, 2021

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When it comes to grilling, Americans immediately think of ribs, chicken, hot dogs, and hamburgers. However, with the explosion of different grill types on the market over the past 20 years, there have never been more choices on how to achieve that delicious charred flavor with all the texture of grilled sear marks than there is today. Grilling has become more of a pastime, with individual grillmasters looking for new ways to expand their cooking horizons.

Novice pitmasters may be intimidated by the sheer amount of technology on the market but when choosing a gas or charcoal grill, it’s important to invest your money wisely. If you’re in the market to upgrade your grill from simple charcoal to gas, or you’re looking to make that first purchase, there’s a lot of things to know before making your decision. Different features of each grill type and how quickly your food may cook can be factors you should decide on before you buy.

Once you make the choice of a gas grill for your outdoor grilling pleasure, you’ll soon realize that investing in a good grill with lots of features is the best way to spend your money. That’s why the Weber Summit S-670 LP Gas Grill is where you should look first.

Brand Overviews

When it comes to home grilling, Weber and Nextgrill are 2 of the most recognized brands in the industry. Weber, in particular, is extremely well-known and where most novice pitmasters turn for their first grill. That’s not to count out Nexgrill and their outstanding family of gas grills, however.


In 1952, George Stephen was working for Weber Brothers Metal Works in Chicago. As a family man and steak grilling enthusiast himself, Stephen knew that a grated cooking surface with a round drum bottom and lid were key to grilling excellence. 

Stephen revolutionized the way Americans grilled by cutting a steel metal buoy in half, adding a tripod as legs and a handle to the lid. This inspiring desire to innovate and think outside the box is what continues to drive Weber Grills in the modern era. Weber truly believes in the goal of grilling a perfect steak and has dedicated its business to creating grills that people love and can depend on.

Today, Weber is well known for its recognizable charcoal grills. Yet, many people don’t realize that Weber has significantly expanded its family of products into pellet, electric, portable, and gas grills as well. This makes Weber a versatile company that really knows its grills.


In 1993, Nexgrill established its merchandising and sales offices in Chino, California. Originally, their business model was focused more on indoor and outdoor furniture and hardware products. 

Grillmasters everywhere rejoiced, however, when they opted to expand their original equipment manufacturing business to include products like charcoal grills, gas grills, and grilling accessories as well. Today, they manufacture many kitchen products under both the Nexgrill and KitchenAid brands and continue to nurture excellent relationships with their global retail partners with their OEM products.

They manufacture in mainland China and, due to their exponential growth over the past 5 years, have opened offices in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Africa.

Nexgrill looks at grilling as a way for grillmasters, pitmasters, outdoor chefs, and cooks to express themselves. While the brand understands and respects the traditional cookout of hamburgers and hot dogs, they want to inspire their buyers to think outside the grilling box. 

No matter what your grilling needs are, Nexgrill wants to be the dependable grill you turn to again and again for things like duck and fish instead of your traditional ribs and brisket. Its grills offer a number of different features and some are completely customizable.

Weber VS Nexgrill Grills - 2021 Reviews

Our Top Choice...

Key Features

  • High-powered Sear Station burner
  • Built-in lid thermometer
  • Infrared heating plates
  • Front access grease tray with catch pan
  • LED fuel gauge
  • All stainless steel design

1. Best Overall - Weber Summit S-670 LP Gas Grill, 7370001

Summit S-670


  • 60,000 BTUs
  • 2 swivel locking casters
  • 9 batteries required
  • 50.5″ x 74.1″ x 26.5″

Weber calls its Summit series the crown jewel of the brand, and for good reason. From side burners and a smoker box to cabinet storage and tool hooks, this grill has it all. The LED fuel gauge can guide your grilling practices by letting you know exactly how much propane is left in your tank so you never have to worry about running out during low-and-slow smoking.

The cooking grates are available in your choice of porcelain-enameled cast-iron, stainless steel, or porcelain-enameled steel, making the cooking experience totally customizable for you. Additionally, Weber has added a sear station and a side burner to help you multitask while grilling. 

A truly innovative piece of technology is Weber’s original Flavorizer bar system. This system is outfitted on all of Weber’s Spirit and Summit gas grills and is designed to catch and vaporize any drippings from your food. Doing so adds extra flavor to your meat while preventing flare-ups on your burners. They’re easy to clean by periodically brushing them with a stainless-steel grill brush, and they are made of either stainless steel or porcelain enamel.

To help prevent greasy build-up and make cleaning easier, Weber included a grease management system with this grill that features an added catch pan. The grease tray is located right under the cookbox and away from the burner tubes to prevent uncontrolled fires. Both the catch pan and grease tray are easy to clean by sliding them out of the cabinet. Just throw away the drip pan and replace it with a clean one.


  • Built-in lid thermometer
  • Infrared heating plates
  • Front access grease tray with catch pan
  • LED fuel gauge
  • All stainless steel design


  • High price point may be intimidating to novices
  • Bigger than many other models

2. Runner Up - Nexgrill 720-0882A Evolution 5-Burner Propane Gas Grill w/ Infrared Technology

720-0882A Evolution


  • 54.2” x 46” x 22.2”
  • Weighs 100.6 lbs.
  • 57,000 total BTUs
  • 1-year warranty

Nexgrill introduced its Evolution Gas Grill in 2016. It offers over 450 sq. in. of cooking space, a side burner, plus 5 main burners inside the grillbox. Additionally, infrared technology allows you to cook with radiant heat instead of conduction or convection cooking. 

This lightweight grill offers infrared heat plates which are nothing more than hole-punched sheets of stainless steel that are placed over the standard cooking grates. These sheets are supposed to convert the conventional heat of the gas burners into infrared heat, but since you’re cooking directly on a surface, it’s very similar to conduction cooking. It does the job of cooking your food, but it may struggle with providing the charred flavor so many people love from their grill. They may also warp over time.

With 5 burners to brag about, the Nexgrill Evolution is standard in size, with almost 490 sq. in. of total cooking area which is good for about 6 servings at the same time. For all of the features it touts, it’s still very lightweight. The removable plates and firebox divider gives the griller added control over temperatures, allowing you to smoke, broil, sear, or even bake on this grill.

The side burner comes in handy if you want to sauté veggies in a pan or boil water for pasta side dishes, allowing you to create the perfect meal in just one appliance. You can stay traditional and cook on the steel grates over direct heat or use those stainless steel infrared plates to conduct heat evenly over the cooking space.


  • 486.3 sq. in. cooking surface
  • Side burners included
  • Individual ignition for each of 5 burners
  • 4 casters for easy mobility


  • Only has a 1-year warranty for the overall product

3. Best Budget - Nexgrill 720-0898 Deluxe 6-Burner Propane Gas Grill in Black with Side Burner

720-0898 Deluxe


  • 58.11” x 24.41” x 46.57”
  • Weighs 101.4 lbs.
  • 72,000 total BTUs
  • Tank hole enclosure

For novice chefs looking to get into the grilling game or veteran pitmasters looking to try a gas grill for the first time, Nexgrill has provided its Deluxe 6 Burner Propane Gas Grill with included side burner.

This grill offers a very attractive price point for first-timers who aren’t quite sure what to expect from a gas grill. The cooking grates are made of porcelain-coated stainless steel so you know that cleanup will always be easy. 

The Even-Heat system that Nexgrill has developed consistently heats food while also distributing it evenly across the cooking surface. With over 800 sq. in. of total cooking space, no one will ever go hungry at your cookout.

This grill features angled flame tamers that help to distribute heat evenly around the grill. They also help to prevent flare-ups and work to vaporize food drippings, giving your steaks extra smokey infusions. The powerful side burner works in harmony with the 6 main burners to help you craft and create your most delicious meals in their entirety. 

Being able to boil water or reduce sauces without leaving your grill means that you never have to leave your grilling food unattended to cook your side dishes.

The cast-iron cooking grates create perfect sear marks each time since the material retains heat well. Each burner has its own ignitor on this grill, meaning you have complete control over where you cook and how. Turn all of the burners on for high, intense heat or leave some of them off for more convection style cooking at lower temperatures. The hassle and stress of starting the fire are eliminated and replaced with easy-to-push buttons.


  • Natural Gas Convertible
  • 582.19 sq. in. of primary cooking space
  • Individual electronic ignition
  • Cast-iron matte finish
  • Affordable price point


  • Might be too bulky for some patios or decks

4. Best Tailgater - Weber 54060001 Q 2200 Liquid Propane Grill



  • 15.5″ x 51.4″ x 19.5″
  • 12,000 BTUs
  • Cast aluminum body
  • Weighs 42.5 lbs.

The Weber Q 2200 was restyled and reintroduced in 2014. This compact little grill is the best friend for people who can’t live without their grilling companion. It’s perfect for tailgates, camping, or just to take with you on a weekend getaway with family and friends.

In the Weber Q 2200, you’ll find all the styling and great performance that you’d expect from Weber with added aesthetics, ergonomic side handles, with larger grips and control knobs. The side tables fold up for storage, then easily fold down again when you’re ready to ignite the grill to satisfy your on-the-go diners. 

One of the best features of this grill is that it’s compatible with the Q 2000 series griddle, which means bacon and eggs you dream of for that early morning tailgate just became reality. 

With 280 sq. in. of total cooking area and a high dome lid, this grill can accommodate small roasts or a whole chicken. The built-in thermometer means you’ll never have to guess at the inner temperature of the grill. 

This grill makes the perfect traveling companion, but for people who have smaller outdoor cooking spaces and need a compact model to fill their needs, this little gas grill proves itself time and again.

One of the most convenient features of the Q 2200 is its ability to run on disposable liquid propane cylinders. These fuel components are sold separately but if you’re on-the-go, you can’t beat the ease of use. If you’re more stationary or prefer the standard 20 lb. propane tank, an optional adapter hose is available as an accessory.


  • Portable
  • Works with disposable liquid propane cylinder
  • Built-in thermometer 
  • Removable catch pan
  • Electronic ignition


  • Small cooking space may not suit all needs
  • The 5-year warranty does not cover rust or burns

Final Verdict

Summit S-670

Thanks to their high speed and awesome versatility, gas grills have become a favorite for many American cookout traditions. No matter if you’re tailgating or in your own backyard, these grills will be reliable and durable for years.

When you’re choosing your grill, you should always bear in mind what you’re planning on grilling regularly and what you may want to try in the future. Both of these brands are steadfast in their grilling capabilities for steaks and hamburgers, but what if you want to branch out and try smoking for the first time or start grilling fish? That’s where the differences start to matter more.

While the price point on the Weber Summit S-670 LP Gas Grill is on the higher side, the overall product and features it provides easily make it one of the best gas grills on the market. The sleek design, side burners, and storage space are only beaten by the performance of the grill itself.

Brand Comparisons

With so many grill options on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by key specifications. In order to compare the brands and the fantastic grills that both companies make, it’s best to look at some of their features and make your decision that way.


Typically, gas grills are available either as a cart or cabinet design. Carts usually offer a lower shelf and 2 all-terrain wheels while the cabinet styles include closed-door storage space under the grill. Cabinet style gas grills are great for those looking for a more streamlined appearance, with cart grills being a bit more lightweight and easier to move.

When looking for a new gas grill, you want to find one that retains heat well. Always look for models made of cast aluminum or stainless steel. Stainless steel is generally the better option, but only if the grill is crafted with heavy-gauge steel.

Additionally, you’ll want to find a grill that utilizes cast iron for the grill grates because cast iron retains heat exceptionally well, giving you more control over temperatures. Often, the available cast-iron grates feature porcelain or ceramic coating which makes them easier to clean.

Nexgrill and Weber both have terrific options for heat retention. They’re both made of stainless steel, but the Weber grills offer porcelain-coated cast iron as a cooking surface. Nexgrill’s flashy cabinet style grill grates are made of a lesser-quality metal coated in stainless steel.

Cooking Surface Area

Cooking surface area all comes down to personal preference but generally plan on about 72 sq. in. of cooking space per person at your cookout. If you have a small family, 350 to 400 sq. in. of cooking space should be more than enough, but if you have a larger family or are planning on doing a lot of outdoor entertaining next to your pool, you may want to opt for a larger surface area.

Both grill manufacturers offer a wide variety of grills that can accommodate both needs.

Temperature Range

Gas grills are all about high-intensity heat used for flame-broiling and searing. If you want to slow-smoke meats like pulled pork or ribs for a barbecue, the lower temperature settings will be a focus for you, too. Higher-end grills have a wide temperature range, falling around 200°F to 500°F for versatility.

Nexgrill’s lightweight design makes temperature range and controls a bit capricious. It’s difficult to maintain the proper temperature with them. Weber grills offer high heat options of upwards of 500°F, so searing and flame-broiling are easy.


Warranties are one way for companies to stand by their products, and you’ll always want to buy a grill that has one. Standard warranties are 3 years, but Weber ups the ante by providing a full, 10-year warranty for some of their grills. Nexgrill offers a 10-year warranty as well, but it’s only on the grill burners.

No matter which grill you purchase, always check the warranty prior to investing your money.