Write for Us

    Here at Seriously Smoked, we believe grilling is an art. All the elements come together to make the perfect meal for you and your family, the meat, vegetables, and flavoring you throw over a hot fire turning the meal into something greater than the sum of its parts.

    But every good meal starts in the same place: an idea. A recipe represents your hard work. Trial and error, distilled from maybe many failed attempts or improvements until finally it reaches its perfect form. Everybody has their own personal favorite recipe. Maybe it’s something you came up with yourself, a hand me down from your parent or grandparent, or maybe you just found a good one in a cookbook online and made it your own with a few modifications. However you came by your recipe, one thing is for sure: good cooking isn’t something you just keep to yourself. You cook to share, make people happy, and maybe a little bit to bask in the appreciation for your talent that you deserve. Don’t worry, we all do it.

    If you want the chance to share your great recipes with the world, this is your chance. Send your best recipes to us here at Seriously Smoked and we can feature them on the site, with credits for you, of course. There’s just a few quick guidelines you need to follow before we can accept your entry; we want to make sure we’re
    only accepting the best and brightest recipes we can find.

    1.) Completed recipes only with easy to follow, detailed instructions for every stage of cooking and preparation. No incomplete recipes or vague instructions. As much as I love my great grandma’s blueberry pie recipe, something that reads “Add enough sugar, then bake it until it’s done” isn’t the most helpful for somebody figuring out how to cook it for the first time. The recipe itself should not be challenging to follow.

    2.) The recipe should be related to barbecuing, grilling, or smoking in some ways. This is a flexible criteria, but anything that you can’t or shouldn’t cook in a grill or smoker is disqualified. If you’ve got a great recipe for pizza or some kind of baked good you designed to throw in your Kamado style grill though, by all means let us see it!

    3.) You’ll need to submit it via email to jim @ seriouslysmoked.com with the tagline “Best recipes of all time!” to be considered. We get a lot of emails, so we need something to make yours stick out!

    Once you send it in we can look it over and see if it meets out standards, and then it could be published on this very site! Exceptional entries could even lead to you being a regular contributor to the site. We look forward to seeing everything you guys can produce. There are sure to be a ton of unique, interesting, or just plain good recipes coming in, and we just can’t wait to see the first examples start flowing in.